120717 – “Vote for our question [on Stronger Futures] to the Prime Minister” Stand for Freedom

– Urgent Action

Rollback the Intervention:
Urgent Request from Damien Curtis:
Stronger Futures question to Prime Minister Gillard
16 Jul 12: “Dear friends and supporters, …
As many of you will know, the Stronger Futures legislation
against which we have all been fighting was passed in the
Senate at 2am on Thursday 28th June. It was brought before
a near empty chamber, the night before Parliament’s winter
break, following a backroom deal by Labour and the
Opposition to pass the legislation without any substantial
In the words of Aboriginal leader Rev Dr Djiniyini
Gondarra, the Government has declared a “war on democracy”.

But for now, we have a key opportunity to pressure Prime
Minister Julia Gillard to allow an independent human
rights test of the legislation (which it would fail).
On 21st July, 3 questions will be put to the Prime Minister
in an internationally live web broadcast. The questions
will be chosen according to how many votes they receive.
following link

Stand for Freedom:
Vote for our question to the Prime Minister
“On July 21st, Deakin University, Google+, Fairfax and
OurSay are hosting an Australian first: Prime Minister
Julia Gillard will answer the public’s questions in a
“Google Hangout”, an internationally live web broadcast.
The questions will be chosen according to how many votes
they receive.
We have submitted the following question:
Dear Prime Minister, the Stronger Futures legislation was
recently passed in the Senate, subjecting Aboriginal
people in the NT to 10 more years of Interventionist
policy. This is despite overwhelming opposition expressed
from Aboriginal leaders, national organisations, the
general public and even condemnation from the United
Nations. How can we call ourselves a country of the ‘fair
go’ if the Government is now refusing to allow a human
rights test of the legislation by the Parliamentary Joint
Committee on Human Rights, as called for by the National
Congress of Australia’s First Peoples? …
Voting ends 5pm this Thursday.”

– Related Urgent Action

avaaz.org community petitions:
Putting Australia to the human rights test
22 Jun 12: “To Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin
We urge you to allow the Parliamentary Committee on Humans
Rights to examine control measures proposed in the the
Stronger Futures Bill.
The legislation will impose control over Aboriginal
communities in the NT for the next ten years and only by
subjecting the measures to the scrutiny of the
Parliamentary Committee will you ensure that the
Government’s policies comply with international human
rights standards.”

– Background

Respect and Listen compilation:
Requests for Stronger Futures to be scrutinized for
Human Rights compliance
* Australian Lawyers Alliance
– Assessment of Non-Compliance With Human Rights
* Take Action
* Media Releases, Letters, Statements
* News Articles]

Calls for ‘Stronger Futures’ laws to be subject to
Human Rights scrutiny
Last updated: 15 July 2012

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