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“The intervention has made no health difference”: GP

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Crikey:12 Mar 09:
“Earlier this year, I spent three weeks working
in the remote NT community of Oenepelli, writes Melbourne
GP Di Marchant.”

On questioning the “viability” of remote Aboriginal settlements

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Crikey:19 Mar 09:
“World Vision Australia and the University of
Queensland’s Mark Moran writes: “Remoteness” alone is not
the core problem for Indigenous Australians”

The Pointed View: No debate on what keeps kids in school

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NIT:19 Mar 09:
“Punishing parents to keep kids in school is a
short-sighted and knee jerk reaction that simply won’t see
Indigenous students return to the classroom, writes PROF
LARISSA BEHRENDT. Professor Mick Dodson’s recent call for
better education outcomes for Aboriginal children should
have provoked more discussion. The mainstream media focused
merely on more rhetoric by the welfare reform-obsessed to
continue to punish parents – and punish them more onerously
– if their children to not attend school.”

How the NT intervention is harming children

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Crikey:23 Mar 09:
“Sunrise Health Service Aboriginal Corporation
CEO Irene Fisher writes from Katherine, NT: Income
management shames those who live under it and takes us back
to the days of the mission. It sets Aboriginal people apart
from their fellow Australians,”

Some critical issues in Aboriginal health and education

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Crikey:23 Mar 09:
“John Greatorex, a Darwin-based academic who has
previously worked as a teacher in north-east Arnhem Land
for 30 years, has written the following detailed response
to the Inside Story article on media reporting of Aboriginal
health: “I remember when the NT Intervention was announced,
many families rang asking why the government was sending the
army to take their children. … “

‘Bureaucratic bungle’ leads to interference artificer hale condition scare

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27 Mar 09:
“Indigenous and non-Indigenous people working
as part of the federal intervention are suffering because
of a lack of cross-cultural training, a Northern Territory
community development organisation [Aboriginal Resource and
Development Services] says. … He [Richard Trudgen] says
some federal intervention staff are unprepared for the
culture shock they experience.”

Deceit and hypocrisy—Rudd’s sorry reportcard

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Solidarity:March 2009:
“Apart from the Intervention, Rudd relied
largely on funding announcements to demonstrate his
commitment to “closing the gap”. But many of these
announcements—in areas like health, education and housing—
were not commitments to Indigenous specific funding, but
rather general spending programs “that Indigenous people
will benefit from”. Government plans for housing reveal
clearly how “mainstreaming”—breaking up Aboriginal control
of organisations and land—has become their central strategy
for “closing the gap”.” Paddy Gibson

Intervention is hurting health

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Brisbane Times:30 Mar 09:
“The Sunrise Health Service covers 112,000
square kilometres of the Northern Territory east of
Katherine and is at the frontline in dealing with the
health parts of the intervention. All but one community
within its area are subject to the intervention’s measures,
including welfare quarantining. Sunrise has compared data
collected before and since the intervention and the results
are dispiriting.” Larissa Behrendt and Irene Fisher


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Stop the Intervention: Racism and the NT Intervention – Forum
“A forum addressing the impact of the ongoing suspension of
the Racial Discrimination Act by the Rudd Government took
place on Sunday, March 22nd 2009 at 3pm at the Guthrie
Theatre, UTS, 702 Harris St, Broadway, Sydney”

Rollback the Intervention: Audio Recordings
“The following tracks are from the forum held in Sydney on
March 22, 2009 “Racism and the NT Intervention”.”
Includes recordings of:
* Speech by Irene Fisher, CEO of Sunrise Health Service in
Katherine – read by Professor Larissa Behrendt
* Valerie Martin from Yuendumu community
* Geoff Scott- CEO of NSW Land Council
* David Cooper, Acting Director of ANTaR
(Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation)
* Olivia Nigro from STICS
(Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney)

Progress report for the Northern Territory Emergency Response

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22 Mar 09:
“The Northern Territory Emergency Response
(NTER) is making good progress with more than 15,000 people
on income management, more police on the beat and a
successful school nutrition program in 70 communities. The
Australian Government is moving the NTER to a sustainable
development phase to ensure measures will be effective for
the long-term, including engagement and partnership with
Indigenous communities. We are committed to strengthening
our efforts to combat violence, child abuse and rebuild
social norms. The Government must help protect women and
children from the shocking levels of abuse and violence.”
Jenny Macklin MP & Warren Snowden MP