120605 – Audio from the ‘Litigating the Boundaries of Sovereignty’ Symposium

* Sovereign Union: Sovereignty Conference 2012 – Sound & Pictures
* CAAMA: Academic takes look at legal implications of sovereignty
* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement
* Congress:
Congress tells PM: Native Title is not real land rights
* AHRC: The promise of Mabo is yet to be realised
* National Indigenous Times: Celebrating Mabo
* Congress: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Languages
* Background to the use of Aboriginal languages in NT schools
* Interview with Dianne Stokes Nampin and Elizabath O’Shea
on Muckaty waste dump
* Background to the proposed Muckaty nuclear waste dump
* Michael Anderson: Gomeroi sovereigns go on rental strike
* Interview with Sam Watson & Graham Quirk
on the Brisbane Tent Embassy
* ABC: [Brisbane] Tent embassy protesters appear in court
* Background to the Aboriginal tent embassies
* ABC: Olympic Dam expansion may fall at last hurdle
* Background to expansion of Olympic Dam mine challenge
* Other articles



Sovereign Union:
Litigating the Boundaries of Sovereignty – Symposium Day 1

– Audio and Photos

Sovereign Union: Sovereignty Conference 2012 – Sound & Pictures
Litigating the Boundaries of Sovereignty – Symposium
24 May 12: ”
* Litigating Sovereignty Welcome – Aunty Barb Nicholson
* Litigating Sovereignty – Professor Nan Seuffert
* Litigating Sovereignty – Dr Alessandro Pelizzon
* Litigating Sovereignty – Michael Anderson
* Juristiction Prudence & Int. Law – M Anderson
* Litigating Sovereignty, Virginia Marshall – Solicitor
* Litigating Sovereignty – Fred Hooper
* Litigating Sovereignty – Roy ‘Dootch’ Kennedy”

See also:

Sovereign Union: Day 2 – Formal establishment of interim
National Unity Government of the Sovereign Union

WGAR News: “Sovereign Union – interim National Unity
Government has now been officially formed.” (28 May 12)

Sovereign Union: Call for delegates to Sovereign Union 2012
“DAY 1: 9am – 5pm – Wednesday 23 May at
Law School, Wollongong University
DAY 2: 8am till late – Thursday 24 May at
Sandon Point Embassy”

– Related News

National Indigenous Times: 35 nations stand up and vote to
form sovereign Aboriginal government
1 Jun 12: “By National Indigenous Times reporter Geoff Bagnall
A sovereign Aboriginal government is set to be formed after
a group representing nations from across the breadth of the
continent met last week at Wollongong south of Sydney.
Michael Anderson, convenor of the Sovereign Union and
leader of the Euahlayi people, confirmed representatives
of… ”

Koori Mail: Tolerance plea
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php?page=Current+Edition
30 May 12: “ABORIGINAL activists are calling for a more
tolerant approach from police and governments towards the
growing number of Aboriginal tent embassies that have
sprung up across the nation. The United Nations has been
informed of raids on the Nyoongar embassy in Western
Australia; court action is being considered in Queensland
after a raid on Musgrave Park; and a protest was held
outside New South Wales Parliament last Friday to condemn
the ‘overzealous policing’ of those pushing for Aboriginal
sovereignty, or attempting to protect sites of


– Audio Interview

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
Academic takes look at legal implications of sovereignty
1 Jun 12: “A University academic and expert in the field of
law and Justice says he believes Australia could lead the
international community toward a new way of acknowledging
indigenous rights. Southern Cross University lecturer Dr
Allesandro Pelizzon recently co-convened a forum which
discussed and examined the legal implications of the the
call for the recognition of Aboriginal sovereignty. …
Dr Pelizzon says sovereignty is undeniable and it’s not
something that can be denied.”

– Related Analysis / Opinion

National Indigenous Times: Aboriginal Sovereignty:
Aboriginal Right to control the use of their traditional land
1 Jun 12: “by Associate Professor Rosemary van den Berg
Not long ago I wrote in the National Indigenous Times my
thoughts on democracy and the Australian Constitution. In
that article I wondered why Aboriginal people were the
invisible race in Australia. The answer is, of course,
Aboriginal Sovereignty. Aboriginal people have never ceded
their lands to the British intruders… ”


Last updated: 31 May 2012



– Statement

National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples:
Congress tells PM: Native Title is not real land rights
30 May 12: “On the eve of the 20th Anniversary of the 1992
Mabo decision, the National Congress of Australia’s First
Peoples (Congress) has called for unity and for a new
conversation with the Government on the inherent rights of
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Congress published an open letter to the Prime Minister
calling for action on the current state of land rights and
the Native Title Act.
Congress Co-Chair Les Malezer says although the Mabo High
Court decision set a legal high watermark, it has sadly
never been fully realised.”

– Related Q&A

Facebook: Human Rights Law Centre
“This week is the 20th anniversary of the historic Mabo
decision. To celebrate, we’re having a live Facebook Q&A
with leading Aboriginal human rights advocate and Co-Chair
of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, Les
Malezer, from 3.30-4.15 on Friday. It’ll be a great
opportunity to ask questions and share comments on the
history and future of Indigenous rights with one of the
world’s experts. We look forward to seeing you right here

– Related Audio

ABC AM: Native Title not living up to expectations
4 Jun 12: “Twenty years on from the High Court’s historic
Mabo decision the Federal Government is under increasing
pressure to make it easier and faster for traditional
owners to prove they have a connection to the land. The
Attorney-General Nicola Roxon will announce changes to the
Native Title system on Wednesday. The congress representing
Indigenous people says the system hasn’t lived up to the
expectations set by the Mabo ruling. It’s joined the Greens
and independents in calling for significant changes to the

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 1.6.12
1 Jun 12: “The nation’s peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander representative body says Australian lawmakers and
Governments have failed to respond to the significant
rulings of the Mabo decision… twenty years after the
historic determination was made.”

– Related News

newsTracker: Land struggle goes on, 20 years after Mabo
4 Jun 12: “NATIONAL: Two decades after the Mabo judgment,
Indigenous leaders don’t know where the next round of
reform will come from. In fact, some grow weary talking
about the same issues 20 years on. On June 3, 1992, the
High Court handed down its decision in the Mabo case;
overturning 200 years of the common law assumption of terra
nullius … Les Malezer, the co-chairman of the National
Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, says even where
title is granted, it does not give adequate autonomy to
traditional owners.”

Koori Mail: Congress seeks native title conversation
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
31 May 12: “THE National Congress of Australia’s First
Peoples says the Native Title Act 1993 has failed to truly
deliver to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Australians and has written to Prime Minister Julia
Gillard, asking her to commit her Government to robust and
inclusive conversations to address the situation. The
Congress letter, signed by co-chairs Les Malezer and Jody
Broun, acknowledged the impending 20th anniversary of the
High Court’s Mabo decision but said more needed to be done
to protect the property rights of Indigenous Australians.”

SMH: Native title laws failing: leaders
30 May 12: “On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the
landmark Mabo High Court decision, Aboriginal leaders say
the ensuing native title laws never fulfilled expectations.
National Congress of Australia’s First People spokesman Les
Malezer has penned a letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard
asking for the laws to be reformed.”


Background to National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples:
Last updated: 5 May 2012


– Media Release

Australian Human Rights Commission:
The promise of Mabo is yet to be realised
1 Jun 12: “The native title system remains challenging 20
years after Mabo but there’s still cause to be optimistic,
Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda said today.
Speaking ahead of the 20 year anniversary of the historic
decision, Commissioner Gooda said Mabo’s recognition that
terra nullius was a myth was a defining moment for
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
“Mabo was also a moment that divided the Australian
community, with the mining industry and some state
governments particularly strident in their opposition,
fuelled in no small part by headlines peddling ill-founded
fears that the humble backyard would soon be swallowed up
by Aboriginal and Torres Strait land claims,” Commissioner
Gooda said. …
“This reform Bill is a big step in the right direction but
we need to go much further to ensure that the Native Title
Act is consistent with the Declaration [UN Declaration on
the Rights of Indigenous Peoples] in upholding the human
rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.””


– News

National Indigenous Times:
Aunty Bonita speaks about the positives and negatives of
what Native Title has delivered and of Koiki’s lone fight
for justice
1 Jun 12: “By National Indigenous Times Editor Stephen Hagan
Whilst the nation begins the celebrations of the great man
Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo, reflective comments offered exclusively
to the National Indigenous Times by Aunty Bonita Mabo,
Eddie’s wife, is sobering narrative of a family’s angst at
witnessing Eddie’s long solitary pursuit for justice. Aunty
Bonita spoke of the pain of witnessing her husband Eddie
not gaining the support from his people during his legal
campaign and of witnessing our mob not embracing the spirit
of native title the way Eddie had intended it to be.”

– Related Audio Interview

Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane:
Michael Mansell and Trudy Maluga
4 Jun 12
Listen to this interview on-line:
[Michael Mansell discussed Native Title with Tiga Bayles.”

The Wire: Gail Mabo – remembering my father
Produced by Anna Gillam
31 May 12: “Parliament today recognised the 20th anniversary
of the High Court’s historic Mabo decision. It began when
Torres Strait Islander Eddie Mabo decided to challenge the
Crown through the Queensland Supreme court over the
ownership of his island home. It ended with a High Court
decision which opened the door for recognition of native
title. Gail Mabo remembers her father and talks about his
passion for his country, a passion which she and her
children share. …
Featured in story: Gail Mabo”

– Related Video

ABC: Native Title changes flagged on Mabo anniversary
4 Jun 12: “Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has flagged
changes to the native title system on the 20th anniversary
of Australia’s historic Mabo ruling. Ms Roxon says the laws
Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo fought for have provided economic
benefits and ensured Indigenous Australians have access to
their traditional lands. But she says the system has been
slower than many people expected and there are improvements
that can be made.”

– Related Audio

3CR Community Radio 855 AM – Podcasts
[scroll down page] http://www.3cr.org.au/podcast
Anarchist World – 31 May 2012
[download this program] http://pod.3cr.org.au/pod/3CRCast-2012-05-30-92754.mp3
31 May 12: “Austerity madness, wealth and power, Terra
Nullius – Mabo Day and crime statistics plus much much more
Joseph Toscano”

– Related News

newsTracker: Speed up native title: Roxon
4 Jun 12: “NATIONAL: A day after the 20th anniversary of
the Mabo decision, Attorney-General Nicola Roxon says the
native title process needs speeding up. Ms Roxon is
expected to announce a government review when she addresses
a native title conference in Townsville this week. She said
there were predictions that some native title claims could
take 30 to 40 years to resolve. “It’s an overly slow
process,” she told ABC radio on Monday, adding the playing
field needed to be made more fair.”

Koori Mail: Countdown to Mabo film premiere
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
4 Jun 12: “THE much anticipated feature length movie based
on the real life story of the late Eddie Koiki Mabo, his
wife Boita and their family will premiere at the Sydney
Film Festival on Wednesday. Made by Blackfella Films,
‘Mabo’ stars Jimi Bani as Eddie Mabo and Deb Mailman as his
wife Bonita. Bani told the Koori Mail the film would reveal
what really happened ‘behind the legend’, while Mailman
said it was a love story that she hoped would reignite
Indigenous pride in the Mabo family’s fight. The film will
screen on ABC TV next Sunday night, 10 June.”

Koori Mail: AG ‘mum’ on native title review
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
3 Jun 12: “FEDERAL Attorney General Nicola Roxon has
refused to confirm that she’ll announce changes to the
Native Title Act 1993 when she addresses the National
Native Title Conference in Townsville on Wednesday. This
morning, on the anniversary of the High Court’s historic
Mabo decision, Ms Roxon said the current native title
system had delivered ‘enormous economic benefit’ but could
be improved, including through speedier resolution of
claims. She said she’d be making announcements at the
conference but refused to be drawn further on them.”

SMH: Tent embassy shuns Mabo anniversary
3 Jun 12: “THE 20th anniversary of the High Court’s Mabo
decision was not celebrated at the Musgrave Park Tent
Embassy in Brisbane yesterday. For some of the protesters
the historic land rights victory is just part of Aboriginal
legal history, for some it was an anniversary to
acknowledge but did not warrant a celebration. For others
it was just pointless.”

Australian Times: Hundreds march for Mabo anniversary
3 Jun 12: “On June 3, 1992, the High Court handed down its
decision in the Mabo case, overturning 200 years of the
common law assumption of terra nullius – the idea that
Australia belonged to no-one when European settlers
arrived. … EDDIE MABO used to tell his daughter that he’d
prove them wrong and 20 years ago his battle for justice
was finally won.”

National Indigenous Times:
Aunty Bonita Mabo, wife of Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo:
My reflections on the Mabo Decision 20 years on
Indymedia Australia: http://indymedia.org.au/2012/06/03/aunty-bonita-mabo-wife-of-eddie-%E2%80%98koiki%E2%80%99-mabo-my-reflections-on-the-mabo-decision-20-years
NIT: http://nit.com.au/chat/1147-aunty-bonita-mabo-wife-of-eddie-koiki-mabo-chats-about-my-reflections-on-the-mabo-decision-20-years-on.html
3 Jun 12: “Courtesy of The National Indigenous Times –
Wednesday May 30 edition – Editor Stephen Hagan’s interview
with Aunty Bonita Mabo, wife of Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo. …
Who’s your mob Aunty Bonita? I was born in Ingham in north
Queensland. My people (Neehows) are from the Malanbarra
Clan from Palm Island on my mother’s side. My Dad can trace
his people to Tanner Island in Vanuatu.”

Koori Mail: Mabo – Twenty Years On
30 May 12: “THIS Sunday, 3 June 2012, will be the 20th
anniversary of arguably the nation’s most momentous legal
judgment around land – the High Court of Australia’s
decision in the matter of Mabo v Queensland. In an
eight-page souvenir wraparound this edition, we celebrate
the foresight and courage of Murray Islanders the late
Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo and his co-plaintiffs Dave Passi and the
late James Rice whose actions set the nation on a new, more
just course. And we look at what the future holds for their
island home. Words by Koori Mail Managing Editor Kirstie
Parker, photos by JOSEPH MAYERS and others.”

National Indigenous Radio Service:
NNTT president says Australians should celebrate Mabo legacy
“The president of the National Native Title Tribunal says
the historic Mabo decision in 1992 represented a
fundamental shift in legal thinking on Indigenous land
rights. The 20th anniversary of the High Court judgment in
favour of Torres Strait Islander, Eddie Mabo, that the
lands of this continent were not ‘terra nullius’ will be
celebrated on Sunday. Graeme Neate says Australians should
celebrate the legacy of Mr. Mabo, with Native Title
determinations now covering 17 per cent of the country.”


– Statement

National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples:
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Languages Statement
31 May 12: “Key Congress recommendations:
* Congress recommends that policies and programs must be
targeted to local community needs in active partnership and
engagement with that community.
* Congress recommends reinstating bilingual education in
the Northern Territory in those communities that have
requested it. Experts have provided evidence which documents
that learning an Aboriginal language enhances Aboriginal
children’s English language learning.
* Congress recommends that a National Interpreter Service
is established to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islanders are allowed the same access to services as other
Australians as a matter of urgency.
* Congress recommends a national Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander languages institute is necessary to build
capacity, strengthen evidence, support better practice,
drive aspirations and strategically and effectively target
language resources.”
“Read our full submission here: http://nationalcongress.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/111214-CongressSubmissionLanguageIndigenousCommunities.pdf


Background to National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples:
Last updated: 5 May 2012


Last updated: 7 May 2012



– Audio Interview

ABC Darwin – Drive with Vicki Kerrigan: Who own’s Muckaty?
31 May 12: “Do you think the Northern Territory should be
used as a dumping ground for Australia’s nuclear waste?
Here are the facts: 5 years ago the Northern Land Council,
on behalf of traditional owners, offered Muckaty station as
a nuclear waste dump. In the Federal Court, another group
who say they are the traditional owners are challenging that
offer and they say as TO’s they were not consulted and don’t
want the dump on their country. … Listen to Dianne Stokes
Nampin, a traditional owner of that country explains the
significance of the site and then Elizabath O’Shea, talks
about the case in the Federal Court.”

– Related Video

Beyond Nuclear Initiative:
Muckaty support messages from Alice Springs residents
31 May 12

– Related Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA News 31-05
31 May 12: “Aboriginal traditional owners at Muckaty near
Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory are continuing
their opposition to a nuclear waste dump on their land as
their Federal court challenge continues to gain momentum.”

– Related Press Release and Annoucements

Maurice Blackburn:
Darwin public meeting on Muckaty nuclear waste dump
30 May 12: “Aboriginal traditional owners opposed to a
nuclear waste dump on their land at Muckaty Station are
continuing to stand strong and gather support as their
legal challenge moves forward, a public meeting in Darwin
will be told this evening 30 May, 2012. Social justice
practice lawyer Elizabeth O’Shea, and one of the lawyers
involved in a Federal Court challenge, will address the
public meeting at 6pm at the Crowne Plaza. … ”

– Related News

Green Left:
Darwin meeting condemns Muckaty nuke waste dump plan
2 Jun 12: ““One spill could kill our country” Muckaty
traditional owner Penny Phillips told 100 people at the
Crowne Plaza Hotel on May 30. The meeting was organised by
Anti-Nuclear NT to condemn legislation passed by the
federal government on March 13 that names Muckaty station,
200km north of Tennant Creek as the site for a proposed
nuclear waste dump. The meeting was opened by Larrakeyah
woman Donna Jackson whose traditional lands cover the East
Arm Wharf, which is one area the waste could be taken
through to get to the Muckaty site.”


Last updated: 28 May 2012



– Media Statement

Gomeroi sovereigns go on rental strike & slam Land Council
Sovereign Union: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/content/moree-gomeroi-go-rental-strike-slam-land-council
1 Jun 12: “Gomeroi tribal people in the Moree area have
been advised by their clans to stop paying rent for houses
they live in as part of an assertion of sovereignty.
They have also slammed the NSW Aboriginal Land Council for
“contemptuously” and “tyrannically” doing lease deals with
state and commonwealth governments.
Michael Anderson, National Coordinator of the interim
National Unity Government of the ‘Sovereign Union’, whose
father was a Gomeroi man, says in a statement released here
this morning that “Gomeroi ancestral owners of the Moree
region have asserted ancient sovereign title over the
Gomeroi owned lands within and around the Moree town’s
precinct, effective as of today.”
… I have been advised that the residents will assume
total responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of
their own houses and the community over the years has
acquired the necessary skills to make this possible.”

– Related News

Koori Mail: Gomeroi urged not to pay rent
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
3 Jun 12: “… Michael Anderson is urging Gomeroi
Aboriginal people around Moree in northern NSW to assert
their sovereignty by refusing to pay rent for the houses
they live in. Mr Anderson, convenor of the Sovereign Union
and National Unity Government and a Gomeroi descendant,
criticised the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) for
dealing with State and Commonwealth governments over leases
and issued a statement asking why Gomeroi should pay to
live on their own land.”


Sovereign Union: Moree Sovereign Embassy
[Moree, NSW]

Facebook: Goomeroi Sovereign Tent Embassy
[Moree, NSW]

Let’s Talk: Live from Moree Tent Embassy, NSW
23 Apr 11: http://www.989fm.com.au/podcasts/lets-talk/live-from-moree-tent-embassy-day-1/
24 Apr 11: http://www.989fm.com.au/podcasts/lets-talk/live-from-moree-tent-embassy-day-2/
[Moree, NSW]

NITV News: Moree Tent Embassy
[Moree, NSW]


– Audio Interview

ABC Brisbane – Drive with Tim Cox:
Musgrave Park & The Tent Embassy – a fortnight on.
Sam Watson & Graham Quirk
30 May 12: “It was a fortnight ago today that the occupants
of Brisbane’s Tent Embassy were evicted from Musgrave Park.
The Embassy has since moved to an area at the top of
Musgrave park, and there has been talk that this new
location will be a permanent one for members of our
Indigenous community, but there’s further good news in the
wind for them as well. With more, Sam Watson, spokesperson
for the Tent Embassy community and Brisbane Lord Mayor,
Graham Quirk.”


Sovereign Union: Sovereign Embassy Brisbane
[Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, Qld]

Facebook: Brisbane Sovereign Embassy, Musgrave Park
[Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, Qld]

WGAR News: “Brisbane City Council to try to forcibly remove
Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy” MR (16 May 12)
[Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, Qld]

WGAR News: “Brisbane police move on Aboriginal Tent Embassy”
The Wire (18 May 12)
[Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, Qld]

WGAR News: Interview with Sam Watson over Brisbane tent
embassy eviction (21 May 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/05/21/wgar-news-australia-challenged-at-united-nations-over-nt-laws-statement-of-delegations-to
[Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, Qld]

WGAR News: GL: Eyewitness: Brisbane tent embassy eviction
was an outrage (21 May 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/05/21/wgar-news-australia-challenged-at-united-nations-over-nt-laws-statement-of-delegations-to
[Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, Qld]

WGAR News: “Brisbane tent embassy given permanent site”
Tracker (24 May 12)
[Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, Qld]


– Video

ABC: Tent embassy protesters appear in court
1 Jun 12: “About 30 people who were charged after police
broke up a tent embassy in Brisbane’s Musgrave Park have
appeared in court this morning. Several unionists were
among the group who were charged with offences, including
obstructing police, after more than 200 officers moved in
and shut down the Brisbane Sovereign Embassy a fortnight
ago. This morning a small band of supporters stood outside
the Brisbane Magistrates Court under the watchful eyes of
police. … About 30 people were granted bail and remanded
to appear in court again next month and in early July.”

– Related Brisbane Tent Embassy News

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Brisbane Tent Embassy supporters front court
1 Jun 12: “Aboriginal community worker Sam Watson was
outside court in support of those charged. Mr. Watson says
he was astounded with the costs involved in the police
action in May, considering the charges have so far been
minor. “Well it was amazing, but they’ve been charged with
the less serious charges on the scale,” he says.
“So, it just mystifies me as to how many dollars the police
action cost on May 16 with hundreds of police, an enormous
amount of planning and execution. … “”

National Indigenous Times:
Tent Embassy and Brisbane Council reach agreement
1 Jun 12: “A scaled down Aboriginal Tent Embassy will remain
permanently in a Brisbane park but protesters will not be
allowed to return to the original site. Brisbane Lord Mayor
Graham Quirk agreed to hand over an area of South Brisbane’s
Musgrave Park to Indigenous protesters during a meeting last
week. Tent Embassy protesters have been camped at the
alternative location at one end of the park since police… ”

– Related Tent Embassy News

National Indigenous Times: Cowra launches its Tent Embassy
1 Jun 12: “By National Indigenous Times reporter Geoff Bagnall
Aboriginal Australia’s newest Tent Embassy was established
last Sunday by the Wiradjuri people of Erambie Mission in
Cowra in central west New South Wales with the lighting of
a sacred fire by four men following in the footsteps of the
four proud young Aborigines who faced down Prime Minister
William McMahon 40 years ago when… ”

Koori Mail: No charges against Embassy protesters
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
3 Jun 12: “ACT Police say no prosecutions will be pursued
following their investigation into alleged public order
offences by Aboriginal Tent Embassy supporters who
protested Canberra’s Lobby Restaurant in Canberra on
Australia Day. The investigation was separate to one by
the Australian Federal Police (AFP) into the alleged
disclosure of event details, which also recommended no
charges. However, the AFP is still reviewing the
appropriateness of the actions of AFP officers during the


Last updated: 31 May 2012



– News and Audio

ABC: Olympic Dam expansion may fall at last hurdle
31 May 12: “Analysts estimate the cost of BHP Billiton’s
proposed Olympic Dam mine expansion at $30 billion, making
it one of the biggest corporate investment commitments in
history. But the latest global economic wobbles appear to
have given the world’s largest miner a severe case of
commitment-phobia. Two weeks ago, BHP’s chairman Jacques
Nasser said the company would not proceed with all of its
previously planned $80 billion worth of expansion plans.”

– Related Analysis

Conventus Law: Australia – Aboriginal Elder Fails In
Federal Court Challenge To Olympic Dam Expansion Project.
31 May 12


Last updated: 21 May 2012



– Analysis / Opinion

Green Left: We need an Abbott-proof fence
2 Jun 12: “What would Australia look like if Tony Abbott
became the next prime minister? The Liberal leader is an
outspoken climate denier, a hardliner on locking out
refugees, determined to crackdown on union and workers’
rights and wants to extend racist and draconian attacks on
Aboriginal rights. Yet polls have consistently shown Abbott
and the Coalition far ahead of the Julia Gillard Labor
government, whose pro-business policies and internal
scandals have made it deeply unpopular.” By Jay Fletcher

National Indigenous Times: Restorative Justice
– “We need ‘Problem Solving’ Courts”
1 Jun 12: “Restorative Justice Week will be held in
November and a number of themes will be discussed by
specialist academics, legal eagles, front-line field
workers in the pursuit of a justice that works, that helps
people and that does not break down people into a life of
crime and self-hate. One of the themes of Restorative
Justice Week will be ‘Diverse Needs, Unique Reponses’ and
will look into… ” By Gerry Georgatos

New Matilda: The Battle For James Price Point
30 May 12: “Woodside plans to build a LNG port in the
Kimberleys to rival Qatar. Protests from activists and
locals have fallen on deaf ears or been met with police
batons, reports Marie Bout. It’s the home of the rising
staircase to the moon, a never-ending Cable beach,
exquisite sunsets over turquoise waters and untouched
wilderness in pindan earth. Now the Kimberley could also
become Australia’s home to a liquid natural gas (LNG)
export facility to rival Qatar.” By Marie Bout

– News

National Indigenous Times:
Big crowd braves chilly Canberra to mark Sorry Day
1 Jun 12: “By National Indigenous Times ACT reporter Geoff Bagnall
It was a cold, windy and overcast day. The temperature
gauge barely crept past 8 degrees Celsius but still the
Commonwealth Avenue Bridge in Canberra swarmed with more
than 500 people last Friday to mark Sorry Day. Indigenous
and non-Indigenous, babes in prams and pre-schoolers right
through to retirees and workers taking… ”

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