Human Rights Committee 95th Session (16 Mar – 3 Apr 09) New York
Includes NGO reports re Australia from:
* Amnesty International
* Conscience and Peace Tax International
* Human Rights Law Resource Centre
* ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)
* International Human Rights Law Society of
Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis
* National Association of Community Legal Centres
* New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties
* Law Council of Australia

Amnesty reports to UN on Australia’s human rights failures
16 Mar 09: “Amnesty International has presented the United
Nations with a detailed report (pdf size: 377kb) setting
out its concerns about Australia’s failure to comply with
some of the country’s obligations under the International
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. … “Reinstating
protections against racial discrimination under the
Northern Territory Intervention is a crucial next step for
the Australian Government to take to improve its human
rights record,” Dr Seth-Purdie said. The organisation’s
report said that supporting the UN Declaration of the Rights
of Indigenous Peoples, and using its principles as a guide,
would assist the Government to close the gap and ensure
ICCPR rights are made fully available to Indigenous

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