Eye-witness accounts of the protest on Invasion Day -The Tent Embassy protest on Invasion Day / Sovereignty Day 26 Jan 2012

* Eye-witness accounts of the protest on Invasion Day
* The Tent Embassy protest on Invasion Day / Sovereignty Day
* The march up to Parliament House from the Tent Embassy


redSTACHE: The Tent Embassy Debacle from A Protester’s POV
26 Jan 12: “Speaking to Sam Castro, currently at the Tent
Embassy, I was able to get a run down of the day’s events.
The morning started with speeches being made at the Tent
Embassy on a range of subjects until one person stood up
and explained to the crowd that Tony Abbott had remarked
to the media that he believed the Tent Embassy was no
longer relevant and should be packed up and moved on;
information had just come through that Tony Abbott was at
The Lobby, a restaurant near the Old Parliament House, and
the suggestion was made that the group should go there and
ask Abbott to talk to the crowd and explain himself. … A
contingent of about 100 protesters made their way up the
road to The Lobby and surrounded it. Though they were loud
and noisy they were non-violent.”

Crikey: View from the Tent Embassy: reality v news reports
27 Jan 12: “The most striking aspect of the Aboriginal Tent
Embassy protests, which sprung onto the media’s radar on
Survival Day, was the stark difference between the reports
of the events, and the reality. … While protesters were
angry, it’s safe to say the reaction would not have been as
emotional had Abbott not made those comments. But while
there was anger, it was far from a “riot”. A riot involves
violence and a disturbing of the peace. While it was
definitely a loud demonstration, there was no damage. …
There were about 1000 protesters around the café when
Gillard and Abbott were rushed through their own mob of
security guards.” Amy McQuire

Mike Stuchbery: Australia Day
[scroll down page] http://mike-stuchbery.com/2012/01/27/australia-day/
27 Jan 12: “EDIT: Well, dang, my little brother was there.
Here’s his account:
“I was there with my wife and her uncle, after deciding to
have lunch at a cafe adjoining the Lobby, before having a
poke around the 40th anniversary of the tent embassy. After
15 minutes or so after sitting down, a few activists from
the celebrations noticed that Abbott was in the Lobby and
wandered over to start heckling. … After another 5
minutes or so, the crowd grew larger and the chants became
a bit more organised and you could hear knocking on the
windows. … Now… as emphasised yesterday, Em is pregnant
with twins… if there protests were in any way violent, I
would have got all paternal and walked Em away. There was
almost no prospect of violence.”

ABC The Drum Opinion:
Aussie Day ‘riot’: perspective and balance hard to find
30 Jan 12: “The bias, hysteria and divisiveness of our
public political conversation is never far from view, but
this week I encountered it firsthand. I watched outside as
the Aboriginal protest unfolded at The Lobby restaurant on
Australia Day. The event reported in the media and reacted
to by many commentators is a lurid parody of what actually
happened. Perspective and balance are hard to find. The
protest was not violent. It was certainly rowdy and
confronting. The protesters chanted loudly and angrily, and
some beat time on the glass walls of the restaurant.”
Geoff Davies

National Indigenous Times: Abbott picks a fight
1 Feb 12: “By Gerry Georgatos who attended the Tent Embassy
celebrations and was present throughout all the events
leading up to the confrontation with the Prime Minister’s
minders and police. Below is a true and accurate account of
what took place and how the response by the Prime
Minister’s minders and police turned a peaceful protest
into a shambles. The Federal Opposition leader, Tony Abbott
incited outrage… ”

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
Aboriginal Leaders Did NOT Incite Violence – Jeff McMullen
31 Jan 12: “Seasoned Journalist Jeff McMullen…who was there
when the events took place…has slammed these accusations..
saying they are totally untrue and there was never a call
for violence or to intimidate either Tony Abbott or the
Prime Minister. Mr McMullen Says… as an eye witness to the
events on Australia day…that the Aboriginal leaders present
did nothing to incite or encourage the violence. He says he
was standing next to Rosalie Kunoth Monks during the time
she was accused to have been inciting threatening acts.”

Treaty Republic: It is right to be angry;
it is right to protest – land rights now!
26 Jan 12: “Earlier that morning 2000 of us had gathered at
the Australian National University for a welcome, some
talks, rap and dancing before marching up to Parliament
House and then on to the Tent Embassy at Old Parliament
House. It was a fantastic march. … We reached the Tent
Embassy, exhilarated. Witnesses reported that during one
of the speeches a woman interrupted to say that Tony Abbott
had said the Tent Embassy should be moved on. He was fifty
metres away with his twin in racism, Julia Gillard.”
John Passant

Fieldnotes & Footnotes: For the record: my personal first
hand account of events that led to Gillard and Abbott’s
dramatic “escape” and subsequent clash between police and
demonstrators from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
28 Jan 12: “For the record, this is my personal account of
events that led to the Honourable Prime Minister Julia
Gillard being dragged along by her body-guard and bundled
into her waiting car. I am not claiming to speak on behalf
of anyone else who was there. This is my individual,
personal account of these events. … At this stage – after
Gillard and Abbott had departed – the police and Protective
Services started (re)acting hyper-aggressively.”
Bree Blakeman

National Indigenous Times:
Michael Anderson, original co-founder of the Tent Embassy,
chats about: The protest that upset the nation
1 Feb 12: “SH: How did you see things unfold with the
protest at the Lobby Restaurant against Julie Gillard and
Tony Abbott?
MA: We were told that Tony Abbott said it was time for the
tent embassy to move on – and being the highly volatile mob
we are – we took his comments as a challenge. To us he was
saying the embassy had to go – but he wasn’t very clear on
that. So when politicians tell us that our tent embassy
has… ”

NT Aboriginal figure admits role in tent embassy protest
27 Jan 12: “BARBARA SHAW: I was informed of the Leader of
the Opposition’s presence. So I basically informed the
crowd of his whereabouts and they went. You know so I’m not
responsible for people’s actions at the end of the day.
It’s up to the people and what they want to do. … It
comes down to what Aboriginal people are feeling in their
own state and territories. And by Tony Abbott’s comments I
think it hit the nail on the head and that stirred the pot.
… I don’t regret it at all because nothing came about it.
You know we just wanted to make a little bit of noise, you
know. People wanted to make a little bit of noise and
that’s what they did.”

– Videos

TrackerVision: Fresh footage shows police overreaction
1 Feb 12: “New footage showing a police overreaction at the
Survival Day protests in Canberra has been released.”

newsTracker: NSWALC calls on Gooda to investigate police
31 Jan 12: “The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council has
called on the Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda to
probe the actions of police following the Survival Day
protests this month. … But while much of the media has
labeled the protestors violent and riotous, and both sides
of politics have condemned their actions, the New South
Wales Aboriginal Land Council says it is far from the truth.
… To see the fresh footage, please see below: ”

SMH: Call to investigate police after tent embassy protest
31 Jan 12: “Indigenous groups are calling for an
independent investigation into the “violent” conduct of
police officers during last week’s tent embassy protest.
The NSW Aboriginal Land Council asked the Human Rights
Commission to investigate as new video footage emerged
today depicting federal police officers yelling, swearing
and using physical force after Prime Minister Julia Gillard
and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott were rushed from The
Lobby restaurant in Canberra last week.”

Treaty Republic:
Sovereignty Announced – No volence on Invasion Day
Media Conference – Aboriginal Tent Embassy
27th January, 2012 – Extended Footage (YouTube Sky News)

– Photos and Videos

Treaty Republic:
Media Gallery – 40th Aboriginal Tent Embassy – 2012

– Audio

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane:
26 Jan 12: “Invasion Day Live from Canberra”
27 Jan 12: “Live From the Tent Embassy 27th Jan”


– Media Releases

Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney:
Tent Embassy protests were right
– racist laws are the real scandal
1 Feb 12: “The Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney
(STICS) has declared support for the Aboriginal rights
protests in Canberra on January 26 targeting Tony Abbott
and Julia Gillard. STICS says that the Northern Territory
intervention has turned the clock back more than 40 years
in Aboriginal affairs, erasing many of the gains made
through the struggles of the original Tent Embassy.
Several STICS members were present in Canberra celebrating
the 40th anniversary of the Tent Embassy, and joined the
protests when they heard Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard were
present at the near-by cafe. …
“STICS is building a rally at parliament house in Canberra
on Tuesday February 28, when parliamentary debate on
continuing the Intervention will reopen.””

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
& Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service:
Aboriginal Health Services response to Australia Day events
31 Jan 12: “The actions of a small minority of Aboriginal
people and the media portrayal of the events around the
Australia Day protest have concerned the spokespersons for
the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health
Organisation and the Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health
Service for failing to appreciate the significance of the
day to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Aboriginal communities around the country have been
troubled by the imagery and the perceptions that have been
drawn from the protest actions, according to the Chair of
the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health
Organisation (NACCHO) and the CEO of the Winnunga
Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service.”

– Analysis / Opinion

SMH: Why Abbott’s tent embassy comments were wrong
2 Feb 12: “With his comments about the Aboriginal tent
embassy last week, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott lobbed a
grenade into the tangle of Aboriginal affairs. What Abbott
said was this, referring to the embassy’s establishment in
1972: “I think a lot has changed for the better since
then.” He added: “I think it probably is time to move on
from that.” Russell Marks

New Matilda: The Real Threat To National Security
2 Feb 12: “More often than not, Indigenous disadvantage
puts Australia on the international news media radar. Local
commentators on the Tent Embassy protest have chosen to look
away, writes Hamish Ford”

Green Left: Pat Eatock:
The ’72 Tent Embassy was about land rights and sovereignty
2 Feb 12: “Pat Eatock, a veteran of the 1972 Aboriginal
Tent Embassy, was recently splashed all over the news
holding the Prime Minister’s shoe. … The gathering took
place next to the Old Parliament House in Canberra on
January 26. Eatock, now a member of the Socialist Alliance,
spoke to Green Left Weekly’s Peter Boyle about her
recollections of her experiences at the 1972 start of the
Aboriginal Tent Embassy.”

National Indigenous Times: Gooda must ‘walk the plank’
1 Feb 12: “”Aggressive behaviour was not acceptable 40
years ago to the original early campaigners at the Tent
Embassy and it is not acceptable today. This sort of
behaviour should be condemned in no uncertain terms” – Mick
Gooda. “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you
hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the
people who are doing the… ” Stephen Hagan

National Indigenous Times: A put-up job that boomeranged?
“Not for the time it takes to blink were Julia Gillard and
Tony Abbott so much as threatened, even less endangered, on
the 26th of January by demonstrators from the 40th
anniversary Aboriginal Embassy camp in Canberra. The only
violence came from a young copper who punched and
choke-gripped a young painted up Aboriginal man, a young
Aboriginal woman, an SBS cameraman and I believe one
other… ” Diet Simon

Sunshine Coast Daily: Tent row a lesson for media too
1 Feb 12: “The tent embassy on the lawns of old parliament
house is 40 years old. It has sat there as an ugly reminder
of the ugly reality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander peoples’ disadvantage for all that time. Rather
than having served its purpose, as both mainstream media
commentators and some black leaders have suggested, it
should stay there until that disadvantage is properly
addressed. The problem and the tent embassy’s greatest
strength is that it confronts a national capital
cloistered in its comfortable world … ”

Treaty Republic:
The usual suspects frothing at the mouth at protest
1 Feb 12: “It didn’t take long for the usual suspects to
start frothing at the mouth at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
protesting at Abbott’s remarks Aboriginal’s should move on
from the politics that led to the establishment of the Tent
Embassy in 1972 that inadvertently caught up the Prime
Minister and her bumbling security detail. Led by the
hypocrites in the corporate owned media who love dishing it
out to anyone who strays from the pre-determined Australia
(Invasion) Day script, who refuse to let one new flower
bloom in their round up censored gardens.” Dr Jo Toscano

Green Left: Comic Cinderella, tragic embassy:
On Gillard’s shoe, the Tent Embassy and patriotism
1 Feb 12: “Political establishment and mass media ill will
towards the Aboriginal Tent Embassy should not confuse us.
The real and valid question is still the past, present and
future of Aboriginal Australians. … I believe what
happened next or who was behind the news leak or precisely
who tipped off protesters on Abbott’s whereabouts is a
callous effort that merely tries to divert public attention
from the real question: the fate of Aboriginal people.”
Mansour Razaghi

New Matilda: The National Riot Mismanagement Squad
31 Jan 12: “It hasn’t taken long for the myth of the
“violent” tent embassy protest to take hold. It was a
relatively minor protest that took place on Australia Day
outside Canberra restaurant, The Lobby, near Parliament
House. Even so, the dramatic television pictures and the
syntax of nearly every journalist subsequently covering the
incident, have worked to establish a false consensus that
the events outside The Lobby, were “violent” and a “riot”.”
Ben Eltham

Brisbane Times: Too tolerant of ugly racism
31 Jan 12: “It would be simplistic however, to condemn
outright the behaviour of protesters associated with the
tent embassy last week without considering the sense of
oppression that some of our people still feel towards our
governments on a whole range of matters. I will always
condemn bad manners and unnecessarily aggressive behaviour
by whomever. But I will always defend people’s rights to
assert their political position and try to look to the
heart of why people feel so oppressed that they feel
violent confrontation is the only recourse to the
resolution of their position.” Patrick Dodson

ABC Drum Opinion: Tent Embassy protest speaks for itself
31 Jan 12: “The protest has seen a remarkable level of
media criticism of Indigenous Australians. Some may think
that the protest was therefore a failure. I think that view
is incorrect. For a long time, Australia’s media has
refused to provide a platform to Indigenous Australians,
except those who, in the words of Chris Graham, tell
“white Australia what they want to hear: … ” This protest
has shown white Australia that many Indigenous Australians
are angry. It would be nice if we took the time to find out
why.” Michael Brull

NT News Editorial: Protest group went too far
31 Jan 12: “AUSTRALIA is a liberal democracy and, as such,
accepts the right to protest. But there must be limits to
this right. Demonstrators overstepped the mark legally when
they tried to intimidate Prime Minister Julia Gillard and
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott by storming a restaurant in
Canberra on Australia Day. And they overstepped the mark
ethically the following day by burning the Australian flag.”

Solidarity: Behind the media beat-up:
Tent Embassy protesters have nothing to apologise for
30 Jan 12: “Protests celebrating the anniversary of the
Aboriginal Tent Embassy have been subject to a vicious and
distorting media campaign, after a snap protest directed at
Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard. But this protest, and the
demands of the Tent Embassy for Aboriginal rights and
self-determination, remain absolutely right and should be
defended. … The kind of movement that created the Tent
Embassy is needed again today.”

Green Left:
Julia Gillard’s words of respect to Aboriginal Australia
30 Jan 12: “Moments before Julia Gillard was whisked away
from the angry crowd, losing her shoe in the process, she
began an awards ceremony speech with these words: “Can I
start by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land
on which we meet and in the spirit of reconciliation pay my
respects to elders past and present.” … Yet, that same
day, she did not take the trouble to walk one hundred
metres from her ceremony to say hello to the largest ever
gathering of traditional owners in Canberra, since she had
become Prime Minister. They had come from every part of
Australia, … ” Tim Anderson

Age: A thorn in our pride
30 Jan 12: “FORTY years ago, the establishment of the
Aboriginal tent embassy was a stroke of political genius. A
striped beach umbrella planted on the manicured lawns
outside Parliament House in Canberra came to symbolise
Aboriginal Australians’ sense of alienation in their own
country. How sad that 40 years later, on Australia Day last
Thursday, the actions of people associated with the embassy
eclipsed the nation’s formal recognition of Laurie
Baymarrwangga as Senior Australian of the Year.” Jane Lydon

SMH: Ruckus puts referendum out of reach
30 Jan 12: “At least the Aboriginal tent embassy in
Canberra has finally achieved one constructive thing in its
40 years as a moral eyesore: it helped kill off the
proposed amendment to enshrine racial preference in the
Australian constitution. That proposed amendment is now
dead.” Paul Sheehan

The Observer:
The camera does sometimes lie. Ask a female politician
29 Jan 12: “If you watch the clip of Australian prime
minister Julia Gillard being bundled away from Aboriginal
rights protesters in Canberra at a ceremony for Australia
Day, you could be forgiven for assuming that a bomb had
gone off or that the building was collapsing. In truth, a
couple of hundred protesters, who favour the term
“Invasion Day” heard that the opposition leader, Tony
Abbott, was present and they were angry at a remark he’d
made earlier, … ” Barbara Ellen

SMH: The can of worms that marred Australia Day
29 Jan 12: “What ignited the PM’s security scare last week?
Stephanie Peatling explores who said what to whom.”

Green Left: Aboriginal Tent Embassy: more relevant than ever
28 Jan 12: “Opposition leader Tony Abbott and his
co-thinkers are dead wrong. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy,
established by activists 40 years ago, is as relevant as it
was then. Early on January 26, Abbott told reporters he
understood why the embassy was set up “all those years ago”,
but said it was not relevant today.” Peter Boyle

SMH: Why we need to find a new date for Australia Day
28 Jan 12: “WHAT happened in Canberra on Thursday was
doubly unfortunate. The image, on Australia Day, of an
Australian prime minister being bundled towards her car
looking harassed in response to a perceived threat posed by
a group of Aboriginal protesters has history stamped all
over it.” Martin Flanagan

Canberra Times:
The spear of confrontation pays nation another visit
28 Jan 12: “IN 1790, Bennelong, the Sydney-born Aboriginal
friend to the colonisers, was present when Governor Arthur
Phillip was speared at Manly Cove, demonstrating how much
relations between the two peoples had soured. It has been a
while since Australia has been confronted with its own
angry Aboriginal face, but this week it was back.”
Debra Jopson

ABC: Tent Embassy organisers deny protest was violent
27 Jan 12: “Organisers of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
movement say there was no violence directed towards the
Prime Minister or Opposition Leader, and have indicated
they will continue their struggle for recognition of
indigenous sovereignty.”

WSWS: Australian protesters denounced as “ugly mob”
27 Jan 12: “A demonstration yesterday in Canberra, the
Australian capital, inflamed by the provocative actions of
the police in “rescuing” Prime Minister Julia Gillard and
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, has been used by the media
and political establishment to suggest that political
protest is illegitimate and potentially dangerous. …
Front pages featuring pictures of Gillard being hustled
away amid a phalanx of riot police and bodyguards
reinforced the message that the prime minister was in
physical danger. What actually happened was quite

Socialist Alternative:
Media paints black as white and might as right at Tent Embassy
27 Jan 12: “The media has gone into overdrive to smear
Aboriginal protesters who dared to put a crack in the shiny
veneer of “Australia Day” pomp. This, after all, is
supposed to be a day to celebrate our imagined unity, a day
to forget about the past, to put aside the present, and
don’t think too much about the future. … Immense pressure
is now being put on Tent Embassy protesters to back down,
to “confess” and “repent” for the crime of justified anger
and interrupting polite society.” Josh Lees

Canberra Times Editorial: Security questions raised
27 Jan 12: “Neither Julia Gillard nor Tony Abbott were in
any direct danger from Aboriginal protesters yesterday, but
those concerned for their security must be appalled that
they were allowed to be put in the situation they were in.
It had long been known that the 40th anniversary of the
Aboriginal embassy would bring a major contingent of people
to Canberra, and entirely predictable that some of them
would notice comings and goings at The Lobby restaurant and
that the presence of the Prime Minister or the Leader of
the Opposition (or in this case both – a real bonus) … ”
Jack Waterford

Socialist Alternative:
Gillard, Abbott, get the treatment they deserve
26 Jan 12: “The Bobbsey twins of racism, Julia Gillard and
Tony Abbott, got a little back yesterday of what the thugs
who protect them and their ilk dish out to Aboriginal
people every day. Lunching at the appropriately named
Porkbarrel Café for an awards ceremony, Gillard and Abbott
became the target of a large crowd of demonstrators from
the nearby Tent Embassy 40 year commemoration.” John Passant

– News

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 2.2.12
2 Feb 12: “An Aboriginal rights campaigner has reiterated
the message that the protest on Australia Day was angry…
but not violent.”

National Indigenous Times: Gooda should resign
1 Feb 12: “One of the founders of the Aboriginal Tent
Embassy, Michael Anderson has condemned the attack on
protesters by Mick Gooda, Warren Mundine, Sue Gordon and
Bess Price and has called on Mr Gooda to resign from his
government appointed position as Social Justice
Commissioner. … Mr Anderson, in an exclusive interview
with Editor of the National Indigenous Times, Stephen
Hagan on Page 17 in this edition, was especially critical
of Mr Gooda’s actions because of the government position
he holds.”

National Indigenous Times: Source claims PM knew about leak
“A source within the Federal Government has claimed a
number of people within the Prime Minister’s department
knew beforehand that a staff member intended to leak
information that the Opposition leader, Tony Abbott was at
the Lobby restaurant. The source, who is regarded as
reliable and holds a senior position within Government
bureaucracy, said the Prime Minister’s press secretary,
Tony Hodges informed another… ”

National Indigenous Times:
I never said Embassy should be closed: Abbott
“Federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott has claimed he
never said the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra should
be removed. “I never said that and I don’t think that,” he
told reporters in Melbourne last Friday. Comments made on
Thursday by Mr Abbott sparked a protest by protestors who
besieged him and Prime Minister, Julia Gillard in a
restaurant near the Tent Embassy, which was set up
outside… ”

National Indigenous Times:
Prime Minister’s man quits over leak to Tent Embassy
“Tent Embassy founder, Michael Anderson has demanded
answers following the revelations the Prime Minister’s
press secretary had leaked false claims Federal Opposition
Leader, Tony Abbott wanted to close down the Tent Embassy
and that he was attending a function only a short distance
from last week’s Tent Embassy celebrations. Mr Anderson
said the revelations proved there were forces at play
intent upon… ”

National Indigenous Times: We want sovereignty
“Australia will never win a seat on the United Nations
Security Council unless the Federal Government acknowledges
Indigenous sovereignty, an original member of the
Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Michael Anderson said. Mr Anderson
said the mission of the Tent Embassy, established 40 years
ago, was a declaration of Indigenous people’s sovereignty
over Australia. He was speaking after 200 protesters
trapped… ”

National Indigenous Times:
New leaders emerge to fill the void left by mainstream leaders
“By John Rowsthorne National Indigenous Times Director.
Here’s the thing – what continues to emerge in the politics
of Aboriginal Australia in 2012 and what was further
highlighted at the Tent Embassy celebrations of last week
is akin to a parallel universe of struggles taking shape.
It became apparent during last week’s celebrations those
identified as “mainstream Indigenous leaders” are… ”

National Indigenous Times: Dodson defends right to protest
“The Co-Chair of the Expert Panel on constitutional change,
Professor Patrick Dodson has defended the Aboriginal Tent
Embassy and said the protest last week reflected the
“oppression and anger” many Indigenous Australians felt
about the lack of action by government in addressing the
social issues affecting the First Peoples. Professor
Dodson made the comments on Monday night while delivering
the… ”

National Indigenous Times:
Gooda, Mundine, Price and Gordon condemn protest
“Four Indigenous leaders have publicly condemned the
Aboriginal Tent Embassy protest that resulted in Prime
Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition leaders, Tony Abbott
being rushed away from an awards function by riot police
last week. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social
Justice Commissioner, Mick Gooda condemned the protest and
accused the protestors of being activists and… ”

National Indigenous Times:
Matilda House warns protest will re-ignite racism
“Matilda House has criticised the Tent Embassy protestors
against the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and Opposition
Leader, Tony Abbott last Thursday claiming the actions may
well re-ignite racism in communities throughout Australia.
Ms House also damned the burning of the Australian flag
outside Parliament House the following day. The Elder of
the Ngambri people from the Canberra region, has been
closely… ”

National Indigenous Times:
Protest will make referendum harder to succeed, says Leibler
“Co-Chair of the Expert Panel on constitutional change,
Mark Leibler has warned last week’s Tent Embassy protests
would “make it that much harder” to achieve a yes vote in a
referendum. Mr Leibler said the campaign for constitutional
change was now “that much harder” because the impressions
portrayed of the protest may threaten the momentum to
achieve changes to the Constitution. The 22-member
panel… ”

National Indigenous Times: Malezer speaks up on
sovereignty and need for a political movement
“Co-Chair of the National Congress, Les Malezer has
declared 2012 may well be a “year of historical change”
because the call to review the Australian constitution has
seen emerge a renewed activism to achieve meaningful
improvements for Indigenous Australians. Mr Malezer, who
attended the Tent Embassy 40th anniversary celebrations,
said it was apparent there were many Indigenous Australians
who were now determined… ”

Northern Star: Media ‘missed main event’
1 Feb 12: “ACTIVISTS from the Northern Rivers have
criticised media coverage of a protest on Australia Day
that led to Prime Minister Julia Gillard being jostled and
losing her shoe. Around 100 people from the Northern Rivers
travelled to Canberra last week to celebrate the 40th
anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. … Mr Corowa
said he was disappointed media attention had focused on Ms
Gillard’s lost shoe, instead of the three-day Corroboree
for Sovereignty.”

9 News: Aboriginal activists demand Abbott apology
1 Feb 12: “Activists accused Mr Abbott of “inciting racial
riots” with his comments. Embassy founder Michael Anderson
said the opposition leader’s comments were disrespectful.
“Abbott said the aboriginal embassy had to go. We heard it
on a radio broadcast,” he told AAP. “We thought no way, so
we circled around the building.””

Canberra Times: AFP to review officers’ conduct
1 Feb 12: “The Australian Federal Police are reviewing the
use of force during last week’s tent embassy protest as
Aboriginal groups call for an independent investigation
into officers’ ”violent” conduct. … The Australian
Federal Police said standard procedure dictated the force
would review officers’ conduct during the incident,
including by its internal affairs unit.”

Moree Champion: Practise what we preach:
father of reconciliation attacks two-faced Australia
31 Jan 12: “Mr [Patrick] Dodson defended the Aboriginal
tent embassy in Canberra, which was the source of the
protests on Thursday that led to a security scare involving
Ms Gillard and the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott. ”It
would be simplistic … to condemn outright the behaviour of
protesters associated with the tent embassy last week,
without considering the sense of oppression that some of
our people still feel toward our governments on a whole
range of matters,” he said.”

Australia Network News:
Australian Indigenous leader says ‘Tent Embassy’ still relevant
31 Jan 12: “Indigenous leader Pat Dodson has urged
Australians to look at the cause of the Australia Day Tent
Embassy protests. The tent embassy – on the lawns of Old
Parliament House in Canberra – is a semi-permanent site of
tents and signs, that activists claim represents the rights
of indigenous Australians. In response to comments by the
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, which sparked the protests
on Australia Day, Professor Dodson says the Tent Embassy is
still relevant.”

ABC: Australians urged to to think about cause of protesters
Updated 31 Jan 12: “Indigenous leader Pat Dodson has urged
Australians to look beyond the actions of the Tent Embassy
demonstrators and to consider what has so upset them.”

newsTracker: Anderson backs calls for inquiry into police
31 Jan 12: “The only surviving member of the four original
Aboriginal Tent Embassy founders has backed the New South
Wales Aboriginal Land Council’s calls for an independent
inquiry into the conduct of police during the Survival Day
protest in Canberra. Michael Anderson says that the call by
NSWALC for an investigation conducted by Social Justice
Commissioner Mick Gooda made sense. “I’m in full support
of Geoff Scott’s statement. The organisers of the Tent
Embassy support his call wholeheartedly. We think it is a
very appropriate action,” Mr Anderson said.”

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Embassy co-founder slams Abbott for “provocative” comments
31 Jan 12: “An organiser of last Thursday’s protests in
Canberra says Prime Minister Julia Gillard was not of
concern to the protesters and was never in danger of being
physically harmed. Michael Anderson, the last surviving
co-founder of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, says the
protesters only wanted Tony Abbott to clarify his comment
with regards to the Embassy. Mr. Anderson says Mr.
Abbott’s comment to ‘move on’ with the Tent Embassy was
highly provocative.”

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Indigenous rights advocate challenges public to find
violence not instigated by police
31 Jan 12: “A leading Indigenous rights advocate and social
commentator is critical of the way the mainstream media has
portrayed the Tent Embassy protest, saying people in
Aboriginal communities are not having their voices heard.
Tracker Magazine editor and Walkley award-winning
journalist Chris Graham has criticised so-called Aboriginal
‘leaders’, saying the Government use people like former ALP
national president Warren Mundine and Social Justice
Commissioner Mick Gooda for their own political agenda.”

9 News: NSW land council calls for protest inquiry
31 Jan 12: “The nation’s largest Aboriginal organisation
has called for an independent investigation into the
actions of police against protesters at an Australia Day
function that left the prime minister and opposition leader
running for safety. NSW Aboriginal Land Council chief
executive Geoff Scott wants Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda to conduct
the inquiry. He made the call following the release of
footage of the incident outside the Lobby restaurant in
Canberra … ”

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 31-1-12
31 Jan 12: “The Northern Territory political candidate who
implied that Central Australian Aboriginal leaders had
incited Australia day protestors to violence …has been
contradicted…both by the Aboriginal leaders themselves
and an esteemed journalist with over 45 years experience.”

Herald Sun: NT MP demands PM apologise over protest
31 Jan 12: “A LABOR Party MP in the Northern Territory is
calling on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to apologise for
“underhanded tactics” that fuelled the Australia Day
protest in Canberra. NT Indigenous Affairs Minister
Malarndirri McCarthy said the scenes on Australia Day at
the protest were disgraceful. The prime minister should
apologise to the nation, Federal Opposition Leader Tony
Abbott and the organisers of the Aboriginal tent embassy,
Ms McCarthy told ABC Radio. “Certainly, the (action of the)
office of the prime minister was very questionable,” she

Koori Mail: Anderson backs Gooda investigation
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
31 Jan 12: “ABORIGINAL Tent Embassy founder Michael
Anderson says he agrees with NSWALC calls for Mick Gooda,
rather than police, to investigate the actions of police
during the Aboriginal Tent Embassy protests in Canberra. Mr
Anderson said officers incited the crowd after the Prime
Minister’s vehicle left the scene by linking arms,
unholstering their weapons and confronting protestors. He
said at least two other officers swore at and urged
protesters to come at them, and were unfit for police

Koori Mail: Police actions during protest ‘a fiasco’
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
31 Jan 12: “THE NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) wants
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice
Commissioner Mick Gooda to independently scrutinise the
role of police during Aboriginal protests in Canberra last
Thursday. NSWALC Geoff Scott said footage of Prime Minister
Julia Gillard’s exit from the Lobby restaurant showed AFP
officers dealing inappropriately with protestors, including
inciting and committing violence – amounting to a ‘fiasco’
and ‘public relations and security disaster’.”

Koori Mail: Don’t be too quick to judge, says Dodson
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
31 Jan 12: “THE man known as ‘the Father of Reconciliation’
has urged Australians to consider why those involved in
Australia Day protests in Canberra last week acted the way
they did. Delivering the inaugural Mahatma Gandhi address
in Sydney last night, former Council for Aboriginal
Reconciliation chairman Pat Dodson condemned ‘bad manners
and unnecessarily aggressive behaviour by whomever’ but
said it would be simplistic to condemn the protesters’
behaviour outright. He said many Indigenous people still
felt oppressed and there was a lot of anxiety around
Australia Day.”

newsTracker: Libs excusing Survival Day protesters: Roxon
31 Jan 12: “Federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has
accused the coalition of excusing the protesters who
surrounded a Canberra restaurant on Survival Day. Coalition
legal affairs spokesman George Brandis has written to the
Australian Federal Police (AFP) asking it to investigate
what led up to a protest by Aboriginal Tent Embassy
supporters which resulted in Prime Minister Julia Gillard
and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott being rushed from a
Canberra restaurant.”

newsTracker: Oppn calls on AFP to probe protests
31 Jan 12: “The Australian Federal Police(AFP) have
referred the opposition’s request for an investigation into
the protests on Survival Day to a special evaluation group.
Coalition legal affairs spokesman George Brandis on Monday
wrote to the AFP asking it to investigate the chain of
events leading up to a protest by Aboriginal Tent Embassy
supporters that resulted in Julia Gillard and Opposition
Leader Tony Abbott being rushed from a Canberra

newsTracker: Ken Wyatt “disappointed” by protest
31 Jan 12: “Aboriginal MP Ken Wyatt says the Australia Day
protest in Canberra that forced the prime minister and
opposition leader to flee a restaurant was disappointing.
Mr Wyatt, the first Aboriginal Australian to become a
member of the House of Representatives, says the protest
did not focus on areas of importance for Indigenous

Australian: Cover-up claims on tie to tent activists
31 Jan 12: “JULIA Gillard faces opposition claims of a
government cover-up over last week’s Aboriginal tent
embassy protest despite the Australian Federal Police
ruling out an official investigation.”

ABC: Roxon slams interference in protest policing
31 Jan 12: “Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has accused the
Federal Opposition of turning the Australia Day protests
into a political football.”

ABC Lateline: Dodson calls for look into causes of protest
30 Jan 12: “Indigenous leader Pat Dodson has urged
Australians to look at the causes of the Australia Day
protest in Canberra, and says it is simplistic to merely
condemn the behaviour.”

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
Respected Journalist Says Australia Day Protest Was
30 Jan 12: “A respected journalist with over 45 years
experience observing demonstrations has spoken out
against media coverage of the protest on Australia day…
and says there was a vast over-dramatisation of what
actually happened. Jeff McMullen was among those who went to
Canberra for the 40th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent
Embassy…and says he was  amazed at hearing the media
coverage of what they say happened…compared to what
actually did happen.”

Reportage Online:
Tent Embassy activists want to talk sovereignty
30 Jan 12: “Protesters at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy have
defended its existence while their message has been largely
ignored by mainstream press. Jerico Mandybur reports. As
Aboriginal protestors gathered to commemorate the 40th
Anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy last Thursday,
the majority of media coverage focused on a perceived
threat of violence towards Prime Minister Julia Gillard,
rather than on the group’s calls for representation and
the recognition of sovereignty.”

Herald Sun:
Aboriginal Tent Embassy protesters say: ‘We did nothing wrong’
Last Updated: 30 Jan 12: “PROTESTERS at the Aboriginal tent
embassy in Canberra have fronted an emotional press
conference to defend their actions during yesterday’s
protest. Embassy founder Michael Anderson, Selina
Davey-Newry of the northeast Kimberly, Wiradjuri Nation
spokesperson Paul Coe and former political candidate
Barbara Shaw stood in front of a smoking fire with about
3000 fellow protesters around a sovereignty sign at the
embassy. The protesters have insisted that they did nothing
wrong yesterday and there was no violence.”

newsTracker: Sattler denies Gillard’s Survival Day account
30 Jan 12: “ACT union official Kim Sattler denies her
account of events on Australia Day contradicts Prime
Minister Julia Gillard. News Limited reported on Sunday
that Ms Sattler said her conversation with the prime
minister’s office had made her believe Opposition Leader
Tony Abbott wanted to close the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Ms
Gillard on Saturday said her former media adviser Tony
Hodges did not suggest to Ms Sattler that Mr Abbott had
said the embassy should be shutdown.”

Opposition to call for police probe into Gillard adviser leak
30 Jan 12: “THE opposition will ask the Australian Federal
Police today to investigate the role of Julia Gillard’s
office and a Canberra union leader in the Australia Day
security breach that led to the Prime Minister being
spectacularly dragged to safety.”

ABC Radio National:
Aust opposition bays for political blood after protests
Updated 30 Jan 12: “The Australian Federal Police says it
won’t be investigating the events surrounding last week’s
Australia Day protests in Canberra despite calls for a
probe by the Australian Federal Opposition.”

Bloomberg: Gillard ‘Angry’ as Abbott Presses to Probe Protest
30 Jan 12: “Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard
expressed anger at opposition demands for an inquiry over
her government’s role in clashes between police and
aboriginal protesters in Canberra on Australia Day. A media
aide to Gillard resigned Jan. 27 for disclosing opposition
leader Tony Abbott’s location at a restaurant in the
national capital, information that was passed on to
protest organizers.”

news.com.au: Fallout piles pressure on flagging Julia Gillard
30 Jan 12: “THERE are growing calls for Australia Day
rioters to be charged by police. And one Aboriginal leader
said they must be taught a lesson. Australian Federal
Police are still assessing the ugly Canberra incident and
are analysing television and news footage to help gather
evidence for possible arrests.”

newsTracker: Tent Embassy representatives identify Sattler
30 Jan 12: “Representatives of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
have identified unionist Kim Sattler as the person who told
Aboriginal people that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was in
a Canberra restaurant on Survival Day.”

newsTracker: Online petition for tent embassy closure
30 Jan 12: “A conservative online blog site has launched an
internet campaign to close down the 40-year-old Aboriginal
tent embassy in Canberra. Menzies House is urging
Australians to sign the petition calling on the federal
government to shut down the site near Old Parliament

ABC: War of words over protest fiasco
30 Jan 12: “The fallout from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
Australia Day protests is continuing, with the Opposition
and the Government squabbling over what happened in the
lead-up to the demonstrations.”

ABC: Abbott steps up heat over protest leaks
30 Jan 12: “The Federal Opposition is keen to keep up the
political pressure on the Prime Minister Julia Gillard over
the tent embassy protest.”

ABC: No AFP investigation into Australia Day protest
30 Jan 12: “The AFP says there is no evidence of
criminality in circumstances leading to a protest in
Canberra that caused a security scare for Prime Minister
Julia Gillard.”

ABC 7.30: Government responds to Australia Day inquiry request
30 Jan 12: “The Attorney General, Nicola Roxon, reacts to
calls from the Opposition for an AFP inquiry into the
events on Australia Day that led to Julia Gillard and Tony
Abbott being confronted by protesters.”

ABC 7.30: Federal Opposition calls for Australia Day inquiry
30 Jan 12: “After a protest on Australia Day that embroiled
the Prime Minister and Federal Opposition leader, the
Opposition has called for an inquiry by the Australian
Federal Police in to the events of that day.”

Koori Mail: Officer uses F-word during protests
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
29 Jan 12: “AN Australian Federal Police (AFP) officer has
been captured on video swearing at media and protesters
from Canberra’s Aboriginal Tent Embassy on Survival Day.
The video, posted on YouTube by the Working Group for
Aboriginal Rights (WGAR), shows the officer – whose badge
number is clearly visible – using the F-word at least five
times as he pushes back against the crowd.”

Koori Mail: No criminal act by Kim Sattler, says AFP
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
29 Jan 12: “THE Australian Federal Police (AFP) say they’ve
evaluated the involvement of ACT Unions head Kim Sattler in
relation to Thursday’s Aboriginal Tent Embassy protests and
have found no evidence of criminality on her part. The AFP
told the Koori Mail at two o’clock this afternoon that, as
a consequence, it would not conduct an investigation into
the matter. A spokeswoman said the AFP was still looking
into possible charges against anyone else involved in the

Koori Mail: Embassy protests furore continues
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
29 Jan 12: “There’ve been conflicting reports of Ms
Sattler’s account of her conversation with Mr Hodges. News
Limited yesterday reported Ms Sattler as saying Mr Hodges
told her Mr Abbott had said the Embassy ‘shouldn’t exist at
all’. However, Ms Sattler told AAP today that the News Ltd
report was inaccurate. She stood by a statement she issued
yesterday, which said Mr Hodges had told her Mr Abbott had
said that people should `move on’ from the Tent Embassy.”

Katherine Times: No one is angrier than me, says PM
29 Jan 12: “JULIA Gillard has branded ”unauthorised and
unacceptable” her adviser’s decision to have a union
leader organise indigenous reaction to Opposition Leader
Tony Abbott’s suggestion that Aboriginal tent embassy
protesters should ”move on”.”

Koori Mail: Embassy returns PM’s shoe
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
28 Jan 12: “ABORIGINAL Tent Embassy activists have returned
the shoe that Prime Minister Julia Gillard lost as she was
whisked out of a Canberra restaurant on Wednesday, to
escape angry protesters targeting Opposition Leader Tony
Abbott. Embassy representatives had earlier said they
planned to sell the shoe on eBay to raise funds for the
historic protest site but late yesterday a group of women
from the Embassy walked up the hill to Parliament House and
handed the shoe to attendants there, asking that it be
passed on to the PM.”

Age: The sole survivor returned to guard
28 Jan 12: “INDIGENOUS elders have challenged Julia Gillard
to walk a mile in their shoes, but last night they returned
her own stray footwear to a security guard at Parliament

ABC: Union boss gave protesters Abbott’s location
Updated 28 Jan 12: “Prime Minister Julia Gillard has
confirmed one of her staff members passed on information
about Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s whereabouts to a
union official who in turn reportedly alerted rowdy
protesters on Australia Day.”

SMH: Labor figure Kim Sattler named as go-between in protest
28 Jan 12: “Sources at the Aboriginal tent embassy say the
mystery intermediary between Julia Gillard’s office and the
protesting mob on Australia Day was Kim Sattler. Ms Sattler
is a well-connected Labor figure, who has worked with
UnionsACT. Ms Sattler was not immediately available for
comment to confirm or deny a role in the protest, … ”

SMH: PM accused of protest cover-up
28 Jan 12: “Aboriginal activist Barbara Shaw says an
unknown woman tipped her off about Tony Abbott’s supposed
comments and location before Thursday’s Canberra protest.
… JULIA GILLARD’S staff were last night fighting off
allegations of a cover-up after the Prime Minister accepted
the resignation of one of her media advisers who admitted
to triggering the Australia Day fracas outside a Canberra

newsTracker: New Parliament wants to return PM’s shoe
27 Jan 12: “The newly formed First Nations Parliament aims
to start out on the right foot by returning the Prime
Minister Julia Gillard’s shoe, which was lost during a
protest at a Canberra restaurant yesterday. … Paul Coe,
spokesperson for the First Nations Parliament, an
organisation which has been re-established as a result of
the anniversary celebrations, said Embassy activists were
disgusted at the behavior of police. … Mr Coe said the
First Nations Parliament would be established with a year.”

newsTracker: We won’t apologise: Aboriginal leaders
27 Jan 12: “Aboriginal activists who protested a restaurant
where Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott were
have accused the opposition leader of inciting racial riots
and want him to apologise. … Embassy founder Michael
Anderson said the opposition leader’s comments were
disrespectful. … Isabell Coe, whose late husband Mr
Craigie was an embassy founder, said Mr Abbott should

January 26th – Tent Embassy. Congress Statement and Media
27 Jan 12: “There were thousands of Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander families and people, our friends and
supporters who enjoyed major events all around the country
to mark Survival Day 2012 yesterday: events that were
incident-free and unreported. Congress supports and is
participating in the organised and peaceful Tent Embassy
events and celebrations marking its 40th anniversary. The
Tent Embassy is symbolic of the ongoing struggle for
Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Koori Mail: Embassy activists retain PM’s shoe
27 Jan 12: “The last surviving founder of the Aboriginal
Embassy, Michael Anderson, said Mr Abbott’s
‘confrontationist’ comments had incited the fracas and that
police had then over-reacted in their response. “People
need to look at those videos very closely; it was the
police who were manhandling the Prime Minister out the door
and the national security mob who caused her to fall,” Mr
Anderson told the Koori Mail. “There was more danger to her
from that than anything we’d have done. I repeat, there was
no risk whatsoever to the Prime Minister. She could have
walked out of there. … “”

ABC: Aboriginal leaders condemn actions of protesters
27 Jan 12: “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social
Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda says the actions of
protesters in Canberra could set the cause of
reconciliation back by years. Prime Minister Julia Gillard
nearly fell as security staff tried to get her and
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott away from furious Aboriginal
tent embassy protesters. They were angry at comments by Mr
Abbott that it might be time to move on from tent embassy

West Australian: ‘Do not give in to aggression’
27 Jan 12: “WA Aboriginal MP Ben Wyatt fears the
“deplorable” conduct of protesters in Canberra yesterday
will backfire by creating sympathy for Tony Abbott’s
“intolerant” comments. Mr Wyatt’s views were echoed by
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice
Commissioner Mick Gooda, who said aggression formed no part
of tent embassy protests 40 years ago and was not
acceptable today.”

Australian: Mob doesn’t speak for us, say indigenous leaders
27 Jan 12: “MAINSTREAM indigenous leaders have condemned
activists from Canberra’s Aboriginal tent embassy who led
an angry mob to besiege Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott in a
nearby restaurant yesterday. … Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda
condemned the protest and accused the activists of showing
disrespect to Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott.”

Australian: Amid turmoil, Julia Gillard brings Tony Abbott
inside her security tent
27 Jan 12: “AS the hammering on the glass grew louder and
the security detail grew increasingly anxious, Julia
Gillard’s thoughts turned to Tony Abbott. Trapped for the
past half-hour inside Canberra’s popular The Lobby
restaurant by up to 100 bellowing protesters from the
nearby Aboriginal tent embassy, the Prime Minister formed
a huddle with her minders.”

Australian: Reports the Prime Minister’s office encouraged
protesters to target Tony Abbott over tent embassy
27 Jan 12: “THE Prime Minister is yet to respond today to a
report that one of her staffers rang an Aboriginal tent
embassy protester yesterday to say Tony Abbott wanted the
camp torn down.”

Sky News: Protesters overreacted to Abbott-Mundine
27 Jan 12: “Former ALP national president and indigenous
leader Warren Mundine says protesters overreacted to
comments Tony Abbott made about the tent embassy. The
comments sparked a furious response from Aboriginal
activists who besieged Mr Abbott and Prime Minister Julia
Gillard at a Canberra restaurant on Thursday.”

NT News: Blame game starts over Aust Day protest
27 Jan 12: “THE Territory politician accused of sparking a
violent protest that saw the Prime Minister dragged from a
restaurant by the riot police has made no excuses her
actions. Barbara Shaw refused to say whether a Labor
staffer had leaked the whereabouts of Julia Gillard and
Tony Abbott at a tent embassy protest in Canberra yesterday.
“Whoever told me was a member of the general public,”
she said.”

Canberra Times: Australia’s day of shame
27 Jan 12: “Australia Day was marred and a gaping hole
exposed in security planning for the Prime Minister
yesterday after Julia Gillard was chaotically dragged away
from a protest staged by members of Canberra’s Aboriginal
tent embassy.”

Canberra Times: Time to remember for all wrong reasons
27 Jan 12: “NSW Aboriginal Land Council member Roy Ah-See
shook his head sadly. He knew how Australia Day 2012 would
be remembered. ”We don’t want to reinforce the stereotypes
and the stigma, and unfortunately this will make the news;
this will sell newspapers, right? Because it’s a negative
story about Aboriginal people.””

The Gazette:
Indigenous leaders condemn Australian PM treatment
27 Jan 12: “Australian indigenous leaders Friday said they
were appalled at the disrespect shown to Prime Minister
Julia Gillard after she had to be dragged to safety from
furious Aboriginal rights protesters.”

Cue Whitney Houston: Here’s Julia Gillard’s bodyguard
27 Jan 12: “HE’S Australia’s answer to Kevin Costner.
Pictures of him with his arms around Julia Gillard,
protecting her from angry protesters, have made news around
the world, and this morning breakfast shows played him the
ultimate compliment and played Whitney Houston’s I Will
Always Love You over the footage.”

Newstalk ZB: Australians see images of frightened leader
27 Jan 12: “The images of a scared Australian Prime
Minister could have a lasting impact on Julia Gillard’s
reputation. The Prime Minister was snapped with a look of
terror on her face as she was scurried away by security
after an angry mob of protestors gathered outside an event
in Canberra yesterday.”

news.com.au: Hey Julia, this shoe is going on eBay:
Protesters put the boot into Prime Minister
27 Jan 12: “ABORIGINAL activists are treating Julia
Gillard’s lost shoe as a trophy and will try to sell it
online to raise money for their Canberra tent embassy. The
Prime Minister lost the shoe as she was dragged away from
an ugly confrontation with protesters at an Australia Day
awards ceremony.”

Australian: Indigenous activists remain unrepentant for a
violent protest against Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott
27 Jan 12: “ABORIGINAL tent embassy leaders say the police
allowed Julia Gillard’s security to be compromised during
yesterday’s dramatic protest, which forced the Prime
Minister and Tony Abbott to flee an Australia Day event. As
Tony Abbott condemned the protesters as “un-Australian”,
tent embassy founder Michael Anderson said he regretted
what had happened but protesters weren’t to blame. … He
[Michael Anderson] accused the media of “cutting and
splicing” images to make it look like the Aboriginal
activists were attacking the Prime Minister.”

ABC 7.30: Aboriginal leaders reflect on tent embassy protest
27 Jan 12: “A day on from the Australia Day protest by
members of the Aboriginal tent embassy in Canberra, which
targeted Tony Abbott but also swept up the Prime Minister
and made international news, what has been the impact and
fall out from the incident.”

ABC: Gillard puts on brave face after riot rescue
27 Jan 12: “Prime Minister Julia Gillard is putting on a
brave face after she and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott had
to be rescued from a group of angry protesters when
Australia Day celebrations turned sour.”

ABC: I’m fine: Gillard after security scare
27 Jan 12: “Prime Minister Julia Gillard has shrugged off
a security scare at an Australia Day function in Canberra.”

ABC: Indigenous leaders condemn ‘disgraceful’ protesters
27 Jan 12: “Former ALP president Warren Mundine says the
protesters misinterpreted Mr Abbott’s comments as a call
to demolish the embassy. He says Mr Abbott was only
questioning whether the embassy is outdated, something Mr
Mundine agrees with. … Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda has also
sided with authorities, saying he is appalled at the level
of disrespect and aggression shown towards the two

ABC: Tent Embassy protesters blame police for violence
27 Jan 12: “Tent Embassy protesters say police officers
provoked them and outsiders infiltrated their demonstration
before it turned violent in Canberra.”

ABC: Gillard condemns protest violence
27 Jan 12: “Prime Minister Julia Gillard has spoken to the
media about her anger over violent protests that disrupted
an Australia Day function.”

ABC: Abbott defends Tent Embassy comments
27 Jan 12: “Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has praised the
Prime Minister’s security detail for their handling of a
violent protest at an Australia Day function.”

ABC: Abbott defends Tent Embassy comments
27 Jan 12: “The demonstrators said they had been incensed
by Mr Abbott’s comments in Sydney earlier in the day, when
he questioned the continued relevance of the Tent Embassy.
The Opposition Leader repeated the remarks this morning and
said they were “perfectly reasonable”.”

ABC: Tent Embassy spokesman hits back
27 Jan 12: “A spokesman for the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in
Canberra has accused Tony Abbott of inciting protests that
turned violent during an Australia day function in

ABC: Abbott’s Embassy comments
27 Jan 12: “Watch the Tony Abbott interview which protesters
say sparked yesterday’s violent demonstration in Canberra.”

Koori Mail:
Embassy celebrations marred by police, protester scuffles
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
26 Jan 12: “ABORIGINAL protesters say they did not know at
first that the Prime Minister Julia Gillard was in a
Canberra restaurant they surrounded this afternoon, angry at
comments made by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott about the
future of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Mr Abbott told media
in Sydney earlier in the day that, while he understood why
the Aboriginal Embassy had been set up ‘all those years
ago’, ‘a lot has changed since then, and I think it
probably is time to move on from that’.”

SMH: PM dragged away after being trapped by protesters
26 Jan 12: “The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and
Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, had to be extracted from a
restaurant near Parliament House as angry protesters banged
on the glass. Supporters of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in
Canberra picketed the Lobby restaurant over comments by Mr
Abbott this morning that the tent embassy should close.

NT News: NT pollie on stage as crowd turned on PM
26 Jan 12: “A TERRITORY politician was on stage at the
Aboriginal Tent Embassy when a crowd of nearly 500 turned
on Prime Minister Julia Gillard in ugly Australia Day
scenes. Indigenous activist Barbara Shaw had taken the
microphone from Barkly Shire president Rosalie Kunoth-Monks
moments before the crowd ran towards the restaurant where Ms
Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott were attending an
Australia Day function.”

CNN: Australian PM escorted out of building amid protest
26 Jan 12: “Security officers dragged Australian Prime
Minister Julia Gillard out of a Canberra restaurant
Thursday after an angry mob of protesters surrounded the
building during a luncheon ceremony, police said.”

TNT Magazine: Australian PM Julia Gillard rescued by
police after aboriginal protest
26 Jan 12: “Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and
the opposition leader, Tony Abbott, had to be rescued by
riot police after they were trapped in a building in
Canberra during a violent protest. The two leaders were at
an Australia Day event when Aboriginal rights protesters
started banging on the glass building, shouting “shame” and


– Video

YouTube: 40 years of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
– march on parliament.mov
29 Jan 12: “40 years of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
– March on Parliament – 27 January 2012”

ABC: Indigenous protesters defend flag burning
28 Jan 12: “Indigenous protesters in Canberra have defended
the burning of the national flag during unrest on Australia

ABC: Tent Embassy protesters burn flag
27 Jan 12: “Protesters from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
have burnt the Australian flag on the front steps of
Parliament House in Canberra.”

ABC: Tent Embassy protesters march on Parliament
27 Jan 12: “Protesters from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in
Canberra have marched on Parliament House to call for
sovereignty for Indigenous people.”

– News

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 1-2-12
1 Feb 12: “An original member of the Aboriginal Tent
Embassy says the group of protesters who burned the
Australian Flag did so as a symbol of rejection for the way
Government has treated Aboriginal people…not an attack on
all Australians.”

National Indigenous Times:
Peaceful protest ends with burning of flag
“By National Indigenous Times staff, Geoff Bagnall and
Gerry Georgatos who took part in the protest march. It
could have been one of the famous protests for Aboriginal
land rights 40 years ago but it was in fact 2012 as a 15
year old girl burnt the Australian flag at the protest
march on the forecourt of the Federal Parliament building
last… ”

Koori Mail: NLC: Flag burning ‘went too far’
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
31 Jan 12: “THE Northern Land Council has criticised the
behaviour of some protesters associated with the Aboriginal
Tent Embassy in Canberra last week. The land council’s CEO
Kim Hill says the Tent Embassy remains relevant and should
continue but some of the protesters’ actions – including
burning and reportedly spitting on the Australian flag –
went too far. “…What we saw on our televisions on
Australia Day and the days that followed certainly wasn’t
a good look,” Mr Hill said.”

Koori Mail: Protesters burn Australian flag
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
28 Jan 12: “AN Australian flag was set alight and burned
during a smoking ceremony at the front doors of Parliament
House in Canberra yesterday. Several hundred people walked
from 40th anniversary celebrations at the Aboriginal Tent
Embassy to be met by about 30 police, who then formed a
protective cordon preventing the protesters from going
inside the building. Outside, the group cheered and chanted
as a 15-year-old girl aided by her younger brother burned
the flag, declaring that it had given Australians the right
to murder, rape and hurt their people.”

Age: Flag burned and spat on [sic]
28 Jan 12: “ABORIGINAL tent embassy protesters burned and
spat on [sic] the Australian flag on the front steps of
Parliament House, as tensions at the controversial protest
site erupted in Canberra yesterday. A crowd of at least 400
protesters marched from the tent embassy outside Old
Parliament House, stopping the traffic on Commonwealth
Avenue, and then stormed the front verandah of Parliament
House at about 2.30pm, despite large numbers of police.”

ABC: Tent Embassy protesters march on Parliament
27 Jan 12: “More than 200 activists from the Aboriginal
Tent Embassy in Canberra have marched on Parliament House,
chanting outside the front doors “always was, always will
be Aboriginal land”. On the way the demonstrators blocked
Commonwealth Avenue, one of the city’s main thoroughfares.
Despite a heavy police presence, including a number of
police dogs, authorities were unable to hold an initial
cordon at the edge of Parliament’s forecourt and were
forced to retreat in the face of overwhelming numbers.”

Mail Online:
Aboriginal protesters burn Australian flag outside Parliament
… but at least PM Julia Gillard has got her shoe back
27 Jan 12: “A group of Aboriginal protesters hit the
headlines again today after they set fire to the Australian
flag outside the country’s Parliament in Canberra. A video
captured showed protesters outside Parliament setting light
to the flag and spitting on [sic] it while chanting,
‘Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.'”

Canberra Times: Protest heats up
27 Jan 12: “Police are investigating whether an offence was
committed when protesters set fire to the Australian flag
in front of Parliament House today. Tent Embassy protesters
took their call for sovereignty to Parliament House, burning
an Australian flag in the building’s forecourt.”

– Audio

ABC PM: Aboriginal protesters burn flag at Parliament
27 Jan 12: “Tension is still high among some of the
Aboriginal protesters at the Tent Embassy on Canberra.
About 200 of them marched on Parliament House in Canberra
this afternoon. Some took part in the burning of an
Australian flag. Other Aboriginal leaders at the scene have
told PM that they’re disgusted by the behaviour of what
they describe as a “splinter group” of protesters.”

– – –

Subscription to ‘WGAR News’ is free.

‘WGAR News’ monitors the media, including alternative media,
focusing on the Australian Federal government intervention
into Northern Territory (NT) Aboriginal communities along
with other Aboriginal rights issues.

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