Attempts to phase out Bilingual Education in the NT
NT Intervention ‘Consultations’
Demise of CDEP (Community Development Employment Projects)
June 20 Rallies Against NT Intervention
Other NT Intervention articles
Reprint of “Coercive Reconciliation”


– Media Release

WGAR: Bilingual education under threat
22 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Government has taken
steps to limit and phase out bilingual education in their
jurisdiction. There is no evidence that this move will help
any students to achieve better results at school. Ellie
Gilbert, a spokesperson for WGAR said today that these
moves are counter to the Australian Government’s decision
to adopt the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous

– Event

Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory:
Principles, policy and practice
AIATSIS Research Symposium 9am – 5pm, 26th June 2009
Venue: Visions Theatre, National Museum of Australia, Canberra
“At the start of the 2010 school year, the number of hours
of bilingual teaching in Northern Territory Two-Way schools
is set to decrease by more than half. The public debate
that followed the announcement of this policy change
revealed a need for further research on the models,
achievements and challenges of bilingual education in
Indigenous communities. Acknowledging this research gap and
recognising that the new policy represents a significant
shift in educational practice, AIATSIS will hold a one day
symposium to debate and discuss the policy change and its

– Background

For up-to-date info on the issue, see:

Friends of Bilingual Learning – Google Group
“Supporters of Bilingual & Multilingual education,
living and learning in the Northern Territory.
Recognising the importance of language in
human development, identity and wellbeing.”

For background on the issue, see:

WGAR News:
Restrictions on Aboriginal Languages in NT schools (20 Nov 08)

WGAR News: NT Aboriginal Languages Policy (25 Nov 08)

WGAR News: Restrictions on NT Bilingual Education (30 Nov 08)

WGAR News:
Restrictions on Aboriginal Languages in NT schools (4 Dec 08)

WGAR News: Restrictions on NT Bilingual Education (15 Dec 08)

WGAR News:
NT Aboriginal languages restrictions delayed one year (18 Dec 08)


– Background

WGAR News: NT Intervention Consultations (19 Jun 09)
[scroll down page] http://sydney.indymedia.org.au/story/wgar-news-nt-intervention-two-years-19-jun-09

– Media Releases

Australian Human Rights Commission:
Let’s not wait another two years to get it right
21 Jun 09: “Open and genuine consultation driven by a
desire for trusting, long-term relationships with
Aboriginal people must be central to federal government
consultations in the 73 prescribed communities affected by
the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER),
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice
Commissioner Tom Calma said today, two years after the
intervention was announced. Commissioner Calma repeated his
praise for the government’s moves to introduce legislation
later this year to reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act
(RDA) in the affected communities but cautioned that any
attempts to make compulsory income or alcohol management
strategies special measures must be completely understood
by the affected communities and must be demonstrably
supported by them.”

ANTaR: Flawed and inadequate consultation continues
at the second anniversary of the NT intervention
19 Jun 09: “Flawed and inadequate consultation with
Aboriginal communities remains a key concern at the second
anniversary of the Northern Territory Emergency
Intervention, according to ANTaR (Australians for Native
Title and Reconciliation). “The lack of significant
improvements resulting from of the intervention measures
and the continuing concerns and opposition from affected
communities, demand that fundamental changes are made to
the Australian Government’s approach in the Northern
Territory”, ANTaR spokesperson, David Cooper said.
“Instead the Minister continues to ignore this evidence and
significant community opposition and to push for the
intervention measures to be continued largely unchanged.” ”

– Opinion

Green Left: Fake consultations in the NT
21 Jun 09: “Aboriginal residents living in remote
communities in the Northern Territory have condemned the
government’s “consultation” about the NT intervention as
farcical. … The government started the consultation
process with NT Indigenous communities in an effort to
comply with provisions within the RDA that permit racial
discrimination if it is considered in the interests of the
people in question and they have given their informed
consent. The consultations with Aboriginal communities will
supposedly give the government the “consent” it needs to
make the intervention legal.” Peter Robson

– Video

SBS World News: Calma approves NT intervention revamp
19 Jun 09: “Aboriginal Social Justice Commissioner Tom
Calma has welcomed the Rudd government’s changes to the
Northern Territory intervention. Mr Calma praised the
government for starting consultations this week with 73
remote NT communities over the commitment to re-instate the
Racial Discrimination Act.”


– Media Release

Greens: CDEP jobs cut in favour of dole
18 Jun 09: ” “The Greens do not support the Government’s
plan to move Aboriginal workers from CDEP jobs onto income
support,” said Senator Rachel Siewert today. “This is a
backwards step that undermines their work-readiness and
esteem, ultimately leading to worse employment outcomes. In
Aboriginal communities the sense of having a job is very
important. I have spoken to a lot of people in successful
CDEP programs who feel that they have a ‘real’ job that
helps their self-esteem and helps their standing in the
community.” ”

– Speech

Greens: CDEP in the NT
18 Jun 09: ” … The ALP government then came in and
reintroduced CDEP. Now they are changing CDEP. In
non-remote areas people will be moving off CDEP as of 1
July, and I will go into the numbers in a minute. In remote
areas there is a transition period, but any new people who
go onto CDEP will go onto income support rather than wages,
because the government can quarantine income support. That
is in the Northern Territory. You can quarantine income
support; you cannot quarantine wages. So they are
essentially now doing what the previous government was
doing-and that is, subjecting those people to income
quarantining. … ” Spokesperson Rachel Siewert

– News

ABC: Questions raised over CDEP replacement
19 Jun 09: “A New South Wales mid-north coast MP wants to
know what will replace an Indigenous employment service
when the Government starts to phase it out.”


– Background

WGAR News: Protests against NT Intervention (22 Jun 09)

WGAR News: NT Intervention – Two Years On (19 Jun 09)

– Radio

SBS Aboriginal program: Intervention Maurie Ryan
22 Jun 09: “Maurie Ryan Japarta flew from the Northern
Territory to Sydney for the event. He says that the
intervention has failed to adequately address issues faced
in remote communities, and instead has made people’s lives
more miserable. I’ve spoken with him this morning about the
Intervention two years on – and other issues vital to
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander comunities.”

SBS Aboriginal program: Intervention Paddy Gibson
22 Jun 09: “Protesters gathered in their thousands around
Australia on Saturday – to mark the second anniversary of
the Northern Territory intervention. They vowed to continue
their campaign to increase public knowledge about income
quarantining, the government plan to take control of the
Alice Springs town camps and give housing responsibility to
Northern Territory Housing, and the decision to concentrate
services in 20 “hub” communities only. Paddy Gibson from
Stop the Intervention Collective is speaking with Michelle

(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association)
22 Jun 09: “Second anniversary of the Federal Intervention”

– Video

YouTube: “Shame on Australia”
Valerie Martin at 2nd anniversary of NT intervention
22 Jun 09: “On 20 June 2009 rallies were held across
Australia to mark the 2nd anniversary of the then Howard
Government’s “intervention” in the Northern Territory. At
the Melbourne rally, which was attended by some 200 people
on a wintry day, one of the main speakers was Valerie
Martin from Yuendumu, NT.”

YouTube: Gary Foley speaks at rally in Melbourne
to mark 2nd anniversary of NT Intervention
21 Jun 09: “On 20 June 2009 rallies were held across
Australia to mark the 2nd anniversary of the then Howard
Government’s “intervention” in the Northern Territory. At
the Melbourne rally, which was attended by some 200 people
on a wintry day, one of the main speakers was veteran
activist Gary Foley, who took the opportunity to attack the
policies advocated by Noel Pearson”

– Summation of Public Meeting at Trades Hall, Melbourne

slackbastard: more notes on “the intervention” (one)
23 Jun 09: “Following the protest, there was a public
meeting @ Trades Hall, with a panel presentation featuring
Adam Bandt, Valerie Napaljarri Martin, Aletha Penrith and
Robbie Thorpe. … The first speaker was Adam Bandt. He
outlined Greens’ policy on The Intervention, which the
Greens oppose. He made note of the fact that The
Intervention has required the suspension of the Racial
Discrimination Act. … The second speaker was Valerie
Napaljarri Martin. She outlined the effects of The
Intervention upon her community in Yuendumu. … Valerie’s
determination to resist the seizure of Aboriginal lands and
to maintain her culture was made very clear, … ”


– Opinion

Brisbane Times: Vanishing orphans of the intervention
20 Jun 09: “Populations are mysteriously dwindling in some
remote towns, writes Yuko Narushima. ASK Mutitjulu’s
community leader, Vincent Forrester, what he thinks of the
intervention and he’ll answer with a question. “Ever been
up Uluru? You will not see one Aboriginal person working up
in the resort. You go into town in Alice Springs, you will
not see one young kiddie working in the shops. You ask
yourself why.” … ”

On Line Opinion:
The contribution of homelands to traditional owners
19 Jun 09: “It took Marion Scrymgour’s resignation from the
Northern Territory Labor Government to force Chief Minister
Paul Henderson to agree to do more research about, and
economic modeling of, the Territory’s ancestral lands with
a view, we hope, to changing the homelands policy.”
Jimmy Pascoe

SBS World News: NT intervention: What now?
15 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Intervention was
introduced by the Howard government  in June 2007. However,
several aspects of the intervention have changed during
this time, and the Rudd government indends to make further
amendments.” Chiara Pazzano

– Speech

Greens: CDEP in the NT
18 Jun 09: “There have been many claims made about the
success of income quarantining, but to date there is no
satisfactory data to prove it one way or the other. There
is a lot of anecdotal evidence, and I agree with Senator
Scullion that there are people in the Northern Territory
saying that they are glad to have income quarantining-I
acknowledge that. There are also a large number of people
who do not like income quarantining, which is why the
Greens have maintained all along that income quarantining
should be done on a voluntary basis. We believe that the
reason it was exempted from the Racial Discrimination Act
is that it is racially discriminatory. It picks on one
group of people and subjects them to compulsory income
quarantining.” Spokesperson Rachel Siewert

– Radio

ABC AM: Government report shows income quarantine positive
for women and children
20 Jun 09: “Tomorrow marks two years since the Federal
Government announced its intervention into Aboriginal
communities in the Northern Territory. To coincide with the
anniversary, the Minister for Indigenous Affairs Jenny
Macklin has released a report which she says shows the
quarantining of welfare payments is having positive effects
in communities.”
[Includes comments by Priscilla, Jenny Macklin,
Robert Conway and Imelda Palmer]

ABC PM: Labor looks for consensus on intervention
19 Jun 09: “It’s almost two years since the beginning of
the federal intervention in the Northern Territory. The
Minister for Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin says that
much has been achieved in that time. But she is considering
changes in the areas of compulsory income management and
alcohol restrictions. She also says she’s trying to forge
a new relationship with Aboriginal people based on
consultation and respect.”
[Includes comments by Barbara Shaw, Jenny Macklin,
Robert Conway, Chris Wallace and Tony Abbott]

ABC The World Today:
More questions about Territory’s policies for the bush
19 Jun 09: “This weekend marks two years since the
beginning of the Federal intervention in the Northern
Territory. Earlier this week the Commonwealth began a
series of consultations with people in Central Australia
about possible changes to its emergency response. But
further north it’s another issue which has many Indigenous
people fired up – the Territory Government’s policy on
small remote outstations or homelands on Aboriginal land.”
[Includes comments by Djambawa Marawilli,
Malarndirri McCarthy, Marion Scrymgour and Rolf Gerritsen]

ABC PM: Former intervention chairwoman criticises NT on
child abuse targets
18 Jun 09: “It’s almost two years since the launch of the
Federal Government’s intervention in the Northern
Territory. Its main aim was to tackle child abuse in remote
Aboriginal communities. But the former chairwoman of the
intervention, Sue Gordon, says that still not enough is
being done to protect children from abuse.”
[Includes comments by Sue Gordon, David Ashbridge,
Jenny Scott, Malarndirri McCarthy and Howard Bath]

– News

Northern Territory News: Bid for committee
22 Jun 09: “INDEPENDENT MLA Marion Scrymgour is trying to
set up a parliamentary committee to oversee indigenous
development in remote communities.”

Age: Fresh food sales up since intervention
20 Jun 09: “STORE operators in the Northern Territory say
welfare quarantining has led to more sales of healthy food,
and a reduction in people “humbugging” or begging relatives
for cash.”

Australian: Kids’ lives better as indigenous intervention
improves health: Jenny Macklin
20 Jun 09: “INDIGENOUS Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin says
children’s lives in Northern Territory indigenous
communities are changing for the better – because of one of
the Howard government intervention’s hallmark successes,
compulsory management of incomes.”

ABC: Outstations policy a ‘political stunt’
19 Jun 09: “The Northern Territory Opposition says the
Government’s outstations policy is flawed because it is not
based on any form of economic modelling.”

National Indigenous Times:
Rushed intervention resulted in protocol gaps, inquest hears
18 Jun 09: “The hasty rollout of police stations as part of
the federal intervention into remote Aboriginal communities
in the Northern Territory meant standard protocols were
overlooked, a coronial inquest has heard.”

SBS World News: Bagot mulls success of intervention
18 Jun 09: “Community members in Bagot, in the heart of
Darwin, have mixed feelings towards the emergency
intervention announced by the Howard Government nearly two
years ago.”

Koori Mail: Macklin responds to men’s statement
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
17 Jun 09: “Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny
Macklin has reaffirmed the government’s support for
Indigenous men, praising their determination and leadership
a year after an Aboriginal men’s health summit near Alice
Springs apologised to women and children for violence. The
Minister had been criticised for the delay in responding to
the summit.”


“You may remember that Arena Publications published a book
on the Intervention soon after it occurred called Coercive
Reconciliation edited by Jon Altman and Melinda Hinkson. It
has now been reprinted with a new preface given that the
Intervention has not basically changed in two years. … ”
John Hinkson, Arena Printing and Publishing

For more information or to order your copy:

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