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– Petition

Jobs with Justice: The Petition
“To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in
Parliament assembled:
The NT Intervention promised Aboriginal people real jobs.
Instead, thousands of Community Development Employment
Project (CDEP) positions have been lost. Under the new CDEP
scheme, some Aboriginal people are being forced to work
providing vital services such as rubbish collection, school
bus runs, sewerage maintenance and aged care in exchange
for quarantined Centrelink payments. … ”


– Background

WGAR News: … Aboriginal low-paid employment
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2010/06/15/wgar-news-events-new-way-summit-melbourne-indigenous-non-indigenous-gathering-alice-sprin

– Speaking Tour

Stop the Intervention: Report from speaking tour of
Kalkaringi “BasicsCard” worker P. Inverway:

Click to access 20-June-2010-digest.pdf

“From 4th-11th June P. Inverway (PI), a construction worker
from Kalkaringi (Wave Hill) in the NT toured Sydney. PI is
working for $4 an hour plus $85 a week for food on his
BasicsCard. For this he and ten others have been doing 24
hours a week turning an old power station into a new arts
and craft centre. … Workers at the meetings were
astounded and disgusted that PI is being paid $4 an hour to
do the work they get paid $24 – $26 an hour to do.”

– News

Age: For some workers, the struggle will never end
16 Jun 10: “GURINDJI member Peter Inverway grew up hearing
his stockman father’s tales of once having been paid in
rations, never dreaming he might one day know the same
indignity. That was until the federal government intervened
in Northern Territory indigenous communities three years
ago. … ”

The Guardian: Opposition to return of work for rations
9 Jun 10: “Peter Inverway, a Gurindji worker from
Kalkaringi says Gurindji people are being forced to work up
to 30 hours per week for Centrelink entitlements. Half of
the entitlements are quarantined on the Basics Card as part
of the government’s Community Development Employment
Program (CDEP). This is a new measure of the Northern
Territory Intervention.”

Green Left: Aboriginal workers demand jobs with justice
6 Jun 10: “Elders from Kalkaringi community say people in
their community are being forced to work for up to 30 hours
a week on construction sites or they will have their
Centrelink payments cut. As if being forced to work for the
dole wasn’t bad enough, half their benefits are also
“quarantined”: placed onto a Basics Card that can be spent
only on food, clothing and medical supplies.”


– Background

WGAR News: … Aboriginal unemployment
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2010/06/15/wgar-news-events-new-way-summit-melbourne-indigenous-non-indigenous-gathering-alice-sprin

– Radio

ABC Radio National – Breakfast: Indigenous jobs
16 Jun 10: “The Rudd government has set itself a target of
halving the employment gap between Indigenous and
non-Indigenous Australians within a decade. Part of the
plan involves radical changes to CDEP, the Community
Development Employment Projects program, commonly referred
to as Indigenous work for the dole. But as Cathy Van Extel
reports, the latest official figures point to a spiralling
Indigenous jobless rate and Aboriginal communities say the
loss of CDEP is creating greater social disadvantage.”

ABC Radio National – Breakfast:
Indigenous councils respond to CDEP
17 Jun 10: “But a number of councils say they simply don’t
have the funds to employ additional workers, and the loss
of the CDEP funding is having an impact on the delivery of
services. There’s also concern that the CDEP reforms will
jeopardise fledgling Indigenous enterprises in remote

– Video

ABC Radio National – Breakfast:
Video: Jenny Macklin on Indigenous employment
16 Jun 10: “Jenny Macklin, Minister for Families, Housing,
Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, discusses how
the changes to the work for the dole scheme will affect
Indigenous Australians.”


– Background

Intervention walk-off’s Blog

– Video

Green Left: Alyawarr walk-off protest vs NT Intervention

Vimeo: Back to Country : Alyawarr Resistance
by jagath dheerasekara

15 Jun 10: “In July last year, the Alyawarr people walked
off from the prescribed area controlled by the government,
and began to build a new community on their homeland or as
they call it Country. My ongoing project is about their
survival, struggles and aspiration.”


– Video

YouTube: Australia nuclear waste dump row
Al Jazeera’s Azhar Sukri reports

15 Jun 10: “Australia’s government is pushing its plans for
a nuclear waste dump in a remote part of the country’s
Northern Territory. It has signed an agreement with the
traditional owners of the land who will receive $10m in
compensation, most of it in cash. But the proposed nuclear
dump has divided local people while and environmentalists
warn it could one day be used to store waste from overseas.”

– Radio

SBS Audio and Language: Aboriginal
Racism in Country Rubgy League?
By Michelle Lovegrove
16 Jun 10: “The racism-in-rugby furore leading to Timana
Tahu handing back his Blues’ jersey is not an isolated
incident, says ex-Manly’s Michael Anderson. Is there racism
in rugby league? The NRL says no. Many voices, including
Aboriginal ex and current players, say – yes. … ”

– News

Top End Aboriginal housing push ‘doomed from the start’
16 Jun 10: “MANAGEMENT of the nation’s largest Aboriginal
housing project was doomed from the start, a Northern
Territory parliamentary committee has been told. The NT
Auditor-General, Frank McGuiness, told an estimates hearing
in Darwin yesterday there was a “complete lack of
management” in the model used to roll out the federal
government’s $672 million Strategic Indigenous Housing and
Infrastructure Program.”

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