120331 – The Lizard’s Revenge over uranium mine – Festival protest against Olympic Dam expansion

* The Lizard’s Revenge over uranium mine
* Interviews re Federal Court challenge over Muckaty
* Brisbane Tent Embassy Interview
* Nyoongar Tent Embassy Interviews
* Deaths in Custody research Interview
* Other articles


– Upcoming Event

Event: Sat 14 to Fri 20 July 2012: Olympic Dam, SA
The Lizard’s Revenge:
Olympic Dam expansion music/art/festival/protest
“Sleeping underneath the ground there is an old lizard,
Kalta the sleepy lizard. The lizard ain’t so sleepy anymore.
BHP is mining right into that Lizards body. The government
has just approved an expansion of the Olympic Dam uranium
mine, making it the biggest uranium mine in the world.
Kalta is angry and wants revenge.
Arabana elder Kevin Buzzacot is calling the people of the
world to help the lizard shut down the mine. He is calling
for people to come and heal the land in the name of peace
and justice for the next 10,000 generations to come.”
Event details: http://indymedia.org.au/the-lizards-revenge-olympic-dam-expansion-musicartfestivalprotest
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/224524544273924
Background: http://londonminingnetwork.org/2011/10/australia-approves-20-30bn-bhp-billitons-olympic-dam-mine-expansion/

– Related Video

YouTube: Kevin Buzzacott challenges Tony Burke in Federal
Court over Olympic Dam mine expansion approval

23 Mar 12: “Arabunna elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott discusses
his decision to challenge Australia’s Commonwealth
Environment Minister, Tony Burke, over his 2011 approval of
the Olympic Dam mine expansion. Kevin describes (in part)
his criticisms of the assessment, particularly the level of
uncertainty the approval has permitted, by consistently
referring to management plans and documents yet to be

– Related Request

facebook: The Lizards Revenge-Music/art Festival:
Funds urgently needed to support legal challenge of Federal
Environment Ministers approval of the Olympic Dam expansion
[scroll down page] https://www.facebook.com/events/224524544273924
22 Mar 12: “Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna elder and
honorary president of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance,
is challenging the approval on the grounds that various
environmental impacts of the project were not properly
considered as required under the Environment Protection and
Biodiversity Conservation Act (see attatched media release).
This is an administrative challenge, so it does not
challenge the merits of the project per se. If we succeed
the Minister will be forced to re-consider the approval and
show that the contested environmental impacts have been
properly considered.”


– Audio Interviews

The Wire: The new waste dump about to be dumped
Produced by Eduardo Jordan
30 Mar 12: “Muckaty station in the Northern Territory will
become part of the biggest legal cases Australia’s ever
had. Back in 2007, the federal Government accepted a
nomination from the Northern Land Council that Muckaty be
used as a nuclear waste dump. Since then, the traditional
owners of the land have been fighting to get that
nomination overturned. However, the story became much more
complicated when questions arose as to who the traditional
owners actually are.
Featured in story: Elizabeth O’Shea, Head of the Social
Justice practice at Maurice Blackburn lawyers”

SBS Aboriginal: Traditional Owners Continue Federal Court
Challenge Over Muckaty Nuclear Waste Dump
By Michelle Lovegrove
29 Mar 12: “Legal proceedings against the Federal
Government and the Northern Land Council continue in the
Federal court after the passing of the new National
Radioactive Waste Management Bill. … Lawyers for
traditional owners are continuing a Federal court challenge,
alleging that that the Northern Land Council engaged in
misconduct and breach of fiduciary duty because of the way
the Muckaty site was nominated as a nuclear waste dump in
the Northern Territory. … Natalie Wasley from the Beyond
Nuclear Initiative tells Garfield Samuels, traditional
owners weren’t adequately consulted.”

– Related Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 28/03/2012
28 Mar 12: “A federal court determination over a case
against plans to locate a national waste dump on contested
Aboriginal land at Muckatty in the Northern Territory will
have major implications for the future according to one of
the countrys peak environmental advocate groups.”

– Related News

ABC Environment: Muckaty dumps advances in reconcilation
28 Mar 12: “EARLIER THIS MONTH after more than two years of
debate and delay the federal government passed a law aimed
at advancing a controversial radioactive waste dump on
contested Aboriginal land in central Australia. This week
Maurice Blackburn lawyers, with special assistance from
Ron Merkel QC and Julian Burnside QC, will be representing
Northern Territory Indigenous elders in a Melbourne
courtroom in a move aimed at stopping the Federal
government’s plan for Australia’s first purpose-built
national nuclear waste dump at Muckaty, 120 kilometres
north of Tennant Creek.” Dave Sweeney, Nuclear Free
campaigner for Australian Conservation Foundation

Age: Radioactive dump – with 10 days’ notice, court told
28 Mar 12: “A nuclear waste dump on Aboriginal land should
go ahead even if the land’s traditional owners have been
incorrectly identified to government, the Commonwealth has
told the Federal Court. If it was found that a land council
gave the federal government incorrect information about the
traditional owners of Muckaty Station, 120 kilometres north
of Tennant Creek, it would not invalidate the government’s
2007 approval for a dump there, Commonwealth lawyer Dr
Stephen Donaghue SC said in Melbourne yesterday.” Maris Beck

Anthropologists called in for nuke land ownership dispute in court
28 Mar 12: “THE federal government will use evidence from
anthropologists to fight claims that traditional owners of
a site at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory have
not been consulted about a planned nuclear waste dump.
Lawyers for the commonwealth told a Federal Court hearing
yesterday that Mark Lane Jangala, a Ngapa man who opposes
the proposed dump site, was not a traditional owner of the
land. Stephen Donaghue SC said anthropological material
supported the government’s case against Mr Lane Jangala and
his allies within the Ngapa group.”

– Related Analysis / Opinion

Australian Financial Review: Our radioactive racism
30 Mar 12: “As a co-convener of the Australian Uranium
Association’s Indigenous Dialogue Group, it’s a shame that
Warren Mundine turns a blind eye to the crude racism of
Australia’s nuclear industry (“Step into the nuclear age”,
Opinion, March 29). … And Mundine ought to have noted
that Resources Minister Martin Ferguson’s National
Radioactive Waste Management Act overrides the Aboriginal
Heritage Act, sidesteps the Aboriginal Land Rights Act and
allows for the imposition of a dump on Aboriginal land
even in the absence of any consultation with or consent
from traditional owners.” Jim Green, Friends of the Earth

ABC The Drum Opinion:
Dumping on Traditional Owners: the ugly face of Australian racism
29 Mar 12: “The nuclear industry has been responsible for
some of the crudest racism in Australia’s history. …
Governments have systematically stripped back resources for
remote Aboriginal communities, placing increased pressure
on them to accept projects like the radioactive waste dump.
… While a small group of Traditional Owners support the
dump [at Muckaty] in return for financial compensation, a
larger group have been ignored and they have initiated
legal action in the Federal Court challenging the nomination
of the Muckaty site.” Jim Green, National nuclear campaigner
with Friends of the Earth, and former national committee
member of Australian Nuclear Free Alliance

Songlines: Role of Muckaty Land Trust?
28 Mar 12: “As the farce plays itself out in the Muckaty
Federal court case with Northern Land Council politicians
and bureaucrats telling First Peoples at Muckaty they do
not know their own traditions, there is another aspect of
this matter which is worthy of crtical attention. This is
the role of the Muckaty Land Trust, a body which holds
title for the area of the former cattle station, now
Aboriginal Land under the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Act
of 1976, In the present Federal court case the legal
representatives of the Northern Land Council are also
representing the Muckaty Land Trust.”


Proposed Radioactive Waste Dump at Muckaty, NT
Briefing Paper – February 2011
Jim Green B.Med.Sci.(Hons.), PhD
National nuclear campaigner – Friends of the Earth, Australia
Friends of the Earth: http://www.foe.org.au/anti-nuclear/issues/oz/nontdump/Dump%20briefing%20Feb%202011.pdf

Beyond Nuclear Initiative:

Vimeo: Nuclear Medicine & the need for a Waste Dump?

YouTube: Muckaty Voices-Australia’s nuclear waste dump story

Australian Conservation Foundation: Muckaty radioactive dump:

Nuclear Territory News: Waste Dump News

WGAR News: Nuclear waste dump laws pass the Senate (14 Mar 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/03/14/wgar-news-28-leading-australians-call-on-government-to-abandon-the-stronger-futures-legis

WGAR News: Maurice Blackburn lawyers:
“New Federal laws on nuclear waste have no impact on
Muckaty legal challenge” (15 Mar 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/03/15/wgar-news-greens-senator-rachel-siewert-provides-an-overview-ending-the-nt-intervention

WGAR News: Central Land Council (CLC):
“New waste dump legislation fundamentally flawed” (18 Mar 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/03/18/wgar-news-responses-to-senate-committee-report-on-stronger-futures-new-nt-intervention-la

WGAR News: Natalie Wasley: Traditional owners to fight
Ferguson’s nuclear waste dump (22 Mar 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/03/22/wgar-news-stand-for-freedom-campaign-delivers-a-petition-to-the-senate-signed-by-33000-pe

WGAR News: ABC 7.30:
National radioactive waste dump faces resistance (24 Mar 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/03/24/wgar-news-call-for-delegates-to-interim-aboriginal-unity-government-assembly


– Audio Interview

ABC Radio 612 – Brisbane: Brisbane Tent Embassy – Interview

– Related News

ABC Brisbane: Brisbane joins sovereign rights protest
30 Mar 12: “Musgrave Park, in South Brisbane has been
transformed into a Tent Embassy, as the latest of the
Sovereign Rights protests hits Brisbane. The Brisbane site
is the third Aboriginal embassy to be set up across the
country, with others already operating in Canberra,
Portland (regional Victoria) and Perth [and Sandon Point,
NSW]. Brisbane Embassy spokes person Kyu Bales says the
national movement is gaining momentum. January this year
marked the 40th anniversary for the Tent Embassy on the
lawns of Parliament House in Canberra.”

Courier-Mail: Tent embassy opens branch in Musgrave Park,
protesting over sovereign rights
30 Mar 12: “BRISBANE now has it’s own branch of Canberra’s
tent embassy – the Brisbane Sovereign Embassy in Musgrave
Park. Peter Skuthorpe said the working party, a group of
eight volunteers committed to their cause, have set up camp
near the corner of Russell St and Cordelia St, South
Brisbane, which was once a sacred site in indigenous
culture. He said they’ve been in the park for two weeks,
and other similar embassies will be opened in Western
Australia, Port Headland, and New South Wales.”

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Tent Embassy set up in Brisbane
23 Mar 12: “The founder of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in
Brisbane says Indigenous people need to be heard on the
issue of sovereignty. Adrian Burragubba says if more
Aboriginal embassies were established across Australia, it
would start a national conversation on the subject of
sovereignty. He says Aboriginal people are treated as the
property of the government in Australia instead of the
original inhabitants of the country. “We’re not people
that are defined by the British colony or the Australia
Government. … “”

– Related Statement

Green Left:
Brisbane’s Aboriginal embassy deserves wide support
22 Mar 12: “Liam Flenady, the Socialist Alliance candidate
for the seat of South Brisbane, released the statement
below on March 21. * * *
The Socialist Alliance declares its full support for the
Sovereign Embassy Brisbane, established by the Murri
community in Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, on March 13.
The Sovereign Embassy Brisbane has issued a statement
saying: “Our right to sovereignty, possession and occupation
and enjoyment of our lands and waters and everything
associated with the Original Tribes, is guaranteed under the
term tribe. We now instruct the Parliament of Queensland to
recognise us as tribes.
“The Sovereign Embassy Brisbane is on a state-wide campaign
to acknowledge all tribal nations to treaty with the local
Yaggara people and with each other.
“All Original Sovereign Nations who become part of the
National Unity Government will be encouraged to challenge,
within the domestic courts of the invader society, to seek
a declaration by them confirming that our sovereignty cannot
be dealt with within their jurisdiction.” … ”


facebook: Brisbane Sovereign Embassy, Musgrave Park


– Audio Interviews

SBS Aboriginal: Noongar People Stage Protest Rally Over
Stolen Wages And Land Deal Offer
29 Mar 12: “Stolen wages and a billion dollar land deal
were the main focus of a Noongar public rally in the centre
of Perth. … A Noongar public rally was held on Wednesday
in the centre of Perth to protest offers from the stage
government on stolen wages and a billion dollar land deal.
The procession march follows a second police raid on the
tent embassy at Matagarup a week earlier and a recent
government announcement of a figure for stolen wages
compensation in that state. … Noongar spokesman Iva
Jackson Hayward says it’s important all community members
get educated on what the government is proposing.”
By Michelle Lovegrove

RTRfm: Nyoongar Tent Embassy
26 Mar 12: “After seven weeks of camping on Herrison
island, protestors are no closer to ending their stand-off
with police, council workers and the government. The
protests are about the state governments proposed one
billion dollar native title settlement deal, but it’s not
clear what alternative agreement the protesters want to
reach. In fact there’s a lot of unanswered questions and
confusion in Perth about the tent embassy and the protests
by the Noongar people. Tent Embassy representative Marianne
Mackay has been there and knows why the tent embassy was
set up, why the protesters are staying and what outcome
they hope will come from all of this. Alia Glorie spoke to
her on Morning Magazine.”

– Related Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 28/03/2012
28 Mar 12: “A Nyoongah Aboriginal rights campaigner has
criticised the mainstream media’s coverage of their
concerns over the Western Australian Governments billion
dollar offer to extinguish native title.”

– Related News

Aboriginal activist on trial for Nyoongar tent embassy
30 Mar 12: “WESTERN AUSTRALIA: A Perth magistrate was
forced to adjourn his court sitting after supporters of an
Aboriginal activist disrupted proceedings. Herbert Bropho
was appearing in the Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday
charged with obstructing police and two counts of
disorderly behaviour when police moved in to clear the
Nyoongar Tent Embassy on Heirisson Island on March 22. The
police prosecutor told the court that Bropho had stood in
front of officers and told them, “This is our land, get
back” and had also threatened a member of the public on
the island.”

Perth Now: Hecklers thrown out of Herbert Bropho hearing
29 Mar 12: “A PERTH magistrate has thrown a group of
Noongar protesters out of his courtroom after they
continually heckled him during proceedings. Aboriginal
activist Herbert Bropho appeared in the Perth Magistrates
Court charged with two counts of disorderly behaviour in
public and one count of obstructing a police officer. The
charges stem from a clash between police and protesters at
the Heirisson Island “tent embassy” on March 22, when four
people were arrested as police moved in clear the camp.”

National Indigenous Times:
Leaders appalled at Noongar Tent Embassy tactics
… while Queensland’s leaders fire up
29 Mar 12: “Brisbane families and friends were treated to a
day of cultural celebrations during the lighting of the
sacred fire for the Aboriginal Tent Embassy at Musgrave
Park in Brisbane. Meanwhile West Australian protesters at
their Tent Embassy on Heirisson Island in Perth came under
unprovoked attack by police on foot and horseback. At day’s
end 70 tactical response and mounted police officers and 15
City of Perth rangers arrested four protestors and removed
tents as well as several cars parked on the public reserve.
What started as peaceful protests in mid February by
Noongar people … ”

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Talkback radio bagging led to Embassy dismantling
29 Mar 12: “A West Australia human rights advocate says the
content of talkback radio in Perth contributed to the
decision to dismantle the Noongar Tent Embassy last week.
Gerry Georgatos, social commentator, journalist and PhD law
researcher into Australian deaths in custody, says the
Noongar protest has been a hot topic on Perth radio. Mr.
Georgatos says influential radio jocks and their listeners
in Perth made comments suggesting the State Government was
being ‘weak and impotent’ on the issue. … It was the
third time the Embassy had been taken down in six weeks.”

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Noongar protesters call for action on high incarceration rates
29 Mar 12: “Noongar protesters in Perth who oppose a
billion-dollar offer to extinguish Native Title in the
south-west of Western Australia are also calling for action
on high Indigenous incarceration rates. The Noongar Tent
Embassy on Heirisson Island was removed by police last week.
Since then, protesters have re-affirmed their position. But
he [Spokesperson Robert Eggington] says improving
incarceration rates of Aboriginal men in Australia’s prison
systems is crucial.”

National Indigenous Times:
Protest told Nyoongars need to rise and fear no one
29 Mar 12: “Nyoongar Tent Embassy supporters joined with
supporters of the Bellotti family to protest outside the
West Australian State Parliament on Monday at the
Government’s treatment of Aboriginal people. The protest,
which started with the Bellotti Walk for Justice march
through the State’s south west region the… ”

SMH: WA Aboriginal protesters demand new deal
28 Mar 12: “About 50 Aboriginal rights activists have
marched on Western Australia’s parliament to demand a
compensation deal equal to five per cent of the annual
gross domestic product of the state’s southwest. Such a
deal, according to organisers of the protest, would be
worth about $1.3 billion annually, to be deposited in a
special fund and distributed equally amongst the Noongar
people of the southwest to settle native title. The
protesters, who marched through Perth on Wednesday before
rallying outside parliament, also want an end to mandatory
jail terms for certain offences, … ”

Perth Now: Police, rangers clean out Heirisson camp
29 Mar 12: “POLICE and City rangers descended on Heirisson
Island early today to clean up remnants of the tent camp
and remove a handful of Noongar activists. The “tent
embassy” has been on the island since February and was set
up in protest of the State Government’s proposed $1 billion
native title deal. Police spokesman Rex Haw said the City
of Perth council workers came onto the island about 7am.
About 20 police officers attended to protect them in case
there was any resistance.”

– Background

facebook: Nyoongar Tent Embassy

Welcome to our website: Nyoongar Tent Embassy

facebook: Aboriginal Tent Embassy

WGAR News: Force used to suppress the Aboriginal
sovereignty movement: Michael Anderson (27 Mar 12)
[Includes several articles on the Nyoongar Tent Embassy in Perth.]

WGAR News: Perth police invade Nyoongar Tent Embassy (24 Mar 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/03/24/wgar-news-call-for-delegates-to-interim-aboriginal-unity-government-assembly

WGAR News: Welcome to our website: Nyoongar Tent Embassy
(22 Mar 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/03/22/wgar-news-stand-for-freedom-campaign-delivers-a-petition-to-the-senate-signed-by-33000-pe

WGAR News: More on the Nyoongar Tent Embassy at
Matagarup (1 Mar 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/03/01/wgar-news-press-conference-on-stronger-futures-legislation-by-hon-alastair-nicholson-ao-r

WGAR News: More on Nyoongar Tent Embassy in Perth (26 Feb 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/02/26/wgar-news-petition-stop-stronger-futures-and-support-aboriginal-self-determination-in-the

WGAR News: Nyoongar Tent Embassy marches to
Government House in protest (23 Feb 12)

WGAR News: News of the Nyoongar Tent Embassy on
Heirisson Island in Perth (21 Feb 12)


– Audio Interview

4ZZZ Brisbane 102.1FM:
Trauma: prisons, dentention centres and the NT Intervention
23 Mar 12: “Research into deaths in custody in Australia’s
prisons and dentention centres has revealed an alarming
rate of deaths post-custody as well. The study being done
by Gerry Georgatos of the Human Rights Alliance in Western
Australia started out as an examination of deaths in
custody, but has lead more broadly to an examination of
trauma induced while in custody. … he says, people
growing up under the intervention have had their rights
taken away from them which feeds into their sense of
identity, leading to an “inter-generational trauma” not
dissimilar to poverty among current and past generations
of Aboriginal people.”


Indymedia Australia: Gerry Georgatos


– Analysis / Opinion

SMH: Alarm over NT response to Aboriginal youth suicide
28 Mar 12: “Indigenous suicide programs are fragmented,
un-coordinated and failing to make an impact on the
alarming numbers of indigenous youth committing suicide in
the Northern Territory, a parliamentary investigation has
found. Suicides of indigenous children under the age of 15
are five times the national rate with girls accounting for
a previously unheard of 40 per cent. There were no cases of
non-indigenous suicide in the same five-year period to 2011
in the Territory.” Russell Skelton

– News

The Standard:
Racial tensions blamed on tent embassy in Portland
30 Mar 12: “AN Aboriginal tent embassy protest on
Portland’s Market Square [Victoria] has been blamed for an
ugly eruption of racial tension in the district. As the
small protest led by activist Sandra Onus drags on beyond
50 days, other members of the Koorie community have copped
criticism, taunts and insults. … The protestors continued
to stand firm yesterday, telling The Standard they would
remain steadfast in their bid to maintain a campsite at
Market Square.”

The Riot ACT: Father of Hip Hop to tour the Tent Embassy
26 Mar 12: “KP Records and the Tent Embassy are letting you
know that New York Hip Hop kingpin KRS One is going to be
making a solidarity visit to the Tent Embassy when he’s
here in Canberra on 12 April (to play on 13 April).”

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