New NT Intervention laws that extend income management
Speeches from Opening of Protest House
Damaging Health impacts of NT Intervention
Other NT Intervention Articles


– Background

Parliament of Australia: Senate Community Affairs Committee
Inquiry into Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment …
[Includes: Submissions received by the Committee;
Documents Tabled at hearings; Additional Information received]

Stop the Intervention: Racial Discrimination Act – New Legislation

WGAR News: New NT Intervention laws that extend welfare quarantining (12 Feb 10)

– Public Forum

Stop the Intervention: STICS Public Forum:
Welfare Quarantining and the Racial Discrimination Act
– what will Macklin’s new Intervention laws mean?
[scroll down page] http://stoptheintervention.org/
“Monday, 29th March 2010, 6pm
Teachers Club, Ground Floor, Teachers Federation,
22-33 Mary St, Surry Hills [Sydney]
Speakers include:
* Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens spokesperson for
Aboriginal affairs.
* The Hon Alastair Nicholson AO RFD QC, former Chief Justice
of the Family Court, who prepared the “Will they be heard?”
Report which exposed the government’s so-called
“consultation process” with ‘prescribed’ Aboriginal
communities in the NT.”

– Analysis and/or Opinion

Stop the Intervention:
Notes and Comment by Prof. Nicholson
“Conclusion: This is disappointing legislation which
perpetuates the paternalism and racial discrimination
inherent in the NTER. It is a disturbing extension of
bureaucratic powers and the power of the executive over
welfare recipients and seems to reflect a philosophy more
in tune with that of the previous Government that what one
would expect of a Labor Government.” Professor Alastair
Nicholson, former Chief Justice of the Family Court of

Stop the Intervention:
Briefing on the legislation for the extension of income
quarantining to welfare recipients across Australia
“There is legislation in front of the senate that, if passed,
will massively change the nature of the Australian income
security system. It requires wide debate and scrutiny as
the bills will impose new levels of control on vulnerable
people throughout Australia.” Eva Cox, Women for Wik

Australian: Macklin’s welfare fight is only the beginning
17 Mar 10: “WELFARE in Australia will enter a new phase of
ideological struggle with the Rudd government, spearheaded
by Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin, embracing and
extending the income management principle.” Paul Kelly,

Australian: Useful consensus on tough love
17 Mar 10: “Extending income management is good policy
TONY Abbott has made the correct call in supporting the
Rudd government’s move to extend income management to
eligible welfare recipients across the Northern Territory,
regardless of race. Not that any liberal or conservative
leader worth his salt had an alternative.” [anonymous]

Women’s Electoral Lobby Australia Inc.:
Summary of problems for women if current Bills to extend
the Income Management to a wider population are passed
14 Mar 10: “The income quarantining program has
consistently been justified by Minister Macklin by claiming
it is supported by women and protects them from violence.
This is echoed in the majority (ALP Senators) report on the
senate inquiry released last week. However, the evidence
does not support these claims and both the original actions
against prescribed communities and the proposed extension
to the NT, and then to the rest of Australia, have serious
implications for women.” Eva Cox for WEL Australia and
Jumbunna UTS

Stop the Intervention:
Jayne Weepers, Central Land Council 10-3-10
10 Mar 10: “Leaving aside the complexities of income
management for the moment, there is one fundamental problem
with the Government Bill – it does not meet the
Government’s commitment to reinstate the RDA. The Bill
fails to provide for a full reinstatement of the RDA, and
at best, achieves only a partial reinstatement of the RDA.”

Stop the Intervention:
Chris Twomey, The Greens 10-3-10
Senate Inquiry report on NTER reforms and reinstating the RDA
10 Mar 10: “The report of the Community Affairs committee’s
inquiry into the changes proposed to the NT emergency
response legislation was tabled in the Senate late this
afternoon. The Greens tabled a dissenting report where they
argue that approach taken by the govt is deeply flawed – it
is not possible to reconcile their commitment to restore
the RDA and their election policy platform of social
inclusion with the continuation of the negative and
discriminatory aspects of the intervention, and with the
desire to extend punitive conditional welfare measures

Australian: Income control a measure too far
9 Mar 10: “THE federal government is set to take
unprecedented control over the finances of low-income
Australians in a scheme at present being considered by
parliament. Most Australians have heard little about these
major reforms that could see the government dictate minor
purchasing decisions, like where someone can purchase a
carton of milk or buy oranges.” Clare Martin

Solidarity: More lies exposed:
Intervention laws won’t restore Racial Discrimination Act
Mar 10: “According to Minister Jenny Macklin, the new
Intervention legislation would restore the Racial
Discrimination Act (RDA), fulfilling a key Labor’s election
promise. It’s a lie. Submissions to the Senate enquiry,
including the Australian Human Rights Commission’s report,
have revealed that Aboriginal people will not be able to
use the RDA to challenge the Intervention.” Paddy Gibson

Amnesty International:
Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs:
Reinstating the RDA in the NTER legislation
11 Feb 10: “The bill appears – although it is arguable – to
largely deliver on reinstatement of the RDA, although there
are problems there. But does it deliver on meeting our
international obligations? In this context whether the NTER
measures can be considered special measures is therefore

– Radio

ABC Radio National Breakfast: Income quarantining
17 Mar 10: “The government’s move to extend compulsory
income management to more welfare recipients, including
white families, in the Northern Territory is likely to pass
the Senate after the Coalition dumped its opposition to the
bill. Welfare quarantining was first introduced as part of
the Northern Territory Intervention.”
[Includes Guest Jenny Macklin]

CAAMA Radio Morning News
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
17 Mar 10: “Australia’s Race Discrimination commissioner
and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social
justice commissioner have called on the Australian
Parliament to ensure that residents of the 73 prescribe
communities in the Territory have the same protections
against discrimination as other Australian’s”

– Media Releases

Australian Human Rights Commission: NT communities must
have same protections as the rest of Australia
15 Mar 10: “Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner
and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice
Commissioner have today called on the Australian Parliament
to ensure that residents of the 73 prescribed communities
in the Northern Territory have the same protections against
discrimination as the rest of Australia. Making the call
ahead of the Senate’s scheduled debate this week of the
government’s Welfare Reform and Reinstatement of Racial
Discrimination Act Bill 2009 and other Bills, Commissioners
Graeme Innes and Mick Gooda said while the government’s
proposed amendments should be passed, it was just the
beginning of restoring full protections.”

Greens vow to continue fight against regressive welfare changes
10 Mar 10: “The Australian Greens have expressed deep
disappointment at a Senate committee report which goes to
great lengths to back the Federal government’s regressive
welfare changes that would extend income quarantining
across the country. “The approach pursued appears to be one
where the legislation will be supported come what may,
despite all the evidence to the contrary,” said Greens
Aboriginal Issues spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert.
“The report seeks to make the case for government policies
and commitments for which there is neither compelling
evidence nor a convincing argument.”

– News

Koori Mail: ‘Racism as usual’, says IRAG
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
17 Mar 10: “THE Intervention Rollback Action Group (IRAG)
in Alice Springs has condemned the Rudd Government’s
proposed legislative changes to the NT Intervention. The
Government says extension of income management beyond
prescribed NT communities to other welfare recipients will
effectively re-instate the Racial Discrimination Act but
IRAG disagrees, insisting the policy is still
discriminatory because it will affect Indigenous people

Koori Mail: Opposition ‘on-balance’ decision on welfare reforms
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
17 Mar 10: “THE Federal Opposition will not oppose
Government plans to extend compulsory income management to
welfare recipients around the country, moving only a minor
amendment around recipient qualifying time periods.
Opposition human services spokesman Kevin Andrews’ office
said the Government’s bill, currently before the Senate,
was not perfect but the ‘on balance’ decision not to oppose
it reflected the Opposition’s broad support for income

Australia: Tony Abbott backs ALP welfare management bill
16 Mar 10: “IN a policy reversal by the Opposition Leader,
Tony Abbott, the shadow cabinet decided yesterday to
support the Rudd government’s embrace of the principle of
income management on a national basis.”

Koori Mail: Welfare reforms look set to pass
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
16 Mar 10: “THE Federal Government’s proposal to extend
comulsory income management to welfare recipients
nationwide looks set to happen after the Federal Opposition
signalled support for the changes. Indigenous Affairs
Minister Jenny Macklin says she now expects the Senate to
pass related legislation this week and the changes could be
in place throughout the NT by the end of the year, and
elsewhere after a review.”

Catholic Leader: Plea for ‘action’ on income plan
14 Mar 10: “THE Federal Government’s plan to introduce
forced income management for welfare recipients across
Australia has been described by a national Catholic welfare
body as a “move towards a meaner social safety net” and
“likely to be counter-productive”.”

ABC: Report gives green light to welfare changes
11 Mar 10: “A Senate report has endorsed plans to expand
income management from Indigenous communities in the
Northern Territory to selected welfare recipients across
the country. The main report written by the Labor members
of the Senate committee supports the Indigenous Affairs
Minister Jenny Macklin’s plan to expand welfare
quarantining … “

UQ News: UQ legal experts question Federal Government’s
NT social welfare reforms
9 Mar 10: “Two UQ law academics have raised serious
concerns regarding proposed Federal Government legislation
to extend aspects of the NT emergency response and to
reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 in the
Northern Territory.”


– Background

Intervention walk-off’s Blog:

WGAR News: Protest House at the Alyawarr people’s walk-off camp (16 Feb 10)

– Video

[Protest House is a demonstration of how a community can
build a house in two weeks, whereas the NT intervention
(SIHIP program) could only build two houses in two years
while spending at least $34 million.]

[These videos are also on the Intervention walk-off’s Blog
and the WGAR website: http://wgar.info/ ]

Opening Protest House Ampilatwatja Walk-off NT
5 Mar 10: “Welcome to Country by Frank Holmes, Edith
Tranter and Banjo Morton. Speeches by Richard Ningel Reid,
Kukitja, SA and Geoff Scott, CEO NSW Aboriginal Land

YouTube: Part 2 Speeches: Opening Protest House
Ampilatwatja Walk-off, NT
5 Mar 10: “Speeches by Barbara Shaw and Paul Mcaleer, MUA,
Maritime Union of Australia”

YouTube: Part 3 Speeches: Opening Protest House
Ampilatwatja Walk-off, NT
5 Mar 10: “Speeches by Harry Jakamarra Nelson from
Yuendumu, Walpiri Country, NT; Murray George APY Lands, SA;
Valerie Napaljarri Martin from Yuendumu, Walpiri Country”

YouTube: Part 4 Ways Forward Speeches: Opening Protest House
Ampilatwatja Walk-off
6 Mar 10: “Speeches by Prof Larissa Behrendt and visions
for the way forward from Richard Downs”

YouTube: Part 5 Men’s Corroboree: Opening Protest House
Ampilatwatja Walk-off, NT
6 Mar 10: “Emu Corroboree – songman Frank Holmes Alyawarr.
Seven Sisters by Murray George APY Lands SA, Speech by
Richard Ningel Reid, Kukitja, SA”

YouTube: Part 6 Women’s Dances: Opening Protest House,
Ampilatwatja Walk-off, NT
6 Mar 10: “Angelina Luck and Eileen Bonney, Alyawarr dance
for opening of Protest House at Arurrnga Soak.”

– News

Green Left: Good news stories from the desert country
13 Mar 10: “Green Left Weekly readers will know about the
“protest house” built by Aboriginal people, trade unionists
and other supporters at Ampilatwatja and launched on
February 14. This showed that grassroots cooperative
community action is more efficient than government
bureaucracy, but it’s not the first time this has happened
on these lands.”

Green Left: SA elders discuss Alyawarr walk-off
12 Mar 10: “The stand taken by elders at the Alyawarr
walk-off has generated discussion across Aboriginal
communities about how they can support the protest and
strengthen culture in their own communities. Murray and
Kanginy plan to travel to communities in the coming months
to help facilitate a large gathering for Aboriginal rights
later this year in central Australia.”

Green Left: ‘It’s like working for rations all over again’
6 Mar 10: “Changes to Aboriginal employment, infrastructure
and welfare programs have stripped remote Aboriginal
communities of resources and left many Aboriginal people,
in effect, working for rations.” Adam Leeman & Peter Robson

– Interview

The Northern Myth: The Ampilatwatja walk-off –
Richard Downs on the new ‘dog-licenses’ and more
24 Feb 10: “The weekend before I last joined a few hundred
others and drove 300 kilometres along muddy roads to the
north-east from Alice Springs to the Ampilatwatja walk-off
camp at Honeymoon Bore to attend the hand-over ceremony for
a new house, one of the few that have been built on
Aboriginal communities in the NT in recent years. While
there I sat down under a shady tree with Richard Downs,
the spokesman for the group of senior Alyawarr men and
women that walked away from the nearby township of
Ampilatwatja to camp on Aboriginal freehold land a few
kilometres away. … ” Bob Gosford in the NT


– The Report

Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association [AIDA]
Health Impact Assessment of the Northern Territory
Emergency Response
12 Mar 10: “AIDA has conducted a health impact assessment
of the Northern Territory Emergency Response in
collaboration with the University of New South Wales’
Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation,
and with assistance and financial support from the Fred
Hollows Foundation. The report was launched by Ms Pat
Anderson, co-author of the 2007 report Little Children Are
Sacred, on Friday 12 March 2010.”

– News

Croakey: Some insights from the health impact assessment of
the NT Intervention
15 Mar 10: “On Friday, the Australian Indigenous Doctors
Association released the long-awaited health impact
assessment of the NT Emergency Response. … this is a
Crikey article about it. Below are some extracts from the
report which give a flavour of its contents: … “

Crikey: Federal NT intervention will cause more harm than
good: new report
12 Mar 10: “The federal intervention into indigenous
communities in the NT – started by the Howard government
and continued under Rudd’s watch – is likely to cause more
health problems than it fixes. That is the damning
assessment of an exhaustive health impact assessment (HIA),
due to be launched in Canberra today by the Australian
Indigenous Doctors Association (AIDA).” Melissa Sweet

National Indigenous Times:
Intervention ‘psychologically damaging’: Indigenous doctors
12 Mar 10: “Indigenous doctors [Australian Indigenous
Doctors’ Association] have released a damning report card
on the Northern Territory intervention and its health
impacts. The report, released today, suggests improvements
to physical health will likely be outweighed by the
intervention’s negative impact on psychological health,
spirituality and cultural integrity.”

Koori Mail: NT Intervention could ‘damage profoundly’
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
12 Mar 10: “A REPORT by the Australian Indigenous Doctors’
Association (AIDA) has found that the NT Intervention could
profoundly damage the long-term psychological and social
health and wellbeing of affected Aboriginal families and
children, as well as cultural integrity – outweighing any
potential physical benefits. AIDA President Associate Prof
Peter O’Mara said the report found increasing levels of
mistrust surrounding the Intervention were compromising


– Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Northern Territory National Emergency Response

STICS (Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney):

IRAG (Intervention Rollback Action Group):

Intervention walk-off’s Blog:

WGAR (Working Group for Aboriginal Rights):

– Radio

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
16 Mar 10: “Chris Graham – Tiga Bayles spoke with Chris
Graham, editor of The National Indigenous Times. They spoke
about the poverty and racism in Alice Springs, and the
Northern Territory intervention. … “
Listen to this interview on-line:

– News

Koori Mail: SIHIP building alliance off the job
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
18 Mar 10: “THE Federal and NT Governments have dropped one
of three building alliances undertaking work under the
Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program
(SIHIP). In a joint statement, they said Earth Connect
Alliance’s operations on Groote Eylandt, Gunbalanya,
Belyuen and Acacia Larrakia would cease and a new alliance
partnership would negotiated for the work. No reason was
given for the decision but Anindilyakwa Land Council has
welcomed it.”

ABC: Company sacked from Indigenous housing program
18 Mar 10: “One of the groups building houses in the
Northern Territory as part of the multi-million dollar
Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program has
been sacked. The alliance partner, Earth Connect, which
operates in Groote Eylandt and Gunbalanya has been removed
from housing projects there.”

ABC: Macklin must seize control of housing program: MLA
18 Mar 10: “A Northern Territory independent politician is
appealing for the Federal Government to completely take
over a multi-million dollar Aboriginal housing program. …
Independent MLA, Alison Anderson, says the Territory
Government has mismanaged the program and it cannot be

Koori Mail: Independent team to assess SIHIP
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
17 Mar 10: “THE Federal and NT Governments say a new
independent, expert quality assurance team will ensure new
houses and refurbishments delivered under the Strategic
Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program (SIHIP) are
up to scratch. Amidst Opposition criticisms and calls for a
breakdown of $45 million spent under SIHIP so far, the
governments say the administration and delivery of SIHIP
have already improved following a 2009 review of the

ABC Alice Springs: SIHIP gagging workers: Scullion
16 Mar 10: “The Federal Opposition says the Government must
reveal how much money has been spent on the NT Indigenous
housing program.”

ABC: Land council wants shires alternative
12 Mar 10: “The Central Land Council (CLC) says the Northern
Territory shires system has disenfranchised Aboriginal
people living in communities.”

– Opinion

Solidarity: ACTU backs BasicsCard workers
Mar 10: “The attack on Community Development Employment
Projects (CDEP) that has gone along with the NT
Intervention has cost thousands of Aboriginal jobs. People
still on CDEP—some working up to 40 hours a week—are now
mostly being paid only their Centrelink entitlements, but
50 per cent of this is quarantined on a “BasicsCard’’.”

Australian: Remote housing initiative at crisis point
12 Mar 10: “THE future of the nation’s biggest remote
housing project is hanging in the balance at Groote
Eylandt, where the Rudd government is considering sacking
the building consortium carrying out housing works.”
Natasha Robinson and Lex Hall

t r u t h o u t: Sorry About the Intervention
10 Mar 10: “As Australia marks two years since its
historic apology to the indigenous population, the
emergency measures in the Northern Territory may be giving
the government something else for which to say sorry.”
Sarah Keenan


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