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Defending Indigenous Rights Land~Law~Culture
[Indigenous & Non Indigenous Gathering]
July 6-9 in Mparntwe-Alice Springs
[Program]: http://defendingindigenousrights.wordpress.com/agenda/
[Link includes agenda, camping, contact, help needed,
transport, donations]: http://defendingindigenousrights.wordpress.com/

The New Way Aboriginal summit July 1 – 4 in Melbourne
Treaty Republic [Updated program including list of speakers]:
Treaty Republic [Link includes invitation, program, speakers,
contacts, costs, locations]: http://treatyrepublic.net/


Rollback the Intervention:
Urgent Fundraising Campaign
22 Jun 10: “Funds are now urgently needed to help with the
large gathering being held from 6-9 July.
IRAG [Intervention Rollback Action Group] is supporting
this event by contacting communities and helping organise
transport to bring people into Alice Springs. We are also
involved in provision of food and logistics, and with
running several workshops.”



CAAMA: Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association
25th June 2010 CAAMA Radio news
25 Jun 10: “* We have a new Prime Minister and she’s famale.
* The former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd leaves a good legacy
for Indigenous affairs according to the Australian
Indigenous human rights commission.”


Green Left:
ALP’s desperate rebadging could mask a shift to right
25 Jun 10: “Socialists and progressive trade union and
social movement activists have reacted sceptically to the
leadership change in the Australian Labor Party (ALP)
federal government of Australia. …
Richard Downs, spokesperson for Alyawarr people and
organiser for the July gathering of elders and leaders:
“In Julia Gillard’s address to the nation, there was no
mention of the first Australians and owners of this country
on the way forward.” …
Sharon Firebrace, Koori activist and Socialist Alliance
Senate candidate for Victoria:
“There is no sign that Gillard will do anything to reverse
the racist apartheid laws in the Northern Territory where
indigenous people have lesser rights than non-indigenous
people.” … ”


NT News: Hendo urges Gillard to dump Muckaty
26 Jun 10: “AUSTRALIA’S new Prime Minister Julia Gillard
should rethink her predecessor’s decision to build a
nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory, Chief
Minister Paul Henderson said. Mr Henderson said the Muckaty
Station nuclear waste dump would be one of the first issues
on the table.”

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Richard Downs calls for Intervention rollback gathering support
25 Jun 10: “Alyawarra elder and spokesperson for the
Ampilatwatja walk off, Richard Downs, has called for all
people in central Australia to attend a gathering from July
6 – 9 to unite against the NT Intervention and all racist

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Hopes Gillard will fulfil Stolen Generation promise
25 Jun 10: “The Northern Territory’s Anglican Bishop Greg
Thompson says he hopes the new Prime Minister Julia Gillard
will fulfil the Government’s commitments to the Stolen

Koori Mail: Mansell says Rudd won’t be missed
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
24 Jun 10: “ABORIGINAL people around the country will be
unanimous in celebrating the demise of Kevin Rudd as Prime
Minister, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre legal director
Michael Mansell said today. He said Stolen Generations
members remained without compensation and Aborigines in the
Northern Territory had been humiliated.”

Koori Mail: Former PM ‘proud’ of Apology
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
24 Jun 10: “FORMER Prime Minister Kevin Rudd included the
Apology and reaching out to the Stolen Generations among a
list of things he was most proud to have achieved during
his time in the top job. Mr Rudd yesterday stepped down
from the position following a challenge by his deputy,
Julia Gillard, who is now Australia’s first female Prime

Alternative Media Group:
Back to the ration days for indigenous workers
17 Jun 10: “Aboriginal workers in the Northern Territory
employed in the building and construction industry are
getting less than a quarter of the award pay of workers in
NSW. Peter Inverway, a building worker from Kalkaringi in
the Northern Territory addressed workers at construction
sites across Sydney and NSW last week to talk about the
stripping back of pay and conditions under the federal
Northern Territory intervention.” Liz Cush

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