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UN Expert James Anaya to examine NT Intervention
Aboriginal Housing in the NT
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– Background

WGAR News:
UN Expert visits Australia to report on Aboriginal Human Rights (18 Aug 09)

– UN Rapporteur’s itinerary: Alice Springs

Rollback the Intervention:
The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the situation of
Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Indigenous Peoples
is visiting Alice Springs
[scroll down page] http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/
“An open community meeting is being held this Thursday 20th
August, for anyone to come and listen, and have an
opportunity to speak. … 3.15 – 4.15 pm
Centre for Appropriate Technology, Priest St”

– Radio

The Wire: UN investigates Northern Territory Intervention
[scroll down page] http://www.thewire.org.au/daydetail.aspx?SearchDay=2009-08-17
17 Aug 09: “The United Nations will visit Indigenous
communities over the next two weeks to review the Northern
Territory Intervention. “Special Measures” such as alcohol
restrictions and income management will be examined to
determine whether they are a violation of human rights.
Aboriginal groups have also requested that the negotiation
process between the government and Indigenous communities
be reviewed as they feel the current processes are
exclusive and descriminatory in nature. – Featured in Story
– David Cooper – National Spokesman for Australians Native
Title and Reconciliation – Irene Fisher, CEO of the
Sunrise Health Service in Katherine”

See media release from Irene Fisher, David Cooper & Michele
Harris: http://www.antar.org.au/media/un-official-to-report

– Speech

The Hon Jenny Macklin MP:
Welcome to UN Special Rapporteur, Professor James Anaya
17 Aug 09: “It is a pleasure and privilege to welcome
Professor Anaya to Australia. In March last year, the Human
Rights Council appointed Professor James Anaya as Special
Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental
freedoms of Indigenous people. Professor Anaya is
recognised as one of the world’s leading human rights
advocates and legal scholars.”

– News

Indonesian Language:

ABC Radio Australia:
Pelapor PBB kritik inisiatif pemerintah Australia untuk bumiputra
Agustus 18, 2009: “Pelapor khusus PBB mengenai
masalah-masalah kaum bumi putra, yang saat ini berada di
Australia, mengatakan, program intervensi di Wilayah Utara
Australia bersifat mendiskriminasi. … Pelapor khusus PBB,
Profesor James Anaya, akan berada di Australia selama 12
hari untuk menginvestigasi kinerja HAM Australia.”

Italian Language:

Italian Media:
Indagine delle Nazioni Unite sui diritti umani degli aborigeni
18 Agosto 2009: “Un inviato speciale dell’Onu per i diritti
umani degli indigeni ha iniziato ieri un tour di due
settimane nelle comunità remote aborigene per condurre
un’inchiesta sulle condizioni di vita delle popolazioni
indigene. … Al professore [James Anaya] saranno
consegnate più di 3.000 lettere di protesta nelle quali si
sostiene che l’operazione di Canberra è discriminatoria
sotto il profilo razziale.”

NZ Herald: Aborigines call in UN rights expert
18 Aug 09: “A United Nations representative is visiting
Australia to investigate complaints that a government
crackdown on child abuse in Outback settlements is
violating Aborigines’ human rights. … One of the
coalition groups, Australians for Native Title and
Reconciliation, or Antar, said it wanted Anaya to insist
that human rights principles as set out in the UN
Convention Against Racial Discrimination be applied.”

Third Sector: Assessing indigenous human rights in Australia
18 Aug 09: “The Australian Human Rights Commission has made
a submission on behalf of the Indigenous Peoples
Organisation (IPO) Network to Professor S. James Anaya, UN
Special Rapporteur on the human rights and fundamental
freedoms of Indigenous Peoples, ahead of his upcoming
visit. The brief compiled by the IPO Network also includes
information supplied by the National Indigenous Youth
Movement of Australia.”

See IPO submission: http://www.hreoc.gov.au/social_justice/publications/srip_2009/index.html

ABC Australia Network News:
UN visitor inspects Australian ‘discrimination’
18 Aug 09: “The United Nations special rapporteur on
indigenous people says parts of Australian effort to
improve the wellbeing of residents of remote communities
are discriminatory. … Professor Anaya says he is
concerned by the suspension of the Racial Discrimination

The Network: Visit to Australia:
United Nations Human Rights Rapporteur Professor James Anaya
18 Aug 09: “Set out below is some of the coverage of the
visit of Professor James Anaya on his arrival in Australia.
… Clearly, there is a great deal of interest in Professor
Anaya’s visit. Could we substitute the word hope, do you
think? It seems to me, dear Networkers, that a great deal
of hope is attached to Professor Anaya’s visit – hope that
some sort of sense, compassion, consultation will capture
and tame this beast commonly known as The Intervention.”

SMH: Grim reminders of lives cut short
18 Aug 09: “Yesterday she [Mary O’Reeri] told Professor
James Anaya, the United Nations special delegate on
indigenous human rights, that she wanted indigenous
Australians to wrest control over the future, beginning
with a respect for family and the rejection of ”slow
suicide” by grog, drugs and child abuse.”

National Indigenous Times:
Housing problem really a crisis of ‘homes’: traditional owner
18 Aug 09: “Indigenous people contribute to the problem of
overcrowded housing in remote communities by allowing
troublesome relatives to stay, a traditional owner from
Western Australia says. Mary O’Reeri, from the remote
community of Billard Burr on the Dampier Peninsula, says
she believes poor housing is a significant suicide risk
for Indigenous people.”

Australian: Leader dismisses overcrowding ‘excuse’
18 Aug 09: “Mary O’Reeri has taken her people to task over
the “excuse” that overcrowding in communities is an
acceptable, normal part of indigenous culture. Her comments
came as a visiting UN official, James Anaya, said the
decision to suspend the Racial Discrimination Act as part
of the 2007 intervention into 73 Northern Territory
indigenous communities was, on the face of it,

Age: UN delegate to assess NT intervention’s legality
18 Aug 09: “THE federal intervention in the Northern
Territory is discriminatory, but may be justifiably so, the
United Nations’ special delegate on indigenous human rights
says. Professor James Anaya is in Australia for two weeks
investigating the Howard government’s suspension of the
Racial Discrimination Act in its rush to tackle indigenous

SBS World News: UN envoy to examine indigenous human rights
17 Aug 09: “A special investigator from the United Nations
will today begin a two-week examination of remote
Aboriginal communities. … More than 3,000 letters from
Indigenous people and community groups will be presented to
Professor Anaya, detailing concerns the intervention is
racially discriminatory.”

Koori Mail: UN advocate begins tour
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
17 Aug 09: “UN Special Rapporteur James Anaya has conceded
some discriminatory aspects of the Northern Territory
intervention but says he intends to gather more facts on
the policy before commenting further. In Australia at the
Federal Government’s invitation, the human rights advocate
will tour communities for two weeks before giving a
preliminary report on his human rights’ findings.”

9 News: UN to examine indigenous human rights
17 Aug 09: “He [James Anaya] will hear a special address
from Mary Victor O’Reeri, organiser of last month’s Blank
Page Summit on Suicide in Western Australia which involved
representatives of the West Australian government, the
commonwealth and indigenous communities discussing ways to
stop Aboriginal people killing themselves.”


– Background

WGAR News:
Government failure over Northern Territory Aboriginal housing (24 July 09)

– Speech

Greens Spokesperson Rachel Siewert: Indigenous Housing
13 Aug 09: “I rise to make a contribution to this
discussion over whether the Strategic Indigenous Housing
and Infrastructure Program has actually begun delivering.
I am hearing a bit of hypocrisy from both sides of this
chamber at this time. Federal and territory governments of
both persuasions have failed over many years to deliver
housing to Aboriginal communities throughout Australia –
particularly the federal and Northern Territory governments
in the Northern Territory.”

– Video

ABC 7.30 Report: Indigenous housing boss removed
18 Aug 09: “The director [Jim Davidson] of the most
expensive indigenous housing program ever has been removed
from his position today. Controversy surrounding the
implementation of the Strategic Indigenous Housing and
Infrastructure Program has already brought the Territory
Labor Government to the brink of defeat and new information
suggests that the project is going to blow its budget.”

– News

Australian: Aboriginal housing consultant Jim Davidson axed
after criticism of federal program
19 Aug 09: “THE consultant who warned that Aboriginal
housing delivery under the $672 million Strategic
Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program was seriously
off-track has been sidelined by the NT government. Jim
Davidson, who was employed by the joint program managers of
the SIHIP, Parsons Brinckerhoff, confirmed that he was
removed from his position on Monday morning.”

ABC: Macklin blamed for Indigenous housing wrangle
19 Aug 09: “The axed director of a controversial $672
million Aboriginal housing program has spoken publicly for
the first time, saying only 300 of the 750 promised houses
will be built under current funding arrangements. Jim
Davidson, the project manager of the Strategic Indigenous
Housing Infrastructure Program, was dumped from his role

ABC: Indigenous housing bill to ‘blow out to $1b’
19 Aug 09: “The ABC’s 7.30 Report has been told that the
budget for a controversial $672 million Aboriginal housing
program is likely to blow out to well over $1 billion. The
ABC learned yesterday that the director of the Strategic
Indigenous Housing Infrastructure Program [SIHIP], Jim
Davidson, has been removed from his position.”

National Indigenous Times:
Henderson refuses to reveal SIHIP pay for Labor mates
18 Aug 09: “The Northern Territory government has refused
to reveal how much Labor mates are being paid for working
on a remote Aboriginal housing scheme that has not produced
a single new home.”

SMH: Some NT homes ‘lacking water for months’
18 Aug 09: “Some houses in a Northern Territory town have
been without water for more than six months, a coalition
senator says. Country Liberal Party senator Nigel Scullion
grilled the government on water supplies to Corella Creek,
which he said was in the prescribed intervention area of
the NT.”

ABC: Head rolls over Indigenous housing wrangle
18 Aug 09: “The man [Jim Davidson] overseeing the
controversial $672 million Indigenous housing program has
been removed from his position today. The Federal and
Territory Governments have been under pressure over the
Strategic Indigenous Housing Infrastructure Program [SIHIP],
which has yet to deliver a single house almost 18 months
after it was announced.”

ABC: More anti-intervention walkouts planned
17 Aug 09: “A spokesman for Ampilatwatja in Central
Australia says other communities in the region are
preparing to join a campaign against the Northern Territory
Emergency Response. … Ampilatwatja spokesman Richard
Downs says he wants the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to

ABC: Calma warns against Indigenous consultation cuts
17 Aug 09: “The Social Justice Commissioner [Tom Calma]
says consultation with Aboriginal communities over remote
housing should not be sidelined to cut costs. … He says
consultation has been neglected in the past and people need
to be properly engaged to advance social outcomes.”


– Petition

Federal Pettition against Aboriginal Deaths in Custody
[scroll down page] http://antarvictoria.org.au/
19 Aug 09: “WA Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Watch Committee
is calling on the public to sign the attached petition to
the House of Representatives in relation to the death in
custody of Mr. Ward who died of heatstroke in inhumane and
avoidable circumstances in January 2008 in Western

– Media Release

Two reports together show the way forward on Aboriginal health
18 Aug 09: “The Australian Greens have responded to the
release of The Overburden Report on the complex and unusual
manner in which Aboriginal primary health care is funded by
calling for immediate reform to directly fund the provision
of primary care. “There is absolutely no reason why the
Commonwealth Government does not simply provide one stream
of funding to Aboriginal Community Controlled Health
Services for the provision of primary care,” said Senator
Siewert today.”

– News

National Indigenous Times: Stolen wages victim takes claim
to court for a lifetime of unpaid work
19 Aug 09: “Legal action will begin in Queensland’s
District Court today to recover the wages of Indigenous
workers who were underpaid for decades. The court action on
behalf of Yarrabah man Uncle Conrad Yeatman has the support
of the Queensland Council of Unions (QCU).”

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