Marion Scrymgour resigns from Labor Party
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Alice Springs town camps takeover
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NTER consultation paper
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– Background

WGAR News:
Northern Territory Government’s new Homelands policy (4 Jun 09):

WGAR website: http://wgar.info/

– Media Releases

NSW Aboriginal leader sees Marion Scrymgour showing the way
4 Jun 09: “An Aboriginal leader has congratulated Marion
Scrymgour on her “heroic stand” in resigning today from the
ruling Labor Party over its homelands funding policy in the
Northern Territory. “It is now time for Aboriginal people
to stand with her in her fight against this major assault
against Aboriginal peoples,” Michael Anderson writes in a
media release. … “The Aboriginal community should thank
Marion Scrymgour,” Mr Anderson writes, “because she is now
showing the way and demonstrates to the Labor government:
don’t take us for granted.” ”

Northern Territory Government:
Strong Stable Government Continues
4 Jun 09: “Chief Minister Paul Henderson said delivering
strong, stable Government for the benefit of Territorians
continued to be his focus, following the decision by Marion
Scrymgour to leave the Labor Party and continue as an
Independent Member. “The Government maintains a working
majority on the floor of Parliament and we’ll be getting on
with the job,” Mr Henderson said.”

– Opinion

Crikey: Marion Scrymgour just changed black politics forever
5 Jun 09: “In politics you can justify almost anything. But
being an Aboriginal member of the Labor or Liberal Party is
no longer one of them. At least, that’s the case in the
Northern Territory, and it’s all thanks to Marion
Scrymgour, the former NT Deputy Chief Minister who
yesterday walked away from the Labor Party and, in the
process, changed the face of black politics in this country
forever.” Chris Graham, editor of the National Indigenous

Antony Green’s Election Blog:
Northern Territory Political Crisis
4 Jun 09: “The resignation from the Labor Party today by
former Northern Territory Deputy Chief Minister and Member
for Arafura Marion Scrymgour has created new political
uncertainty in the Northern Territory. … Ms Scrymgour has
made it clear that at this stage she will continue to
support the Henderson government on supply and motions of
confidence. But that will still damage the ability of the
government to control the political agenda in parliament.”

– Radio

(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
4 Jun 09: “* Homeland Policies debacle in the N.T. Government
* Outstation plans report from Aboriginal Rights Campaigner
Pat Dodson”

ABC PM: NT Labor Government hangs by a thread
4 Jun 09: “The future of the Northern Territory Government
hangs in the balance. Until today Labor had a one seat
majority in Parliament but this morning the Labor MLA,
Marion Scrymgour, announced she was leaving the party. Ms
Scrymgour’s been unhappy with her own government’s policy
on remote Indigenous homelands, or outstations, and today
the leaked details of a caucus meeting provided the tipping
point for her departure.”
[Includes comments by Chief Minister Paul Henderson]

ABC The World Today: NT Government in crisis as Scrymgour quits
4 Jun 09: “And now to the Northern Territory where there’s
an unfolding political crisis underway. The Labor MLA
Marion Scrymgour is leaving the Labor Party. Labor has a
one-seat majority in the Northern Territory and this move
by Ms Scrymgour raises big questions about the future of
the Government.”

– News

9 News: Scrymgour denies ‘smear campaign’ claims
5 Jun 09: “Rebel Northern Territory MP Marion Scrymgour has
denied she is emotionally unstable following her shock
decision to quit Labor and says she is the victim of smear
campaign against successful women. … “I am very confident
about my emotional stability, I can tell you,” she said on
Friday when asked about her state of mind.”

ABC: ‘Enraged’ Scrymgour blames leaks
5 Jun 09: “Former Labor politician Marion Scrymgour says
fake leaks about her to the media have been happening for
several years and she could no longer tolerate them. … Ms
Scrymgour says she is sad to leave the Labor party but is
confident she can represent her electorate as an

ABC: Scrymgour ‘on the wrong planet’: Brough
5 Jun 09: “The former federal Indigenous affairs minister,
Mal Brough, says the stance taken by renegade Northern
Territory MLC Marion Scrymgour against the Government’s
outstations policy is misguided. Mal Brough has praised Ms
Scrymgour’s achievements as an Indigenous woman but says a
lot of her policies on Indigenous development are backward.”

Age: NT Labor reeling after MP rebels
5 Jun 09: “THE Northern Territory Government is in turmoil
after backbencher Marion Scrymgour announced she was
leaving the Labor Party over its controversial homelands

Australian: Former deputy Marion Scrymgour quits Labor
leaving NT Government hamstrung
5 Jun 09: “THE Northern Territory Labor Government has lost
its majority in parliament after former deputy chief
minister Marion Scrymgour quit the party yesterday,
following a week of political tumult. Ms Scrymgour’s public
protest against key government policy on small outstation
settlements exposed wider ideological divides within the
fractious ranks of NT Labor, culminating in her dramatic
defection yesterday.”

Northern Territory News: Wood welcomes changes
5 Jun 09: “INDEPENDENT MLA Gerry Wood said Marion
Scrymgour’s departure from the Labor party would be “good
for democracy”. “I don’t think she will block much
legislation, but they may have to reintroduce some bills
and make changes,” he said. “It will certainly be a whole
new ball game.” ”

Northern Territory News: An ’emotional rollercoaster’ ride
5 Jun 09: “FORMER Deputy Chief Minister Marion Scrymgour’s
political life has had plenty of ups and downs.”

Northern Territory News:
Ruling party loses majority but still hang on to power
5 Jun 09: “THE LABOR party will still be in government in
the Territory even though they no longer hold a majority of

Northern Territory News: Door stays open for return to fold
5 Jun 09: “CHIEF Minister Paul Henderson said he would
welcome renegade politician Marion Scrymgour back into the
party in the future. “This isn’t an issue between me and
Marion. Marion and I remain quite strong friends. We’ve
been friends for many, many years,” he said. “I would
certainly welcome Marion back into the Labor party if she
chose to come back.” ”

Northern Territory News: Mills: ‘Rank arrogance’
5 Jun 09: “OPPOSITION Leader Terry Mills said he was
“disappointed” by Marion Scrymgour’s departure from
government. “We have a Government that is completely
dysfunctional,” he said. “If this is mishandled in the
interests of a political argument, things could get worse
for Aboriginal people.” ”

Northern Territory News:
Labor teeters as Scrymgour jumps ship
5 Jun 09: “RENEGADE politician Marion Scrymgour yesterday
chucked a tantrum and emerged as the most powerful figure
in Territory politics. Ms Scrymgour yesterday quit the
Labor party, but promised not to bring down the Henderson
Government. But she will have the power to bring down her
former Government at will or block any piece of

Northern Territory News:
Resignation was ‘only course’, says NLC
5 Jun 09: “THE turmoil in the Labor Government has put
Aboriginal peoples’ lives in further jeopardy, the Northern
Land Council said.”

National Indigenous Times:
Scrymgour quits and throws Henderson government into chaos
4 Jun 09: “Australia’s most senior Aboriginal politician
has resigned from the Labor Party, plunging the Northern
Territory government into chaos. After several days of
threats she would walk unless the Henderson government
changed it’s controversial ‘homelands policy’ after it lied
to and insulted Aboriginal people, Marion Scrymgour this
morning quit the party. It throws the future of the
Henderson government into doubt – Labor ruled with a
one-seat majority, but Must now negotiate with one of two
independents to retain government. One of those
independents is Scrymgour.” Chris Graham

Koori Mail: Scrymgour quits Labor
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/
4 Jun 09: “Former Northern Territory deputy chief minister
Marion Scrymgour has quit the Labor party, throwing the
government into crisis. Ms Scrymgour has decided to stand
as an independent, effectively giving her and independent
Gerry Wood the balance of power. She is unhappy with the
government’s proposed homelands policy.”

ABC: NT Government in turmoil as MP quits
4 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Government is in turmoil
after one of its members, Marion Scrymgour, said she could
no longer be part of the Labor Party. The party holds a
one-seat majority in Parliament, but her decision to become
an Independent will give her and the only other independent
member, Gerry Wood, the balance of power.”

ABC: Chief Minister defiant as crisis hits Labor
4 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Chief Minister, Paul
Henderson, says his Labor Government will still be able to
operate despite losing its parliamentary majority. … He
[Paul Henderson] says she [Marion Scrymgour] has given him
assurances that she will help the Government survive any
censure motions and will pass the Budget.”

ABC: Henderson ‘livid’ over controversial report
4 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Chief Minister, Paul
Henderson, is furious about a “grossly inaccurate”
newspaper report that sparked Marion Scrymgour’s
resignation and plunged the Labor Government into crisis
today. … Mr Henderson said Ms Scrymgour was dignified,
strong and resolute during the meeting.”

SMH: NT Labor in crisis after MP quits
4 Jun 09: “Labor is clinging to power in the Northern
Territory after the shock resignation of former deputy
chief minister Marion Scrymgour. Just one day after backing
down on a threat to quit the party on Wednesday, Ms
Scrymgour has plunged the government into crisis. “I have
told the chief minister that I can no longer be part of his
government,” Ms Scrymgour says in a statement.”

PerthNow: Northern Territory minister Marion Scrymgour
quits Labor, now holds balance of power
4 Jun 09: “FORMER Northern Territory deputy chief minister
Marion Scrymgour has quit the Labor party, throwing the
Government into crisis.”

Brisbane Times:
Senior NT Labor MP quits over indigenous policy
4 Jun 09: “Ms Scrymgour, the former deputy chief minister
and indigenous policy minister, made the decision this
morning after yesterday backing away from a threat to leave
the party over its policy to starve new funding to more than
500 indigenous homelands communities.”

Australian: Marion Scrymgour quits Northern Territory Labor
4 Jun 09: “THE Northern Territory Government has been
plunged into crisis after its former deputy chief minister
Marion Scrymgour quit the party today. Ms Scrymgour, who
only a day ago promised to stick with the Government until
at least the 2012 election, today sent a letter to her
constituents saying she could no longer represent Labor.”

Daily Telegraph: Northern Territory minister Marion
Scrymgour quits Labor, now holds balance of power
4 Jun 09: “FORMER Northern Territory deputy chief minister
Marion Scrymgour has quit the Labor party, throwing the
Government into crisis. Ms Scrymgour has decided to stand
as an independent, effectively giving her and independent
Gerry Wood the balance of power. Her departure will cost
Labor its one seat majority. The party currently has 13
seats in the 25-member Parliament while the Country Liberals
have 11.”

Northern Territory News:
Scrymgour quits: NT Government in turmoil
4 Jun 09: “RENEGADE politician Marion Scrymgour has quit
the Labor party, destroying the government’s one-seat
majority. A letter sent by Ms Scrymgour to her electorate
constituents said she could “no longer rely on all caucus


– Background

WGAR News:
National support for Tangentyere Council (3 June 09):

WGAR News:
Compulsory Acquisition of Alice Springs Town Camps (30 May 09):

WGAR News:
Takeover of Aboriginal Land in Alice Springs (26 May 09):

WGAR website: http://wgar.info/

– Media Releases

Australian Labor Party:
Timeframe for Alice Springs town camps
4 Jun 09: “On 24 May 2009, I announced that the Australian
Government was taking the first step towards compulsory
acquisition of the Alice Springs town camps. … Based on
legal advice recently provided to me, I am releasing a
revised timetable. The Australian Government Solicitor has
advised the Government to extend the period during which
people may provide submissions about a possible acquisition
to 60 days.” Jenny Macklin

Central Land Council: Territory Housing no silver bullet
1 Jun 09: “The CLC says that vilifying Tangentyere Council
for not signing the lease deal offered by the Australian
Government is unfair and doesn’t recognise the social
complexities associated with Aboriginal housing. “The fact
that Alice Springs town camps have such poor infrastructure
and chronic overcrowding is not Tangentyrere Council’s fault
– it is the fault of successive Commonwealth and Territory
Governments which have drip fed them for years while
millions of dollars of Commonwealth Grants funding to the
Territory has been shamefully squandered,” CLC Director
David Ross said. … The CLC urges Minister Macklin to
reconsider her ultimatum and get back to the negotiating
table with Tangentyere. This has implications for everyone
living in Alice Springs, and is being watched anxiously by
remote community residents who are being asked to consider
leasing deals.”

– Opinion

Solidarity: Hands off Tangentyere
June 09: “On Sunday May 24 Jenny Macklin, the Minister for
Aboriginal Affairs put a gun to the head of the Tangentyere
council, which represents town camp residents in Alice
Springs. The Rudd government is currently denying funding
for badly needed housing in Aboriginal communities across
Australia, until control of the land and housing is signed
over to the government. The Tangentyere Council had refused
to sign a 40-year lease that would transfer camp management
from Aboriginal housing associations to NT Housing, the
mainstream public housing agency. Macklin responded by
announcing her government’s intention to compulsorily
acquire the town camps in Alice Springs, using NT
Intervention powers.”
[Includes speeches by:
Walter Shaw, President of Tangentyere Council and
Myra Hayes, traditional owner of Mparntwe (Alice springs)]

Solidarity: Macklin unleashes Intervention’s second wave
June 09: “On Thursday May 21 Indigenous Affairs Minister
Jenny Macklin announced her intention to use Intervention
powers to permanently acquire the Alice Springs town camps.
Her move unleashed an avalanche of racism against
Tangentyre Council and the residents of the camps. … In
May, the NT government fell into line with Federal
government policy, announcing it will only provide
substantial services to communities deemed “economically
viable”. The new “Territory growth towns” model will starve
funding from most of the 580 Aboriginal communities and
homelands in the NT, forcing people into 20 “hub towns”
controlled by government administrators.” Paddy Gibson

– Radio

(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
5 Jun 09: “Federal Government extends 40 year sub land lease”

ABC Radio National:
Late Night Live presented by Phillip Adams:
Indigenous housing: myths and realities
2 Jun 09: “Last week the minister for Indigenous Affairs,
Jenny Macklin, announced that the town camps around Alice
Springs were facing compulsory acquisition because of their
‘horrific’ conditions. Why is housing for Aboriginal
Australians still in such a dire state and what’s needed to
improve it?”
Excerpts from interview:
“Paul Pholeros: “But … in 2006 – Tangentyere engaged
Health Habitat through a commonwealth program to look at
the 187 houses. So we went through 187 houses in all of the
town camps in Alice Springs, … on day one we start fixing
[the houses]. “We had a very strong local team of Aboriginal
people working with us – for a year. And I think the key
part of the story is that in those town camps of Alice
Springs – when we walked in the door, before we started
fixing, they performed significantly better than the rest
of the Northern Territory”

– News

Northern Territory News:
Compulsory acquisition of Alice town camps delayed
5 Jun 09: “THE deadline for the compulsory acquisition of
the Alice Springs town camps has been pushed back a month.
The acquisition has been pushed from July 6 to August 4.”

Koori Mail: Macklin extends town camps deadline
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/
4 Jun 09: “The Federal Government has had to delay its plan
to compulsorily acquire Aboriginal town camps in Alice
Springs. The Indigenous Affairs Minister, Jenny Macklin,
announced she would take control of the camps on July 6 if
the Tangentyere Council, which currently manages the camps,
did not agree to a 40-year lease deal worth $100 million.
Ms Macklin has extended the deadline for written
submissions on the proposal to July 28 after receiving
legal advice.”

ABC: Macklin delays town camps takeover
4 Jun 09: “The Federal Government has had to delay its plan
to compulsorily acquire Aboriginal town camps in Alice
Springs. … Ms Macklin has extended the deadline for
written submissions on the proposal to July 28 after
receiving legal advice. It means the earliest the
Commonwealth could compulsorily acquire the camps is two
months from today.”

Age: Macklin extends camp consultation time
4 Jun 09: “The federal government will give indigenous
people more time to comment on a controversial plan to
acquire the Alice Springs town camps before action is taken.
Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin says she’s been
advised by the government’s solicitor to extend to 60 days
the time in which people can put their views.”


– Media Release

Greens: Crucial questions on gaps in NTER consultation
paper go unanswered
5 Jun 09: “FaHCSIA today avoided answering important
questions about the omission of key facts on racial
discrimination from a Government discussion paper, say the
Australian Greens. “The discussion paper “Future Directions
for the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER)”
released by Minister Jenny Macklin last month is meant to
form the basis of the Government’s commitment to ‘reset the
relationship’ with Aboriginal communities,” said Senator
Rachel Siewert today. “However, it is also meant to form
the basis of consultations necessary to reinstate the
Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) in the NT – and it seems
the Minister is struggling to reconcile the conflict
between these commitments and her desire to push on with
the NT Intervention in its current form.” “


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