18/06/2011 NT nuclear waste dump protest and debate in Senate

* NT nuclear waste dump protest and debate in Senate
* Central Land Council critical of Muckaty proposal
* Background to Muckaty nuclear waste dump
* Native Title
* Northern Territory (NT) Intervention articles
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Other Aboriginal articles


– Speeches

Greens: Scott Ludlam:
The debate on the Radioactive Waste Management Act
14 Jun 11: “The Senate is debating the National Radioactive
Waste Management Act. The Greens oppose this deeply flawed
Bill that has been strongly criticised and has no place on
the Australian statute books. The government has not
delivered on its promise or its own party platform to
“establish a consensual process of site selection, which
looks to agreed scientific grounds for determining
suitability and the centrality of community consultation
and support.” Instead it has set itself up for a divisive
and entirely avoidable confrontation with a community
unwilling to host the nation’s radioactive waste.”

Greens MPs: Part two of the Muckaty speech
15 Jun 11: “Part two of Scott’s Muckaty speech”

Greens: Spokesperson Rachel Siewert: Muckaty Waste Dump Speech
14 Jun 11: “Senator Siewert’s heartfelt speech on the
proposed radioactive waste dump at Muckaty station.”

Greens: Rachel Siewert:
National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010
14 Jun 11: “I rise to make remarks on the National
Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010 and particularly the
extent to which it targets the Aboriginal community and
Aboriginal land. I would also like to note that I know
there are people keenly listening to this debate, both in
the gallery and back in many communities. … We believe
that this bill overrides both Aboriginal heritage and
environmental protection laws to the extent that it seeks
to impose nuclear waste on an unwilling community in the
Northern Territory. … I would also like to quote from a
letter I understand the minister has received from Mark
Lane, who wrote to him about this issue last March.
Mr Lane said: These are our concerns. We told the
government that Karakara is sacred land. … The site for
the proposed nuclear waste dump is in an earthquake tremor
zone. What if an earthquake opens the nuclear waste
storage and radioactive waste falls into our groundwater
basin? We don’t get our water from the city, town or from
the coast. It comes from right below us. … “

– Media Releases

Beyond Nuclear Initiative:
United stand against Muckaty radioactive waste dump plan
14 Jun 11: “A community rally will be held at 12pm today in
front of Parliament House, Canberra to protest the federal
government’s planned radioactive waste dump at Muckaty in
the Northern Territory. People have travelled from across
the country to attend and will be addressed by a broad
range of speakers including Muckaty Traditional Owners,
federal politicians, medical professionals, environment
group representatives and union officials.
The Senate is scheduled to debate Minister Martin
Ferguson’s National Radioactive Waste Management
legislation as the first item of business (12:30pm). The
law will entrench the Muckaty site as the only area under
active consideration for a national radioactive dump.
Muckaty Traditional Owner Dianne Stokes said, “We will be
outside the parliament today representing our traditional
elders of the Warlmanpa and Warumungu tribes. The Senate
will be going ahead debating the legislation without proper
consultation and without our consent. They have not come
to sit with the rightful Traditional Owners.”
Kylie Sambo from Muckaty added, “As one of the young
Kurtungurlu from the Milwayi tribe we keep saying over
and over again that our Elders weren’t consulted properly.
They didn’t have any idea what sort of poison they’re
dealing with. As a young person I care about my future and
about the future of the children in my community. If they
put the waste dump in Muckaty it’s going to be very
unhealthy for us. Everyone talks about children being the
future, well I’m one of the future generation and I say I
don’t want the waste dump in my home or anywhere in the
Northern Territory.””

Scott Ludlam: Greens dig in to fight nuclear waste dump
16 Jun 11: “The Greens will place the Government’s plan for
a nuclear waste dump under the microscope again today as
debate resumes on Labor’s attempt to pass the scheme
through the Senate.
The Greens spokesperson for nuclear issues, Senator for
Western Australia Scott Ludlam, said his party would do
everything it could to stop the Government’s plan to force
the dump on an unwilling community, whether at Muckaty
Station in the Northern Territory or anywhere else.
“The Government is trying to pre-empt the outcome of a
Federal Court challenge to the Muckaty nomination,”
Senator Ludlam said. “This bill places total discretion
in the hands of Minister Martin Ferguson to site this dump
and run roughshod over a number of checks and balances,
including basic environmental standards. … “

Northern Land Council: Radioactive waste has to go somewhere
15 Jun 11: “Northern Land Council (NLC) Chief Executive
Officer Mr Kim Hill said this week’s expected passage of
the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill through the
Senate will be an important step towards Australia meeting
its obligations to store its own radioactive waste.
Mr Hill said if the Senate passes the National Radioactive
Waste it would not necessarily mean a radioactive waste
repository would be built on Aboriginal land in the
Northern Territory and that, ultimately, science would
decide its location.”

– Banner

Greens MPs: No waste at Muckaty banner
16 Jun 11: “This banner is from the Ngapa people of Tennant
Creek – it reads “no waste dump at Muckaty” – signed with
handprints from all the family groups represented on the
Muckaty Land Trust. Tabled in Parliament and now recorded
in Hansard on Tuesday 14 June 2011.”

– Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 15-06-2011
15 Jun 11: “Over a hundred people have gathered at a
protest rally in Canberra to demonstrate their ongoing
opposition to the nuclear waste dump which has been
proposed for Mackaty Station in the Northern Territory.”

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 14-06-2011
14 Jun 11: “Traditional owners from the site of a proposed
radioactive w atse dump in the Northern Terriotry will
travel to Canberra to take part in a protest against the
location of their country.”

The Wire:
NT Muckaty Radioactive Waste dump – Protests in Parliament
14 Jun 11: “Politicians, unionists and Indigenous elders
were protesting today while Parliament was in session. The
protest joined by Greens Senator Scott Ludlum and Adam
Bandt is against the government’s planned legislation,
which will entrench the Northern Territory’s MUCKATY site
as the only area to dump radioactive waste in. Minister
for Resources,Energy and Tourism Martin Ferguson plans to
push through the law in Parliament. Muckaty traditional
owners say no prior consultation nor consent was sought
about the proposed dump site and will have grave results
for indigenous residents in NT. Indigenous traditional
owners have taken a legal case in the Federal court to
contest the Government’s Muckaty nomination.
Interviews with Greens Senator Scott Ludlum and Campaigner
for Australian Conservation Foundation Dave Sweeney.”

– News

NT News: D-Day to stop nuclear waste dump
16 Jun 11: “THE NT nuclear waste dump will come a step
closer today when debate takes place in the Senate on the
Radioactive Waste Management Bill. Traditional owners are
in Canberra trying to persuade senators to stop the complex
being built at Muckaty Station, near Tennant Creek.
Campaign leader Dianne Stokes has urged them to vote
against the Bill.”
[Includes photo: Kylie Sambo puts the case against the
Muckaty Station nuclear waste dump in Canberra on

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Parliament to vote on Muckaty
16 Jun 11: “Yapa Yapa woman and traditional owner Dianne
Stokes, who is against the bill, is in Canberra waiting on
the decision. She says even if the bill passes through the
Senate, her people will continue to fight through
traditional acts on their land.”

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Senate debate over Muckaty waste dump
16 Jun 11: “Debate in the Senate has been fiery over the
Federal Government’s plans to build a nuclear waste dump
facility in the Northern Territory. A bill to approve the
dump is being debated in Parliament this week and is
expected to be passed today or tomorrow.”

Canberra Times: Toxic talk
15 Jun 11: “Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson
might have been surprised yesterday to find a 7m-tall
nuclear waste barrel sitting on the lawns of Parliament
House. The giant barrel was erected by more than 50
protesters … Aboriginal elders condemned Ferguson’s lack
of consultation, medical representatives warned of health
effects and others travelled from Sydney, Melbourne,
Brisbane, Newcastle, Wollongong and Byron Bay to ensure
they weren’t on the transport route for the waste. A toxic
issue indeed.”

Australian Conservation Foundation:
Radioactive waste fight grows:
Muckaty plan a bad deal, not a done deal
14 Jun 11: “The Australian Conservation Foundation has
described as cynical and irresponsible the introduction to
the Senate of recycled Howard-era legislation aimed at
fast-tracking a nuclear waste dump in the Northern
Territory. The National Radioactive Waste Management Bill,
which seeks to override state, territory and local
government concerns and exempt the federal government from
meeting key environmental and Aboriginal heritage rules, is
to be introduced to the Senate today.”

Australian: Greens slam Government over Northern Territory
nuclear waste dump
14 Jun 11: “THE Australian Greens have accused the Federal
Government of failing to consult adequately with
traditional landowners about a planned nuclear waste dump
in the Northern Territory. … A rally on the issue will be
held outside Parliament House in Canberra at midday (AEST).
Traditional owner Dianne Stokes said she would be
representing the traditional elders of the Warlmanpa and
Warumungu tribes. “The Senate will be going ahead debating
the legislation without proper consultation and without
our consent,” she said. … “

9 News: Nuclear dump laws ‘radioactive racism’
14 Jun 11: “The Australian Greens say draft laws which will
allow a nuclear waste dump to be created on a property in
the Northern Territory are “radioactive racism”. As the
traditional owners of Muckaty Station and their supporters
rallied outside Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday,
Greens senator Rachel Siewert was telling the upper house
their land should not turned into a waste dump. … Another
traditional owner, Kylie Sambo, told them of the link her
people had with the land at Muckaty. “We don’t want this
poison in our land because our land means a lot to us,” she

ABC: Senate debates nuclear waste dump plan
14 Jun 11: “A bill that would allow Australia’s first
nuclear waste dump to be built in the Northern Territory
will be debated in the Senate today. … A group of
Indigenous people from the area [Muckaty Station] are in
Canberra today to hear the debate. Traditional owner Dianne
Stokes says she does not want to see her home turned into a
wasteland. “We still don’t want the waste dump to come
there,” she said. “Why didn’t they listen to us before? To
the main traditional elders and the traditional people from
the country and from the ground itself? … “

ABC: Muckaty nuclear dump bill likely to pass Senate
14 Jun 11: “Laws to set up a nuclear waste storage facility
in the Northern Territory are likely to be approved by the
Senate this week, despite calls from senators for the
debate to be put on hold. Traditional owners and green
groups travelled to Canberra to rally against the bill.
Kylie Sambo, a young Aboriginal woman from the Muckaty
Station area, says the dump will poison the land. “I really
don’t want the waste dump to come to our country because I
love it, because I love my family and I love my country so
much that I don’t want it to come there,” she said.”

Accidentally Outback:
Muckaty nuclear dump debate continues in the Senate
14 Jun 11: “A Bill which will decide the fate of the
proposed nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station in the
Northern Territory is set to be debated in the Senate
again this week. The Bill is being pushed through
Parliament despite growing opposition in the NT, and an
ongoing Federal Court challenge over the nomination of
Muckaty land by traditional owners of the region. The
Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has described
the legislative fast-tracking as cynical and

– Video

YouTube: Muckaty 1.MOV
13 Jun 11: “a brief excerpt from the press conference on
the muckaty waste dump legislation being debated today.”


– Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 16-06-2011
16 Jun 11: “One of the country’s most powerful Aboriginal
land councils says the process of choosing Muckaty near
Tennant Creek as a dumping ground for the nation’s nuclear
waste has been deeply flawed on all levels and that the
consequences will be felt far into the future.”

– News

National Indigenous Radio Service:
CLC critical of Muckaty proposal
16 Jun 11: “The Central Land Council (CLC) says building a
nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory is a political
solution that bribes the poorest sector of the community.”

9 News: Council says nuclear dump causing division
15 Jun 11: “Building a nuclear waste dump in the Northern
Territory is a political solution that bribes the poorest
sector of the community, the Central Land Council (CLC)
says. CLC director David Ross, in a statement released on
Wednesday, said the introduction of the Radio Active Waste
Management Bill to the Senate on Tuesday was short-sighted.
He said the Bill would allow the government to “ride
roughshod over Aboriginal peoples’ concerns and
environmental restrictions” and use Muckaty Station, north
of Tennant Creek, as a dumping ground for the nation’s
nuclear waste.”

NT News: Muckaty edging closer
15 Jun 11: “And the Central Land Council said the Federal
Government was riding roughshod over Aboriginal people’s
concerns. Land council director David Ross said the
management of nuclear waste should be treated in a proper
scientific way rather than bribing “the poorest sector of
the community”.”
[Includes photo: Muckaty protest outside Parliament House
in Canberra.]

– Background Media Release

Central Land Council: Waste dump law should be rejected
23 Feb 11: “The Central Land Council has called on the
Senate to reject the National Radioactive Waste Management
Bill 2010 in its entirety, pointing out the legislation
that has passed the House of Representatives is
fundamentally flawed.
The CLC says the legislation allows the Commonwealth
Government to continue to override many important
considerations in the selection of a site for a radioactive
waste facility. …
The CLC is extremely disappointed that this Bill validates
the Muckaty nomination without acknowledging the dissent
and conflict amongst the broader traditional owner group
about the process and the so called agreement.”


YouTube: Muckaty Voices-Australia’s nuclear waste dump story
“”Muckaty Voices” is a short film capturing community
resistance to an Australian government plan to dump
radioactive waste at Muckaty Station, 120 kilometres north
of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.”

Beyond Nuclear Initiative – Muckaty:

Beyond Nuclear Initiative:

Proposed Radioactive Waste Dump at Muckaty, NT
Briefing Paper – February 2011
Jim Green B.Med.Sci.(Hons.), PhD
National nuclear campaigner – Friends of the Earth, Australia
Friends of the Earth: http://www.foe.org.au/anti-nuclear/issues/oz/nontdump/Dump%20briefing%20Feb%202011.pdf

Nuclear Territory News: Waste Dump News:

WGAR News: Nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory (2 Mar 10)

WGAR News: Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump (20 Mar 10)

WGAR News: Nuclear Waste Dump (28 Mar 10)

WGAR News: Muckaty Radioactive Waste Dump (4 Apr 10)

WGAR News: National day of action against Muckaty nuclear waste dump: 12th April!

WGAR News: Nuclear Waste Dump: Senate inquiry in Darwin; Nationwide protests (17 Apr 10)

WGAR News: Update: Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump (23 Apr 10)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2010/04/22/wgar-news-raw-sewage-dumped-in-ampilatwatja-aboriginal-worker-dismissed-23-apr-10

WGAR News: Update on Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump (2 May 10)

WGAR News: “Muckaty Voices” film; Senate Report into nuclear waste dump plan (16 May 10)

WGAR News: Federal Court legal challenge over nuclear waste dump (13 Jun 10)

WGAR News: PM Gillard: No change on Muckaty nuclear waste dump (12 Jul 10)

WGAR News: Legislation passes enabling a nuclear waste dump to be built at Muckaty, NT (1 Mar 11)

WGAR News: Federal Court challenge over nuclear dump resumes in August (16 Mar 11)

WGAR News: Interview with Kylie Sambo, Mark Lane and Dr. Jim Green about Muckaty nuclear waste dump (21 Mar 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/03/21/wgar-news-protest-blockade-by-lake-tyers-aboriginal-women-continues

WGAR News: Nuclear waste legislation must wait until objections heard in Federal Court (23 Mar 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/03/23/wgar-news-international-day-for-the-elimination-of-racial-discrimination-harmony-day-21-m

WGAR News: Aboriginal groups protest against nuclear waste dump (26 Mar 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/03/26/wgar-news-police-used-to-break-blockade-by-aboriginal-women-of-lake-tyers

WGAR News: Crisis in Japan and Muckaty Nuclear Waste Dump (2 Apr 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/04/02/wgar-news-online-petition-about-aboriginal-workers-exploited-under-sihip-housing-program

WGAR News: Muckaty Traditional Owners speak out (14 Apr 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/04/14/wgar-news-deaths-in-custody-and-aboriginal-incarceration-rates

WGAR News: Help Stop the Muckaty Radioactive Waste Dump – May 7-8 (24 Apr 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/04/24/wgar-news-two-urgent-petitions-on-the-nt-intervention-sign-by-early-may-2011

WGAR News: “Keep the poison out of Muckaty” – community rally on May 7, 2011 (30 Apr 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/04/30/wgar-news-keep-the-poison-out-of-muckaty-community-rally-on-may-7-2011

WGAR News: NT nuclear waste dump plans contested (10 May 11)

WGAR News: More on Muckaty nuclear waste dump (14 May 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/05/14/wgar-news-aboriginal-elder-raises-international-awareness-of-the-nt-intervention

WGAR News: Interview with Muckaty Traditional Owner, Dianne Stokes / Doctor: Public misled over nuclear medicine needs (17 May 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/05/17/wgar-news-global-call-to-action-for-aboriginal-rights-in-australia

WGAR News: Gov’t hopes Senate will debate nuclear waste dump in June (18 May 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/05/18/wgar-news-amnesty-international-report-2011-human-rights-in-australia

WGAR News: Video: No to a dump in the NT – Darwin rally 11 May 2011
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/05/21/wgar-news-un-human-rights-high-commissioner-hears-from-nt-aboriginal-leaders

WGAR News: Canberra Rally, June 14 2011: Don’t dump on the NT -No radioactive waste dump at Muckaty

WGAR News: Newcastle Rally: No Waste Dump at Muckaty, 11 June 2011
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/06/05/wgar-news-rebuilding-from-the-ground-up-an-alternative-to-the-nt-intervention-document

WGAR News: One week to go! June 14 Canberra Rally against NT nuclear waste dump
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/06/09/wgar-news-prime-minister-julia-gillard-visits-mparntwe-alice-springs


– Analysis / Opinion

Treaty Republic:
A comparison between Land Rights and Native Title
Jun 11: “at last!!! a good comparison of what is land
rights and what is the more insultingly and falsely called
native title. as gary foley and others have said for many
years, ‘native title is not land rights’. it does not even
come close to real land rights for the traditional owners
of our ancient lands. the major difficulties of comparing
the two systems was that mainly it became very very
difficult to explain the differences to those who had a
limited legal knowledge and/or a more limited understanding
of land for the traditional owners.” Ray Jackson,
President, Indigenous Social Justice Association

– Factsheet to which Ray Jackson refers

Central Land Council:
Comparison of Land Rights and Native Title
Mar 08

– News

Scoop: Onus of proof a matter of truth and justice
15 Jun 11: “Maori Party Co-leader Dr Pita Sharples has
welcomed the call by former Australian Prime Minister Paul
Keating for the onus of proof in Aboriginal native title
claims to land to be reversed. “Paul Keating has called for
Australian law to presume that Aboriginal customary land
titles still exist, unless they are proven to have been
extinguished,” said Dr Sharples.”

Koori Mail: Keating speaks out on native title
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php?page=Current+Edition
15 Jun 11: “FORMER Prime Minister Paul Keating has used
another memorable speech to push for Indigenous justice,
this time around native title. Delivering the 2011 Lowitja
O’Donoghue Oration for the Don Dunstan Foundation in
Adelaide, Mr Keating backed proposals before the Federal
Parliament to reverse an ‘unjust’ burden of proof imposed
on native title claimants to establish their ongoing
connection to land. Mr Keating said it should be up to
claim respondents to prove that such connections didn’t
exist, rather than the other way around.”

Koori Mail: Communities warned of ‘lateral violence’
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php?page=Current+Edition
15 Jun 11: “SOCIAL Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda has
urged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to
tackle ‘lateral violence’ within their own communities.
Speaking at the AIATSIS National Native Title Conference in
Brisbane early this month, Mr Gooda said the native title
process could provoke disputes rather than resolve matters,
and relationships within communities would be amongst his


WGAR News: Problems with Native Title (5 Jun 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/06/05/wgar-news-rebuilding-from-the-ground-up-an-alternative-to-the-nt-intervention-document

WGAR News: Calls for Native Title reform (7 Jun 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/06/07/wgar-news-aboriginal-rights-upcoming-events-around-australia-june-2011


– Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 17-06-2011
17 Jun 11: “* The Australian Federal Police have defended
their role in the Northern Territory Intervention, despite
claims from many aboriginal elders that the emergency
response and the presence of the AFP have done nothing to
address the social problems confronting Aboriginal people.
* A senior South Australian police officer who spent most
of his 40 year career working in remote parts of the state
says policing in Aboriginal communities is about police
talking to community members and respecting the views and
opinions of local elders.
* Aboriginal people in the Top End opposed to the former
Howard Government’s emergency response will present the
Territory Parliament with an alternative plan to replace
the intervention legislation.”

– News

Adelaide Now: Aborginal intervention faces major shake-up
17 Jun 11: “THE federal intervention into remote NT
Aboriginal communities will change when it expires next
year. … Consultations would determine which aspects of
the emergency response should continue. One of two senators
for the NT, Labor’s Trish Crossin, said a discussion paper
about the continuation of the intervention would be
released in coming weeks. She said Prime Minister Julia
Gillard had started the Government’s dialogue with
Aboriginal elders on her recent tour of the NT … “

National Indigenous Radio Service:
AFP to pull out of Intervention
16 Jun 11: “The Australian Federal Police is expected to
announce today it is pulling out of the Northern Territory
Emergency Response.”

ABC: AFP pulls out of Territory intervention
16 Jun 11: “The Australian Federal Police is today expected
to announce its official pull-out from the Northern
Territory Emergency Response. Northern Territory police
officers will resume policing all remote communities.”

SMH: AFP to withdraw from intervention
16 Jun 11: “The Australian Federal Police is expected to
announce its official withdrawal from remote Northern
Territory Aboriginal communities. The officers, who were
posted in 73 NT communities as part of the Howard
government’s 2007 emergency response to the Little Children
Are Sacred report, will be replaced by NT police officers.
The move is expected to attract mixed reactions, as many
Aboriginal elders claim the intervention and the presence
of the AFP have done nothing to address the social
problems confronting indigenous Australians.”

Koori Mail: Intervention is helping: PM
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php?page=Current+Edition
15 Jun 11: “PRIME Minister Julia Gillard says the Northern
Territory Intervention ‘has made a difference’, and has
vowed to be guided on future actions by community leaders.
But she has acknowledged that town camps around Alice
Springs have been neglected and promised her Government is
working to address the situation. Ms Gillard undertook a
three-day tour of the NT last week.”


Creative Spirits:
Northern Territory Emergence Response (NTER)
– “The Intervention”:

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Northern Territory National Emergency Response:

CAAMA (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association)
– NT Intervention:

‘concerned Australians’:
Without Justice there can be no Reconciliation:

IRAG (Intervention Rollback Action Group):
Mparntwe – Alice Springs:

STICS (Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney):

The Greens: Rachel Siewert: Northern Territory Intervention:

Treaty Republic – NT Intervention:

ANTaR (Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation)
– NT intervention:

Crikey – NT Intervention:

Jobs with Justice:

MAIC (Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective):

New Matilda – northern territory intervention:

Amnesty International Australia:
Looking back at the Northern Territory Intervention:

Students For Indigenous Rights – UQ:
The Northern Territory Intervention:

Defending Indigenous Rights:

Intervention walk-off’s Blog:

Australian Human Rights Commission:
Northern Territory ‘Emergency Response’ intervention:

FAIRA; Human Rights Law Resource Centre; NACLC:
Australia’s compliance with CERD – Fact Sheet 2:
Northern Territory Intervention:

Green Left: Northern Territory intervention: myths and facts:

WGAR (Working Group for Aboriginal Rights):


– Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
Language may help school attendance
15 Jun 11: “The new NSW Minister for Aboriginal affairs,
Victor Dominello has travelled to remote communities and
found by speaking to Aboriginal people that teaching kids
traditional language may make school a more relevant and
fun place to learn and could increase attendance rates.
He speaks to Nerida Currey on Strong Voices.”

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
15 Jun 11: “Maurie Ryan: Today Karen Dorante spoke with
founding member of the First Nations Political Party,
Maurie Ryan about the party’s registration, forthcoming
AGM and the PM’s recent visit to the Territory.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

– News

Koori Mail: Our new voice
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php?page=Current+Edition
15 Jun 11: “ABORIGINAL and Torres Strait Islander people
have a new elected national representative body. About 120
delegates at the first annual forum of the National
Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, voted in Sydney last
Wednesday to elect six new directors to the organisation.
And interim results of a survey of National Congress
members have identified health, education, sovereignty
(encompassing constitutional recognition), and land
management and protection amongst its first priorities.”

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