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Indymedia Australia: Racial Discrimination Act to be
restored for Northern Territory Aborigines
16 Oct 09: “By Amnesty International Australia. It sounds
too good to be true. The Australian government says it will
next week start the process that will reinstate the Racial
Discrimination Act in the Northern Territory and give
Aboriginal people back the rights that non-Indigenous
Australians enjoy — and which they never should have been
denied in the first place. Yet there’s a sting in the tail:
right now politicians are talking up loopholes that will
allow the continuation of discriminatory and demeaning
‘special measures’ in the Northern Territory, such as the
compulsory quarantining of welfare payments. … “

Rollback the Intervention:
Amnesty campaign: No conditions, no excuses Mr Rudd
Oct 09: “Amnesty International is currently running a
campaign to tell the Prime Minister that the Racial
Discrimination Act should be reinstated immediately.
Considering that this legislation is not listed to be
introduced into Parliament this month (as promised by
Minister Macklin) it is important for as many people as
possible to support this campaign. Australia is a disgrace
in the international community whilst it continues the
racist policies of the Northern Territory intervention.
Link to Amnesty petition:

Green Left: Reinstating the RDA is hypocrisy
25 Oct 09: “Indigenous affairs minister Jenny Macklin
announced in May that the federal Labor government would
reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act by the end of
October. But she has also said key policies of the Northern
Territory Emergency Response (NTER) would remain –
discriminatory policies that required the suspension of the
RDA to be passed. It now appears unlikely the government
will live up to its promise to reinstate the RDA in October.
But the fact that such a commitment was made, while pledging
to retain such racist policies, makes a mockery of any
concerns about racial discrimination the government might
claim to have.” Peter Robson

FaHCSIA: 3. The Racial Discrimination Act and other human
rights obligations
“When the Government accepted the third overarching
recommendation of the NTER Review Board it committed to
ensuring that Government actions affecting Aboriginal
communities respect Australia’s human rights obligations.
This does not mean that the NTER measures will have to
stop. … The Government will introduce legislation into
the Parliament in October 2009 to remove the provisions in
the three pieces of legislation that exclude the operation
of the RDA and the Northern Territory anti-discrimination


– Background on the Northern Territory Intervention

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Northern Territory National Emergency Response


– Coming Up on TV

Rollback the Intervention:
Report on filming of SBS programme Insight
(to be screened 27 October)
[scroll down page] http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/
Oct 09: “Richard Downs, who had been invited by SBS to take
part in the programme, was advised that he would not be
able to speak as the programme had been changed to only
focus on housing in Santa Teresa and Alice Springs. Richard
expressed his views about this and opted not be a part of
the audience. … The small IRAG [Intervention Rollback
Action Group] protest group drew attention with their
silent but bannerly-visible protest … “

See: SBS Insight: Fixing Indigenous Housing
– Will the Government deliver?

ABC1 TV: Message Stick – Giving Voice
“1:30pm Sunday, 08 Nov 2009 … The Intervention into
Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory has not
had the best of publicity. In the two years since it was
announced, there has been mixed opinion of its outcomes.”

– Upcoming Events

Rollback the Intervention: Upcoming Events
[scroll down page] http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/
“* 27 October 2009
Closing date for submissions regarding the possible
compulsory acquisition of the Alice Springs Town Camps. …
* 16 November 2009
Follow on from “Racism Hurts – Enough is Enough” gathering.
Andy McNeill Room Town Council complex [Alice Springs]:
Details to be advised. …
* 12 December 2009
International Human Rights Day Celebrations. Plans underway
for an event in Mparntwe-Alice Springs …
* 13 February 2010
National Day of Action
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Byron Bay,
Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth
2nd Anniversary of the Apology to the Stolen Generations
Still no compensation
Still a racist NT Intervention
Still Deaths in Custody
Less jobs, more imprisonment for Aboriginal people”

– Radio

(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
22 Oct 09: “Australia changing it’s view on the Federal


Age: Indigenous housing back on track: govt
23 Oct 09: “The federal government department that oversees
an indigenous housing project in the Northern Territory has
defended the rate at which new dwellings are being
constructed to address chronic overcrowding. The NT
opposition wants a royal commission into the government’s
$672 million promise to build 750 new homes in the
territory by 2012, citing serious construction delays and
mishandling of funds.”

ABC: Aboriginal housing plan ‘ahead of schedule’
23 Oct 09: “A senior federal bureaucrat says the target for
Indigenous housing in the Northern Territory will be
exceeded next year and 200 houses will be built. Earlier
this year, the Federal Government announced a revamp of the
$670 million Strategic Indigenous Housing and
Infrastructure program, when it was revealed that no houses
had been built.”

ABC Alice Springs: Academic urges homeland health support
21 Oct 09: “An expert from Charles Darwin University says
the Northern Territory Government’s plan to develop ‘hubs’
in remote areas will not work unless homelands continue to
be supported. Professor Stephen Garnett will deliver a
speech this evening in Alice Springs organised by the
University’s Centre for Remote Health.”


– TV

Coming Up

ABC1 TV: Message Stick – Maralinga: The Anangu Story
“6:00pm Friday, 30 Oct 2009 … 50 years ago secret atomic
tests were carried out at a place called Maralinga in South
Australia. The traditional Aboriginal communities were to
be moved but somehow they were covered in radioactive
fallout. Part 2 of 2.”

See this related link: ‘Britain must compensate Aboriginal
people for radioactive fallout’
[scroll down page] http://antarsa.auspics.org.au/

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