120220 – “Aboriginal meetings across Australia to build national unity government” by Michael Anderson and “The tent embassy: fact v fiction, black v white” by Chris Graham

* “Aboriginal meetings across Australia to build
national unity government” by Michael Anderson
* “The tent embassy: fact v fiction, black v white”
by Chris Graham
* More on the Tent Embassy protest on Invasion Day


– Media Release

Aboriginal meetings across Australia to build national
unity government
17 Feb 12: “A prominent Aboriginal activist has announced a
plan to visit Aboriginal people all over the country with
the aim of forming a national unity government to be known
as the ‘Sovereign Union’.
Michael Anderson, the last survivor of the four young men
who set up the Aboriginal Embassy in Canberra in 1972, says
it’s one of the outcomes of its 40th anniversary corroboree
from 26 to 28 January.
“We will commence formal talks when I meet with delegates
of 45 Aboriginal nations from across the Murray Darling
Basin at the end of this month in Canberra,” he writes in
a media release.
“I will then travel to Western Australia to meet with
representatives of the Nyoongar Nation and others who are
in the process of organizing their delegates in Perth.””


– Analysis / Opinion

Tog’s Place.Com:
The tent embassy: fact v fiction, black v white
by Chris Graham
[scroll down page] http://togsplace.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/tent-embassy-fact-v-fiction-black-v.html
15 Feb 12: “There is perhaps no event in the last few
decades that better sums up the divide between black and
white Australia than the debacle that engulfed the Embassy
celebrations. It had everything: media misreporting; white
political mischief; black political disunity; police
violence; frustrated activists. And it had the odd rat-bag,
black and white. If nothing else, the debacle that engulfed
the Tent Embassy celebration has once again exposed to the
rest of the world the racist underbelly of a very ignorant
nation.” Chris Graham

agendaTracker: Inside the Tent:
The ‘behind the scenes’ story of the Tent Embassy debacle
13 Feb 12: “Some believe the debacle that engulfed the Tent
Embassy 40th anniversary celebrations in Canberra last
month set back the Aboriginal cause a decade or two.
CHRIS GRAHAM, who served as the Embassy’s media adviser
for the event, thinks its opened up an opportunity for a
conversation about the future of Aboriginal protest.”
Chris Graham


WGAR News: Eyewitness accounts of the Tent Embassy protest
on Invasion Day / Sovereignty Day (2 Feb 12)

WGAR News: More on the Aboriginal Tent Embassy protest
on Invasion Day (8 Feb 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/02/08/wgar-news-four-actions-to-help-stop-the-proposed-nt-nuclear-dump-beyond-nuclear-initiativ

WGAR News: Tent Embassy protest interviews with
Michael Anderson, Jeff McMullen, Chris Graham, etc (9 Feb 12)


– Audio Interviews

Radio Show:
Indigenous Politics: From Native New England and Beyond
[download interview] http://www.4shared.com/mp3/-lOVov7c/Anderson_and_AbunimahPodCast.html
7 Feb 12: “Join your host, J Kehaulani Kauanui, for a
two-part show. The first segment will feature Indigenous
Australian leader Michael Anderson (Nyoongar Ghurradjong
Murri Ghillar) as a guest for an interview about the recent
debacle during Australia Day (also known as Invasion Day)
on January 26, 2012, when demonstrators confronted Prime
Minister Julia Giillard and opposition party leader Tony
Abbott in relation to the Aboriginal “Tent Embassy”, which
he co-established in 1972 that sits on the lawn directly
facing Parliament. He will discuss the unresolved
sovereignty claim of indigenous Australians.”

Radio Adelaide Breakfast with Tim Brunero:
Future of the Tent Embassy Challenged
10 Feb 12: “Some people in our community are fuelling
racial tensions by calling for the removal of the
Aboriginal Tent Embassy at a time of intense and angry
national debate. Nunga Wangga’s Andrea Fraser spoke with
outspoken Aboriginal Activist, Barbara Shaw who is one of
the most vocal members of an Australian group campaigning
to put an end to the Northern Territory Emergency Response
in Aboriginal communities which was introduced by the Rudd
Government in 2007.”

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
Tent Embassy Founder Speaks on Australia Day Events
9 Feb 12: “An original member of the Aboriginal Tent
Embassy says the group of protestors who burned the
Australian Flag did so as a symbol of rejection for the way
Government has treated Aboriginal people…not an attack on
all Australians. During a protest held on Australia Day a
group of protesters were captured on video burning the
Australian flag a piece of footage which became a focus of
mainstream media coverage and offended many Australians.”

– Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 13-02-2012
13 Feb 12: “A Canberra based academic who witnessed the
events which took place at a restaurant during the
Aboriginal Tent embassy celebration has called for
fundamental reform of the mainstream media following
reports of the confrontation which were constantly
referred to as being violent.”

– Interviews

newsTracker: Tent Embassy protests: Keeping the fight alive
13 Feb 12: “AMY MCQUIRE* speaks to three veterans of the
Aboriginal Tent Embassy to find out the way forward for the
next generation of black activists. The young warriors of
the Aboriginal Tent Embassy are older now. They’ve seen
governments come and go, they’ve seen race relations
worsen, and they’ve seen issues like land rights fall off
the national agenda. But the tents remain. The battles they
fought as teenagers still stain those lawns. Today they
hope that legacy will be taken up by the younger
generation. Because, they say, very little has changed.”

– Analysis / Opinion

Crikey: Elsewhere: actual journalism on the Australia Day
tent embassy protest incident
15 Feb 12: “Kudos to our parent site, Crikey, for this fine
article in today’s daily email, exploring the truth of what
happened on Australia Day at that restaurant in Canberra.
(If you haven’t seen these points made or debated
prominently in the national media, perhaps ask yourself why
you should believe their coverage in the future.) First
point (in terms of the day’s chronology) – Abbott’s
original claims about the tent embassy commemorating its
40th anniversary, and just how far from the truth they
were: … ” Jeremy Sear

agendaTracker: On the scene: The tent embassy protest
13 Feb 12: “There were alot of rumours circulating the day
after the Survival Day protests erupted on television
screens. AMY MCQUIRE* penned this for Crikey.com.au on
January 27. The most striking aspect of the Aboriginal Tent
Embassy protests, which sprung onto the media’s radar on
Survival Day, was the stark difference between the reports
of the events, and the reality. This week, 2000 people made
their way to the tent embassy to camp on the land where
four Aboriginal men had helped change the course of
Aboriginal political history 40 years prior.” Amy McQuire

Green Left: Racism biggest threat to health and safety
11 Feb 12: “As 2000 Aboriginal people and their supporters
gathered at the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Tent
Embassy in Canberra, Coalition leader Tony Abbott said:
“I can understand why the Tent Embassy was established all
those years ago. I think a lot has changed for the better
since then… I think it probably is time to move on from
that.” Through all the media hype over the so-called riot
his comments supposedly caused, it could be easy to forget
the many reasons Aboriginal people have to protest, 40
years on.” Emma Murphy & Peter Robson, Darwin

– Video

ABC: Video emerges of union boss at Tent Embassy protest
Updated 15 Feb 12: “Video footage has emerged of the words
that sparked the violent Australia Day confrontation in
Canberra and security scare for Julia Gillard and Tony
Abbott. In the footage aired on ABC1’s 7.30, Unions ACT
secretary Kim Sattler can be heard telling representatives
of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy that Mr Abbott is at a
nearby restaurant. Earlier that day the Opposition Leader
said he thought it was probably time to reconsider the
relevance of the Tent Embassy.”

ABC: Footage gives fresh view of Australia Day protest
14 Feb 12: “The images of the Prime Minister and Opposition
Leader fleeing in the face of an angry mob on Australia Day
left many people shocked and angry – as shocking was the
news that a member of Julia Gillard’s own staff had a hand
in sparking the confrontation. He resigned, but since 26
January there have been many questions about who was
responsible for stirring the anger of the Aboriginal Tent
Embassy protesters. But the protesters shot their own video
of the day, and tonight for the first time, 7.30 can show
how events got out of hand.”

– News

Australian: Australia Day players silent on new riot footage
16 Feb 12: “THE key players of the Australia Day riot went
to ground yesterday, refusing to respond to new video
footage that showed Unions ACT boss Kim Sattler telling an
indigenous protester that Tony Abbott wanted the tent
embassy “pulled down”. As Julia Gillard continued to face a
barrage of questions over the riots from the opposition, Ms
Sattler and indigenous activist Barbara Shaw did not
comment on the footage.”

Brisbane Times: New footage shown of tent embassy protest
14 Feb 12: “Video has emerged of a Canberra union figure
telling Aboriginal tent embassy activists that Opposition
Leader Tony Abbott had called for the structure to be
pulled down. The vision, screened on ABC TV, shows tent
embassy representative Barbara Shaw speaking to a woman who
is out of camera range, but whose voice can be heard.”

Adelaide Now: Union chief defends tent embassy ‘wind-up’
13 Feb 12: “A UNION official accused of stirring up
protesters at the Aboriginal tent embassy on Australia Day
said the rally had originally been told that it was the
Government which wanted the 40-year-old camp shifted.”

– Related Analysis / Opinion

agendaTracker: Editorial Opinion
13 Feb 12: “The one fact that stands out to me when
reflecting on the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent
Embassy is just how young many of those now-experienced
activists were. The four who first camped on those lawns
were aged between 18 and 20. They were soon joined by a
wave of Aboriginal youth, strong in their belief that they
could affect change through protest.” Amy McQuire

– – –

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