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Alice Springs Town Camps Takeover
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Northern Territory Intervention
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Marion Scrymgour
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Northern Territory News: Push to take over camps in Darwin
11 Jun 09: “ABORIGINAL town camps in Darwin should be next
on the agenda after the Federal Government takes over those
at Alice Springs, Territory Senator Trish Crossin has said.
… Aboriginal Development Foundation manager Bernard
Valadian said Senator Crossin had not spoken to him about
the call. “I’m not sure what that would achieve … to give
the land back after the hard struggle to get it,” he said.”

ABC: Improve Aboriginal camps in Darwin: senator
10 Jun 09: “Labor Senator Trish Crossin says the Territory
and Federal Governments need to intervene to improve living
conditions in Darwin’s town camps. … The Northern
Territory Senator says NT Housing should take
responsibility for public housing in the camps and she
discussed the possibility with the Territory Government

ABC Alice Springs: Town camps worse in Alice: Henderson
10 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Chief Minister says
conditions in Darwin’s Aboriginal town camps are not as
desperate as those in Alice Springs, which remain the
priority for the Government to take action on.”

Australian: Senator urges takeover of Darwin camps
9 Jun 09: “NORTHERN Territory senator Trish Crossin
yesterday called for a federal takeover of the Aboriginal
town camps in Darwin, as the government extended its
deadline before compulsorily acquiring the fractured
communities on the edge of Alice Springs. The Labor Left
senator said the Darwin camps needed to be offered a
similar deal to the one offered to rebuild the 18
settlements in Alice Springs.”


– Background

WGAR News:
Alice Springs town camps takeover (6 Jun 09):
[scroll down page] http://sydney.indymedia.org.au/story/wgar-news-marion-scrymgour-resigns-labor-party-alice-springs-town-camps-takeover-6-jun-09

WGAR News:
National support for Tangentyere Council (3 June 09):

WGAR News:
Compulsory Acquisition of Alice Springs Town Camps (30 May 09):

WGAR News:
Takeover of Aboriginal Land in Alice Springs (26 May 09):

WGAR website: http://wgar.info/

– Opinion

Fight for Aboriginal Rights:
Macklin seizes Alice Springs Aboriginal town camps
9 Jun 09: “In the latest chapter in this saga of
dispossession and racist oppression, federal Indigenous
affairs minister Jenny Macklin announced on May 24 that she
would use the racist Northern Territory Emergency Response
(NTER) legislation to compulsorily acquire control over 16
Alice Spring town camps.” Hamish Chitts

– Radio

SBS Aboriginal program: Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement
8 Jun 09: “Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander representatives have spent the last couple of
weeks in New York at the United Nations Permanent forum on
Indigenous issues. … As part of Australia’s delegation –
South Australia’s Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement raised
concerns about the Australian government’s respect for
Indigenous rights.”
[Includes comments by ALRM CEO Neil Gillespie on the
Alice Springs Town Camps takeover]

SBS Aboriginal program: Barbara Shaw: town camps
25 May 09: “Mount Nancy town camp resident Barbara Shaw
speaks with Michelle Lovegrove about the federal
government’s announcement it will take over Alice Springs
town camps.”

– Video

ABC Lateline: Alice town camps labelled as Govt land grab
26 May 09: “Alice Springs town camps have labelled the
Commonwealth’s proposed take over as a land grab. But the
Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister says the Government had
no choice but to take control of the camps.”
[Includes transcript, and comments by Jenny Macklin,
Walter Shaw and Paul Henderson]

– News

Northern Territory News:
Town camp controllers win support of council
9 Jun 09: “ONE of Australia’s most powerful Aboriginal land
councils has come out in support of the organisation which
oversees the troubled Alice Springs town camps. Central
Land Council director David Ross said Tangentyere Council
should not be vilified for refusing to sign a 40-year lease
deal with the commonwealth in exchange for $125 million to
improve housing and health services.”


– Background

See archive of newsletters on the WGAR website:

Intervention Rollback Action Group (IRAG) website:

Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) website:

– Media Releases

Protesters disrupted BasicsCard industry briefing
11 Jun 09: “Today, Wednesday June 10, Aboriginal rights
protestors will disrupt an industry briefing on “apartheid
infrastructure” BasicsCard. … At 1.30pm the government
will hold a consultation meeting for industry about the
‘BasicsCard’ system, which facilitates the compulsory
Income Management regime forced on Aboriginal people under
the NT Intervention. The government are looking for a
company to design new BasicsCard infrastructure. … ‘$7000
per person is being spent to ensure government controls
what Aboriginal people can spend on and where they can
shop. … ’ Said Dootch Kenedy from STICS”

Melbourne Aboriginal rights solidarity rally and public meeting
5 Jun 09: “On Saturday 20th June supporters of Aboriginal
rights in Melbourne will be marking the two-year
anniversary of the Northern Territory intervention with a
solidarity rally in the CBD, followed by a public meeting
at Trades Hall. The events will feature live music and a
range of speakers, including a woman from the Alice Springs
town camps. “We have organized the rally in order to show
our disgust and opposition to the Rudd Government’s
expansion of Howard’s racist intervention policy, and to
stand in solidarity with the Indigenous people of this
country. … ” said Joe Lorback from the Melbourne
Anti-Intervention Collective.”

Central Land Council: Community confusion over leases
5 Jun 09: “The Central Land Council says that a petition of
443 people at Hermannsburg west of Alice Springs calling
for direct negotiation with the Australian Government over
leasing is a reflection of the confusion surrounding the
issue and the pressure put on Aboriginal people over the
community leasing issue. CLC Director David Ross said the
CLC has facilitated Northern Territory and Australian
Government involvement in leasing discussions at

– Video

Coming Up:

ABC1 Television Guide: Message Stick –  Intervention
1:30pm Sunday, 21 Jun 2009: “Two years ago, the Howard
Coalition Government announced its ‘intervention’ into
Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. Central
Australian producer, Vincent Lamberti has tracked the
impact of the policy on residents.”

– Radio

(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
9 Jun 09: “ACTU says reinstate the Racial Discrimination
Act for the Federal Intervention”

SBS Aboriginal program: Indigenous Community Volunteers
9 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Government’s homelands
policy has confused and frustrated many communities across
the Top End. One of those is the Bawinanga Aboriginal
Corporation, which heads up about eight hundred people
living on 32 outstations, with operatins based in
Maningrida. It’s now enlisted the support of Indigenous
Community Volunteers to help community members respond
appropriately to the government about how this policy will
effect them.”

SBS Aboriginal program: Mal Brough on town camps
27 May 09: “The original architect of the Northern
Territory Intervention – Former Indigenous Affairs Minister
Mal Brough – has been speaking up of late on what’s
currently happening in the area. He’s unapologetic about
the initial policy and the suspension of the Racial
Discrimination Act. Mr Brough insists that suspension of
human rights was – and is – justified.”

– Opinion

Australian: Rudd’s NT welfare revolution
11 Jun 09: “THE Rudd government’s decision to retain and
recast key aspects of the Howard government’s intervention
into the Northern Territory is to be applauded. Changes the
government has proposed will address the main objections to
the original intervention while confirming a major political
and policy shift is under way, fundamentally reshaping the
way governments tackle social disadvantage.” Jeremy Sammut

– News

Koori Mail: Level the playing field, says justice agency
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
10 Jun 09: “The North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency
(NAAJA) wants the Rudd Government to repeal sentencing
sections of the NT intervention laws that prohibit cultural
practices being considered against the seriousness of
offences. A Supreme Court judge yesterday conceded the laws
could lead to disproportionate sentences, which NAAJA says
is unjust and unfair.”

ABC: Bring back Racial Discrimination Act: ACTU
8 Jun 09: “The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)
has called for the immediate reinstatement of the Racial
Discrimination Act. At its triennial congress, union
Territory secretary Matthew Gardiner says delegates agreed
the Government should make immediate changes to the
intervention laws to ensure all Australians are treated

ABC: Intervention discussion not an open one: Greens
7 Jun 09: “The federal Greens say they are worried the
Government is not being open with Indigenous people in its
discussion paper on the intervention. The Greens’
indigenous policy spokeswoman Rachel Siewert says the
discussion paper does not make it clear what people’s
rights are when it comes to income management.”


– Background

WGAR News:
Marion Scrymgour resigns from Labor Party (6 Jun 09):

WGAR News:
Northern Territory Government’s new Homelands policy (4 Jun 09):

WGAR website: http://wgar.info/

– Radio

SBS Aboriginal program: Michael Anderson
10 Jun 09: “The decision by the member for Arafura in the
Northern Territory – Marion Scrymgour – to quit the Labor
party – is continuing to cause a political stir around the
country. Ms Scrymgour has left the party over the
government’s homelands policy – throwing it into chaos, as
it’s stripped the government of its one-seat majority. …
Michael Anderson of the Gumilaroi nation of North West New
South Wales says Marion Scrymgour should be supported for
placing conscience over party politics.”

ABC AM: NT MP Scrymgour to hold balance of power
6 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Labor Government is
facing life as a minority government after the Indigenous
MP Marion Scrymgour announced she’s leaving the party. Ms
Scrymgour will continue representing her Top End bush
electorate as an Independent and will hold the balance of
power in the Northern Territory Parliament.”
[Includes comments by Marion Scrymgour]

– Opinion

Australian: Subplot thickens for Marion Scrymgour
6 Jun 09: “MARION Scrymgour’s spectacular defection from
the Labor Party this week marked another inglorious chapter
in the absurd soap opera that is Northern Territory
politics.” Natasha Robinson

– Video

ABC Lateline: Scrymgour resigns, NT Govt loses majority
4 Jun 09: “The resignation of the Northern Territory’s
former deputy chief minister Marion Scrymgour has left the
Labour Government as a minority government.”
[Includes transcript]

– News

Northern Territory News: Musical chairs behind scenes
11 Jun 09: “NEWLY Independent politician Marion Scrymgour
has lost her seat on parliamentary committees because she
left the Labor Party.”

Northern Territory News: No top job tilt, says Lawrie
10 Jun 09: “DEPUTY Chief Minister Delia Lawrie yesterday
ruled out making a tilt for the top job – calling Paul
Henderson the best Chief Minister the Territory has seen.
Opposition Leader Terry Mills questioned the allegiance of
Ms Lawrie and Local Government Minister Rob Knight in
parliament yesterday. He suggested the departure of renegade
Independent Marion Scrymgour from the Labor Party had
weakened Mr Henderson’s hold on the leadership.”

ABC: Labor’s first test in new political landscape
9 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Government is confident
it can legislate effectively, even though it has lost its
majority in Parliament. The Country Liberal Party leader,
Terry Mills, says the Opposition will not stand in the way
of passing the Budget this week, but he will not rule out a
no-confidence motion.”

Northern Territory News: Scrymgour promises no ‘spanners’
9 Jun 09: “NEWLY Independent politician Marion Scrymgour
has promised “not to throw a spanner in the works” and
disrupt the Government’s legislative agenda this week. The
Opposition have promised not to try and block the Budget,
but would not rule out moving a motion of no confidence in
the Government.”

ABC: Mills rejects leadership threat claims
9 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Opposition Leader, Terry
Mills, says claims that Country Liberal Party member Dave
Tollner is mounting a leadership challenge against him are
untrue. Labor minister Chris Burns told the ABC yesterday
Mr Tollner had approached the Member for Arafura, Marion
Scrymgour, and told her he was building numbers against the
Opposition Leader.”

ABC: Tollner taking on Mills for CLP leadership: Burns
8 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Opposition’s Dave Tollner
has been accused of trying to mount a leadership challenge
against Country Liberals leader Terry Mills. Territory
Minister Chris Burns Burns told the ABC, independent Member
for Arafura Marion Scrymgour has been approached by Mr
Tollner, who asked her to do a deal with him.”

ABC: It wasn’t me crying in Caucus: Scrymgour
6 Jun 09: “Marion Scrymgour has denied rumours she cried in
a Caucus meeting last week, saying she was not the one in
tears. The newly independent Member for Arafura has told
ABC’s Stateline there’s been a long running campaign of
personal attacks against her in the media.”

ALP cuts down achieving, passionate women: Marion Scrymgour
6 Jun 09: “FORMER Northern Territory deputy chief minister
Marion Scrymgour has blamed a culture of damaging leaks
from within her own party for her decision to quit Labor
and turn independent. Her shock defection on Thursday has
stripped the NT Labor Government of its one-seat majority.”

Northern Territory News: Scrymgour: I am sane
6 Jun 09: “RENEGADE politician Marion Scrymgour has denied
she is emotionally unstable and claimed to be a victim of a
Labor smear campaign against successful women. Ms Scrymgour
(right) yesterday ruled out ever returning to Labor, but
said she still believed in the party’s ideals.”

ABC: Caucus leak investigation hits dead end
5 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Chief Minister, Paul
Henderson, will not do any more investigations into the
Labor Caucus leak which sparked Marion Scrymgour’s
resignation and destroyed Labor’s parliamentary majority.
Ms Scrymgour abandoned the Labor Party yesterday and became
an independent, blaming her decision on an inaccurate leak
from a Caucus meeting, which was published in the Northern
Territory News.”

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