120524 – “Brisbane tent embassy given permanent site” Tracker

* Beyond Nuclear Initiative (BNI):
Trade union support strengthens NT nuclear waste dump campaign
* Background to the proposed Muckaty nuclear waste dump
* Tracker: Brisbane tent embassy given permanent site
* Video: Sam Watson: The police attack on the Aboriginal
Sovereign Tent Embassy, Brisbane
* ISJA: On Sovereign Embassies and police brutality
* Intercontinental Cry:
More Aboriginal Tent Embassies Appearing Throughout Australia
* Background to the Aboriginal tent embassies
* Video: Lest We Forget the Frontier Wars – ANZAC Day 2012


– Media Release

Beyond Nuclear Initiative:
Trade union support strengthens NT nuclear waste dump campaign
17 May 12: “Muckaty Traditional Owners have welcomed news
that Australia’s peak trade union body, the Australian
Council of Trade Unions, has today committed to actively
support the campaign against a proposed radioactive waste
dump at Muckaty, 120km north of Tennant Creek in the
Northern Territory.
The ACTU National Congress unanimously passed a motion
(full text below) expressing ‘disappointment that the
highly contested Muckaty Land Trust site will continue to
be pursued’ and agreeing to stand ‘in solidarity with
Traditional Owners and communities resisting federal
government plans for a radioactive waste dump’.
The move comes as a further blow to plans by Federal
Resources Minister Martin Ferguson to advance the highly
contested waste dump site at Muckaty. Recent legislation,
the National Radioactive Waste Management Act (NRWMA),
names Muckaty as the only site to be further assessed for a
national radioactive dump and allows the Minister to
override any state or territory law that would hinder the
dump being built, but the plan faces growing political,
legal and community challenge. … ”


Last updated: 6 May 2012



– News

Brisbane tent embassy given permanent site
newsTracker: http://tracker.org.au/2012/05/brisbane-tent-embassy-given-permanent-site/
The West: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/national/13748857/brisbane-tent-embassy-given-permanent-site/
23 May 12: “QUEENSLAND: A scaled-down Aboriginal tent
embassy will remain permanently in a Brisbane park, but
protesters will not be allowed to return to the original
site. Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk agreed to hand over
an area of South Brisbane’s Musgrave Park to Indigenous
protesters during a meeting on Tuesday. Tent embassy
protesters have been camped at the alternative location at
one end of the park since Wednesday of last week.”

– Related Video

YouTube: Brisbane Tent Embassy Future

22 May 12: “Sam Watson explains the meeting with Aboriginal
leaders met with the Brisbane Mayor on the 22nd May 2012”

ABC: Aboriginal leaders strike tent embassy deal
Updated 23 May 12: “A deal has been struck between
Aboriginal leaders and the Brisbane City Council over the
future of a tent embassy. … Community worker Sam Watson
says the meeting was positive. “We came away very pleased
because we really do believe we are going to have a
constructive and strong pathway forward,” he said. Mr
Watson says the council also wants traditional owners to
have more say in the management of Musgrave Park.”

– Related Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio Online News 23.05.2012
23 May 12: “Aboriginal rights campaigners in Brisbane have
described Tuesdays meeting with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk as
a major victory with all parties agreeing that the top end
of Musgrave Park will become a designated Aboriginal
cultural space.”

– Related News

Courier Mail:
Aboriginal cultural centre mooted as tent embassy talks kick off
23 May 12: “AN Aboriginal cultural centre may be in the
works as peaceful talks between the Brisbane City Council
and the embattled tent embassy began yesterday. The two
sides, whose last attempt at negotiation ended in the
violent removal of more than 50 protesters from Musgrave
Park by more than 200 police last week, have renewed talks
to accommodate the Aboriginal tent embassy’s ties with the
land in West End. Tent embassy spokesman Sam Watson said
Lord Mayor Graham Quirk had strongly supported the idea of
financially supporting a cultural centre in Musgrave Park.”

Brisbane Times: Tent embassy to stay
23 May 12: “The controversial Aboriginal tent embassy will
remain at Musgrave Park as talks between the indigenous
community and Brisbane City Council begin to recognise a
traditional bora ring at the site, lord mayor Graham Quirk
said last night. However, the tents must remain where they
currently stand – in the southern corner of Musgrave Park –
and only one ceremonial fire can be lit at one time. In
addition, the indigenous community is likely to be able to
self-govern the community hall on the southern corner of
Musgrave Park, the council-run Jagera Community Hall.”

9 News: Mayor, Qld protesters to meet over embassy
22 May 12: “Brisbane’s lord mayor will on Tuesday meet with
protesters over the future of an Aboriginal tent embassy
shut down in a city park. The protest, in support of
Aboriginal land rights, was dismantled last week to make
way for a Greek festival in Musgrave Park. About 270 police
moved in after the Brisbane City Council sought help to
enforce its eviction order. More than 30 people were
arrested. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says he’ll meet on
Tuesday afternoon with indigenous representatives about the
future of the embassy, which has moved to a site adjacent
to the park.”

Brisbane Times: Musgrave Park cultural centre hopes revived
22 May 12: “A meeting this morning between Lord Mayor
Graham Quirk and Brisbane’s indigenous leaders is hoped to
kick start progress on the problematic issue of an
indigenous cultural centre in Brisbane. Brisbane is the
only Australian capital city without an indigenous cultural
centre. The 11am meeting will also try to find a way to
house a “Sovereign Tent Embassy” at Musgrave Park.”

News.com.au : Mayor says no to ‘massive’ tent embassy
22 May 12: “THERE will be no “full blown” tent embassy in a
Brisbane park where 31 people were arrested for resisting
an eviction last week, the city’s mayor said. Brisbane Lord
Mayor Graham Quirk today met indigenous representatives on
the future of the Musgrave Park site. Mr Quirk said he
would allow the tent embassy protesters to have their say,
but he had already made it clear to them they wouldn’t be
allowed to have a large site in the park.”


– Video

YouTube: Sam Watson: The police attack on the Aboriginal
Sovereign Tent Embassy, Brisbane

21 May 12: “Aboriginal leader Sam Watson discusses the
brutal dawn eviction by 300 police of the peaceful embassy
in Brisbane; the importance of the Tent Embassy movement;
the need for unity to fight the LNP government which he
compares to the days of Joh; and where to for the struggle
for sovereignty. Please share to help the struggle for
Aboriginal rights and justice.
More at: http://www.greenleft.org.au
Sam Watson is a Murri leader, filmmaker, playwright, and
the Socialist Alliance national spokesperson on Indigenous
More on Socialist Alliance at: http://www.socialist-alliance.org

– Related Audio Interview

ABC Brisbane Afternoons: Tent Embassy
16 May 12: “Did you watch scenes at the Indigenous Tent
Embassy in Musgrave Park in inner Brisbane when about 200
police went to dismantle the site. 30 people were arrested
others were escorted or dragged away from the area. …
Dr Libby Connors is a Senior Lecturer in History at the
University of Southern Queensland. Indigenous leader.
Sam Watson was one of those at the site this morning when
police arrived.”

– Related Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 21.5.12
21 May 12: “Aboriginal rights campaigners from the Brisbane
Sovereign Tent Embassy have lodged an official complaint
with the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission
following last week’s dismantling of the Embassy site and
the arrest of 35 people.”

– Related News

National Indigenous Radio Service:
CMC complaint not a publicity stunt: Watson
22 May 12: “Members of the Brisbane Sovereign Embassy have
lodged a complaint with the Crime and Misconduct Commission
regarding the circumstances of the shutting down of their
campsite last week. … He [Sam Watson] says complaint is a
genuine attempt to access information and isn’t a publicity
stunt. “There’s higher priorities here than public opinion.
“This is about the rights of Aboriginal people to gather in
a sacred place like Musgrave Park to establish a protest
site, to administer and to then having a mass number of
heavily-armed police come in to close that protest site
down. … “”

Greek and Aboriginal community help open festival
newsTracker: http://tracker.org.au/2012/05/greek-and-aboriginal-community-help-open-festival/
9 News: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8470464/communities-heal-after-embassy-eviction
21 May 12: “QUEENSLAND: South Brisbane’s Aboriginal and
Greek communities have come together in celebration, easing
tensions over the forced eviction of a protest site. …
The festival’s [Paniyiri Greek festival] official opening
on Sunday included a welcome to country ceremony by the
Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal dancers, including Traditional
Owner Shannon Ruska. Thousands cheered and Aboriginal
embassy protesters and elders introduced to the crowd were

Brisbane Times:
Joh-era politics? Not quite, says Aboriginal historian
19 May 12: “Brisbane Aboriginal historian Dr Ray Kerkhove
seemed somewhat bemused at comments this week that the
Joh-era had returned to Queensland under the new LNP
Government. He quietly begs to differ. This week 200 police
on Wednesday removed protesters from Brisbane’s Musgrave
Park, then let protesters march through the City, down to
Parliament House, protest, then march their down to the
City Watchhouse, protest again, before they slowly made
their way back to South Brisbane.”

Courier Mail: Activists meet with CMC
18 May 12: “Sovereign Tent Embassy members have vowed to
regain their camp site in Brisbane’s Musgrave Park, after a
meeting with the Crime and Misconduct Commission today.
Embassy members attended CMC headquarters in Fortitude
Valley this afternoon to file complaints against Premier
Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Police Minister
Jack Dempsey and Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson. Embassy
protesters are livid about police ushering them away from
their camp site on Wednesday morning.”


WGAR News: “Brisbane police move on Aboriginal Tent Embassy”
The Wire (18 May 12)

WGAR News: “Brisbane City Council to try to forcibly remove
Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy” MR (16 May 12)

Sovereign Union: Sovereign Embassy Brisbane
[Musgrave Park, Brisbane, Qld]

Facebook: Brisbane Sovereign Embassy, Musgrave Park
[Musgrave Park, Brisbane, Qld]


Media Release

On Sovereign Embassies and police brutality
Media release by the Indigenous Social Justice Association
Indymedia: http://indymedia.org.au/2012/05/19/on-sovereign-embassies-and-police-brutality
19 May 12: “On Friday 25th 2012 we will be holding a
supporting rally for our Brothers and Sisters who were
evicted by force out of their Sovereign Embassies in Perth
and in Brisbane. They were peacefully camped on their
Traditional Lands and holding constructive talks about what
action would be required to have the relevant State
Governments to accept their right to locate a permanent
Sovereign Embassy on their own Lands, among other rights.
That Right has been accepted and won for the Tent Embassy
in the ACT and it is our view that there must be granted by
State and Territory Governments that permanent Sovereign
Embassies be located in each capital city and/or any other
designated location as chosen by the Traditional Owners.
This is our Right on our invaded Lands. Always was, always
will be, Aboriginal Land.”

– Related Upcoming Event

Event: Fri 25 May 2012: Sydney, NSW
Supporting rally for our Brothers and Sisters
evicted by force out of their
Sovereign Embassies in Perth and in Brisbane
Indigenous Social Justice Association
Event details: http://indymedia.org.au/supporting-rally-for-our-brothers-and-sisters-evicted-by-force-out-of-their-sovereign-embassies-in-p
Event details: http://indymedia.org.au/2012/05/19/on-sovereign-embassies-and-police-brutality
Background: http://indymedia.org.au/2012/04/22/background-to-the-aboriginal-sovereignty-movement-and-the-aboriginal-tent-embassies


– Analysis / Opinion

Intercontinental Cry:
More Aborginal Tent Embassies Appearing Throughout Australia
21 May 12: “The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is legendary.
Located beside the Old Parliament House in Canberra, the
Embassy was established in 1972 in order to demand
sovereignty for Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Over the
years, the Embassy has become an important symbol for
Indigenous Peoples throughout the world. … And the
Embassy is far from alone. In fact, right now, there are a
total of seven Embassies dotted around the Australian
coast; several of which have emerged in the past few
months. … this growing movement needs your support.”


Last updated: 21 May 2012



– Video

YouTube: Lest We Forget the Frontier Wars – ANZAC Day 2012

11 May 12: “For the second year, Aboriginal people and
supporters honour all those who died in defence of their
land on Australian soil. Carrying banners recalling the
Frontier Wars and massacres of Aboriginal freedom fighters,
the group led by Michael Anderson march behind the ANZAC
Day march in Canberra. There is warm support from the
spectators and police.”

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