01/02/2011 Legislation passes enabling a nuclear waste dump to be built at Muckaty, NT

* Legislation enabling a nuclear waste dump to be built
at Muckaty passes House of Representatives
* Background to Muckaty Station nuclear waste dump
* Aboriginal ‘Freedom Ride’ re-enacted
* Activist Jude Kelly from the Aboriginal Tent embassy
gives up citizenship
* Importance of bilingual education
in remote Indigenous schools
* Northern Territory (NT) Intervention articles
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention


– Media Releases

Beyond Nuclear Initiative:
“Come Out and Camp with Us” Traditional Owners Challenge
Government to Meet Over Muckaty Waste Dump
25 Feb 11: “Muckaty Traditional Owners met outside the
offices of the Northern Land Council in Tennant Creek today
to protest the passing of the National Radioactive Waste
Management Bill through the House of Representatives.
The protest coincided with a federal court mediation in
Melbourne about the contested Muckaty site nomination,
attended by Traditional Owner Mark Lane Jangala. The
Traditional Owners resolved to continue fighting the
proposed waste dump and reiterated calls for politicians
and the NLC to come to Tennant Creek and meet with the
community. …
Senior Traditional Owner Bunny Naparulla concluded:
“We been fighting all those years for our land, but what
we got – nothing! I don’t want that nuclear waste in the
land, my grandfather’s land and my mother’s land. We got
the culture for it and the knowledge for the country. Five
groups are there but they’ve been listening to one group.
We don’t want that nuclear waste in Muckaty, in Manuwangku,
take it away!””

Australian Greens – Scott Ludlam:
Government sells out Traditional Owners and the Northern
Territory while Coalition splits on nuclear waste dump vote
22 Feb 11: “The Australian Greens today condemned the
Government for passing a bill to force a radioactive waste
dump onto the Northern Territory, despite the Opposition
refusing to vote and Coalition MP Natasha Griggs crossing
the floor to oppose the bill.
Greens MP Adam Bandt and Greens nuclear affairs
spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam congratulated Ms Griggs
for her courage in voting against the radioactive waste
dump bill while the Coalition took the extremely unusual
step of removing all but one member from the Chamber during
the vote.
The National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010, which
sets up the legal regime for a radioactive waste dump at
Muckaty north of Tennant Creek, overrides all State and
Territory legislation that could affect the dump plan and
exempts Minister Ferguson, who refused to meet with the
traditional owners of the site, from compliance with key
Commonwealth environment and Indigenous protections.
Senator Ludlam noted that some MPs who backed the dump
plan also advocated a “nuclear future” for Australia.”

Australian Greens – Scott Ludlam:
Bandt to vote against government and force a vote on nuclear dump
20 Feb 11: “For the first time Greens MP Adam Bandt will
vote against a government bill in Federal Parliament today
and seek to highlight the governments failure to properly
consult traditional owners about plans for a nuclear waste
dump in the Northern Territory.
The National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010, which
sets up the legal regime for a radioactive waste dump at
Muckaty north of Tennant Creek, will be debated today. …
The Greens in the Senate have previously strongly opposed
the legislation.
Mr Bandt will move an amendment to delay passage of the
bill until Minister Ferguson consults with Traditional
Owners who are opposed to the dump. This pre-requisite
recommendation from an earlier Senate Inquiry into the
dump laws has been completely ignored by Minister

– Audio

SBS Podcasts: Nuclear waste dump for NT a step closer
25 Feb 11: “Controversial legislation allowing the creation
of Australia’s first national storage facility for
low-level and intermediate level nuclear waste has been
passed in the House of Representatives. The site most
likely to be used to the radioactive waste dump is Muckaty
Station near Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.”
Santilla Chingaipe

Beyond Nuclear Initiative: February 21, 2011
21 Feb 11: “Following on from Greens MP Adam Bandt’s speech
in the House of Reps this morning,
(click here to download:
he moved an amendment in the House that the National
Radioactive Waste Management Bill be deferred until the
first recommendation of the inquiry is undertaken and
traditional owners are consulted.
The Senate inquiry recommendation No. 1—that
… as soon as possible the Minister for Resources Energy
and Tourism undertake consultations with all parties with
an interest in or who would be affected by a decision to
select the Muckaty Station site as the location for the
national radioactive waste facility.
Audio from the House of Representatives debate is below.
Speakers were: Ian MacFarlane (Lib), Adam Bandt (Greens),
Don Randall (Lib) , Dick Adams (ALP), Alex Hawke (Lib),
Tony Zappia (ALP), Natasha Griggs (CLP), Anna Burke (ALP),
Martin Ferguson (ALP)”

– Briefing Paper

Proposed Radioactive Waste Dump at Muckaty, NT
Briefing Paper – February 2011
Jim Green B.Med.Sci.(Hons.), PhD
National nuclear campaigner – Friends of the Earth, Australia
Friends of the Earth:
Beyond Nuclear Initiative:
The Labor Government plans to establish a national
radioactive waste dump at Muckaty, 120 kms north of Tennant
Creek in the Northern Territory. There are many concerns
with the proposal, including:
* The opposition of many Traditional Owners to the proposal,
and the unwillingness of the Government to listen to their
concerns and to include them in decision-making processes.
* Draconian legislation which overrides Aboriginal heritage
and environmental protection laws and overrides all
state/territory laws.
* The failure of the Government to establish the need for
a national repository.
* The failure of the Government to carry out a
site-selection process based on scientific and
environmental criteria.
* Multiple breaches of binding ALP platform policy
commitments. … “

– Video

NT News: Sambo takes the hip-hop fight to N-dump
28 Feb 11: “A TERRITORY rap star has pulled off some rhymes
to protest against a nuclear waste dump to be built on her
country. Young Muckaty woman and award-winning hip hop
artist Kylie Sambo took her song “Muckaty” down south last
week to have her voice heard. Ms Sambo said she was
fighting for a “brighter future” for the children living at
the remote station, north of Tennant Creek. “We don’t want
the waste dump on our land because we care for it as much
as it cares for us,” she said.”

Beyond Nuclear Initiative: MUCKATY by Kylie Sambo

For more about Kylie Sambo see:
“No dump at Muckaty!”
and “Music For Muckaty”
and “Nuclear waste dump for NT a step closer”

YouTube: Muckaty Voices
9 May 10: “”Muckaty Voices” is a short film capturing
community resistance to an Australian government
plan to dump radioactive waste at Muckaty Station,
120 kilometres north of Tennant Creek in the Northern
Territory. … The film was produced for the Muckaty
Traditional Owners by Enlightning Productions,
with the support of the Beyond Nuclear Initiative.”

– News

ABC Rural: Traditional Owners angry at Muckaty decision
for nuclear dump in NT
25 Feb 11: “Mediation proceedings begin today in the court
challenge over the nomination of Muckaty station as the
proposed site for a nuclear waste dump facility.
Traditional Owners have reaffirmed their opposition to the
facility claiming that the government failed to consult all
traditional owner groups. This comes after legislation
enabling the facility to be built at Muckaty, passed
through the House of Representatives on Tuesday.”

Indymedia Australia:
No dump at Muckaty!
Protests continue in Martin Ferguson’s electorate, 24 Feb 11
25 Feb 11: “To mark the one-year anniversary of the
announcement of Muckaty in the Northern Territory as the
chosen site for a proposed national radioactive waste dump,
members of Friends of the Earth ACE (Anti-nuclear and Clean
Energy) Collective* toured part of Energy and Resources
Minister Martin Ferguson’s Batman electorate in search of
an alternative dumping ground. … This action followed a
visit to the minister’s electoral office by Kylie Sambo
and Kelisha Green, two young hip-hop artists from Muckaty
opposed to the dump; … “

NT News: Protesters ramp up campaign against nuke dump
24 Feb 11: “TERRITORY anti-nuclear waste dump protesters
have started a small but concerted campaign against new
legislation expected to be presented to the Federal Senate
next week. The House of Representatives passed the Bill on
Tuesday with Muckaty Station about 120km north of Tennant
Creek the site most likely to be used for the dump.”

ABC: Nuclear dump laws ‘show need for NT statehood’
24 Feb 11: “The imminent passage of national nuclear waste
dump legislation is another argument for the Northern
Territory to become a state, the Territory’s Statehood
Committee says. Federal laws making it easier to build a
waste dump at Muckaty Station passed the House of
Representatives this week. The laws are expected to pass
the Senate next week. Statehood Committee chairwoman Jane
Aagaard has told the Territory Parliament that Territorians
are not being treated fairly.”

ABC Rural: Nuclear waste in 44 gallon drums
24 Feb 11: “On Tuesday the House of Representatives passed
a bill 68 to 6 for a nuclear waste facility to be built on
Muckaty Station, north of Tennant Creek. It’s something
that has divided opinions both within politics and the
general community.”

ABC: MPs pass nuclear waste dump bill
23 Feb 11: “The House of Representatives has passed a bill
to allow a national storage facility for radioactive waste
to be set up in Australia. Muckaty Station, near Tennant
Creek in the Northern Territory, is the site most likely to
be used for the dump. Resources Minister Martin Ferguson
says Australia has been trying to find a site for a nuclear
waste dump since 1988 and it is time that the issue was
dealt with. But the National Radioactive Waste Managements
Bill 2010 is likely to face further delays in the Senate.
Greens Senator Scott Ludlam says the Greens will introduce
a series of amendments in the Upper House, including
tightening the discretion given to the Resources Minister.”

ABC: Griggs attacks Snowdon for nuclear dump stance
23 Feb 11: “The Country Liberals Member for Solomon,
Natasha Griggs, has criticised the Labor Member for
Lingiari, Warren Snowdon, for supporting a bill that would
allow a nuclear waste dump to be built in his electorate.
Muckaty Station, near Tennant Creek in the Northern
Territory, is the only site being considered for the dump.
Ms Griggs and several independent MPs voted against the
bill, which was yesterday passed in the House of
Representatives by 68 votes to 6. Mrs Griggs says Mr
Snowdon should explain why he has changed his stance over
recent years.”

NT News: Editorial: Griggs defiant on N-waste
23 Feb 11: “TERRITORIANS are probably evenly divided about
the Federal Government’s decision to build a nuclear waste
dump near Tennant Creek. … But on one issue there is more
agreement – that Canberra should not have the right to
impose the dump on Territorians.”

NT News: Vote brings dump a step closer
23 Feb 11: “LEGISLATION to create a national nuclear waste
dump at Muckaty, north of Tennant Creek, passed through the
Lower House of Federal Parliament yesterday. The National
Radioactive Waste Management Bill was not supported in the
House of Representatives by any of the independents or the
Greens. Country Liberal Member for Solomon Natasha Griggs
also crossed the floor to vote against it.”

ABC Rural: Labor split on Muckaty nuclear waste dump
23 Feb 11: “A Northern Territory MP says he’s disappointed
members of his own party have voted in favour of a nuclear
waste dump in his electorate. The House of Representatives
passed the bill 68 to six yesterday, for the facility to be
built on Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek. The Northern
Territory site is the only one that’s been seriously
considered for the dump in recent years and had previously
been opposed by the Federal Labor Party.”

Australian Conservation Foundation:
Radioactive waste law ‘cynical and irresponsible’
22 Feb 11: ““This cynical and irresponsible legislation
attempts to manage Australia’s highest level radioactive
waste by imposing it on some of the country’s most
disadvantaged people,” said ACF nuclear free campaigner
Dave Sweeney. Labor promised to end a decade of division
by doing things differently and better. Instead the ALP
has revived the divisive and discredited approach of the
Howard era and ignored growing community concern and

NT News: Griggs fights nuclear dump
22 Feb 11: “A TERRITORY federal MP is to vote against
forcing the NT to house a nuclear waste dump. The Liberal
and National parties support the Labor Government’s
National Radioactive Waste Management Bill, which would
lead to the $30 million dump being built near Tennant
Creek. CLP Senator Nigel Scullion, Labor Senator Trish
Crossin and Labor minister Warren Snowdon will vote for the
Bill. But Natasha Griggs said she would defy her party’s
whips and oppose the law. “I don’t support the nuclear
waste dump and I’ve made this clear in the party room,”
she said.”

Martin Ferguson attacks Adam Bandt over political ‘hypocrisy’
22 Feb 11: “RESOURCES Minister Martin Ferguson labelled
Greens MP Adam Bandt a hypocrite, misusing indigenous
people to pursue short-term politics. The attack came last
night after the Greens MP called on Parliament to stop
debating a plan for a nuclear waste dump in the Northern
Territory to store low-level nuclear waste. Although the
Opposition backed the debate, Mr Bandt, the Greens’ only
House of Representatives MP called for more consultation,
insisting traditional owners at Muckaty Station were
having the tip “dumped on them” and that the bill was being
rammed through parliament against the wishes of the people
of the Northern Territory.”

Herald Sun: Nuclear dump report a whitewash – Bandt
21 Feb 11: “AUSTRALIA’S first radioactive waste dump has
been subject to less oversight than would be deemed
appropriate for construction of a car park, parliament has
been told. A lower house committee has given its stamp of
approval to government legislation that aims to establish a
dump to store medical, industrial and research radioactive
material at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory.
Committee chairman Tony Zappia tabled its report in
parliament today, saying the committee had taken its task
very seriously. … But Australian Greens MP Adam Bandt, a
member of the committee, slammed the report as a

SMH: Ferguson dumps on Greens nuclear tactics
21 Feb 11: “Government frontbencher Martin Ferguson has
launched a stinging attack on the Australian Greens for
trying to stall draft laws for Australia’s first
radioactive waste dump. The resources minister accused
Greens MP Adam Bandt of rampant hypocrisy by opposing a
dump at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory. Mr
Ferguson said the Greens say they support the establishment
of a single national radioactive waste facility but erected
“every possible conceivable barrier to prevent its

New Matilda: We Still Can’t Manage Nuclear Waste
16 Feb 11: “If Lucas Heights can’t maintain health and
safety standards, what reason is there to believe Martin
Ferguson’s planned nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station
will be safe, asks Jim Green. It’s a sad truth that
whistleblowers have provided the public with more
information about accidents at the Lucas Heights nuclear
reactor site on Sydney’s outskirts than the site’s operator
— the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology
Organisation (ANSTO) — ever has. ” Jim Green

NT News: Nuclear dump to be debated today
10 Feb 11: “LEGISLATION to create a nuclear waste dump in
the Northern Territory will be debated in Federal
Parliament today. The Labor Government plans to establish a
national radioactive waste dump at Muckaty, 120km north of
Tennant Creek. The Howard government first nominated
Muckaty as one of four possible sites for a nuclear waste
dump in September 2007. … NT Chief Minister Paul
Henderson has said the site should be chosen for scientific
reasons, not because the NT was a constitutional
“weak link”.”

Preston Leader: Anti-nuclear protestors make their point
at Minister’s Preston office
29 Jan 11: “PROTESTORS campaigning against a nuclear waste
repository in the Northern Territory staged a mock
radioactive waste spill outside the Preston office of
Batman federal Labor MP Martin Ferguson. The High St office
of the Energy and Resources Minister was shut while
environmental campaigners took centre stage, accompanied
by a giant inflatable white elephant and a Ferguson
impersonator sporting a papier-mache head. The protest is
part of a campaign against the Federal Government’s
proposed National Radioactive Waste management bill, … “

ABC: Radioactive waste bill is flawed: Greens
23 Dec 10: “The Greens say the Federal Government’s
proposed radioactive waste management bill is flawed and
puts too much power in the hands of Resources Minister
Martin Ferguson. A parliamentary committee has recommended
the Government pass the legislation, which could see a
national nuclear waste storage facility built at Muckaty
Station in the Northern Territory. Greens MP Adam Bandt was
on the committee but says his party has filed a dissenting
report. Mr Bandt says there were no public hearings and no
consultation with nearby traditional owners, some of whom
are campaigning against the facility.”


Beyond Nuclear Initiative’s weblog:

Beyond Nuclear Initiative: Muckaty

Proposed Radioactive Waste Dump at Muckaty, NT
Briefing Paper – February 2011
Jim Green B.Med.Sci.(Hons.), PhD
National nuclear campaigner – Friends of the Earth, Australia
Friends of the Earth:

WGAR News: Nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory (2 Mar 10)

WGAR News: Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump (20 Mar 10)

WGAR News: Nuclear Waste Dump … (28 Mar 10)

WGAR News: Muckaty Radioactive Waste Dump … (4 Apr 10)

WGAR News: National day of action against Muckaty nuclear waste dump:
12th April!

WGAR News: Nuclear Waste Dump: Senate inquiry in Darwin; Nationwide
protests (17 Apr 10)

WGAR News: … Update: Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump (23 Apr 10)
[scroll down page]

WGAR News: Update on Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump (2 May 10)

WGAR News: “Muckaty Voices” film; Senate Report into nuclear waste
dump plan (16 May 10)

WGAR News: Federal Court legal challenge over nuclear waste dump (13 Jun 10)

WGAR News: PM Gillard: No change on Muckaty nuclear waste dump (12 Jul 10)


– Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 16-02-2011
16 Feb 11: “A retrace of the 1965 freedom ride is reminding
Australians of its deep and hidden past where racism and
segregation was rampant in outback NSW. … “

– News

ABC: Aboriginal ‘Freedom Ride’ re-enacted along north coast
24 Feb 11: “A famous event that played an role in improving
the quality of life for Aboriginal people, 46 years ago, is
being re-enacted on the mid north coast today. ‘The Freedom
Ride’ is travelling through the region and will be at
Bowraville this morning, February 24. The original
‘Freedom Ride’ journey was in 1965 and travelled across
2300 kilometres of northwest and coastal New South Wales.
One of the organisers of the current event, Kylie Cassidy
says the re-enactment is again raising awareness of
Indigenous issues.”

ABC: Historic ‘Freedom Ride’ re-enactment Bowraville and Kempsey
24 Feb 11: “History will be repeated at Kempsey this
afternoon, February 24, when a busload of students arrives
at the local swimming pool. It is a re-enactment of the
Freedom Ride of 46 years ago which challenged attitudes to
indigenous people. … The Freedom Ride 2011 ends in Sydney
on Saturday, February 26.”

Tenterfield Star: Freedom ride visits Tenterfield
23 Feb 11: “A BUS re-enacting the famous 1965 “Freedom
Ride” through north-west and coastal NSW has stopped over
in Tenterfield. In February 1965, a group of University of
Sydney students organised the bus tour with the purpose of
drawing public attention to the poor state of Aboriginal
health, education and housing. Activists from the Student
Action for Aborigines (SAFA) toured with the bus to
highlight the socially discriminatory barriers between
white Australians and Aborigines. In 2011, the Freedom Ride
aimed to “acknowledge the past and continue the struggle”.”

Moree Champion: Freedom Ride re-enacted
22 Feb 11: “ON Sunday the Moree pool was full of children,
Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, all playing together. But
not so long ago this wouldn’t have been allowed. Prior to
1965 the council had a rule that Indigenous people were
not allowed to enter the town pool. That all changed on
February 20, 1965. Charles Perkins and Sydney university
students visited Moree as part of the Freedom Ride on that
day. The purpose of the Freedom Ride was to point out the
discriminatory barriers between Aborigines and white people.”

ABC: Historic ride re-enacted to highlight Indigenous issues
14 Feb 11: “The steps of an historic bus trip that
highlighted the disadvantage of Aboriginal people across
western New South Wales are being retraced by a group of
students. The original Freedom Ride was organised by
University of Sydney students led by Charles Perkins in
1965. The re-enactment by 30 students from the Central
Coast is in Dubbo today, and will also stop in
Gulargambone, Walgett and Collarenebri. The Aboriginal
Cultural Adviser at Youth Connections which has initiated
the project, Gavi Duncan, says it will celebrate the
achievements of the original journey.”

SBS World News: Students retrace Freedom Ride
13 Feb 11: “A group of high school students is retracing
the journey of the 1965 Freedom Ride, in the hope of
generating constitutional change. Charles Perkins led a
busload of university students through outback New South
Wales in 1965 to confront racism head-on. Now students from
Central Coast High School are retracing these steps in a
bid to generate support for having the original Aboriginal
ownership of Australia recognised in the constitution.”


– News

Herald Sun:
Tent embassy activist Jude Kelly gives up citizenship in protest
15 Feb 11: “AN Aboriginal tent embassy resident has
renounced her citizenship and declared herself a refugee.
Jude Kelly has given up the right to claim Centrelink or
Medicare benefits as she continues living outside Old
Parliament House in Canberra. The grandmother and member of
the Stolen Generation will also refuse to pay tax as part
of a protest against the treatment of indigenous
Australians in the legal system.”


– Interview

ABC Life Matters: Indigenous language education
14 Feb 11: “The importance of bilingual education in remote
Indigenous schools has become more evident since the
Northern Territory government ruled that classes should be
in English for the first four hours of each day. The
Northern Territory’s Australian of the Year, Michael
Christie, supports a rethink on this policy and says that
we could all benefit from learning something of our first
languages. …
Guests: Professor Michael Christie, Indigenous Languages
Academic, Charles Darwin University:

– Email Group

Friends of Bilingual Learning
“Description: Supporters of Bilingual & Multilingual
education, living and learning in the Northern Territory.
Recognising the importance of language in human
development, identity and wellbeing.”


– Interview

Guardian Weekly: ‘People wanted it to be made’:
Q&A with Sinem Saban and Damien Curtis
– producers of Our Generation
14 Feb 11: “Our Generation examines indigenous rights in
Australia through the experiences of the Yolngu community
of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. Largely ignored
by the mainstream media, the documentary offers a rare
glimpse into the issues affecting Australian indigenous
communities. Sinem Saban and Damien Curtis, producers of
Our Generation, talk about the motivation behind the film
and what they hope it will achieve …
Are there a lot of people in Australia who are still
unaware of some of the issues raised in the film?
Sinem: There are other people and groups doing similar
things to what we do, so there is certainly awareness among
those who are interested in indigenous rights. As for
mainstream Australia, most people know about a few of the
big issues that come through the media: usually with no
background information, and often reinforcing the
stereotype. The National Emergency Response was
sensationalised and the media picked it up across the whole
country. The Intervention is even more detrimental when you
line it up with other policies and issues facing indigenous
Australia. However, the media presents indigenous issues
separately, not as one complete picture. When people saw
these issues together in our film, that they were shocked
to see what the bigger picture was revealing.”

“You can get more information about the issues raised in
the film, and buy your own copy of the documentary by going
to the Our Generation website at www.ourgeneration.org.au

– Media Release

Intervention Rollback Action Group, Mparntwe-Alice Springs:
Exploitation of Aboriginal workers under SIHIP:
Campaigners stand up to Macklin
2 Feb 11: “The Intervention Rollback Action Group in Alice
Springs will today deliver a letter to Indigenous Affairs
Minister Jenny Macklin from Aboriginal workers who say
they have been exploited under SIHIP.
The letter will be delivered during the opening of a new
temporary accommodation facility in Alice Springs. It
demands Minister Macklin organise back-pay for all work
done on renovation programs, bring all houses up to public
housing standards, provide funding for new houses in all
remote communities and restore housing to Aboriginal
community control.
Indigenous Employment Minister Mark Arbib claimed during
Senate Estimates in November that all work done on SIHIP
by Aboriginal workers is paid at award rates and denied
that workers were paid on the ‘BasicsCard’.
But workers from Amoonguna near Alice Springs say they
were kept on the Community Development Employment Program
(CDEP) during work on SIHIP renovations from June – October
last year. Throughout this period they received Centrelink
pay, half of which was on their ‘BasicsCard’ and only
intermittent ‘top-up’ pay.”

Intervention Rollback Action Group (IRAG),
Mparntwe-Alice Springs:

– Opinion / Analysis

Solidarity: Unions take up fight against Indigenous housing rort
Feb 11: “The CFMEU, Unions NT and the Intervention Rollback
Action Group have launched a joint petition demanding
justice for Indigenous workers ripped off under the
Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program
(SIHIP). SIHIP is a key component of the federal
government’s Northern Territory Intervention. … But
rather than helping to alleviate the overcrowding, squalid
conditions and unemployment that cripples Aboriginal life
in the NT, the unprecedented investment in SIHIP has only
further disempowered Aboriginal people—and helped line the
pockets of major construction firms and government
bureaucrats.” Paddy Gibson

Online Opinion: ‘Closing the Gap’ Gillard style
16 Feb 11: “Gillard’s characterisation of the problem is
grossly unfair to Aboriginal people and demonstrably
inaccurate … One must wonder who is responsible for the
briefing provided to our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,
before she gave her “Closing the Gap” speech last week.
Surely targeting a group of our population in a national
address in such a prejudiced way is an extraordinary act
by any leader. … Did anyone brief our Prime Minister on
Northern Territory Aboriginal people and their current
precarious situation with their land having been
compulsorily removed from their control by her Government?
These are people who now live without equity in their own
land. The legislation that treats Northern Territory
Aboriginal families differently to all other Australians,
and which has been roundly condemned by the United Nations
… ” Michele Harris OAM

– Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 24-02-2011
24 Feb 11: “A leading Australian researcher says he warned
nearly four years ago that the implementation of policies
to move Aboriginal people from outstations to townships
would lead to an unprecedented level of urban migration in
the Northern Territory. … “

CAAMA Radio News 23-02-2011
23 Feb 11: “An award winning indigenous affairs reporter
says the Northern Territory Intervention has been hijacked
and turned into a mode of spying on people in remote
communities. … “

CAAMA Radio News 17-02-2011
17 Feb 11: “A Melbourne based academic who has spent more
than 3 decades working alongside Yanyuwa people people in
the Northern Territory says Gillard Government bureaucrats
aren’t even close in their understanding of how to work
with and alongside Aboriginal people. … “

CAAMA Radio: Malcolm Fraser speaks on CAAMA Radio
15 Feb 11: “Paul Wiles speaks to former Prime Minister of
Australia Malcolm fraser on strong voices about the

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
Take A Leadership Role says Tangentyere Council
14 Feb 11: “It’s Time For Political Leaders To Take A
Leadership Role In Partnership With Indigenous Australia
The Intervention (Northern Territory Emergency Response) in
the Northern Territory has created a number of alarming
issues and to a large extent the Aboriginal population in
the Central Australian Region has become disengaged from
any development process with growing signs of increasing
despair and family breakdowns. Mr Walter Shaw, the CEO of
Tangentyere Council today says “The Intervention was
another attempt by the Canberra political and
administrative process to ‘fix the Aboriginal problem’
with a new mantra of ‘Normalisation’. … “

– News

ABC: Aboriginal leaders call for end to intervention
27 Feb 11: “Aboriginal leaders in central Australia have
welcomed comments from the man who designed the Northern
Territory intervention, agreeing that it has failed. …
Since Labor won government the intervention has remained in
place, but Mr Brough says Labor has not delivered it
properly. Rosalie Kunoth-Monks from Utopia, 230 kilometres
from Alice Springs agrees, although her agreement with Mr
Brough ends there. … Richard Downs from the Ampilatwatja
community says the entire policy is wrong.”

Australian: Indigenous housing delivers on job goals
25 Feb 11: “THE Gillard government’s beleaguered indigenous
housing program in the Northern Territory has massively
exceeded its targets for employing local Aborigines, with
307 indigenous employees working in around 60 communities
and town camps.”

SMH: People moving off income management in NT
24 Feb 11: “Almost 2000 welfare recipients in the Northern
Territory have managed to move off income management since
the scheme was rolled out eight months ago. A Senate
estimates hearing has been told that 1754 people have so
far passed strict tests enabling them to avoid
quarantining and pocket their entire welfare cheque.”

Business Spectator: NT welfare program a success: report
24 Feb 11: “Over 1,700 welfare recipients in the Northern
Territory have gone off income management programs in the
past eight months after finding apprenticeships, jobs or
improving their parenting abilities, according to a report
by The Australian. The data tracks welfare patterns since
welfare quarantining was extended from indigenous to
non-indigenous people in the Northern Territory last July,
and reveals that 16,170 people are currently on welfare
support, including 4,000 who have volunteered to take part
in income management initiatives, the report said.”

Australian: ACTU partnership in indigenous campaign
16 Feb 11: “UNIONS will today follow the lead of big
business and unveil a partnership with indigenous
Australians to improve the lives of Aborigines and Torres
Strait Islanders through decent jobs and sustainable
development. The three-day ACTU Indigenous Conference in
Darwin will also discuss a plan on how to deal with the
Northern Territory Emergency Response targeting alcohol,
violence and child abuse in 73 remote communities.”


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Northern Territory National Emergency Response

ANTaR (Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation) – NT intervention:

‘concerned Australians’:

Defending Indigenous Rights:

Intervention walk-off’s Blog:

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Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective:

STICS (Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney):

WGAR (Working Group for Aboriginal Rights):

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