9/11/2011 Aboriginal Leaders call for apology over NT intervention; Darwin launch of Walk With Us

* Aboriginal Leaders call for apology over NT intervention
* Report on ‘Consultations’:
“A flawed process and not what people said”
* Darwin book launch of ‘Walk With Us’
* Video: Yuendumu Voices – Reflections on the Intervention
* National Health Leadership Forum (NHLF) to be voice to govt
* Interview with Jonathan Nichols, Editor of a APY Project
* Project: Manuwangku, Under the Nuclear Cloud exhibition
* Jon Altman:
The intervention is dead, long live the intervention
* Nicole Watson: Message to media: We are people too
* Jeff McMullen: Listen to the children
* Barbara Shaw meets with Amnesty International NSW
* What’s Working – Language and Wellbeing
* Other Northern Territory (NT) Intervention articles
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Other articles
* Upcoming Aboriginal rights events around Australia


– Statement

No More! Enough is Enough!
Statement by Northern Territory Elders and Community
‘concerned Australians’: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/media/Statement-4-11-11.pdf
DARC: http://darwinaboriginalrights.wordpress.com/
Green Left: http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/49367
4 Nov 11: “United First People’s Law men and women who are
born leaders representing people of Prescribed Areas in the
Northern Territory make this statement.
Once again, they have gathered to openly discuss the future
of our generation who have been subjugated by the lies and
innuendo of the Federal Government, set out in the Stronger
Futures document (October 2011).
The Stronger Futures report has created a lot of anger and
frustration due to the lack of process and the ignorant way
in which the views of the people have been reported. we
therefore reject this report.
We will not support an extension of the Intervention
legislation. We did not ask for it. In fact we call for a
genuine Apology from the Federal Government for the hurt,
embarrassment, shame and stigma, and for the illegal
removal of the Racial Discrimination Act. It is our
intention to officially call upon Government for
reparation. …
Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra OAM
Rosalie Kunoth-Monks OAM
Japata Ryan
Harry Nelson
Djapirri Murunggirritj
Barbara Shaw
Yananymul Mununggurr”
[Click on the above link to read the many more points made.]

– News

newsTracker: Leaders call for apology over NT intervention
7 Nov 11: “NATIONAL: A group of prominent Northern
Territory Aboriginal leaders have called for an apology
from the federal government for the “hurt, embarrassment,
shame and stigma” caused by the controversial Northern
Territory intervention. They have also stated that they
will not support any extension of the controversial policy
and have raised the issue of reparations. The group
includes Djiniyini Gondarra, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, Japata
Ryan, Harry Nelson, Yananymul Mununggurr, Djapirri
Murunggirritj and Barbara Shaw. All of them live in
prescribed areas under the intervention … ” Amy McQuire,
Darumbal and South Sea Islander woman and editor of Tracker

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Anger of Intervention extension plans
7 Nov 11: “Indigenous elders from the Northern Territory
are angry over the Federal Government’s plan to extend the
controversial Intervention next year. … But some corners
of the Indigenous community are condemning the move, saying
the Intervention is causing shame and embarrassment.
Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, from Utopia in Central Australia,
says after five years of the oppression of the
Intervention, her community is demanding the government
hand back control to them and they’re asking for a genuine

ABC Indigenous:
Indigenous elders condemn intervention extension
5 Nov 11: “A group of Aboriginal leaders say they are
furious about the Federal Government’s plan to extend the
Northern Territory intervention next year. The intervention
was meant to wrap up next year but last month Indigenous
Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin announced that measures
including alcohol bans and welfare quarantining in remote
communities will continue.”

– Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 07-11-2011
7 Nov 11: “The statement said the elders will not support
an extension of the intervention legislation… and are
calling for a geniune apology from the federal government
for the illegal removal of the racial discrimination act…
and the hurt, embarrasment and shame the Northern Territory
intervention has caused them.”

– Related Video

SBS World News Australia:
Elders voice anger over NT intervention
4 Nov 11: “Aboriginal community leaders have hit out at the
Gillard government over plans to extend its predecessor’s
controversial intervention in the Northern Territory. The
elders travelled thousands of kilometres to deliver a blunt
message to indigenous affairs minister Jenny Macklin about
her “Stronger Futures” discussion paper in Melbourne. They
branded the intervention ‘racist and discriminatory’. They
say living standards have gone backwards since the Howard
government introduced it  four years ago.”


– Statement

Rollback the Intervention:
Australian Government’s report on their Stronger Futures
‘Consultations’ – A flawed process and not what people said
4 Nov 11: “The federal government’s recent report from
meetings with people living in prescribed areas is flawed,
pre-determined, and misrepresents the views of communities.
From late June to early August community meetings were held
in all prescribed areas.
The Federal Government spent a great deal of money on the
consultations. But they gave very little notice to the
people living under the intervention.
The areas of discussion were tightly controlled. For example
there was no formal space given for discussion of the NTER
measures such as income management, land, or customary law.
Governance was only talked about at the end of the meetings
if at all. …
IRAG is concerned that the lack of accountability has led
to the misrepresentation of people’s views. … ”
[Click on the above link to read the many more points made.]

– Related Analysis / Opinion

Solidarity: Consultations whitewash Intervention’s failure
Nov 11: “Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin has used
sham consultations with Aboriginal communities to announce
an extension of the failed NT Intervention beyond the
current legislation’s “sunset clause” of July 2012. The
entire process of consultations was designed to whitewash
the deep pain and anger felt in NT communities ripped apart
by the Intervention. They were based on a discussion paper,
Stronger Futures, which made it clear the agenda of the
Intervention was not up for negotiation. Macklin wants more
of the same punishment policy.” Paddy Gibson

ABC The Drum Opinion:
Stronger futures must begin with better listening
3 Nov 11: “The Government’s recently released Stronger
Futures Consultation Report, on the future of the Northern
Territory Emergency Response, didn’t contain any surprises.
It wasn’t surprising, but it was deeply disappointing. This
document was developed from consultations on a discussion
paper which examined the potential next steps of the
Northern Territory Intervention. I was hoping to be
surprised with news that the Gillard Government had decided
to re-write its legacy and depart from the flawed approach
that it inherited from John Howard and Kevin Rudd.”
Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson for
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Issues

– Related News

National Indigenous Times:
What consultation Minister Macklin?
2 Nov 11: “Claims by the Federal Government’s Minister for
Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin her plans for an
extension of the Northern Territory Intervention were based
on widespread consultation (and agreement) from the 73
prescribed communities appears to be way off the mark if
the response from the community leaders above is any guide.
All of them live at communities affected by the
Intervention and their overwhelming response to Minister
Macklin is they were not properly consulted during the
Minister’s much hyped meetings with communities … ”

National Indigenous Times:
Majority against Intervention: Harry Nelson
2 Nov 11: “Consultation has sorta been made, did go ahead
here, but not to our satisfaction. It’s really hard to tell
how many people in my community are in favour of having the
Intervention still going because there’s never been any
questions asked by the government. So mainly been the women
folk, not the men. The majority of my community here, about
three quarter of the community population here, are against
the Intervention because it’s made us look like we were
acting greedy and selfish and the only thing I can tell you
is the only consultation that has been taking place is
between FaHCSIA and certain family members.”

National Indigenous Times:
They won’t listen to us: Judith Donald
2 Nov 11: “I was in the Land Council meeting when Jenny
Macklin came in. I think they won’t listen to us. They
change law and they blaming each other, them and Northern
Territory government, too. I don’t know which one to listen
too, the NT government or the government in Canberra. My
people don’t understand what was in that consultation. I
was at that meeting too.”

A stronger future, or repeating the mistakes of the past?
1 Nov 11: “NORTHERN TERRITORY: The Gillard government has
come under fire for failing to consult properly with
communities after announcing it was extending many planks of
the NT intervention. The Northern Territory Emergency
Response (NTER) was launched by the Howard government in
2007, in the midst of a media frenzy over claims of child
sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities. … The consultations
were staged over a six-week period. This month, Indigenous
affairs minister Jenny Macklin launched the results of those
consultations.” Amy McQuire, Darumbal and South Sea Islander
woman and editor of Tracker


– Upcoming Event

Event: Fri 18 November 2011: Nightcliff, Darwin, NT
Darwin book launch: “Walk With Us”
– Aboriginal views on the NT Intervention
“Aboriginal Elders Call Out to Australian People to Walk
with them in their Quest for Justice. A sequel to the
highly regarded ‘This Is What We Said’ (February 2010)
‘Walk with Us’ (August 2011) provides a very important
update of the current thinking about the Intervention. … ”
Organised by Darwin Aboriginal Rights Coalition
Event details: http://darwinaboriginalrights.wordpress.com/events/
Event details: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/WWU_booklaunches.html
Event details: http://stoptheintervention.org/facts/films-and-literature/book-walk-with-us
Brought to you by ‘concerned Australians’: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/
Book info and order form: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/media/WWU_Order_Form.pdf
Further book info: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/concerned-Australians/WWU-Alert-for-All-Readers.pdf
Book review: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/concerned-Australians/WWU-book-rev-short.pdf
Videos from the Sydney book launch: http://stoptheintervention.org/facts/films-and-literature/book-walk-with-us/videos-wwu
Article about the Sydney book launch: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/concerned-Australians/WWU-book-article-short.pdf


– Video

YouTube: Yuendumu Voices – Reflections on the Intervention
8 Oct 11: “Community members from Yuendumu talk about how
the Intervention and other government policies have
impacted upon their lives.”


– Media Releases

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation:
NACCHO Co-Chairs Congress Aboriginal Health Forum Advising
on New National Plan
3 Nov 11: “”The importance of Aboriginal Community
Controlled Health Services delivering front line care in
their communities is reflected in initiatives announced
this morning in Canberra,” says Mr Justin Mohamed, Chair of
the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health
Organisation (NACCHO).
NACCHO will Co-Chair the new National Health Leadership
Forum of peak bodies in the National Congress of
Australia’s First Peoples, along with Congress Co-Chair
Jody Broun.
“The National Health Leadership Forum will advise Congress
and work in partnership with the Federal Government on
developing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Equity Plan which Ministers Nicola Roxon and Warren Snowdon
announced today”, Mr Mohamed said.”

National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples:
Congress Joins with Health Groups to Lead on Aboriginal Health
3 Nov 11: “The National Congress of Australia’s First
Peoples (Congress) has teamed with eleven Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander health groups to form the National
Health Leadership Forum (NHLF). Congress is the backbone of
this historic group which combines the expertise of
existing organisations, and will drive the active
involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
communities in health policy at a national level. Congress
Co-chair, Jody Broun, who leads the Forum together with
Justin Mohamed, Chair of NACCHO (National Aboriginal
Community Controlled Health Organisation), said the Forum is
about partnership not just consultation.”

Close the Gap: National voice and national plan marks new
day for Indigenous health equality
3 Nov 11: “The Close the Gap Campaign welcomes the new
national voice for the health interests of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people.
Campaign Co-Chair and Social Justice Commissioner Mick
Gooda said today’s announcement that the National Health
Leadership Forum (NHLF) would be the national
representative voice to Governments on Indigenous health
was a turning point for Indigenous peoples.
The NHLF is part of the National Congress of Australia’s
First Peoples (Congress). It has established itself as the
national body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
peak bodies whose core business is the health of Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander peoples.”

ANTaR: Genuine partnership essential for Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander health
4 Nov 11: “ANTaR today welcomes the Government’s commitment
to work in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander peoples and organisations to develop a national
plan to improve health equality.
Minister for Indigenous Health, Warren Snowdon and Minister
for Health and Ageing, Nicola Roxon announced this morning
that the National Health Leadership Forum (NHLF) is to
become the national representative voice to Governments on
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.
“This partnership provides a significant and promising
opportunity for real change, ” said ANTaR National
Director, Jacqueline Phillips.
“For the first time at a national level , Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people will play a central role in
developing the policies and programs that affect them.””

Rachel Siewert: Greens: State, territory governments urged
to join Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan
3 Nov 11: “The Australian Greens today welcomed the
announcement of the National Health Leadership Forum and
the Government’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Health Plan.
“All states and territories should participate in the
process to ensure effective delivery of national health
outcomes,” Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens
spokesperson on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Health said today.
“I believe that the National Health Leadership Forum will
provide a strong opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Island health organisations to work together to on
improving health outcomes.
“The comments from the Government around action on life
expectancy, chronic disease and infant mortality are
certainly welcomed,” Senator Siewert said today.”

– Audio Interviews

The Wire:
New national forum to lead government on Indigenous health
3 Nov 11: “A major development in the struggle to close the
health gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous
Australians has been announced today, with the formation of
the National Health Leadership Forum. Under the National
Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, the forum is a
partnership between eleven Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander health bodies and the Congress, and will be
working with the federal government to improve health
outcomes for Indigenous Australians.
Featured in story: Jody Broun – co-chair of the
National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples”


– Audio Interview

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
28 Oct 11: “Jonathan Nichols: Today Karen Dorante spoke
with Jonathan Nichols, Editor of a APY project called Paper
Tracker. There’s been a lot of interest in Anagu
Pitjantjatjara and Yunkunytjatjara or APY Lands in South
Australia by mainstream press after claims of starvation
and no food days were commonplace in the region. The issue
has moved on from those claims to debate about bringing
NT-style intervention to the land.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

– Related Working Paper

Work, Welfare and CDEP on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara
Yankunytjatjara Lands: First stage assessment
Working Paper 78 / 2011
Kirrily Jordan
Last updated 2 Nov 11: “Abstract: This report presents the
results of a first stage assessment of the impacts of
recent changes to the Community Development Employment
Projects (CDEP) scheme on the Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara
Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. It draws on interviews and
discussions with 15 Aṉangu (Aboriginal) people from the APY
Lands as well as staff from Bungala Aboriginal Corporation
and other relevant agencies. It also utilises available
administrative and census data. … ”
[Click on above link to read more of the abstract and to
read the working paper.]

– Related News

newsTracker: Seeing red over media’s food security coverage
1 Nov 11: “SOUTH AUSTRALIA: When the media conjured up
images of the Red Cross sending emergency food parcels to
an Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Land
community last month, the cries about the “starving
children” were immediate. But for the Red Cross, the media
attention proved “unhelpful”. “Certainly the media
reporting of that was very sensational, and that’s in spite
of us trying to portray the actual situation and what we
were doing,” the organisation’s South Australian Executive
Director Kerry Symons told Tracker this month.” Amy McQuire,
Darumbal and South Sea Islander woman and editor of Tracker

– Related Analysis / Opinion

agendaTracker: BACKTRACKER: Food for thought
4 Oct 11: “NATIONAL: This month, media “broke” the story of
“starvation” in the APY Lands. But the reality is different
from the agenda driven campaigns, writes BRIAN JOHNSTONE*.
It’s been interesting these past few weeks to watch the
Murdoch media whip itself up into a feeding frenzy over
allegations of starving and malnourished children in South
Australia’s APY lands. The charge has been led, as usual,
by its national flagship, The Australian, and its trusty
rent-a-quote band of what the newspaper routinely describes
as some of Australia’s “most respected” Aboriginal
leaders.” Brian Johnstone, Walkley and Human Rights award
winning journalist

– Related News Review

Ears to the Ground:
Reports on APY Lands: a case of moral panic?
4 Nov 11: “The Australian has been criticised by
award-winning Journalist Brian Johnstone in a column for
Tracker magazine, for what he called the “media frenzy”
surrounding their reporting of alleged starvation of
children on South Australia’s Anangu Pitjantjatjara
Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. As Johnstone states, a
significant amount of facts and voices have yet to be
reported on in the mainstream media’s version of events.”


– Video and Project description

Pozible: Manuwangku,Under the Nuclear Cloud exhibition
By Natalie Wasley
“Project Description:
“Manuwangku, Under the Nuclear Cloud” is a photographic
exhibition presenting the community and country in the
Northern Territory targeted to host a federal radioactive
waste dump. The photos aim to break down the conception
that these areas are ‘the middle of nowhere’ and thus
suitable for dumping of hazardous materials. The exhibition
is expected to travel to many cities and communities
commencing from Sydney.
We are raising funds for production of the exhibition
catalogue, which will be an important resource to send
around Australia and the world to tell the story of the
community struggling against imposition of the radioactive
waste dump. We also aim to support Muckaty Traditional
Owners to travel and speak at the opening of the exhibition
in Sydney, being held at the Pine Street Gallery on January
17, 2012. … ”


– Analysis / Opinion

Crikey: The intervention is dead, long live the intervention
1 Nov 11: “The Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER)
intervention officially referred to as “Closing the Gap in
the Northern Territory” but more commonly as “the
intervention” is less than a year away from its statutory
end in September next year. It has entered a potentially
transformative stage that is a critical time for sound
policy making and a dangerous time for Aboriginal people in
“prescribed” communities especially if bad policy is
legally locked in again.” Jon Altman, a professor at ANU’s
Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research


agendaTracker: Message to media: We are people too
1 Nov 11: “NATIONAL: NICOLE WATSON* is sick of seeing the
same negative stories printed in newspapers. It fails to
showcase the real strength and humanity in Aboriginal
communities right around the country. There are times when
I avoid reading a newspaper, because I know intuitively
that if there is an Aboriginal story, it is likely that the
writer has painted a picture of dysfunction and
hopelessness. I would never try to deny the grinding
poverty and tragedy that afflicts so many of our people.
But if we allow the adversity to define us, then we deny
that part of our humanity that gives us so many reasons for
hope.” Nicole Watson, Murri lawyer and researcher with
Jumbunna Indigenous Housing of Learning at the University
of Technology, Sydney


agendaTracker: THE WAY AHEAD: Listen to the children
1 Nov 11: “JEFF McMULLEN* wonders when Australia is going
to start listening to the cries of Aboriginal children
around the country. … Instead of relentless assimilation
and control, Australian government must recognise that by
supporting the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous
Peoples and the other international covenants this nation
has an obligation to deliver on the rights of every child
to health, education, housing and other essential services.
The wealth of Aboriginal lands is part of that sovereign
entitlement.” Jeff McMullen, prominent Australian
journalist, and monthly columnist for Tracker


– Reportback

Amnesty International Australia NSW:
Guest speaker Barbara Shaw meets with the NSW Demand
Dignity Network
30 Oct 11: “The Amnesty International NSW Demand Dignity
Network has this month had the honour of inviting
Indigenous activist Barbara Shaw as a guest speaker at
this month’s group meeting at the Amnesty International
NSW Action Centre. Barbara Shaw, who was recently part of
a delegation to this year’s UN Permanent Forum on
Indigenous Issues, held in New York in May, spoke to our
volunteers about the issues faced by Indigenous Northern
Territorians from her perspective as a human rights
advocate and a life-long resident in one of the town camps
targeted by the 2007 Intervention. … ”


What’s Working: Language and Wellbeing
“Speaking an Indigenous language linked to youth wellbeing
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in remote areas
who speak an Indigenous language are less likely to
experience risk factors associated with poor wellbeing,
according to a report released today by the Australian
Bureau of Statistics (ABS).”


– Photos and Audio

Ears to the Ground: Images from Bankstown
2 Nov 11: “The above pictures were taken during a public
rally against compulsory income management in Bankstown,
one of the proposed sites set to trial the BasicsCard, used
in the N.T Intervention. … Dr Jeff McMullen considers the
practical failings of the income management system in the

– Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 03-11-2011
3 Nov 11: “An award winning film [Our Generation] created
in 2007 about the impacts of the Northern Territory
intervention on Aboriginal people…..continues to shock
and outrage wider Australia.”

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 01-11-2011
1 Nov 11: “The rejection of governmements plans for
Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory…. post
intervention…. has set the countrys new peak Aboriginal
representative body on a collision course with the Gillard
Labor government.”

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 31-10-2011
31 Oct 11: “A central Australian Aboriginal Human Rights
Campaigner has challenged the Federal Government moves to
tie welfare payments to school attendance.”

– Analysis / Opinion

National Indigenous Times: A chat with Stephen Hagan
2 Nov 11: “SH: What do you think of Minister Macklin
adopting punitive measures to get Indigenous children to go
to school by taking money off their parents.
CS: [Dr Chris Sarra, Executive Director of the Stronger
Smarter Institute] There is another way other than waving a
big stick at parents of children who don’t go to school.
All of Australia should be appalled at the suggestion that
you need to do so. We’re seeing millions upon millions of
dollars being wasted on programmes to improve Indigenous
numeracy and literacy and to fix up the attendance rates
and they’re just not working. In schools where teachers
have a positive relationship with their students we’re
seeing better runs on the board.”

agendaTracker: Speed bumps boost jailing rates
1 Nov 11: “NATIONAL: The NT intervention was targeted at
eliminating child sexual abuse. But extra policing may have
only resulted in criminalising driving offenders, writes Dr
THALIA ANTHONY*. Violent sexual crimes in Aboriginal
communities featured in media and government reporting in
the lead-up to the Northern Territory Intervention. Stories
of paedophile rings – which were later shown to be
fabricated – sought to sensationalise the nature of crime in
communities. It justified the paternalist Northern Territory
Emergency Response Act 2007 that undermines Aboriginal
rights to land, welfare and governance.” Thalia Anthony,
senior lecturer in law at University of Technology, Sydney

– News

Koori Mail: ‘Big stick’ policies win Govt few fans
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php?page=Current+Edition
2 Nov 11: “THE National Congress of Australia’s First
Peoples has joined a barrage of criticism of Federal
Government plans to continue and ramp up the controversial
Northern Territory Intervention, by cutting welfare
payments to parents who don’t send their kids to school.
The representative body has described key one-size-fits-all
measures underpinning the Intervention – including
compulsory income management – as ‘big stick’ policies that
should be gotten rid of.”

National Indigenous Times: National Congress tells Jenny
Macklin way to fix Intervention is to give the …
2 Nov 11: “The National Congress of Australia’s First
Peoples has stepped into the Northern Territory
Intervention telling the Federal Government Minister for
Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin to hand back management
of the communities to the people who live there. The
Congress said it was opposed to Ms Macklin’s new plans and
called on the Government to develop to take a long-term
view of the development of Aboriginal communities in the
Northern Territory. The Congress said it was opposed to the
key “one size fits all” measures which, it said, formed the
basis of the Government’s policy.”

National Indigenous Times:
Intervention is about our land: Banjo Morton
2 Nov 11: “That Jenny Macklin, she don’t listen to people.
The Government Business Manager, he not doing right for us.
Intervention, he done that. (The Lake Nash Walk-off, in
1949) that was over money, £2, old money way. This is about
our land. They want to be boss of the country. Self they
try and take over the country, little bit pushing us out.
Aborigine Australian can’t live their ground.”

National Indigenous Times:
Government pushing same old cart: Downs
2 Nov 11: “It’s been three or four years and they’re still
pushing the same old cart. I don’t know where Jenny Macklin
gets her information from, I’ve just got no idea. No one’s
happy, even with all the refurbishment that’s going on
under the new Future stuff. Back over at Ampiliwatja, I
wasn’t there because I’m back working but I did have a girl
sitting in for me and listening with the old people and she
said all they did was come in and more or less over-ride
the people.”

National Indigenous Times:
Treat us like everyone else, says Sam Evans
2 Nov 11: “This has been bad for people here. There hasn’t
been no houses built; nothing. It has been four years of
SIHIP and there haven’t been no houses built. And we want
our human rights. We’re citizens; we vote. We want the same
rights as everyone everywhere else. We want to be able to
have a drink in our own houses like people elsewhere in the

National Indigenous Times: Bess Price dismisses Congress
stand as “out of touch with reality”
2 Nov 11: “Bess Price has attacked the National Congress of
Australia’s First Peoples for its opposition to the
Northern Territory Intervention and declared some form of
Intervention would be required in the Northern Territory
until at least 2030. Ms Price, the chairwoman of the
Indigenous Affairs Advisory Council in the Northern
Territory, said the Congress was “out of touch with the
reality of conditions in Aboriginal communities in the
Northern Territory”.”

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Congress slams “one-size-fits-all” Intervention
1 Nov 11: “The National Congress of Australia’s First
Peoples is on a collision course with the Federal
Government over the Intervention in the Northern Territory.
… Congress Co-Chair Les Malezer says there needs to be
wider consultation with Aboriginal people on the
Intervention. … Congress Co-Chair Jody Broun says the
Federal Government’s one-size-fits-all approach to Northern
Territory Indigenous communities is not working.”

Australian: $1.35m bill for signs attacked as a waste
1 Nov 11: “TAXPAYERS have been left with a $1.35 million
bill to install signs informing indigenous communities
about alcohol and pornography bans introduced under the
Northern Territory intervention. The sum, described by the
Greens as a waste “beyond belief”, does not include
maintenance of the 405 signs put up in prescribed towns
since the emergency response began in 2007. Government
figures provided to Greens senator Rachel Siewert as part
of an answer to a Senate question on notice also reveal
transportation costs alone for the signs was $113,972.”


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FAIRA; Human Rights Law Resource Centre; NACLC:
Australia’s compliance with CERD – Fact Sheet 2:
Northern Territory Intervention:

Green Left: Northern Territory intervention: myths and facts:

WGAR (Working Group for Aboriginal Rights):


– Audio Interviews

The Wire: Putting Indigenous history back in the classroom
2 Nov 11: “A new history curriculum to be rolled out by the
Federal Government in all Australian schools has been
criticised by indigenous groups and teachers for its lack
of indigenous content. They believe the curriculum is not
doing enough to teach students about the history of
indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. The Greens have
introduced a motion to the Senate today for the curriculum
to be revised in response to the concerns. Indigenous
historian Bruce Pascoe told The Wire’s Lisa Burns why he
believes these changes are important.
Featured in story: Bruce Pascoe, Indigenous Historian”

3CR Community Radio 855 AM – Podcasts
[scroll down page] http://www.3cr.org.au/podcast
Women on the Line – 1 Nov 2011
[download this interview] http://pod.3cr.org.au/pod/3CRCast-2011-10-31-58794.mp3
1 Nov 11: “Professor Larissa Behrendt delivers the 2011
Hamer Oration, “Under The Radar: Indigenous Governance”.
Larissa Behrendt is the Professor of Law and Director of
Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at
UTS. She discusses aboriginal disadvantage, and challenges
the dominance of failing policies that demonise aboriginal
cultures and self-determination.”

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane
Let’s Talk – Indigenous presented talkback:
1 Nov 11: “Sam Watson: Karen Dorante spoke with Sam Watson.
They spoke about Black Deaths In Custody.”
Listen to this interview on-line:

3CR Community Radio 855 AM – Podcasts
[scroll down page] http://www.3cr.org.au/podcast
Radioactive Show – 30 Oct 2011
[download this interview] http://pod.3cr.org.au/pod/3CRCast-2011-10-29-84927.mp3
30 Oct 11: “We also hear from Marcus Atkinson at the end of
the Walk Away From Uranium Mining 1200km journey from Wiluna
to Perth in WA.”

– Analysis / Opinion

Green Left:
New NT education policy still sidelines Indigenous language
5 Nov 11: “The Northern Territory government’s latest
proposed approach to teaching Aboriginal students, like its
previous policy, places a primacy on reading and writing in
English. It allows for students’ first language to be used
to help teachers explain new concepts, but critics fear it
falls short of valuing Aboriginal languages. … Many
criticised the First Four Hours policy, … ”
Emma Murphy, Darwin

National Indigenous Times:
Protests will become more frequent
2 Nov 11: “The Indigenous protesters and their supporters
who came together as one in Perth during the CHOGM
gathering sent critical messages to the government. The
first message is that Indigenous people will not sit idle
and accept second best in the land of plenty. Most
mainstream media outlets portray poorly Indigenous
Australians who dare to slow down or halt mining companies
insatiable hunger for extraction of precious minerals that
lie above and below the ground.”

– News

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Access to health services should be a priority: Congress
7 Nov 11: “The National Congress of Australia’s First
People’s says its members want access to services to be at
the top of the government’s agenda while developing the
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Equity Plan.
The Federal Government is looking to table the plan to take
over from the current ‘Closing the Gap’ scheme, which is
due to finish up in 2013. Co-Chair Jody Broun says the
Congress regularly surveys its members in order to
accurately represent them, with better access to mental
health services a common demand.”

National Indigenous Times: Long walk ends in triumph
2 Nov 11: “After 70 days of walking 1,250 kilometres from
Wiluna to Perth the Walk Away from Uranium Mining protest
march, led by an Aboriginal contingent, entered Perth to
join with other protestors at the CHOGM summit meeting. The
marchers left from Wiluna, in central Western Australia
with 100 walkers, a strong Aboriginal contingent and
others, including some who had come from Greece, Italy and
Germany. Forty five walkers entered the outer perimeter of
Perth and were met by many Aboriginal supporters including
Della Rae Morrison, Kado Muir, Kevin Buzzacott, Marianne
Mackay and many others.”

Greens call for school focus on indigenous Australians
2 Nov 11: “THE Greens will introduce a Senate motion today
calling for the national history curriculum to be revised
to include more content on indigenous Australians and the
Stolen Generation. Senator Rachel Siewert will make the
motion after indigenous groups and private school teachers
expressed concern that the new curriculum does not cover
these areas adequately.”

National Indigenous Times:
Northern Territory still the place with highest jail rate
2 Nov 11: “The North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency
(NAAJA) has called on the Northern Territory Government to
take urgent steps to reduce the spiralling incarceration
rate. The Northern Territory continues to jail more people
than anywhere else in Australia. The Agency said putting
people in jail was not making the community safer and it
was not addressing the real issues leading to people being


Click on the links for details of the events …

Event: Ongoing Protest: James Price Point, Kimberley, WA
Kimberley gas plant protest
Save the Kimberley info: http://www.savethekimberley.com/
Kimberley gas plant threatens Aboriginal culture: http://ccr.uws.edu.au/2011/06/22/kimberley-gas-plant-threatens-aboriginal-culture-join-the-discussion/#.TkjD3WEgp8E
Aboriginal elder Elsta Foy at the protest camp: http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2011/s3296152.htm
Protest updates: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/blog/
Environs Kimberley: http://www.environskimberley.org.au/
Kimberley info: http://handsoffcountry.blogspot.com/
Kimberley Country and Culture: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/whats-the-fuss/country-culture/
WGAR News: Kimberley gas plant protest and blockade (28 Jun 11): http://indymedia.org.au/2011/06/28/wgar-news-kimberley-gas-plant-protest-and-blockade-sydney-anti-nuclear-rally-29-june-2011
WGAR News: 25 protesters arrested at JPP blockade (9 Jul 11): http://indymedia.org.au/2011/07/09/wgar-news-25-protesters-arrested-at-james-price-point-blockade-petition-handed-to-ministe

Upcoming Event: Central Adelaide, SA
Adelaide Kimberley Support Rally postponed
“a bigger better event is already being planned,
date and details soon!”
Event details: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/2011/07/13/upcoming-events/

Event: Wed 9 November 2011: UTS Building, Sydney, NSW
UTS Joint Annual Lecture:
Indigenous Government: A Solution in Settler States
Speakers – UTS Distinguished Visiting Scholars:
Prof Stephen Cornell & Dr Miriam Jorgensen
“In Australia, Canada, and the United States, there is
growing evidence that Indigenous communities themselves may
have solutions to problems of socio-economic distress that
work substantially better than those developed by central
governments. … ”
Jointly organised by Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning
and the Transforming Cultures Research Centre
Event details: http://datasearch2.uts.edu.au/tfc/news-events/news-detail.cfm?ItemId=28626

Event: Thu 10 November 2011: Vic
Film Screening: ‘Freedom Rides’
Organised by ANTaR Victoria
“In an historic journey in 1965, a courageous group of
Aboriginal and white Australians climbed in a bus and rode
from town to town across regional NSW, to break down racial
barriers in rural towns. … We’ll also discuss the film in
context of the upcoming Referendum on Constitutional
Recognition of First Peoples – and hear about next steps
for ANTaR Victoria’s campaign!”
Event Details: http://antarvictoria.org.au/events/film-screening-freedom-rides.php

Event: Sun 13 November 2011: Lawson, NSW
Our Generation Film Screening in the Blue Mountains
Hosted by AI Springwood/Blaxland Action Group
“The screening is held in support of Amnesty International
Australia’s Homelands report released in August. There will
be a brief introduction on the campaign and related
material will be available on the night.”
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/nsw/event/27054/
Event details: http://www.greenleft.org.au/events/49323
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Event: Mon 14th November 2011: Mona Vale, Sydney, NSW
Misinformation and the Media
Guest Speaker: Chris Graham, Aboriginal affairs journalist
“The Lies that Feed the Northern Territory Intervention
continues the work of Aboriginal affairs journalist Chris
Graham, in exposing the media’s role in the Northern
Territory intervention, by far the largest human rights
abuse in Australia in living memory.”
Aboriginal Support Group
– Manly Warringah Pittwater Information night
Flyer (incl. event details): http://www.asgmwp.net/ChrisGrahamASGTalkNov%2011.pdf
Event summary: http://www.asgmwp.net/index.htm

Event: Thu 17 November 2011: Melbourne City, Vic
Occupy Melbourne Protest:
Indigenous Working Group “Evict Robert Doyle”
“Occupy Melbourne’s Indigenous Working Group serves an
eviction to Melbourne City Council and Lord Mayor Robert
Doyle. In response to the violent attack on the democratic
right to protest, including the brutal attack on several
Indigenous activists, we invite the 99% to join us in this
action to defend our human rights and cultural dignity.”
Event details: http://indymedia.org.au/occupy-melbourne-protest-indigenous-working-group-evict-robert-doyle

Event: Fri 18 November 2011: Nightcliff, Darwin, NT
Darwin book launch: “Walk With Us”
– Aboriginal views on the NT Intervention
“Aboriginal Elders Call Out to Australian People to Walk
with them in their Quest for Justice. A sequel to the
highly regarded ‘This Is What We Said’ (February 2010)
‘Walk with Us’ (August 2011) provides a very important
update of the current thinking about the Intervention. … ”
Organised by Darwin Aboriginal Rights Coalition
Event details: http://darwinaboriginalrights.wordpress.com/events/
Event details: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/WWU_booklaunches.html
Event details: http://stoptheintervention.org/facts/films-and-literature/book-walk-with-us
Brought to you by ‘concerned Australians’: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/
Book info and order form: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/media/WWU_Order_Form.pdf
Further book info: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/concerned-Australians/WWU-Alert-for-All-Readers.pdf
Book review: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/concerned-Australians/WWU-book-rev-short.pdf
Videos from the Sydney book launch: http://stoptheintervention.org/facts/films-and-literature/book-walk-with-us/videos-wwu
Article about the Sydney book launch: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/concerned-Australians/WWU-book-article-short.pdf

Event: Sat 19 November 2011: Annandale, Sydney, NSW
Save the Kimberley: Cans for Country, Songs for change!
“A super sick show with super sick bands, to help raise
funds and awareness to aid in the fight against the WA
Government and Woodsides attempted destruction of the
Kimberley Coast”
Event details: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/2011/07/13/upcoming-events/

Event: Sun 20 November 2011: Mullumbimby, NSW
Our Generation Film Screening
With live music by Xavier Rudd and
Q&A with the filmmakers and
special guest Yolngu elder Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra
Event details: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/events/
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Event: Wed 23 November 2011: Fortitude Valley, Qld
Homelands campaign training session
Amnesty International Qld/Northern NSW
“This training session will cover:
* The Homelands report;
* Key issues and messaging;
* Campaign strategy;
* How to campaign on Homelands; and
* A Train the Trainer session.
The training is designed for activists who want to play an
active role in the campaign”
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/qld/event/26520/

Event: 10 December 2011: Adelaide, SA
Kimberley Cultural Festival
“Kimberley Cultural Festival is a community event to raise
awareness of the cultural and environmental significance of
the Kimberley region, which is under threat from proposed
gas and industrial development.”
Event details: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/2011/07/13/upcoming-events/
Event details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=270070339699908

Event: Fri 20 January 2012: RMIT entrance, Melbourne, Vic
Indigenous freedom-fighters commemoration:
Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner
“To commemorate the execution of the indigenous
freedom fighters Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner”
Event details: http://www.greenleft.org.au/events/49054

Event: Thu 26 January 2012: Parkes, Canberra, ACT
40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Canberra
Sovereignty Never Ceded: a key theme of the 40th Anniversary
“Indigenous elders invite all Aboriginal people, supporters
and other members of the general public, to come together
at the ‘Aboriginal Tent Embassy’ site, on Thursday 26th
January 2012, to celebrate “SOVEREIGNTY DAY” and be part of
the Sacred Fire Ceremonial Gathering that will marks 40
years since the first protest on the site.”
Event details: http://www.aboriginaltentembassy.net/
Event details: http://indymedia.org.au/40th-anniversary-of-the-tent-embassy-canberra

Event: February 2012 to May 2012: Queensland Museum
Exhibition: From Little Things Big Things Grow
– Fighting for Indigenous Rights 1920-1970
Event description: http://www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/from_little_things_big_things_grow/
Event location: http://www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/from_little_things_big_things_grow/travelling_details/

– ‘Our Generation’ Film Reviews

Aboriginal Support Group – Manly Warringah Pittwater:
Our Generation – Showing in London – page 8
Winter 2011: “The Intervention is yet another example of
the appalling treatment the Aboriginal People of Australia
have been subjected to in such a short period of time
compared to thousands of years of survival. Sinem Saban and
Rev. Dr Gondarra supported by the Yolngu people and
cinematographer, Damien Curtis, have created a sensitive
and realistic view of the plight of those who wish to live
a more traditional life in their homelands and of those who
appear to be dispossessed.” Christine Waterer

Aboriginal Support Group – Manly Warringah Pittwater:
ASG Information Night: Our Generation – page 6
Summer 2010: “Local resident and journalist, Jeff McMullen
introduced “Our Generation”, the film by Sinem Saban and
Damien Curtis which we were there to see. The film explored
in depth the Federal Government Intervention into
Aboriginal Communities in the Northern Territory. Jeff had
told us that the film’s producers were not having any
success in having the film shown on government or
commercial media outlets and they were having to screen it
in local community halls to show the community at large
just what was involved in the Intervention. It is basically
a war on Aboriginal culture. The dispossession of the
Aboriginal people is simply continuing in a new guise.”
Carol Gerrard


Our Generation: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/

Aboriginal Support Group – Manly Warringah Pittwater: http://www.asgmwp.net/index.htm

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