Alice Springs Aboriginal Town Camps Takeover Delayed
Alison Anderson quits NT ALP, Marion Scrymgour rejoins
Ampilatwatja residents maintain protest
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– Top Story

National Indigenous Times:
Alice Springs Town Camp Takeover Derailed:
Federal Court issues injunction against Macklin deal
6 Aug 09: “Jenny Macklin’s move to takeover the Alice
Springs town camps suffered another major blow with the
Federal Court issuing an injunction preventing the minister
from proceeding with the deal. Justice Alan Golberg this
afternoon issued injunctions against the compulsory
acquisition of the town camps, and against the execution of
a deal between the government and Tangentyere Council. The
matter will now proceed to the Federal Court for a full
hearing on August 28 to 31.” Chris Graham

– Opinion

Crikey: Alice camps injunction is down to Macklin
7 Aug 09: “Late yesterday, Federal Court Justice Alan
Goldberg issued an injunction preventing the Minister for
Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin from taking over the
Alice Springs town camps. The matter will now proceed to a
full hearing on August 28-31. Until then, minister Macklin
will have to sit on her hands.” Chris Graham

– Radio

CAAMA News Radio:
William Tells – Confessions of a Town Camp Director
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
6 Aug 09: “As the federal government’s plan to takeover the
management of Tangentyere Aboriginal council in Mparntwe
(Alice Springs) was put on hold, CAAMA Radio News Senior
Journalist, Steve Gumerungi Hodder spoke exclusively to
Executive Director of the camps council, William Tilmouth.
The in depth exposée covers topics such as the continued
negative portrayal of the organisation, Aboriginal
residents of the camps & the town (as well as Indigenous
peoples as a whole), division created between our peoples
& new strategies for the future.”

ABC PM: Injunction stays on town camps purchase
6 Aug 09: “The Federal Government’s had another setback in
its plan to acquire compulsorily Aboriginal town camps in
the Northern Territory. A Federal Court judge ruled this
afternoon that a temporary injunction preventing the
acquisition should stay in force until the matter comes
before a judge again later this month. Justice Alan
Goldberg said there were some “serious issues” to be tried.
Samantha Donovan was at the Federal Court in Melbourne to
hear the decision. She outlined the background to me a
short time ago.”

– News

ABC: Mediation may resolve town camp standoff
7 Aug 09: “No housing improvements will be able to start in
Alice Springs town camps under the Federal Government’s
$100 million offer until a court hearing later this month.
But the parties are also considering whether the matter can
be resolved earlier through mediation.”

Age: Court halts building in Alice town camps
7 Aug 09: “THE Federal Government’s $100 million plan to
build housing in Alice Springs’ decrepit town camps has
been halted until at least the end of the month, after a
court ruled that the Government could not ignore the
concerns of indigenous residents. The delay is yet another
setback for the Government, … ”

ABC: Court action delays town camp takeover
7 Aug 09: “Government negotiations on taking over Alice
Springs town camps have once again been delayed, this time
by a camp resident who has launched a legal battle against
Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin. Barbara
Shaw claims the Minister has not properly communicated with
all involved about a possible compulsory Commonwealth
takeover of the land the camps are on.”

9 News: Government ordered to halt camp takeover
6 Aug 09: “A judge has ordered the federal government to
halt its planned takeover of the management of Alice
Springs town camps until legal questions are determined at
trial. In a win for camp residents opposed to the move, the
Federal Court’s Justice Alan Goldberg ruled a court should
decide whether the government had been fair in matters
relating to landowners’ notification of the plan.”

ABC: Stay granted on town camp leases
6 Aug 09: “Justice Alan Goldberg has ruled that a temporary
stay on the leases should remain until the case goes to
trial at the end of the month. He said there was a serious
question to be tried as to whether town camp tenants had
been given natural justice or procedural fairness.”

ABC: Macklin defends Alice town camps revamp deal
6 Aug 09: “The Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister says she
has acted appropriately to secure a deal with the
Tangentyere Council to improve conditions in Alice Springs
town camps.”

– Background Info

Rollback the Intervention:
Background to the threatened Commonwealth acquisition of Alice Springs town camps

Tangentyere Council, Alice Springs:
Resolution on Lease Negotiations Close (22 May 09)

WGAR News:
Takeover of Aboriginal Land in Alice Springs (26 May 09):

WGAR News:
Compulsory Acquisition of Alice Springs Town Camps (30 May 09):

WGAR News:
National support for Tangentyere Council (3 June 09):

WGAR News:
Alice Springs town camps takeover (6 Jun 09):
[scroll down page] http://sydney.indymedia.org.au/story/wgar-news-marion-scrymgour-resigns-labor-party-alice-springs-town-camps-takeover-6-jun-09

WGAR News:
Alice Springs town camps takeover (12 Jun 09):
[scroll down page] http://sydney.indymedia.org.au/story/wgar-news-darwin-town-camps-takeover-12-jun-09

WGAR News:
Alice Springs Town Camps (19 Jun 09):
[scroll down page] http://wgar.info/190609-northern-territory-intervention-two-years-on/

National Indigenous Times:
The Boxed Seat: A pox on all their houses (25 Jun 09)

WGAR News:
Alice Springs Town Camps (6 Jul 09)
[scroll down page] http://wgar.info/060709-indigenous-gap-widens/

National Indigenous Times: Special NIT Investigation:
Leaked advice reveals Rudd government’s deceit on NT
intervention consultations and Alice Springs town camps
land grab (6 Jul 09)

Age: NT council slams town camps plan (11 Jul 09)

WGAR News:
Attempt to Takeover Alice Springs Aboriginal Town Camps (20 Jul 09)

WGAR News:
Attempt to Takeover Alice Springs Aboriginal Town Camps (24 Jul 09)
[scroll down page] http://perth.indymedia.org/index.php?action=newswire&parentview=144879

WGAR News:
Challenge to Takeover of Alice Springs Aboriginal Town Camps (29 Jul 09)

WGAR News:
Deal or No Deal over Aboriginal Town Camps (1 Aug 09)

WGAR News:
Alice Springs Aboriginal Town Camps (6 Aug 09)
[scroll down page] http://perth.indymedia.org/index.php?action=newswire&parentview=145472


– Background

WGAR News:
Will the NT Indigenous Policy Minister quit Labor? (29 Jul 09)
[scroll down page] http://perth.indymedia.org/index.php?action=newswire&parentview=144926

WGAR News:
Will Alison Anderson leave NT Labor? (1 Aug 09)
[scroll down page] http://perth.indymedia.org/index.php?action=newswire&parentview=145231

WGAR News:
Alison Anderson quits NT ALP, Marion Scrymgour to rejoin (6 Aug 09)

– Radio

CAAMA Radio Morning News
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
6 Aug 09: [includes comments about Alison Anderson and
Marion Scrymgour]

ABC PM: Calls for fresh intervention into NT
6 Aug 09: “There are growing calls for the Federal
Government to launch another intervention and take over
Indigenous policy in the Northern Territory. The Northern
Territory Government was thrown into crisis this week when
the government’s Indigenous Policy Minister Alison Anderson
quit the Labor Party. She says the Northern Territory
Government is incapable of tackling Indigenous disadvantage
and today she joined calls for a Federal takeover.”
[includes comments by Alison Anderson, Paul Henderson and
Mal Brough]

– Video

ABC Lateline: NT Minister defects over funding concerns
6 Aug 09: “In the Northern Territory, the Labor Government
is trying to cling to power after yesterday’s defection of
its Indigenous Affairs Minister, Alison Anderson. Ms
Anderson says she has made a decision about her next
political move, but won’t reveal her hand until next
[includes comments by Alison Anderson, Paul Henderson and
Jenny Macklin]

– News

Age: NT Government appears set to fall
8 Aug 09: “THE fate of Paul Henderson’s wounded ALP
Government appears signed and sealed. Alison Anderson, the
mercurial Loritja woman and member for MacDonnell, this
week promised Opposition Leader Terry Mills that she would
vote for a no-confidence motion brought against the
Northern Territory Government.”

Koori Mail: Anderson undecided about no-confidence vote
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
7 Aug 09: “NEWLY-independent NT politician Alison Anderson
says she’s still undecided about whether to support a
mooted CLP vote of no confidence in the Territory Labor
Government next week, despite yesterday calling on the
Commonwealth to ‘take over Territory politics’ when it
comes to Indigenous affairs. Such a vote could trigger an
early NT election.”

Northern Territory News: D-Day brought forward
7 Aug 09: “D-Day could be pushed forward for Chief Minister
Paul Henderson with a majority of the Territory’s
politicians asking to resolve the crisis by next week.
Independents Alison Anderson and Gerry Wood have signed a
letter with the Country Liberals asking to push
parliamentary sittings forward to Monday and asking for an
additional sitting day on Friday.”

Northern Territory News:
Labor slips into election mode as poll likely
7 Aug 09: “THE Northern Territory Government has moved into
election mode, with a poll now almost certain to be held
next month. Renegade Independent politician Alison Anderson
said she would wait until Tuesday to reveal her intention
to either deliver government to the Country Liberal Party
or force an election.”

National Indigenous Times:
Scrymgour sticks by opposition to NT homelands policy
7 Aug 09: “Further fractures have emerged in Labor ranks
after a rebel MP, fresh upon her return to the party,
outlined her concerns with two of the NT government’s
Indigenous policies. Marion Scrymgour has repeated calls
for an inquiry into government funding of Indigenous
affairs, and says she will continue putting pressure on
Labor to revisit its homelands policy.”

Australian: Contract builders to ‘make killing’
7 Aug 09: “LARGE construction companies are set to “make a
killing” out of multi-million-dollar contracts in
Aboriginal housing, … Mr Tilmouth backed the concerns of
Aboriginal professor Marcia Langton and former NT
indigenous policy minister Alison Anderson, who quit the
Labor Party this week partly in protest at the progress of
the SIHIP.”

Australian: Red tape strangles homes program
7 Aug 09: “A MEMBER of a key stakeholder group involved in
the federal government’s $672million remote housing package
has demanded more transparency in the way the project is
being rolled out, saying there has been almost an
information blackout. … Similar concerns prompted
Northern Territory indigenous policy minister Alison
Anderson to quit the Labor Party this week.”

Australian: Anderson’s mall push for early poll
7 Aug 09: “TWO days after she quit Labor, shocking her
colleagues and setting the Northern Territory government on
the edge of collapse, Alison Anderson was in a cheerful
mood yesterday. … she set up a stall in Darwin’s Smith
Street Mall, right in the centre of town. The idea was to
find out what people thought … ”

Northern Territory News:
Anderson promises to ‘go down fighting’
7 Aug 09: “RENEGADE Independent politician Alison Anderson
has promised that Tuesday’s parliamentary sittings will be
“the biggest day in Territory history”. Ms Anderson will
reveal on Tuesday if she will help the Country Liberals
gain power or trigger a new election.”

Northern Territory News:
Scrymgour overlooked for return to cabinet
7 Aug 09: “RENEGADE Labor politician Marion Scrymgour has
been passed over for promotion to the front bench and has
already fired a warning shot at her government’s
outstations policy.”

The Tally Room: Anderson to support CLP
6 Aug 09: “Just to follow up on today’s story, Northern
Territory Labor defector Alison Anderson has announced she
will become an independent and support a new Country
Liberal government. This will be the first mid-term change
of government, that I can think of, since John Curtin took
office during the Second World War.”

The Tally Room: Hanging parliaments
6 Aug 09: “Two separate stories have emerged in the last
few days of governments that could lose their majority with
the resignations of their own party’s parliamentarians. In
the Northern Territory, Labor MP Alison Anderson has
resigned from the party, and is yet to make clear which
party she would support in office.”

WAtoday: Anderson’s walk out rallies NT Labor
6 Aug 09: “Labor has already kicked into election mode in
the Northern Territory as a renegade MP bent on ousting the
government is urging the Commonwealth to intervene for the
sake of all Territorians. Alison Anderson severed Labor’s
tenuous grip on power when she quit in spectacular fashion
earlier this week, accusing the party of “division, spin
and manipulation”.”

ABC: Get ready for ‘greatest day in NT history’: Anderson
6 Aug 09: “The newly independent Member for MacDonnell,
Alison Anderson, says next Tuesday’s Parliamentary session
will be the greatest day in Northern Territory history. …
Meanwhile, Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson has
given Ms Anderson’s former Indigenous Policy portfolio to
Malarndirri Mcarthy.”

ABC: Anderson urged to rejoin NT Labor
6 Aug 09: “The president of Northern Territory Labor is
urging Alison Anderson to rejoin the party. … Trish
Crossin says she cannot believe the former minister would
really want to join the opposition and sink the Government.”

SMH: Ministers revolt over Northern Territory’s indigenous spending
6 Aug 09: “Two MPs who have emerged as political kingmakers
in the Northern Territory have indicated they will vote to
bring down the embattled Labor Government next week. Former
indigenous policy minister Alison Anderson, who quit the
ALP on Tuesday, … And Gerry Wood, a former chicken farmer
who holds the balance of power with Ms Anderson, … ”

Australian: Renegade MP keeps mum on vote plan
6 Aug 09: “RENEGADE Aboriginal MP Alison Anderson will wait
until next week before declaring whether she will vote to
bring down the Northern Territory government, despite
labelling Chief Minister Paul Henderson a “very, very weak

Australian: Stark call to end housing ‘gravy train’
6 Aug 09: “ABORIGINAL leaders have warned the federal
government that it must act urgently to regain control over
indigenous policy in the Northern Territory, with the
looming collapse of the Top End Labor regime highlighting
the inability of successive NT governments to combat black

Australian: Trouble brewing from the very start
6 Aug 09: “WHEN Alison Anderson was on the verge of
entering politics in 2004, her Country Liberal Party
opponent made what has turned out to be a prophetic
observation. “Alison has demonstrated that she has a very
individual mind and if she stands for Labor, toeing the
party line will probably cause her some grief,” John
Elferink said.”

Australian: Three bedrooms, 12 occupants, 10 years of waiting
6 Aug 09: “Alison Anderson, the indigenous policy minister
who quit the Territory Labor government on Tuesday, is so
concerned at the progress of the SIHIP, and her former
cabinet colleagues’ seeming indifference to it, that she is
willing to bring down the Labor administration over the

Northern Territory News: Labor in Anderson’s sights
6 Aug 09: “PAUL Henderson has just 19 days left as NT Chief
Minister after the woman he is relying on to hold power
labelled him a “dead     man walking”. Renegade politician
Alison Anderson pulled no punches and virtually nobody in
the Labor Party machine was spared during an extraordinary
tirade during a morning radio interview.”

ABC: Hampton sticking with the ALP
5 Aug 09: “The Northern Territory Minister for Central
Australia has released a statement saying he will not be
quitting the Labor Party.”


– Background

WGAR News:
30 Aboriginal Elders Walk-off to Protest NT Intervention (20 Jul 09)
[scroll down page] http://wgar.info/2009/07/20/200709-attempt-to-takeover-alice-springs-aboriginal-town-camps/

WGAR News:
Aboriginal Elders Walk-off, challenging the NT Intervention (24 Jul 09)
[scroll down page] http://wgar.info/240709-government-failure-over-northern-territory-aboriginal-housing/

– News

Crikey: Up to their ankles in sewage, a remote community’s
patience runs out
5 Aug 09: “Almost three weeks after the nation’s media
reported up to 150 Aboriginal people had abandoned their
sewage-soaked community in protest of the failing Northern
Territory intervention, residents have still not received a
visit from a single Territory or federal government
bureaucrat or politician.” Chris Graham

ABC: Ampilatwatja residents maintain protest
5 Aug 09: “About 100 people are refusing to return to their
homes in the community of Ampilatwatja, about 300
kilometres north-east of Alice Springs. The residents
walked off their community three weeks ago in protest
against living conditions and the federal intervention.”

ABC: Politicians silent on Ampilatwatja problems
5 Aug 09: “Residents of Ampilatwatja in Central Australia
are refusing to return to their community three weeks after
they walked off in protest. … As part of the protest, the
residents wrote a letter to the federal Indigenous Affairs
Minister, Jenny Macklin. … A spokesman for the community,
Richard Downs says he has not heard anything from the
minister or her department.”


– News

ABC: Government triples basicscard’s daily limit
6 Aug 09: “The Federal Government has more than tripled the
daily limit on an EFTPOS card used to store money
quarantined under the Northern Territory Emergency

– Media Release

Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement:
Aboriginal Legal Service calls for PM to censure Minister Macklin
7 Jul 09: “The CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement,
Neil Gillespie has expressed concern about the conduct of
Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin, if the startling
revelations reported by the National Indigenous Times are
correct. It is reported by the NIT that Minister Macklin
has supported the advice of her Policy Advisers that the
Government should not consult with Aboriginal people
because it is too expensive, will tie up too many resources
and is unlikely achieve Government outcomes.”


– Media Releases

Britain must compensate Aboriginal people for radioactive fallout
Joint Statement, Hiroshima Day, 6 August 2009
6 Aug 09: “Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation
(ANTaR), the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement of South
Australia (ALRM) and the signatories below endorse the
recent public statement by South Australian Premier Mike
Rann that the British Government has, “absolute
responsibility to do the right thing by its and our service
personnel and of course our Aboriginal people.” ”
[To endorse this statement, click on link and follow the

Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement:
Australia called to account by the United Nations on
Aboriginal legal aid funding
24 Jun 09: Whilst the Australian and State Governments
continue to bicker over who should fund Aboriginal legal
aid, the United Nations Human Rights Committee has
expressed concern to the Australian Government on the
continuing denial of access to justice for Aboriginal
people. At the Committee’s meeting held on the 23/24 March
2009, it was resolved that: … “


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