10/03/2011 Complaint against ‘racist’ Alice Springs TV advertisements

* Complaint against ‘racist’ Alice Springs TV advertisements
* Northern Territory (NT) Intervention articles
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Jude Kelly invites Kevin Rudd to Aboriginal Tent Embassy
* Dr Djiniyini Gondarra speaks about Aboriginal Customary Law
* “The biggest failure in our health system”


– Statement / Report

Rollback the Intervention – Statements/Reports:
Intervention Rollback Action Group Response to ‘Action for Alice’
3 Mar 11: “The Intervention Rollback Action Group condemns
the racist advertising campaign being run by business
owner group ‘Action for Alice’ and their calls for further
incarceration of Aboriginal people. We are extremely
concerned at deteriorating social conditions facing the
Aboriginal community both in urban centres and bush
communities. These problems are the fruits of
discriminatory government policy. Meeting this crisis must
start with a strong stand against racism and for
empowerment and positive investment in Aboriginal
communities. … Calls for more punitive measures must be
resisted. We must act immediately to force the removal of
the racist advertisements and an end to vigilantism
sponsored by groups like Action for Alice. The Intervention
must be scrapped and the millions currently being spent on
bureaucrats and punitive programs must be redirected to
rebuilding Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal leadership.”

– News

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
Complaint against ‘racist’ Alice Springs TV commercials
4 Mar 11: “Central Australian country music singer and
Indigenous rights advocate Warren H Williams has today
lodged a complaint with the Australian Human Rights
Commission (AHRC) against advertisements being run on the
Imparja television network by business owner group ‘Action
for Alice’. Mr Williams says the advertisements are racist
and vilify Indigenous people. Mr Williams is being
represented by human rights lawyer George Newhouse of Surry
Partners Lawyers in Sydney. The complaint is requesting
that Imparja and ‘Action for Alice’ take the advertisements
off air and off the internet immediately.”

ABC: Locals take legal action over Alice crime ads
3 Mar 11: “Some Alice Springs residents are taking legal
action over television ads they say are racially
discriminatory. … At least two local Indigenous residents
are launching a claim with the Human Rights Commission.
Their lawyer George Newhouse says his clients believe the
commercials unfairly stigmatise Aboriginal people.”

ABC: TV ad complaint
3 Mar 11: “Well known singer / songwriter Warren H Williams
has lodged an official complaint with the Human Rights
Commission about Action for Alice’s controversial
television ads. The advertisements, which are aimed at
tackling crime and show young Aboriginal people walking
around at night, have been running in Alice Springs for
around a month. Human rights lawyer George Newhouse says
he’s been contacted by ‘a number of people’ over the past
few days and the complaint was lodged this morning.”


– 27 Indigenous leaders speak out

National Indigenous Times: Stop the Intervention!
3 Mar 11: “If there was any doubt there should be none now.
Indigenous leaders throughout Australia have said
overwhelmingly that Jenny Macklin should stop the
Intervention in the Northern Territory.
Twenty seven of Australia’s Indigenous leaders, including
Gail Mabo from the Torres Strait Islands, agreed to respond
to our request to declare whether they believed the
Intervention should continue. To a person they have
declared: No, it shouldn’t.
They were all responding to the February 17 edition of The
National Indigenous Times that featured a powerful appeal
from traditional Elders from remote communities in the
Northern Territory who declared the Intervention was
destroying their communities and their hope of a future for
the families.”

See background:
WGAR News: A Further Conversation with Elders
– impacts of living under the Intervention

– Audio

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
3 Mar 11: “Reverend Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM:
Tiga Bayles spoke with Reverend Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM.
They spoke about the Northern Territory Intervention.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

– Report

ANTaR’s publication “A Better Way: Success Stories in
Aboriginal community control in the Northern Territory”
Download ANTaR’s A Better Way publication February 2011:

– Analysis / Opinion

Socialist Alternative:
Indigenous housing situation a result of racist policies
4 Mar 11: “The appalling housing conditions in remote
Indigenous communities in Australia are a vivid indicator
of the depth and persistence of systemic racism in this
country. What is even more revealing is the way in which
massive investment in remote housing in recent years has
been used by the Australian state to further entrench the
dispossession and subjugation of Indigenous peoples. …
Housing conditions in Northern Territory (NT) Aboriginal
communities are amongst the worst in the world.”
Alex McAulay

Crikey: NT intervention … why it just didn’t work
2 Mar 11: “Mal Brough, creator of the Northern Territory
intervention, declared last Saturday that it was a failure,
Jenny Macklin, not surprisingly, denies failure and claims
it is both proceeding and succeeding. I agree with Brough
that the intervention was a failure but not for the reasons
he has stated. He claims the ALP government has gone soft
and failed to … ” Eva Cox

– News

Green Left: Gov’t expands welfare quarantine scheme
6 Mar 11: “”The federal government’s expansion of income
management in the Northern Territory has created new
barriers for Aboriginal people who want to get off its
welfare control scheme. The rollout has also affected
hundreds — possibly thousands — of others, including
residents of Darwin and Alice Springs and newly arrived
refugees. … The intervention into Aboriginal communities
continues with compulsory land acquisition, prohibition,
the destruction of Aboriginal-run services and an ongoing
lack of any evidence of improvement. Income management
still places a discriminatory burden on Aboriginal people.”
Jay Fletcher

National Indigenous Times:
Mal Brough, the supreme interventionist, agrees it’s not working
“Mal Brough, the Howard Government Minister who will always
be remembered as the architect of the infamous Intervention
into Northern Territory communities, has now declared the
program isn’t working. In fact, Brough now believes the
whole structure of the Intervention is broken beyond
repair. It has, he said, become stagnant and buried in
bureacracy. Mr Brough was Indigenous Affairs Minister in
the Howard Government in 2007 when he launched the
Intervention program, including the use of Australian Army
personnel, to end what was claimed to be a crisis in the
Northern Territory.”

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