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Leaked documents concerning NT Intervention
Bilingual Education in the NT
Indigenous Gap Widens
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– Media Release

Come out with the numbers, Macklin and Rudd!
8 Jul 09: “Statement by Michael Anderson, leader of the
Euahlayi tribe and spokesman for the Gumilaroi nation of
northwest NSW and southwest Queensland … Can Aboriginal
Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin inform the public why in two
years the feds have failed to commence work on new houses
that were promised to Aboriginal people? Why is
preferential treatment only for the white bureaucrats’
housing? Can Minister Macklin inform the public whom the
government has engaged to build these houses and how much
is each house costing the public purse? Is this money
coming from the housing funding promised for Aboriginal
housing or are the bureaucrats’ housing costs additional
to the Aboriginal housing budget? … ”

– Opinion

Australian: Roadblock on remote housing as progress
stalls on indigenous response
4 Jul 09: “NOT one of the hundreds of new houses promised
in 2007 for remote communities as part of the Northern
Territory intervention has been built. A day after Kevin
Rudd declared that indigenous disadvantage was worse than
previously thought, The Weekend Australian can reveal that
layers of bureaucracy are strangling a $700 million plan to
address poor and overcrowded housing.” Paul Toohey

– Radio

CAAMA Radio News
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
6 Jul 09: “Easing overcrowded housing should be Governments
top priority”

– News

Northern Territory News:
Macklin ‘same as Brough’: Scrymgour
8 Jul 09: “INDEPENDENT MLA Marion Scrymgour has accused
Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin of
becoming a clone of her predecessor Mal Brough. Ms
Scrymgour said the delays in building houses in remote
communities were not caused by bureaucracy – but

National Indigenous Times:
Housing failure due to “trashing”: commission chair
8 Jul 09: “The man behind a report into Indigenous
disadvantage which the prime minister labelled
“devastating” has defended the Rudd government against
accusations it’s not moving fast enough to build new
housing. Productivity Commission chair Gary Banks says the
“unpleasant” fact is that housing problems are partly due
to occupants “trashing” them.”

Northern Territory News:
Red tape costs $100m but nobody’s at home
7 Jul 09: “THE Territory Government has budgeted to spend
more than $100 million on red tape for a federal project
that is yet to produce a single house.”

ABC: Indigenous housing program defended
7 Jul 09: “The Northern Territory housing department has
defended the amount of money that has been spent on the
administration of a new housing program for Indigenous

Overcrowding the key to Indigenous disadvantage: NT Shelter
6 Jul 09: “The Northern Territory’s peak housing group says
easing overcrowding in remote communities should be
governments’ first priority in improving outcomes for
Aboriginal people.”

National Indigenous Times:
No new houses under intervention branded ‘unacceptable: CLP
6 Jul 09: “The Northern Territory opposition has branded as
“totally unacceptable” the failure to build a single new
house in a remote Aboriginal community in the past two
years – despite federal funds having been earmarked for

National Indigenous Times:
Divisions over NT intervention: opposition
6 Jul 09: “The federal government has failed to take action
on Indigenous issues because many MPs in its own ranks are
opposed to the federal intervention, the opposition says.
The government has not delivered any of the houses it
promised for remote Indigenous communities in 2007 as part
of the Northern Territory intervention, initiated by the
previous Howard government.”

ABC: Housing delays a ‘disgrace’: NT Oppn
6 Jul 09: “It is unacceptable that no houses have been
built under an Indigenous housing project two years after
it was launched, the Northern Territory Opposition says.”

Australian: We’ll get NT housing right: Jenny Macklin
6 Jul 09: “JENNY Macklin has defended the Rudd government
over revelations that not one house in any Northern
Territory Aboriginal community has been built with the $672
million in intervention money allocated since 2007.”


– Top Story

National Indigenous Times: Special NIT Investigation:
Leaked advice reveals Rudd government’s deceit on NT
intervention consultations and Alice Springs town camps
land grab
6 Jul 09: “Jenny Macklin was advised by her department
against formally consulting with Aboriginal people over the
compulsory acquisition of their land because it would be
too expensive, tie up too many resources, and was unlikely
to get the outcome the government wanted, leaked documents
reveal.” Chris Graham

– Articles & News

Macklin advised not to consult Aboriginals over town camps
6 Jul 09: “Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin was
advised by her department against formally consulting with
Aboriginal people over the compulsory acquisition of their
land … The revelations are contained in a suite of
sensitive government documents, including private briefings
from the Department of Families, Housing, Communities and
Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) to the minister, copies of
which have been obtained by the National Indigenous Times.”
Chris Graham

ABC: Leaked documents reveal intervention concerns
6 Jul 09: “Leaked documents have revealed the Federal
Government was warned some of its intervention measures
could become illegal with the reinstatement of the Racial
Discrimination Act. … a departmental minute obtained by
the National Indigenous Times, and seen by the ABC, reveals
the reinstatement of the Act and the continuation of the
leases could be found to be illegal if tested in court.”

Age: Rush to stop NT leases becoming illegal
6 Jul 09: “THE Federal Government has been warned its
five-year leases over Northern Territory Aboriginal
townships could become illegal when it removes their
exemption from the Racial Discrimination Act. …
Preliminary advice from the Australian Government Solicitor
earlier this year outlined the problems the Government
could face.” Michelle Grattan

news.com.au: Racial laws ‘a risk to intervention’
7 Jul 09: ” THE Rudd Government was reportedly advised
earlier this year that key elements of the Northern
Territory intervention could be at risk if it reinstated
racial discrimination laws. The National Indigenous Times
website today reported Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny
Macklin had also been advised by her department against
consulting with indigenous people over compulsory land
acquisition … ”

National Indigenous Times: Aboriginal activist calls on
Macklin to resign over intervention consultations
8 Jul 09: “A prominent Aboriginal activist has dubbed
Minister for Indigenous affairs Jenny Macklin a liar and
called on her resignation after it was revealed that she
has deceived Aboriginal communities over the NT
intervention consultations. Documents obtained by NIT
reveal that Ms Macklin was warned in March this year that
her threat to acquire the Alice Springs town camps on
40-year leases would contravene the Racial Discrimination
Act (RDA) and raised the possibility of a court challenge
when the act is restored.”

Green Left: Leaked documents reveal Macklin’s deceit
11 Jul 09: “Indigenous Affairs minister Jenny Macklin was
advised by her department against formally consulting with
Aboriginal people over the compulsory acquisition of their
land … They reveal the minister for Indigenous affairs
has deceived Aboriginal people over the current Northern
Territory intervention consultations and the government’s
moves to compulsorily acquire the Alice Springs town camps.”
Chris Graham

– Media Release

Greens – Serious concerns about Macklin’s consultations
6 Jul 09: “The Australian Greens are calling on the
Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin to explain
her actions, as more worrying information about
consultations with Aboriginal communities comes to light.
“I am extremely concerned by recent reports that the
Minister appears to be ignoring legal advice that reflects
the concerns I raised in the Senate last sitting about
compulsory acquisition of Alice Springs town camps,” said
Senator Rachel Siewert today. “We can see no way that
compulsory acquisition of the town camp leases can be
consistent with the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA), and
we suspect the Government’s lawyers will have told them
the same thing.” ”


– Video

Bilingual Education in NT: Assoc. Prof. Brian Devlin (CDU)
29 Jun 09: “Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory
and the continuing debate over its effectiveness and value
AIATSIS Symposium: Bilingual Education in the Northern
Territory: Principles, policy and practice
National Museum, Canberra, 26 June 2009”

– Paper

Friends of Bilingual Learning:
Bilingual education in the Northern Territory and the
continuing debate over its effectiveness and value
by Brian Devlin, Charles Darwin University
[download paper] http://foblmail.googlegroups.com/web/Devlin%2CAIATSIS%2C260909.pdf?gda=aZOhy08AAACvCLB-PR_omkP4jQl0EsFcn5SiQpdHmiEkn56tuPyHGXG-4n4KsSnE32JlQ9ZxOYUlV7AjCqVFIPny8bAO395qnHMhSp_qzSgvndaTPyHVdA
“Paper presented to an AIATSIS Research Symposium,
“Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory: Principles,
policy and practice”, Visions Theatre, National Museum of
Australia, Canberra, on Friday June 26, 2009”

– Speech

They are our children, this is our community:
AIATSIS Research Symposium on Bilingual Education
by Tom Calma, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social
Justice Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission
26 Jun 09: “The title of this presentation: “They are our
children, this is our community” is a quote from Yolgnu
parents and community members – spoken in response to the
government policy aimed at dismantling Bilingual education.”


– Background

WGAR News: Indigenous Gap Widens (6 Jul 09)

– Radio

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
9 Jul 09: “Tiga Bayles spoke with West Australian Senator
and Greens Spokesperson for Indigenous Affairs Senator
Rachel Siewert. They spoke about COAG Council of Australian
Governments and the Productivity Commission and Indigenous
issues in Western Australia.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

– Public Forum (Sat 18 July 09 – 3pm, University of Technology, Sydney)

Why is Rudd’s ‘Close the Gap’ closing communities down?
[scroll down page] http://stoptheintervention.org/
“Speakers include:
Walter Shaw – President Tangentyere Council, Alice Springs
Nicole Watson – Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, UTS”
“Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations contained
two clear commitments – to never repeat the destructive
policies of the past and to invest substantial resources to
Aboriginal communities. The Rudd government’s investment
program has been called ‘Close the Gap’, taking the name of
a long-term, community-based Aboriginal health campaign. So
why, two years into a Rudd government, are most of the 580
remote communities in the NT being told they will have to
leave their lands to access vital resources? Why are
successful Aboriginal organisations such as the Tangentyere
council in Alice Springs facing the seizure of their lands
and assets? Why are tens of thousands of Aboriginal people
facing unemployment with the impending closure of CDEP?”

– Opinion

Australian: Statistics obscure the truth
7 Jul 09: “THE media has been quick to sensationalise the
statistics in the Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage report
released last Thursday, particularly those figures that
show that indigenous child abuse has increased.” Sara Hudson

Open Forum: Drawing Level VS Closing the Gap
5 Jul 09: “One of the key components in restoring full
health and well-being to Australia’s First Peoples is to
lighten the load placed on them, day in and day out, by
introduced practices. This requires non-indigenous people to
change our ways. An example is provided by the campaign
aimed at closing the standards of living gap between
indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. As commendable
and fundamentally important as this campaign is, there is
a real risk that it fails to address a much more difficult
challenge.” Bruce Reyburn

Australian: Remedies are the things we suggested
4 Jul 09: “The Prime Minister and his colleagues across the
country have little clue about what to do to achieve their
stated aim of “closing the gap” on Aboriginal wellbeing.
The COAG partnership agreement gives me no confidence that
we are on the right road to turning around the plight of
indigenous Australians. Putting the words “closing the gap”
in front of every policy initiative does not magically turn
useless policies into effective ones.” Noel Pearson

Australian: Indigenous policy on trial
4 Jul 09: “THE legitimacy of Kevin Rudd’s 2008 historic
apology to indigenous people remains on trial after this
week’s Productivity Commission report showing in most areas
Aboriginal disadvantage is static or deteriorating.”
Paul Kelly

Canberra Times Editorial: It is all happening again…nothing
4 Jul 09: “The Productivity Commission’s latest biennial
report on social indicators in indigenous Australia,
released this week, brings to mind the memorable quote of
baseball great Yogi Berra: ”This is like de{aac}ja vu all
over again.” ”

– News

National Indigenous Times:
Close gap between rhetoric and action: coalition
6 Jul 09: “The federal coalition has criticised the Rudd
government’s response to a damning report showing the gap
between black and white Australia is widening in some
areas. Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop says Prime
Minister Kevin Rudd’s promise to take “decisive” action
rings hollow.”

Canberra Times: Closing the gap a ‘long term journey’
3 Jul 09: “The Rudd government knew it would take time to
close the gap on indigenous disadvantage, which is why it
set targets for 2020, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard
says. A report released on Thursday shows when it comes to
some key indicators, including child abuse and imprisonment
rates, the situation is getting worse rather than better
for Aboriginal Australians.”

ABC: Grog key to Indigenous problems: Macklin
3 Jul 09: “A Productivity Commission report released
yesterday found little progress for Aboriginal people and
some indicators are getting worse, including child abuse
and incarceration rates. The Indigenous Affairs Minister,
Jenny Macklin, says alcohol abuse is linked to the high

ABC: ‘Bureaucracy to blame’ for Indigenous gap
3 Jul 09: “Dr Sullivan, an adjunct associate professor at
the National Centre for Indigenous Study at the ANU,
believes the gap is widening because there is “in a
nutshell, too much bureaucracy”. “There are too many steps
in the chain in the delivery … and there are too many
chains,” he said.”


– Powerpoint Presentation

National Indigenous Times:
NIT consultation slides – NT intervention [2.3 MB – Powerpoint]
[download powerpoint] http://www.nit.com.au/downloads/files/Download_207.ppt
“Part of the process involved in the a Rudd government
consultations over the NT intervention is a Power point
slide. But it is notable for what it doesn’t say. This is a
guide to cutting through the spin.”

– Video

Vimeo: Prof. Larissa Behrendt on NT Intervention
4 Jul 09: “At Stop The Intervention Rally – Two Years On
Belmore Park, Sydney, 20 June 2009”

Vimeo: Talking Strong: Maurie Japarta Ryan Speech
27 Jun 09: “To Stop the NT Intervention Rally – Two Years On
Belmore Park, Sydney, Australia, 20 June 2009”

– Media Releases

Come out with the numbers, Macklin and Rudd!
8 Jul 09: “Statement by Michael Anderson, leader of the
Euahlayi tribe and spokesman for the Gumilaroi nation of
northwest NSW and southwest Queensland … It is time for
the federal government to inform the public of the number
of prosecutions for child sex abuses made in the past two
years of the Northern Territory Intervention program. The
states need also to reflect on the number of convictions
for this offence.”

Northern Land Council: Both sides of politics must support
reinstating the Racial Discrimination Act
7 Jul 09: “The Northern Land Council (NLC) has called on
Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister, Jenny Macklin to not
shy away from reinstating the Racial Discrimination Act
1975 (RDA) and to give Aboriginal people a reason to
support Closing the Gap initiatives into Aboriginal
disadvantage. NLC Chief Executive, Kim Hill today also said
that the Federal Opposition should support Minister Macklin
because it is the right thing to do. “Whilst the RDA is
suspended Aboriginal people know that they are treated less
than equally to every other Australian citizen,” he said.”

Northern Land Council:
COAG must reinstate Racial Discrimination Act
1 Jul 09: “Northern Land Council (NLC) CEO, Kim Hill has
called on the Coalition of Australian Governments (COAG) to
reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and to restore
Aboriginal people’s legislative human rights – rights which
are taken for granted by every other Australian citizen. Mr
Hill also said that the Federal Government’s failure to do
so means that Aboriginal people will continue to have no
legal redress under Australian law in relation to the
Northern Territory Emergency Response laws i.e. the federal
intervention. “The Racial Discrimination Act was suspended
with the express purpose of denying Aboriginal people
everyday, common law human rights so that the federal
government could implement its intervention into every
aspect of our lives,” he said.”

– Opinion

SMH: Promises galore, but change slow to come
6 Jul 09: “Many feel the intervention has failed to
deliver, writes Paul McGeough in Gunbalanya.”

SMH: Anger reigns in a place shamed before the world
4 Jul 09: “Two years on, child abuse and sex abuse cause
anger, disquiet and uncertainty in the central Australian
community that became a target for the Howard government’s
military-led intervention into Aboriginal affairs in the
Northern Territory. Anger – that the media and the
government singled out Mutitjulu as so much worse than
other communities.” Paul McGeough

– News

ABC: Opposition says intervention working
8 Jul 09: “The Federal Opposition’s Indigenous affairs
spokesman says a tour of central Australian Aboriginal
communities this week has provided him with confidence that
the federal intervention is working. Peter Dutton yesterday
visited the remote community of Mutitjulu at the base of

Age: Pedophile ring claims unfounded
5 Jul 09: “AN INVESTIGATION by Australia’s main
crime-fighting agency has found no evidence of organised
pedophilia in Northern Territory indigenous communities.
The finding by the Australian Crime Commission demolishes
one of the central claims used by the Howard government to
support its controversial NT intervention.”

ABC: WA Aboriginal group supportive of intervention
5 Jul 09: “An Aboriginal health group in Western Australia
wants a Federal Government intervention in this state to be
considered. … Darryl Kickett from the Aboriginal Health
Council of WA says services need to be streamlined.”

ABC: Intervention not an option in WA: Sue Gordon
4 Jul 09: “The former head of the Northern Territory
intervention says Western Australia’s Indigenous issues
need a more complex approach than an NT-style intervention.
… Sue Gordon has told Stateline part of the solution to
WA’s problems could be found in a partnership between
government agencies and Aboriginal community workers.”

ABC: Recruitment excuses not helping Indigenous children:
4 Jul 09: “The Northern Territory Opposition says the
Government must do whatever it takes to recruit more child
protection workers. … The Country Liberals’ spokeswoman
for Children and Families Jodeen Carney says the Government
should do whatever it takes to recruit more frontline

ABC: Intervention call sparks anger from state MP
3 Jul 09: “A call by the Federal Opposition to extend the
Northern Territory intervention into WA has drawn an angry
response from a state MP. … the member for the Kimberley
Carol Martin has described the call as ignorant and out of
touch. Ms Martin says Ms Bishop has no idea of the progress
already being made to improve indigenous living conditions
in the state’s north.”


– Opinion

Australian: Locked out of the economic future
4 Jul 09: “Let me go to two main themes that dominate the
parliament and command my thinking. The first is economics.
The second is leadership. Largely, Aboriginal people are
left out of the economic life of the nation. If we are in
the debate, it is as a threat to economic development or
as a disappointing participant in an economy. The reality
for us is that we are un-economic.” Galarrwuy Yunupingu

– News

National Indigenous Times:
Don’t climb Uluru: CLC
10 Jul 09: “Traditional owners have been calling for an
Uluru climbing ban for years and many tour operators are
supportive of the idea, the Central Land Council (CLC)
says. But the council says if Australians can’t bring
themselves to respect the culture of Aboriginal traditional
owners, then they should at least consider the safety
issues associated with the climb.”


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