Alison Anderson quits NT ALP, Marion Scrymgour to rejoin
Alice Springs Aboriginal Town Camps
Petition to Reinstate the RDA in the NT
Other NT Intervention articles
Other Aboriginal articles


– Background

WGAR News:
Will the NT Indigenous Policy Minister quit Labor? (29 Jul 09)
[scroll down page] http://perth.indymedia.org/index.php?action=newswire&parentview=144926

WGAR News:
Will Alison Anderson leave NT Labor? (1 Aug 09)
[scroll down page] http://perth.indymedia.org/index.php?action=newswire&parentview=145231

– Statement

Age: Full statement released by Alison Anderson
4 Aug 09: “Today I am walking out of the Labor Party and
turning my back on the Government of Paul Henderson. I will
not stand by a leader and a party that fails to defend me
when the race card is played. Last Saturday’s Northern
Territory News article by Nigel Adlam attacking me and my
indigenous ministerial colleagues was blatantly racist: the
Chief Minister’s office knew what was in it before it was
published. … ”

– Video

ABC 7.30 Report: Top end minister resigns over racist article
4 Aug 09: “Northern Territory Indigenous Affairs minister
Alison Anderson resigned today after an article about her
was published over the weekend. Alison Anderson had been
threatening for several days to resign if the Northern
Territory and federal governments did not improve their
implementation of the 670 million dollar housing program
for remote aboriginal communities.”
[includes comments by Alison Anderson, Nigel Adlam of NT
News and Paul Henderson]

– News

National Indigenous Times:
Scrymgour to rejoin Labor after Anderson walks
5 Aug 09: “Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson
has taken steps to ensure Labor can retain its tenuous grip
on power, announcing that independent MP Marion Scrymgour
will rejoin the party. Aboriginal MLA Alison Anderson, the
former Indigenous affairs minister, quit cabinet and the
Labor Party yesterday, plunging the government into

Australian: NT rocked by minister musical chairs
5 Aug 09: “Ms Anderson’s dramatic decision to step down
yesterday appeared to spell the end for Chief Minister Paul
Henderson’s government, as her defection robbed Labor of
the balance of power. However, Ms Anderson’s resignation
was countered by the surprise return of former deputy chief
minister Marion Scrymgour, back from the crossbenches to
the Labor government fold.”

Northern Territory News: Scrymgour goes back to Labor
5 Aug 09: “RENEGADE politician Marion Scrymgour was
yesterday welcomed back to the Labor Party despite
promising two months ago she would never return.”

Northern Territory News: I won’t be back, says Anderson
5 Aug 09: “INDIGENOUS Affairs Minister Alison Anderson
yesterday blamed a scathing commentary piece on her in the
Northern Territory News as a reason she quit the ALP. …
Mr Henderson said Ms Anderson “made it very clear she will
not come back under any circumstances”.”

9 News: NT chief minister ‘dead man walking’: MP
5 Aug 09: “Renegade MP Alison Anderson says the Northern
Territory’s chief minister is a “dead man walking” and
she’s going to make the Labor government wait a week before
it knows its fate. The former indigenous affairs minister
now holds the balance of power in the NT Legislative
Assembly along with independent Gerry Wood, a former
chicken farmer.”

Northern Territory News: What happens next?
5 Aug 09: “TERRY Mills could be Chief Minister within 20
days. Or the Territory could be going to the polls by
mid-September. The countdown begins when parliamentary
sittings resume on Tuesday.”

Koori Mail: Scrymgour rejoins NT Labor
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
4 Aug 09: “INDEPENDENT MP Marion Scrymgour has thrown a
lifeline to the Northern Territory Labor Government by
announcing she will rejoin the party. Chief Minister Paul
Henderson now has 12 of the 25 seats in the assembly, and
has vowed to continue as Chief Minister. The announcement
follows former Indigenous Affairs Minister Alison
Anderson’s decision to quit cabinet and the Labor Party.”

thedaily.com.au: Scrymgour helps NT Labor avert crisis
4 Aug 09: “Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson
is fighting for his political hide and to secure Labor’s
tenuous grip on power. Hours after being accused of racism
by a renegade MP who quit Labor and plunged the government
into crisis, Mr Henderson welcomed another rebel MP back
into the fold.”

BigPond: Scrymgour helps NT Labor avert crisis
4 Aug 09: “NT’s Chief Minister says independent Marion
Scrymgour will rejoin the ALP, helping Labor retain its
tenuous grip on power after MP Alison Anderson quit. …
‘Today, Alison Anderson resigned from the Labor Party. I
accept that,’ Mr Henderson told reporters in Darwin.
‘Today, I welcome back Marion Scrymgour to the Labor Party
and to the government.’ ”

Northern Territory News: Scrymgour rejoins Labor
4 Aug 09: “MARION Scrymgour has rejoined the Labor Party.
Chief Minister Paul Henderson announced Ms Scrymgour had
rejoined his team after the pair met for about three hours
this afternoon.”

National Indigenous Times: Breaking News:
Anderson walks, and throws NT government into crisis
4 Aug 09: “The Northern Territory government hangs in the
balance this afternoon after Minister for Indigenous
Policy, Alison Anderson walked out on her cabinet post and
her party this morning.” Chris Graham

ABC: NT Govt in crisis as minister quits
4 Aug 09: “The Northern Territory Government is in crisis
after confirmation its Indigenous Policy Minister, Alison
Anderson, is resigning from the Labor Party. A spokeswoman
for the Minister, Shannon McCrae, has told the ABC that Ms
Anderson is stepping down. It remains unclear whether Ms
Anderson will become an independent or join the Opposition
Country Liberals Party, which has indicated it would
welcome her.”

National Indigenous Times:
Anderson quits, NT government in crisis
4 Aug 09: “Renegade MP Alison Anderson has quit Labor and
thrown the Northern Territory government into crisis.
Territorians could now go to the polls within weeks after
the former indigenous affairs minister acted on threats to
walk out on her party over its handling of remote
Aboriginal housing. “She has quit Labor,” her spokeswoman
told AAP.”

Australian: Labor rule in Northern Territory in doubt as
Alison Anderson quits
4 Aug 09: “LABOR’S rule in the Northern Territory is all
but over after Indigenous Affairs Minister Alison Anderson
resigned from the her cabinet positions and from the party
this morning, Ms Anderson’s resignation came during a
meeting of cabinet and follows two weeks of crisis within
the government over the management of a $672m Aboriginal
housing program,”

Koori Mail: Anderson quits NT Labor
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
4 Aug 09: “ABORIGINAL MP Alison Anderson has quit Labor and
thrown the Northern Territory government into crisis.”

SMH: NT Government in crisis as MP quits
4 Aug 09: “Renegade Northern Territory Aboriginal Affairs
Minister Alison Anderson has quit the ALP, plunging the
Northern Territory Government into crisis.”

Auspacific Media Group:
Northern Territory Politics Rocked by Defection
4 Aug 09: “The Northern Territory Labor party is uncertain
of holding government this afternoon after the shock
resignation of Indigenous Policy Minister, Alison

Northern Territory News:
Another Minister quits: Territory may head to election
4 Aug 09: “THE Northern Territory Government is in turmoil
after rebel MLA Alison Anderson quit the Labor Party this
morning. Her defection has left the Government with just 11
seats, the same number held by the CLP.”

Australian: Indigenous housing costs cut by $50m
4 Aug 09: “THE Northern Territory government has agreed to
trim by more than $50 million its bureaucratic expenses for
administering a $700m Aboriginal housing program, in a move
to appease rebel Aboriginal ministers.”

Australian: NT government hangs in balance over housing
4 Aug 09: “THE future of the Northern Territory government
could be decided today, with Indigenous Affairs Minister
Alison Anderson preparing for a showdown with the Chief
Minister during a pivotal meeting of cabinet.”

– Opinion

Australian: An explosive exit, now give voters their say
5 Aug 09: “ALISON Anderson knew exactly what she was doing
when she walked into a cabinet meeting yesterday and threw
a grenade in the face of Chief Minister Paul Henderson. “I
just went in there and I threw the bomb,” she said.”
Natasha Robinson

Antony Green’s Election Blog:
Fixed Term Parliaments face test in Northern Territory
4 Aug 09: “The resignation today of Northern Territory
Labor MP Alison Anderson has set in train a process that
may prove to be the first constitutional test of
Australia’s drift to fixed term Parliaments.”

– Radio

(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
4 Aug 09 [includes reporting re Alison Anderson]


– Video

YouTube: 090730 ALP Intervention lobby audrey mccormack
3 Aug 09: “A lobby was held outside the national Australian
Labor Party (ALP) conference in Sydney calling for an end
to the Northern Territory Intervention. It was attended by
supportive trade unions, ALP conference delegates and many
other people who are outraged at the continuation and
expansion of the racist NT Intervention legislation. Audrey
McCormack is a resident of a town camp in Mparntwe (Alice
Springs) and has spoken out against the Intervention since
the first day it was announced, … ”

– Opinion

Green Left: Macklin’s Aboriginal housing blackmail
— land rights need, not takeovers!
2 Aug 09: ” “We’ve had the gun at our head.” This is what
William Tilmouth, Tangentyere Council CEO, said in response
to Aboriginal affairs minister Jenny Macklin’s triumphant
July 29 announcement that the council had agreed to lease
Alice Springs town camps to the federal government for 40
years in exchange for $135 million in housing upgrades”
Peter Robson

Australian: Town camp housing plan in chaos
1 Aug 09: “FEDERAL Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny
Macklin is desperately trying to break through damaging
political and legal impasses that are strangling attempts
to build urgently needed indigenous housing in the Northern
Territory.” Paul Toohey

– News

Age: Macklin accused of threat to seize Alice town camps
5 Aug 09: “INDIGENOUS Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin was
unlawfully intimidating housing associations in an effort
to seize control of Alice Springs’ town camps, the Federal
Court has heard. Jonathan Beach, QC, for camp resident
Barbara Shaw, said Ms Macklin threatened to compulsorily
acquire the camps if the 18 housing associations that
controlled them did not sign new 40-year leases with the

news.com.au: Aboriginal town camp leases remain in legal limbo
4 Aug 09: “THE Federal Government’s plan to take over the
management of the Alice Springs town camps has been put on
hold, after the Federal Court again delayed ruling on the
legality of Labor’s controversial 40-year leases. …
Following a hearing in Melbourne today, Justice Alan
Goldberg reserved his decision on an injunction until
Friday morning.”

ABC: D-day for Alice Springs town camps
4 Aug 09: “A court case over the $100 million lease
agreement over town camps in Alice Springs has resumed in
the Federal Court. Mount Nancy Town Camp resident Barbara
Shaw has launched a legal challenge against a Commonwealth
takeover. Her lawyers told the court this morning the 16
housing associations who have indicated they will enter the
40-year sub-leases do not properly represent the rights of
their residents.”

Age: $100m plan for Alice camps released
4 Aug 09: “CANBERRA has revealed its $100 million plan to
refurbish the squalid Alice Springs town camps. But the
work could be delayed by a Federal Court application aimed
at stopping the Government’s takeover of management of the
troubled communities.”

Green Left: Protesters denounce NT land grab
2 Aug 09: “MELBOURNE— On July 29, 40 supporters of
Aboriginal rights gathered in front of the ALP Victorian
headquarters in West Melbourne. They protested against the
federal ALP government’s planned takeover of the Alice
Springs town camps. The protest was held in support of
Tangentyere Council, which represents the town camps.
Speakers included Aboriginal activist Robbie Thorpe,
traditional owners, and members of the Melbourne
Anti-Intervention Collective.” Joe Lorback

Green Left Weekly’s Fighting Fund: Shameless in Kevin Rudd’s ALP
2 Aug 09: ““If you are still in the Labor Party today, you
should be ashamed of yourself”, 71-year-old Aboriginal
activist Pat Eatock called out to delegates entering the
stage-managed proceedings of the first day of the ALP
national conference. … “What part of the word ‘perpetuity’
don’t you understand?” she asked delegates. “Aboriginal
land in the Northern Territory was granted in perpetuity to
communities. Perpetuity means forever.” Peter Boyle

Green Left: Protesters condemn Labor’s ‘failing policy’
2 Aug 09: ““Help us, do something for us — but the way we
want them to be done. Talk to us”, Alice Springs town camp
resident Audrey McCormack pleaded of ALP conference
delegates. She was speaking outside the Sydney convention
centre, at a public lobby coinciding with the first day of
the conference, on July 30.” Emma Murphy, Sydney

thedaily.com.au: Town camp resident confronts minister
1 Aug 09: “A resident from one of the troubled Alice
Springs town camps has confronted Indigenous Affairs
Minister Jenny Macklin in Sydney and told her she does not
want the government telling her how to live. … Audrey
McCormack, who lives at the Trucking Yards camp, confronted
Ms Macklin at a breakfast held on the sidelines of the ALP
national conference, handing the minister a typed letter
outlining her concerns.”

Alice Springs town camp warning: Drunks will trash new homes
31 Jul 09: “LITTLE progress will be made in troubled town
camps, despite the new lease deal, unless further efforts
are made to reduce the flow of alcohol in Alice Springs, a
youth service says. The Central Youth Link Up Service
(CAYLUS) says drunken visitors will trash the new homes and
upgrades, to be delivered as part of a 40-year lease worth
$100 million.”

– Background Info

Rollback the Intervention:
Background to the threatened Commonwealth acquisition of Alice Springs town camps

Tangentyere Council, Alice Springs:
Resolution on Lease Negotiations Close (22 May 09)

WGAR News:
Takeover of Aboriginal Land in Alice Springs (26 May 09):

WGAR News:
Compulsory Acquisition of Alice Springs Town Camps (30 May 09):

WGAR News:
National support for Tangentyere Council (3 June 09):

WGAR News:
Alice Springs town camps takeover (6 Jun 09):
[scroll down page] http://sydney.indymedia.org.au/story/wgar-news-marion-scrymgour-resigns-labor-party-alice-springs-town-camps-takeover-6-jun-09

WGAR News:
Alice Springs town camps takeover (12 Jun 09):
[scroll down page] http://sydney.indymedia.org.au/story/wgar-news-darwin-town-camps-takeover-12-jun-09

WGAR News:
Alice Springs Town Camps (19 Jun 09):
[scroll down page] http://wgar.info/190609-northern-territory-intervention-two-years-on/

National Indigenous Times:
The Boxed Seat: A pox on all their houses (25 Jun 09)

WGAR News:
Alice Springs Town Camps (6 Jul 09)
[scroll down page] http://wgar.info/060709-indigenous-gap-widens/

National Indigenous Times: Special NIT Investigation:
Leaked advice reveals Rudd government’s deceit on NT
intervention consultations and Alice Springs town camps
land grab (6 Jul 09)

Age: NT council slams town camps plan (11 Jul 09)

WGAR News:
Attempt to Takeover Alice Springs Aboriginal Town Camps (20 Jul 09)

WGAR News:
Attempt to Takeover Alice Springs Aboriginal Town Camps (24 Jul 09)
[scroll down page] http://perth.indymedia.org/index.php?action=newswire&parentview=144879

WGAR News:
Challenge to Takeover of Alice Springs Aboriginal Town Camps (29 Jul 09)

WGAR News:
Deal or No Deal over Aboriginal Town Camps (1 Aug 09)


[Ed. note: This petition first appeared in WGAR News a few
weeks back. For your conveniance, it can now be signed

Go Petition – Changing the World:
Reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act in the Northern Territory
Published by ANTaR on Jul 29, 2009
“Target: Professor James Anaya, UN Human Rights Rapporteur
Background (Preamble): Professor James Anaya, United Nations
Human Rights Rapporteur, will be visiting Australia during
the second half of August. After his visit, he will be
providing the UN Human Rights Council with a report on his
assessment of human rights in Australia. The Australian
government will be expected to respond. This is a unique
opportunity for us to highlight our concerns about the
government’s treatment of Aboriginal Australians. Our
government is now planning to reinstate the Racial
Discrimination Act in the Northern Territory which we
welcome, but we are concerned that their proposed changes
will still not comply adequately human rights principles.
Our government is conducting inadequate consultations with
a view to ensuring Aboriginal people accept the imposition
of ‘special measures’ on those living in the 73 prescribed
areas of the Northern Territory. Under human rights
principles people have the right to free, prior and
informed consent in relation to any such measures. The
extent to which our government’s consultation process
constitutes such consent is highly dubious. Help us ensure
that Professor Anaya addresses our concerns by adding your
name to this open letter.”


– Video

BigPond: Macklin urged to resign over town camps
2 Aug 09: “The shadow human services minister has called on
Jenny Macklin to step aside, over her failure to improve
living conditions in remote Northern Territory communities.
Senator for the Northern Territory Nigel Scullion made the
call yesterday, while visiting the communities of Utopia
and other Central Northern Territory communities in the
remote Barkly Region near Alice Springs.”

– Opinion

Australian: Direct talk and honest dealing
1 Aug 09: “IT’S a system designed to profit non-Aborigines.
THIS week the Northern Territory and commonwealth
governments confessed the key program in the Closing the
Gap strategy was out of control and that, yet again, money
was being diverted from the needy into the pockets of
government treasuries and non-Aboriginal companies.”
Galarrwuy Yunupingu

– Radio

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
3 Aug 09: “Les Malezer – Tiga Bayles spoke with Chairperson
of the Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research
Action (FAIRA), Les Malezer. They spoke about Human Rights
for Indigenous people, “DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF
INDIGENOUS PEOPLES” – Conference and the Northern Territory
Listen to this interview on-line:

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
29 Jul 09: “Larissa Behrendt – Tiga Bayles spoke with
Professor of Law & Director of Research at the Jumbunna
Indigenous House of Learning at UTS in Sydney and 2009
NAIDOC ‘Person of the Year’, Larissa Behrendt. They spoke
about The 2009 NAIDOC Ball held in Brisbane, services in
health, overcrowding, education, infrastructure, Government
not listening and addressing Indigenous issues, Northern
Territory Intervention and housing issues.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
28 Jul 09: “Chris Graham – Tiga Bayles spoke with Chris
Graham, Editor of the National Indigenous Times. They spoke
about the Northern Territory Intervention, Indigenous
housing issues and Indigenous health issues in communities.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

– News

Tennant and District Times: Camp residents’ SIHIP fears
31 Jul 09: “HOUSES in town camps are bursting at the seams
with sometimes 20 or more people living in each home. And
the $30 million deal to ‘normalise’ the camps will yield no
new houses. … not one single house has been built
anywhere in the Territory.”


– Opinion

Australian: Racism is the greatest ill of all
1 Aug 09: “Racism causes ill-health in the broadest sense
of the word. Racism causes ill-health at the individual,
systemic and political level. Racism causes government
officials and politicians to think that indigenous people
don’t need their rights protected in the same way as
non-indigenous people.” Sarah Haythornthwaite

– Radio

SBS Aboriginal program:
This Is Not Nowhere – nuclear waste in the Northern Territory
3 Aug 09: “Lobbying is continuing over the big question
mark of dumping nuclear waste in the Northern Territory.
It’s now been four years since the Howard Government
started moves to impose a nuclear waste dump in the
Northern Territory. Four sites have been identified by the
government … Tradtional owners remain opposed to a dump
on their land. One traditional owner for Mount Everard,
Audrey McCormack has been lobbying delegates at the ALP
conference in Sydney to overturn legislation allowing a
nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory.”

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
22 Jul 09: “Neil Gillespie – Tiga Bayles spoke with CEO of
the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (ALRM) in Adelaide,
Neil Gillespie. They spoke about environmental vandals,
influence of racism cause of incarceration, health issues,
transporting of a prisoner, Human Rights Commission,
treatment of Aboriginal people in this country, funding,
legal aid and national movement.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
20 Jul 09: “Marc Newhouse – Tiga Bayles spoke with Western
Australia’s Deaths in Custody Watch Committee Chair, Marc
Newhouse. They spoke about Deaths in Custody in particular
the death of Mr Ward a respected Warburton Aboriginal
community elder.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

– News

fresnobee.com: Australian Outback town plans to fine beggars
31 Jul 09: “A town council in Australia’s Outback has
proposed discouraging beggars by slapping them with a 130
Australian dollar ($108) fine, but critics argued Friday
that such penalties could increase the need for
panhandling. … Many of the beggars in Alice Springs have
drifted in from surrounding tiny Aboriginal townships where
alcohol is banned to drink and where they live as

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