Letter to the UN missions:

Australia’s continued human rights violations
and abuses of Aboriginal peoples
23 Mar 09: “Your Excellency, We enter into this
correspondence with you to highlight the fact that Australia
has not earned the right to have permanency status on the UN
Security Council. Australia is the only country in the world
that has a constitution that allows for the imposition of
laws and/or regulations that target specific racial groups.
… Australia must be held accountable by the international
community for its Human Rights breaches and abuses against
Aboriginal Peoples in Australia and its strident opposition
to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
This is why we have criticised Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s
ambition to seek permanency status on the UN Security
Council. Australia has not earned this right and
responsibility.” Michael Anderson, Leader of Euahlayi Nation

Media Release:

Aboriginal people to oppose Rudd’s bid for Australia to
join the UN Security Council
10 Mar 09: “Michael Anderson, cofounder of Aboriginal
Embassy and leader of the Euahlayi nation in northwest New
South Wales said today: “The Minister for Aboriginal
Affairs, Jenny Macklin, has made a pathetic attempt to
blackmail Aboriginal people of NSW into signing over their
lands for forty year leases to the Commonwealth government
so that social and welfare housing and other infrastructure
can be put in place. This is totally immoral and
unethical.” … “To have Quentin Bryce, the
Governor-General, going to African nation states to lobby
them to support Australia’s nomination to the UN Security
Council is hypocrisy. Aboriginal people now need to lobby as
many African states as possible against supporting
Australia’s nomination to the UN Security Council.” ”

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