“Enough is enough” NT Intervention two years on

MEDIA RELEASE for immediate release

June 16, 2009

NT Intervention two years on. Aboriginal people from across the NT travel to Darwin to say “enough is enough.”

Aboriginal people from town camps, communities and homelands right across the Territory leave today to travel to Darwin to meet on June 18-20 as the Prescribed Area People’s Alliance (PAPA). The gathering will mark two years of the Federal Intervention and aims to consolidate the Territory-wide opposition to the Rudd Government’s continued rollout of the measures.

The Alliance has already met twice in Alice Springs and statements developed at these meetings have been presented at several United Nations forums.

Barbara Shaw a mother from Mount Nancy town camp in Alice Springs says: “I’m travelling long way up to Darwin to join forces with other Aboriginal people, leaders, elders, men and women who against the Intervention. We support homelands and bilingual education and we want basic services without having to sign leases and our land away. We’re meeting to plan a way forward.”

Elaine Peckham Central and Western Arrente woman who is a great grandmother, grandmother and mother from Iteyepinpye homeland says: “we’re travelling to Darwin because we want to meet with Aboriginal people from all of the Northern Territory to talk about our human rights, how the Government’s not respecting us and what we can do about it. When is the Intervention going to end? I feel so strongly about the Intervention, it’s hurting our people young and old. We want to live on our country, our homelands, we’re stronger that way.”

Following the Prescribed Area People’s Alliance meeting, Unions NT is convening a meeting on June 19 for interstate Trade Unions representatives to talk with the PAPA delegates and NT Ministers have also been approached for meetings.

Dave Suttle from Darwin Aboriginal Rights Coalition says: “It’s great that so many unions want to meet with PAPA, hear their concerns and how they can support Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.”

There will be a public rally at Raintree Park at 11am on Saturday 20 June, followed by the Annual Rock Against Racism concert at Browns Mart in the evening.

The events are being organised by the Prescribed Area People’s Alliance (PAPA), Darwin Aboriginal Rights Coalition (DARC) and the Alice Springs Intervention Rollback Action Group (IRAG).


Barbara Shaw: 0401 291 166

Elaine Peckham: 0427 302 493

Dave Suttle: 0407 209 520

PLEASE NOTE: Barb and Elaine (members of PAPA) will have limited reception while traveling to Darwin on the bus June 16-17 but are available for comment. If they are unavailable please contact Dave Suttle in Darwin (DARC).

Timeline for Prescribed Area People’s Alliance (PAPA), press conference, union meeting and rally in Darwin

June 16: 9am Bus leaves Alice Springs

June 17: 6pm Bus arrives in Darwin

June 18-19: PAPA meeting in Darwin (Venue TBC)

June 19: 2:30 – 3:00pm PAPA Press conference outside Parliament House in Darwin

June 19: 4:00pm PAPA and Union NT meeting (Venue TBC)

June 20: 11 – 1pm Public rally at Raintree Park

8pm Rock against Racism at Browns Mart

– – – – – – – – – end media release – – – – – – – – –

Source of media release: IRAG <rollbacktheintervention@gmail.com>

IRAG (Intervention Rollback Action Group) Website: http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com

This media release was posted by Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (WGAR) as a community service, with the kind permission of Dave Suttle. Please note, WGAR is not the author of this media release.

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