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Racism and the Media

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* Oct 29 – National Day of Action:
“Jobs With Justice” “Stop the NT Intervention”
* ANTaR – A Better Way:
Success stories in Aboriginal community-control in the NT
* Andrew Forrest’s “Generation One”
* Latin American , Australian & Asia Pacific Solidarity Gathering,
“Defending Workers & Indigenous Rights” Nov 12-14, 2010
* Nuclear waste dump mediation
* Breaking the Ban on Bilingual Education – Forum – Nov 18, 2010
* Abolition of bilingual education impacts school attendance
* Other Aboriginal Articles


– Background

Jobs with Justice:

Defending Indigenous Rights:

– News of NDA, October 29

Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective:
Over 500 march for Aboriginal rights in Melbourne
29 Oct 10: “Friday’s rally was surely one of the most
inspiring Aboriginal rights rallies Melbourne has seen in
a long time! Over 500 people took to the streets to protest
against the racist NT Intervention, loudly chanting ‘Jenny
Macklin, you disgust us, equal rights, and jobs with
justice!’. And this was our primary demand, as expressed
outrage at the near slave conditions that many Aboriginal
people are living under in the Northern Territory. We
demanded ‘jobs with justice’, we shut down the streets, we
made the government take notice! And we weren’t alone, as
people protested all around Australia–in Alice Springs,
Sydney and Brisbane. We also got solidarity messages from
Perth, Adelaide and Newcastle. And of course, there was the
inspriring strike of Gulrindji workers in the lead up to
this National Day of Protest.”

SMH: Govt slammed for Aboriginal ‘enslavement’
29 Oct 10: “Campaigners have slammed the federal government
for its failure to boost Aboriginal job prospects, claiming
the Northern Territory intervention enslaves communities.
Protesters at rallies in Sydney, Alice Springs, Melbourne
and Brisbane angrily claimed the legislation had been an
attempt to “destroy a race”. Welfare quarantining was the
cornerstone of the Howard government’s 2007 intervention,
designed to tackle child abuse in remote indigenous
communities. But three years on, campaigners told the
Sydney demonstration that Aboriginal workers were being
treated “like slaves” as they worked for as little as $4
an hour.” Tom Morgan

ABC: Indigenous workers say they’re treated like slaves
29 Oct 10: “The Federal Government denies Aboriginal people
working in remote Northern Territory communities are being
treated like slaves. Hundreds of people from around the
country have today rallied for the rights of Aboriginal
workers. National unions have supported the cause, with
some workers walking off building sites. …
Anti-intervention campaigners say government changes to an
employment scheme for Indigenous people has left many
without work. They say thousands of trained people are
being forced to work for their welfare benefits, which are
then quarantined.”

– Media Releases

Rollback the Intervention: National campaign launch:
Jobs with Justice – Stop the NT Intervention
28 Oct 10: “A national campaign demanding an end to the
Northern Territory Intervention and ‘Jobs with Justice’ for
Aboriginal workers will be launched on Friday October 29.
A broadly supported public statement highlighting the human
rights abuses and loss of Aboriginal employment through the
NT Intervention will be published in the Australian
newspaper. Endorsements include Unions NT, national trade
unions such as the CFMEU, prominent individuals including
Aboriginal filmmaker Warwick Thornton and major Aboriginal
organisations including the Tangentyere Council and the NSW
Aboriginal Land Council. The statement argues that
conditions for Aboriginal workers under the Intervention
are “worse than anything the Liberals inflicted on workers
under Workchoices”, with people being coerced into working
for Centrelink payments half quarantined onto a BasicsCard.
Demonstrations in support of the campaign will be held in
Alice Springs, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.”

No to Forrest’s GenerationOne,
Yes to Aboriginal ‘Jobs With Justice’–gM#
27 Oct 10: “Aboriginal people deserve decent, well-paid and
meaningful jobs – this is a basic human right. But these
jobs won’t be delivered by the GenerationOne billionaire’s
project. On Friday at 5.30pm outside the State Library, the
Greens Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, will be speaking
in support of the campaign for ‘jobs with justice’ against
the NT intervention. Mr. Bandt will be joined by veteran
Aboriginal rights activists Gary Foley and Robbie Thorpe,
as well as union representatives, including Kevin Bracken
from the Victorian Trades Hall Council, at the Melbourne
event, part of a National Day of Protest. …

– Interview with Mark Fordham

Green Left: Gurindji fight for jobs with justice
24 Oct 10: “On October 20, 200 people gathered in the
community of Kalkarindji to protest against the policies of
the Northern Territory intervention, launched in 2007 by
the Howard Coalition government. … The Gurindji people of
Kalkarindji — known for their heroic 1966 walk-off from
Wave Hill station — are protesting, in particular, because
the government is now forcing Aboriginal people to work 16
hours a week for $115, plus $115 credit on a Basics Card.
These workers, participants in Community Development
Employment Projects (CDEP), previously received welfare
benefits plus “top up” wages in exchange for their work.”
Peter Robson

– Other Related News

Green Left: Aboriginal unionist: Gov’t failing to create jobs
30 Oct 10: “Aboriginal workers in the Northern Territory
“want to work, want to have a go”, Aboriginal activist Mark
Fordham told 60 people at Brisbane’s Kurilpa Hall on
October 24. Fordham is a former Community Development
Employment Projects co-ordinator at Ampilatwatja community
and is a member of the Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous
Workers’ Union. Fordham had spent the previous two weeks
touring the east coast, speaking with unions and community
groups about the effect the federal government’s
intervention into NT Aboriginal communities has had on
employment. ” Jim McIllroy


– Media Release

ANTaR: Aboriginal community organisations show governments A Better Way
26 Oct 10: “Launching A Better Way: Success stories in
Aboriginal community-control in the Northern Territory in
Darwin today, ANTaR calls on governments to empower
Aboriginal organisations and communities to drive solutions
to the challenges they face.“It is time for governments to
engage directly with Aboriginal communities to develop a
long-term community development strategy for the Northern
Territory. The strategy should strengthen community
governance and capacity and ‘put communities in the driving
seat’,” said Jacqueline Phillips, ANTaR National Director.”

– Download “A Better Way”

– News

Koori Mail: Communities have answers, says ANTaR
[scroll down page]
27 Oct 10: “LOBBY group ANTaR says it’s time for
governments to empower Aboriginal organisations and
communities to drive solutions to the challenges they face.
The organisation’s national director Jacqueline Phillips
says governments have missed opportunities to partner with
Aboriginal communities under the NT Intervention and
reforms to CDEP, housing, education and local government.
ANTaR yesterday launched a booklet detailing 13 NT success
stories based on community participation and leadership.”


– Media Releases

Rollback the Intervention:
‘Generating none! Corporate campaign hides
jobs massacre in remote communities’
27 Oct 10: “On Sunday night Andrew Forrest’s “Generation
One” televised its address to the nation. But Aboriginal
rights groups campaigning against the Northern Territory
Intervention say the gloss of Generation One hides the
massive cuts to Aboriginal employment as Community
Development Employment Projects (CDEPs) close down. Only 26
jobs are listed as available in the Northern Territory on
the Australian Employment Covenant website, none of them in
remote communities. Over 7500 NT Aboriginal people were
employed by CDEP before the program began to be dismantled
under the Intervention. “The way Generation One are
carrying on is disgusting, a real slap in the face. They
come through town with a fancy road-show while hardworking
Aboriginal people are being thrown out of work by the
Intervention or are now working for the BasicsCard. Is
this the future for the next generation in ‘prescribed
areas’?” said Barbara Shaw, Mount Nancy Town Camp resident
and Intervention Rollback Action Group (IRAG) spokesperson.”

No to Forrest’s GenerationOne,
Yes to Aboriginal ‘Jobs With Justice’–gM#
27 Oct 10: “Aboriginal people deserve decent, well-paid and
meaningful jobs – this is a basic human right. But these
jobs won’t be delivered by the GenerationOne billionaire’s
project. On Friday at 5.30pm outside the State Library, the
Greens Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, will be speaking
in support of the campaign for ‘jobs with justice’ against
the NT intervention. Mr. Bandt will be joined by veteran
Aboriginal rights activists Gary Foley and Robbie Thorpe,
as well as union representatives, including Kevin Bracken
from the Victorian Trades Hall Council, at the Melbourne
event, part of a National Day of Protest. … “

– News

Crikey: Generation gap over Twiggy’s indigenous jobs campaign
29 Oct 10: “Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest’s GenerationOne
movement is a “pernicious smokescreen” which won’t further
the rights of Aboriginal people, say indigenous rights
activists opposed to the campaign. … Noted indigenous
rights campaigner Robbie Thorpe will speak at a rally in
Melbourne today as part of a national day of protest
against the federal government’s Northern Territory
intervention policy. He says there are more important
matters than Forrest’s campaign that need to be addressed.”
Tom Cowie

Koori Mail: GenOne message reaches six million viewers
[scroll down page]
25 Oct 10: “A 13-year-old Aboriginal girl from Sydney
delivered an unprecedented ‘address to the nation’ last
night, urging Australians to help create real jobs and a
better future for Indigenous Australians in this
generation. About six million free-to-air TV viewers
watched Madeleine Madden’s two-minute message, delivered
on behalf GenerationOne, a sister organisation to the
Australian Employment Covenant that aims to place 50,000
Indigenous people in jobs by mid next year.”

– Audio

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
26 Oct 10: “Tim Gartrell and Madeleine Madden.
Karen Dorante spoke with GenerationOne CEO, Tim Gartrell
and spokesperson for GenerationOne, Madeleine Madden.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
25 Oct 10: “Justin Mohamed. Karen Dorante spoke with
Justin Mohamed, Chair of the National Aboriginal Community
Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO). They spoke about
Health Issues and the GenerationOne Campaign.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

– Other Related News

2 Nov 10: “Twiggy’s plan for 50,000 Aboriginal jobs
secures 20,000 pledges….but report says only 2,800
actually placed into employment.”

SMH: Indigenous jobs fall way short of target
2 Nov 10: “ANDREW FORREST’S ambitious plan to find 50,000
jobs for indigenous people has fallen far short of its
target, with fewer than 3000 working so far. Backed by the
federal government, the mining magnate had aimed to create
the jobs within two years of the scheme’s inception in
2008. A report published yesterday by the Centre for
Aboriginal Economic Policy Research found the scheme had
achieved less than 6 per cent of its goal, with about 2800
indigenous people employed in the stated time frame.”
Yuko Narushima


Latin American , Australian & Asia Pacific Solidarity Gathering
31 Oct 10: “Dear Friends,
This is the time where WE NEED ALL YOUR SUPPORT, the Latin
American Australian & Asia Pacific Solidarity Gathering
Conference “Defending Workers & indigenous Rights” is
around the corner. We as organisers would like to cordially
invite you to come to this unique Gathering Conference.
Workers & Indigenous leaders coming from different part of
the world will get together to denounce, to create
international bridges and global resistance against
Multinational Corporations. … I have attached Gathering
Conference program, call & flyer. And please don’t hesitate
to contact us if you need more information. Cheers,
Marisol Salinas, Latin American Liaison Officer,
Friends of the Earth”
“Latin American, Australian & Asia Pacific Solidarity Gathering
Program Schedule
Melbourne Trades Hall,
Corner of Lygon and Victoria Street, Carlton”


– News

Tennant & District Times: Parties agree to Muckaty mediation
29 Oct 10: “Representing many of the traditional owners,
Mark Lane Jangala, launched a Federal Court challenge
against the Government and the NLC in a bid to halt plans
to construct the radioactive dump at Muckaty. The matter
was listed for a mention in the Federal Court this week,
instead all parties have consented to mediation.”

NIRS: Muckaty Station nuclear mediation
27 Oct 10: “The Northern Land Council and traditional
owners of the Muckaty land trust will enter into mediation
over the land council’s plan to offer the site for a
Federal nuclear waste dump.”

– Audio

ABC AM: National nuclear waste dump in limbo
27 Oct 10: “Plans to build a national nuclear waste
facility in a remote part of the Northern Territory have
been further delayed. A Commonwealth facility is needed to
store waste from Sydney’s Lucas Heights nuclear reactor
and discarded nuclear medicines used in hospitals around
the country. As well, the Federal Government is under
pressure to build the facility in time to receive spent
nuclear fuel rods sent from overseas. But a Federal Court
legal challenge by a group of traditional Aboriginal owners
of Muckaty Station, north of Tennant Creek, has left the
multi-million dollar project in limbo.”
[includes interview with lawyer George Newhouse]


– Upcoming forum

Treaty Republic: Breaking the Ban on Bilingual Education – Forum
“The attempt to decimate bilingual programs was a territory
government decision, but mimics perfectly the punitive
logic of the federal intervention. Communities and
Aboriginal culture are being attacked for the problems
caused by all governments’ chronic failure to support self
determination for Aboriginal people. The Melbourne Anti
Intervention Collective presents a public forum about the
reasons why teachers and communities are breaking the ban
on bilingual education. The forum will be held on Thursday
18th of November at the James Hardie Theatre, Architecture
Building, University of Melbourne and will include Senior
Indigenous Teacher from NT Bilingual School through a
video link, Rosa McKenna, Friends of Bilingual Learning,
Ex principal of Yirrkala School, Mary McKernich,
Australian Education Union Victoria Councilor and Lucy
Honan, Melbourne Anti Intervention Collective.”


– Upcoming article

Friends of Bilingual Learning:
Upcoming article [Ngoonjook]: No Warlpiri, No School?
Attendance in Warlpiri schools since introducing the
First Four Hours policy
“Abstract – Bilingual education programs had been delivered
in some Northern Territory schools for over three decades
until the development of a policy in 2008 requiring all
schools to teach in English for the first four hours of
each school day. … Two years after the effective
abolition of bilingual education, attendance and enrolment
data from four Warlpiri schools do not show improvement in
attendance rates and in some cases attendance rates and
levels of student engagement that have reduced
significantly. … “


– Media Release

Greens MPs:
Greens seek immediate action to tackle Aboriginal suicide
25 Oct 10: “Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens spokesperson for
Aboriginal Issues, said today the Government should be
using some of the $277 million committed to suicide
prevention during the election to address the recent
increase in the number of people taking their own life in
northern Australia’s Aboriginal communities. In Question
Time today, Senator Siewert addressed the spate of recent
suicides in Aboriginal communities, questioning the
Government’s response to the crisis and calling for the
immediate development of a specific suicide prevention
strategy for Aboriginal people.”

– Opinion/Analysis

New Matilda: It Started With The Intervention
1 Nov 10: “Conditional welfare is now being rolled out
across the NT and there’s talk of a national scheme. When
did this transformation of welfare take place, asks Eva
Cox. When the ALP government, the Coalition opposition and
the Centre for Independent Studies agree on welfare policy,
they damage the life chances of those on the lower rungs of
the ladder of opportunity. The above organisations have
become promoters of nineteenth century moralism in their
agreement on the “merits” of a conservative set of welfare
reforms. These were passed on 21 June in the last moments
of the previous government. ” Eva Cox

– News

ABC: Legal appeal launched against abolishing ATSIC
28 Oct 10: “Aboriginal leaders say they are heading to the
High Court to prove ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Commission) was abolished illegally by the former
federal government of John Howard.”

Australian: Indigenous body to take tough line on members
28 Oct 10: “RECRUITS to the new National Congress of
Australia’s First Peoples have been warned they will be
sacked if they bring it into disrepute. The warning comes
from one of the two people chairing the body. In the annual
Charles Perkins Oration, to be delivered at Sydney
University tonight, Kerry Arabena says the national body
will never support those who prefer “leisure over work”.”
Patricia Karvelas

The Independant: The hard place in the shadow of the rock
27 Oct 10: “There were huge celebrations when Ayers Rock
was handed over to its traditional owners 25 years ago. But
despite owning Uluru, Aborigines nearby live in misery.”

ABC: NGOs call for better support for Indigenous bodies
26 Oct 10: “Amnesty International and the Red Cross have
backed calls for Aboriginal-controlled organisations to be
better supported in their work in Indigenous communities.
The group Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation
has published 13 “success stories” of Indigenous
community-based organisations in the Northern Territory.
ANTAR’s Jacqueline Phillips says federal, state and
territory governments need to support a more grassroots
approach to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage.”
Emma Masters


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