National Day of Action – Sat 13 Feb
Prescribed Area People’s Alliance Meeting – 12 Feb
Ampilatwatja – Celebration and opening of Protest House – 14 Feb
Proposed National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples
Indigenous progress report delayed by PM
January 26, a.k.a. Invasion Day / Survival Day
Other NT Intervention Articles
Other Aboriginal Articles


There are several articles on the STICS (Stop the
Intervention Collective Sydney) homepage about the National
Day of Action against the Northern Territory (NT)
Intervention and for Aboriginal rights. Included is a
statement by representatives from “prescribed communities”
in the NT calling for protests on Saturday February 13,
2010. Scroll down the page to read them:

There are also details about National Actions in Adelaide,
Alice Springs, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney on the STICS
homepage. Scroll down the page to read about them:

To read about the National Action in Alice Springs go to
the IRAG (Intervention Rollback Action Group) homepage and
scroll down the page: http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/

– Media Release

Stop the Intervention: Aboriginal Rights Supporters
Protest on Anniversary of Rudd’s Apology
Media Release: Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective
22 Jan 10: “On Saturday February 13 supporters of
Aboriginal rights will mark the second anniversary of Kevin
Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations by marching from
the MAYSAR gym (Melbourne Aboriginal Youth, Sport and
Recreation) on Gertrude St, Fitzroy to Parliament House on
Spring St, CBD. The protesters will demand an end to the
Northern Territory Intervention (also known as the Nothern
Territory Emergency Response) which was introduced by the
Howard Government almost three years ago. Despite the regime
change in Australian federal politics, such racist policies
have not only continued under a Rudd Labor government, but
have become further entrenched. …
Joe Lorback from Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective had
these comments: “Rudd said that ‘the injustices of the past
must never happen again’, but by not only continuing the
Intervention but expanding it around Australia that’s
exactly what is happening. …
Barbara Shaw from Mt. Nancy town camp and the Intervention
Rollback Action Group announced: “We will hold a National
Day of Action on February 13 2010, the two year anniversary
of the Apology, to call for an immediate end to the NT
Intervention. We will chant from our hearts, as we always
do: ‘Self-determination not assimilation. Stop the
Intervention, Human rights for all!'” …
The Melbourne component of the National Day of Action will
begin at 2pm on Saturday 13 February at MAYSAR (Melbourne
Aboriginal Youth Sport and Recreation) 184-186 Gertrude St,
Fitzroy (Melway Ref: 2C C11) and will finish with speeches
and live music at Parliament House on Spring St, CBD
(Melway Ref: 2F J2).”


[scroll down page] http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/

“Prescribed Area People’s Alliance Meeting
Mparntwe-Alice Springs

Salvation Army Hall, 9.30 am till 4 pm

Important meeting for people living in communities,
outstations and town camps in Central Australia.

To discuss where people are at with the Intervention.

Some help available with transport. … “

See previous statement of the Prescribed Area People’s Alliance:


Lunchtime – Honeymoon Bore

Intervention walkoff’s Blog: Invitation to attend opening
of Alyawarr protest house: Feb 14, 2010.
“Richard Downs and Alyawarr elders would like to invite
Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to the opening of our
protest house at lunchtime, February 14 at Honeymoon bore
near Ampilatwatja community. This is a stand against the
federal government Intervention. The protest house has been
build with support of Northern Territory and national trade
unions and the general public to show the governments it
does not take over 2 years to build one house. This is also
an opportunity for people of all races to come together in
unity against racism and discrimination, … “

– Video

Intervention walkoff’s Blog: Video
Invitation to attend opening of the Walk Off Camp ‘Protest House’


– News

National Indigenous Times:
THE PERFECT STORM: A stillborn rep body?
21 Jan 10: “The National Congress of Australia’s First
Peoples may be dead before it was even born. 2010 will be
the year that confirms or rejects that. Debate over the
Congress has been fierce, particularly around the creation
of an ethics council which will sit over the congress to
ensure that anyone elected to the peak body is a fit and
proper person. Tasmanian Aboriginal leader Michael Mansell
called creation of the ethics council “patronising and
discriminatory”. Aboriginal Australia will notch up five
years without a national elected body in 2010.”

– Opinion

National Indigenous Times:
NIT FORUMS: The Ethics Council: Some inconvenient truths?
21 Jan 10: “Ironically the recent announcement by
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice
Commissioner Tom Calma of the proposed First Nations
Peoples’ Congress’ new Ethics Council immediately raises
issues of public sector ethics and governance some would
prefer to ignore. … The Ethics Council appears less ethics
and more an undemocratic attempt at re-inventing Indigenous
political authority.” Stephen Hagan


– Media Release

Greens: PM backs down on Close the Gap promise
30 Jan 10: “The Australian Greens question the Rudd
Government’s ability to Close the Gap in Aboriginal life
expectancy and health disadvantage, if the PM can’t even
keep his commitment to report to Parliament on the first
day of sitting. … “Perhaps it is because Mr Rudd can’t
put such a positive spin on progress?” suggests Senator
Siewert. “There have been few houses built, Aboriginal
communities still don’t have access to essential services,
and the health and education services till aren’t meeting
Aboriginal needs,” she said. “Meanwhile the discriminatory
Northern Territory Invention is still in place, and the
Rudd Government is attempting to water down Native Title
legislation yet again.” “

– News

ABC: Rudd delays Indigenous progress report
30 Jan 10: “Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has broken his promise to give an
update on Indigenous progress on the first day of
Parliament for the year. Two years ago, Mr Rudd said making
the annual statement on the first working day would greatly
increase pressure on his Government to make progress
towards closing the life expectancy gap between Indigenous
and other Australians.”

– Radio

CAAMA News Radio
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
1 Feb 10: “The Rudd Government has broken a promise with
’Closing the Gap’.”

CAAMA News Radio
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
28 Jan 10: “A leading Victorian health worker says
Australia will never know if “Closing the Gap” is working
without reliable data.”


– News

National Indigenous Times: Indigenous protesters call for
greater recognition on Survival Day
27 Jan 10: “About 100 protesters gathered outside Old
Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday calling for greater
recognition of Indigenous people. … Outspoken Indigenous
activist Darren Bloomfield said the protest was about “the
theft of lands, culture, language, children, and peoples”.
“The issue is sovereignty, it is the true, grass roots
right of this land,” he said.”

Socialist Alternative: Brisbane protest on Invasion Day
29 Jan 10: “Determined to commemorate this date [January 26]
for what it truly represents, an Invasion Day,
approximately 200 people rallied outside State Parliament
in Brisbane. A dozen speakers from the Indigenous community
and their supporters condemned the racist Northern
Territory Intervention, the continuance of police brutality
and deaths in custody, and the frame-up of Lex Wotton,
jailed for seven years for daring to inspire resistance to
the cover-up of the police murder of Mulrunji Doomadgee on
Palm Island in 2004.”

– Opinion

Socialist Alternative: Invasion day – racism and resistance
26 Jan 10: “January 26 this year is marked by the Rudd
government continuing policies in the Northern Territory
that are so racist that the Racial Discrimination Act has
to be suspended to make them legal. It’s part of a 222-year
history of such atrocities, of systematic racism, land
theft and genocide. It’s a history of the way in which the
needs of first British, and then Australian capitalism were
served by those policies. But there is also a history of
resistance.” Diane Fieldes

– Radio

CAAMA Radio AM News
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
27 Jan 10: “Australia Day Protesters speak out at Old
Parliment house in Canberra”


– Background on the Northern Territory Intervention

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Northern Territory National Emergency Response


– Opinion

Landscape of despondency as bureaucrats rebuild the bush
30 Jan 10: “THIS should be a time of progress and optimism
in the remote Aboriginal communities of the Northern
Territory. … Despite the rhetoric being pumped out in
Canberra and Darwin, it is plain that another policy
failure is unfolding across the inland: money is being
poured into the region, nourishing support staff and
project managers but failing to benefit the indigenous
citizens it is intended to help.” Nicolas Rothwell

– News

National Indigenous Times:
THE PERFECT STORM: A never-ending story
21 Jan 10: “One of Mick Gooda’s biggest headaches will
undoubtedly be the Northern Territory intervention, an
albatross of a government policy that will undoubtedly
dominate the headlines in 2010. Launched in 2007 as part of
a failed Howard government re-election stunt, the billion
dollar intervention lumbers on today under the Rudd
government despite a mountain of evidence showing it’s
failing, international condemnation, and an election
promise Labor would make it comply with the Racial
Discrimination Act. More than two years into Rudd’s term,
we’re all still waiting.”

ABC: Secret child files given to crime body
29 Jan 10: “The Federal Court has awarded the Australian
Crime Commission [ACC] the right to access confidential
medical records of children under the Northern Territory

ABC: Fears revamp to create more town camps
27 Jan 10: “The Northern Territory Opposition says the
Government’s plan to accommodate people while homes in some
Alice Springs town camps are renovated could create yet
another town camp. Camp houses are being repaired under the
Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program.”

ABC: Govt works on town camp housing options
26 Jan 10: “The Northern Territory Government says it is
still considering the best way to rehouse Alice Springs
town camp residents while their homes are rebuilt. Some
residents will have to move out of their houses while major
internal renovations are completed. The work will be done
as part of the $100 million Commonwealth-funded upgrade of
the camps.”

– Radio

CAAMA Radio AM News
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
25 Jan 10: “PM Kevin Rudd has been unable to explain why
the Government’s $672 Million remote indigenous housing
program in the Northern Territory has still not delievered
any new housing.”


– Discussion Paper

Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health:
Discussion Paper Series: No. 9:
Aboriginal Spirituality: Aboriginal Philosophy
The Basis of Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing
Vicki Grieves

– Media Release

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health
Organisation (NACCHO):
Aboriginal Health Workers formally acknowledged
29 Jan 10: “Mr Justin Mohamed the Chair of NACCHO says
Aboriginal Health Workers have been formally acknowledged
as a profession today with the launch of their new national
association by the Minister for Indigenous Health Warren
Snowdon in Ceduna at the Koonibba Aboriginal Community
Controlled Health Service. … [Mr Mohamed said] “NACCHO
continues to directly support the formation of the
Association to ensure the interests of Aboriginal Health
Workers will be properly represented and the profession has
the chance to be part of the National Regulation and
Accreditation of health professionals’ scheme. The National
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker
Association (NATSIHWA) will work for the interests of its
Aboriginal Health Worker members by supporting their
careers, professional development, networking, accreditation
of the profession and representing their interests at peak
regional, state and national forums.”

– News

National Indigenous Times:
Concerns that native title changes may “water” down rights
29 Jan 10: “Indigenous leaders have raised concerns over
federal government plans to speed up native title claims,
saying it “waters down” their rights. The amendments to the
Native Title Act give the Federal Court the power to manage
the mediation of land claims by Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Island people. … National Native Title Council
chair Brian Wyatt says the people he represents were
“change fatigued” and there’s no need to alter the act. …
Cape York Land Council chairman Richie Ahmat also said
continuous amendments to the act would diminish native
title rights until they became worthless. … NTSCorp
(Native Title Service Corp) chief executive Warren Mundine
said the bill doesn’t address the problem of bureaucratic

– Opinion

Green Left: Indigenous welfare: Don’t punish loan shark’s victims
31 Jan 10: “The actions of loan shark Sam Tomarchio,
revealed on January 15 by the Australian, do not justify
the expansion of “welfare quarantining” to the Aboriginal
people affected. Tomarchio was a gold prospector who became
an unregistered money lender based in the remote Western
Australian mining town of Laverton. He charged around 30%
interest and, to secure repayments, took the bank cards and
PIN numbers from his hundreds of Aboriginal clients.”
Peter Robson

National Indigenous Times:
EDITORIAL: Reflecting on our country’s racism
21 Jan 10: “Australia is grounded on it. We were the
country of the White Australia Policy, of terra nullius,
of the Cronulla Riots. We are the country that constantly
treats our First Peoples, our most disadvantaged, as
second-class citizens who need to be watched over. We are
the country that currently has a federal Opposition leader
who had previously called for a “new paternalism”, a
re-imagining of the racist doctrines of the past, to deal
with Aboriginal people.” Amy McQuire, acting editor

Melbourne Indymedia:
Lest we forget the war against Indigenous Australians
17 Jan 10: “Dr Joseph Toscano writes on the commemoration
of indigenous resistance and early Melbourne history and
the need for a monument to the indigenous freedom fighters,
Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner, who were the first
judicial executions in Melbourne on January 20, 1842.”

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