New welfare quarantining laws pass the Senate
A long time fighter for Indigenous rights
Aboriginal Leader challenges invader sovereignty over Australia
Video: “Australia nuclear waste dump row”
NT Intervention Articles


– Background

WGAR News: Laws extending income management to come before the Senate (18 Jun 10)

– Media Releases

Indigenous Community News Network:
Government Defaults on its Promise to NT Aboriginal People
22 Jun 10: [Media Release from ‘concerned Australians’]
“The Government promised that it would reinstate the Racial
Discrimination Act in the Northern Territory. Two and a
half years later it has ensured that this will not happen.
The Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment
(Welfare Reform and Reinstatement of Racial Discrimination
Act) Bill 2009 was passed today irrespective of widespread
criticism in Australia, internationally and from the United
Nations. The legislation is not consistent with Australia’s
international obligations. Government has been warned that
the legitimacy of so called ‘special measures’ that
restrict the rights of individuals will be brought into
question. … Michele Harris of ‘concerned Australians’
says, ”This new legislation which is racially discriminatory
will now become class discriminatory. … ””

Greens MPs: Greens lament national income management laws
22 Jun 10: “The Australian Greens have expressed their
extreme disappointment that legislation extending income
quarantining across the Northern Territory and the rest of
Australia has been passed by the Senate. The Social
Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Welfare Reform
and Reinstatement of Racial Discrimination Act) Bill 2009
gives the Commonwealth the power to extend income
management measures across the country. Senator Rachel
Siewert, Greens spokesperson for Community Services says
the expansion of the income management will begin
immediately in the Northern Territory, with most
Australians still unaware that the measures can be applied

ANTaR Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation:
Intervention changes fail to deliver required reform
22 Jun 10: ““It’s time to really engage Aboriginal
communities in lasting solutions to the problems they face,
and end the top-down coercive approach,” said Dr Janet
Hunt, ANTaR President. “ANTaR is disappointed that,
although legislation passed last night improves on the
current situation, it will not achieve the full
reinstatement of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) to the
Northern Territory. The new legislation fails to address a
number of discriminatory aspects of the Northern Territory
Emergency Response (NTER), including five-year leases of
Aboriginal land and extensive Government powers to control
the delivery of Indigenous community services.””

Australian Human Rights Commission:
Passage of NTER Amendments a step in the right direction
22 Jun 10: “Commissioner Innes, and Commissioner Gooda,
said passage of the Social Security and Other Legislation
Amendment (Welfare Reform and Reinstatement of Racial
Discrimination Act) Bill 2009 yesterday would go some way
to lifting the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act
(RDA) and state and territory anti-discrimination laws in
the Northern Territory. … Noting that the amendments do
not completely reinstate the RDA, Commissioner Innes and
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice
Commissioner, Mick Gooda, emphasised that the passing of
this legislation should only be seen as a first step in
the restoration of full protections for the affected

– Submission

ANTaR Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation:
Comment on Draft Policy Outlines for New Model of Income Management
Submission to the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Click to access ANTaR%20submission%20on%20IM%20policy%20guidelines%20final_0.pdf

Jun 10: “The Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment
(Welfare Reform and Reinstatement of the Racial
Discrimination Act) Act (the Act) was passed by the Senate
on Monday 21 June. The Act establishes a new model of
income management, to be rolled out first across the
Northern Territory, then, subject to a review, to be
progressively rolled out in disadvantaged locations in
other parts of Australia. … ANTaR reiterates our
opposition to the Government’s new compulsory income
management scheme. We remain concerned that it will affect
broad categories of social security recipients, is not
cost-effective and does not respect the rights and dignity
of Indigenous or non-Indigenous social security recipients.”

– Opinion/Analysis

On Line Opinion: How paternalistic, how racist, how demeaning
23 Jun 10: “Again the Aboriginal community is used as an
experimental pen for political and social engineering.
First, the Aboriginal community; then the rest of the
Northern Territory; then the rest of Australia’s pensioners
– all this charade to simply justify the government’s
attempt to appear righteous in getting rid of Howard’s
racist anti-discrimination provisions yet, … ” JDB Williams

SMH: Let Aboriginal communities have a say over intervention
23 Jun 10: “The Rudd government has kept many of the
punitive elements of Howard’s Northern Territory
intervention. This week marks the third anniversary of the
Northern Territory intervention. On Monday night, the
Senate passed legislation to partially restore racial
discrimination protections and modify aspects of the
intervention, including income management.” Jacqueline

New Matilda: Saying No To The Evidence, Again
22 Jun 10: “The expansion of income quarantining laws
defies an overwhelming expert consensus that the policy
just doesn’t work, writes Eva Cox. It’s done. The
government has just passed new income quarantining laws
through the Senate which will extend income management to
non-Indigenous welfare recipients in the Northern
Territory.” Eva Cox

– News

ABC: Organisations blast welfare quarantine expansion
23 Jun 10: “The [income management] scheme is used in
Aboriginal communities as part of the federal intervention
but it is now being expanded to an estimated 20,000 other
people across the Territory. The Northern Land Council,
Central Land Council, Aboriginal Medical Services NT and
North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency say that is the
wrong move.”

NT News: Martin challenges welfare quarantine
23 Jun 10: “MONEY spent extending welfare quarantining
across the Territory would be better spent fixing the
ailing child protection system, the former Chief Minister
Clare Martin said yesterday. … The [income management]
scheme may be expanded across the rest of Australia, but NT
goes first.”

Racial discrimination act delayed as welfare rules extended
23 Jun 10: “THE Racial Discrimination Act, suspended for
welfare quarantining in Northern Territory Aboriginal
communities, will not be reinstated until December.
Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin said it would
take some time for it to be fully reinstated after the
government passed new laws to make income quarantining
apply to indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.”

Amnesty International Australia:
Laws allowing discrimination in the NT to continue condemned
22 Jun 10: “Amnesty International Australia has condemned
parliament’s approval last night of legislation that does
not sufficiently reinstate rights protections in the
Northern Territory and fails to put an end to many of the
discriminatory measures initiated under the Government’s
Emergency Response. … the organisation is profoundly
disappointed that the new laws do not provide for full
reinstatement of the Racial Discrimination Act.”

Koori Mail: Changes don’t deliver, says ANTaR
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
22 Jun 10: “AUSTRALIANS for Native Title and Reconciliation
(ANTaR) says legislation passed last night by the Senate
offers some improved protection against racial
discrimination under the NT intervention but doesn’t go far
enough. ANTaR president Dr Janet Hunt says ongoing
five-year leases over Aboriginal land and extensive
Government powers to control the delivery of Indigenous
community services are still discriminatory, and income
management will continue to impact unfairly on Indigenous
welfare recipients.”

Koori Mail: Legislation ‘falls way short’
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
22 Jun 10: “A group of NT Aboriginal organisations has
disputed the Federal Government’s insistence that its
newly-passed welfare reform legislation fully reinstates
the Racial Discrimination Act. The Northern and Central
Land Councils, the North Australian Aboriginal Justice
Agency, and the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT
issued a joint statement today calling on the Government
rectify all instances where the RDA is found not to apply
to NT Intervention measures.”

Koori Mail: Aid agency condemns welfare changes
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
22 Jun 10: “AMNESTY International has joined a chorus of
condemnation of the Federal Government’s welfare reform
legislation, passed by the Senate last night. The aid
agency’s Indigenous Rights Campaigner Rodney Dillon
criticised the changes for allowing race-based welfare
quarantining to continue for another year, not reversing
racially-discriminatory actions already initiated under
the NT Intervention, and offering no redress for
discrimination already suffered by Indigenous peoples.”

Koori Mail: Warning of legal challenges
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
22 Jun 10: “A GROUP of concerned Australians including
former Family Court Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson says
‘special measures’ under the NT Intervention will be
subject to legal challenge, after the Federal Government
ignored criticism and warnings from health, welfare and
legal bodies and the United Nations to push ahead with its
welfare reforms. The group says related legislation that
had been racially discriminatory will now become class

Koori Mail: Changes only ‘first step’ in right direction
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
22 Jun 10: “THE Australian Human Rights Commission says the
passage of legislation enabling new welfare reforms will
end a lot of community uncertainty, misinformation and
conflict but the changes should be seen as only ‘the first
step’ in restoring protections for communities affected by
the NT Intervention. Commissioners Mick Gooda and Graeme
Innes say they’re still concerned that compulsory five-year
leases are excluded from protection under the Racial
Discrimination Act, and the possible disproportionate
impact of income management on Aboriginal people.”

Koori Mail: Govt income management claims ‘hypocrisy’
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
22 Jun 10: “THE Australian Greens say they’re extremely
disappointed about the passage of the Federal Government’s
welfare reforms. Senator Rachel Siewert says most
Australians are still unaware that compulsory income
management can now be applied nationally and has labelled
Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin’s claims that
compulsory income management is ‘all about human dignity’
as ‘nothing short of hypocrisy’.”

Koori Mail: Green light for welfare reforms
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
22 Jun 10: “THE SENATE last night passed welfare reforms
legislation that will enable incoming quarantining to be
extended nationwide and, the Federal Government says,
reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act in the Northern
Territory. Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny
Macklin says the reforms aim to increase parental
responsibility, fight passive welfare and protect
vulnerable people but there’s been widespread criticism of
the changes, set to commence on 1 July.”

SMH: Laws don’t fully reinstate RDA: Amnesty
22 Jun 10: “Amnesty International has criticised new laws
aimed at reinstating the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) in
the Northern Territory, claiming they fail to end
discrimination introduced by the intervention. Federal
parliament on Monday passed laws that will reinstate the
RDA next year while maintaining many of the intervention’s
controversial measures.”

ABC: New income quarantine laws pass Senate
22 Jun 10: “Federal Parliament has passed laws to extend
income management in the Northern Territory to
non-Indigenous welfare recipients. Some people in
Indigenous communities already have part of their welfare
payments quarantined for essential items. The new laws will
apply to non-Indigenous people in the Northern Territory on
the same benefits. They come into effect from July.”

Age: Welfare quarantining net to widen
22 Jun 10: “THE biggest welfare reform in decades will
become law as soon as today, expanding income management to
disadvantaged groups across the country. … Welfare
quarantining was introduced as a part of the Northern
Territory intervention into remote indigenous communities
three years ago.”

SBS World News Australia:
Welfare quarantine for non-Indigenous people
22 Jun 10: “Income management for non-Indigenous welfare
recipients will be rolled out across the Northern Territory
from next month, after draft laws passed the Senate.”

AFP: Australia restores race laws after Aboriginal crackdown
22 Jun 10: “Australia reinstated race discrimination laws
in the remote Northern Territory region Tuesday after
suspending them for three years to pursue a controversial
crime crackdown in poor Aboriginal townships.”

Green Left: Welfare quarantining and the NT struggle for justice
20 Jun 10: “Legislation that was debated in parliament last
week, and supported by Coalition opposition leader Tony
Abbott, gives the community services minister the authority
to deem specific areas and communities “disadvantaged”.
Welfare recipients living in the area and receiving certain
Centrelink payments could then be forced onto income

Koori Mail: Welfare reforms ‘racism as usual’
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/
18 Jun 10: “THERE’S been renewed condemnation of the
Federal Government’s proposed welfare reforms, expected to
pass through the Senate this week. The Alice Springs-based
Intervention Rollback Action group (IRAG) and STICS (Stop
the Intervention Collective Sydney) say failure under the
new laws to ensure full protection for Aboriginal people
under the Racial Discrimination Act will only entrench
racism and continue the hardships being felt under the NT


SMH: Waratah Rose has died in Melbourne
22 Jun 10: “Humans rights activist Rosemarie Gillespie was,
in her own words, no stranger to danger. Her passion took
her to the front line of many conflicts and often face to
face with military forces. Ms Gillespie, also known as
Waratah Rose, has passed away at the Melbourne home of one
of her daughters after a stroke in the early hours of
Monday morning.”


– Media Release

Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources:
Australian Leaders Challenged To Produce Invader
Sovereignty Documents
18 Jun 10: “An Aboriginal leader has written to the prime
minister, the NSW premier and the governor-general
challenging invader sovereignty over Australia and urges
all Aboriginal nations to do the same. “Australia’s free
party at the expense of our people is over,” Michael
Anderson writes in a media release. The political activist
and leader of the 3,000 Euahlayi of northwest NSW is the
last survivor of the four young Black Power men who set up
the Aboriginal embassy in Canberra in 1972. He now
spearheads a “New Way” movement which has had summits in
Canberra and Sydney and is convening another in Melbourne
for 1, 2 and 3 July, at which continuing Aboriginal
sovereignty will be a main talking point.”
[New Way Summit starts at 1pm, Thursday, 1st of July at
Kangan Institute TAFE, Broadmeadows, 20km from Melbourne CBD.
How to get there, go to this link:
http://www.kangan.edu.au/broadmeadows-tafe-course/ ]


YouTube: Australia nuclear waste dump row
Al Jazeera’s Azhar Sukri reports

15 Jun 10: “Australia’s government is pushing its plans for
a nuclear waste dump in a remote part of the country’s
Northern Territory. It as signed an agreement with [some
of] the traditional owners of the land who will receive
$10m in compensation, most of it in cash. … ”


– Audio

Rollback the Intervention: Audio
Peter Inverway interviewed on 2SER radio, Sydney
12 Jun 10

– Video

Stop the Intervention: 28 May 2010 Rally against Racism
“Videos from the event:
1. Cathy (STICS)
2. Eva Cox
3. Cathy (STICS)
4. Monica Morgan coming soon …
5. Cathy (STICS)
6. Rebel Hanlon coming soon …
7. Cathy (STICS)”

– News

Green Left: CDEP worker speaks against intervention
20 Jun 10: “55 people attended a June 11 forum with Peter
Inverway, a Gurindji worker from Kalkaringi, who said
Gurindji people are being forced to work up to 30 hours a
week for Centrelink entitlements.”

ABC Alice Springs: Local government body claims CDEP backflip
18 Jun 10: “The Northern Territory’s Local Government
Association says the Federal Government has changed its
mind about funding an Indigenous employment program that
was due to wind up at the end of the month.”

Australian: Shoddy homes to be rebuilt for Aborigines
18 Jun 10: “SEVEN Groote Eylandt residences constructed
under the nation’s biggest remote Aboriginal housing
program will be either demolished or rebuilt due to shoddy
workmanship and the use of sub-standard materials.”

Koori Mail: Parliament misled on SIHIP, Oppn
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/
18 Jun 10: “THE Federal Opposition has accused Indigenous
Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin of misleading Parliament on
the Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program
(SIHIP). Opposition Senator Nigel Scullion says Ms Macklin
told Parliament on Wednesday that houses were now being
built in ‘hundreds of locations’ throughout the remote NT,
despite just 16 communities being slated to receive new
houses throughout the life of the program, with renovations
in a further 57.”

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