120911 – “Sovereign Union of Nations is inevitable, but it needs to grow from the grassroots” Michael Anderson

* Michael Anderson:
Sovereign Union of First Nations is inevitable
* Enlightning Productions:
George Gaymarani Pascoe, from Milingimbi, NT
* Enlightning Productions:
Dr Djiniyini Gondarra, Spokesperson for Yolgnu Nations Assembly
* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement
* Prof. Diego De Leo:
Reducing Indigenous suicide through empowerment and pride
* Eddie Cubillo: Racism in the Justice System
* ANTaR: We need to talk about racism
* Other articles


– Media Release

Sovereign Union of First Nations is inevitable
Michael Anderson, Darwin
Sovereign Union: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/content/sovereign-union-first-nations-inevitable
3 Sep 12: “[Photo] Left to right: Michael Ghillar Anderson,
George Gaymarani Pascoe, Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra
In our discussions Dr Djiniyini Gondarra, George Gaymarani
Pascoe and I agreed that a Sovereign Union of Nations is
inevitable, but it needs to grow from the grassroots.
We agreed its success can only be achieved if our people
want it.
The Sovereign Union is about building a protective shelter
while our people go through the hard, long process of
organising from the community level up. Each of the
sovereign nations’ sovereign independence dictates that they
make their own rules about their own governance, while the
Sovereign Union National Unity government deals with
national and international political agenda items that will
be dictated to by the individual sovereign nations.”


– Video

YouTube: George Gaymarani Pascoe, from Milingimbi, NT
By Enlightning Productions

5 Sep 12: “George Gaymarani Pascoe, from Milingimbi, NT,
emphasises the role of education in the sovereignty


– Video

Dr Djiniyini Gondarra, Spokesperson for Yolgnu Nations Assembly
By Enlightning Productions

5 Sep 12: “Dr Djiniyini Gondarra, Spokesperson for Yolgnu
Nations Assembly, describes the role of the assembly in the
sovereignty movement.”

– Related Video

SBS On Demand: Yolngu Nation
9 Sep 12: “In the Northern Territory, the Aboriginal vote
proved a major factor in the election of the Country
Liberal Party to government.. Among the talking points
before the election were the need for more consultation
with communities and a push for greater self determination.
Allan Clarke investigates the call for a Yolngu Nations


Last updated: 3 September 2012



– Analysis / Opinion

The Conversation:
Reducing Indigenous suicide through empowerment and pride
10 Sep 12: “We’ve long known that rates of suicide in
Indigenous communities are higher than the wider Australian
population. But we’re much less clear about why this is the
case. Each life lost to suicide reminds us of the need to
better identify the causes and implement effective
prevention strategies. Between 1994 and 2006, the rate of
suicide in Indigenous people averaged 25.7 per 100,000
people – about 70% higher than in non-Indigenous
Australians. Although rates have been decreasing in
recent years, suicide among Indigenous people remains
disproportionately high relative to non-Indigenous
Australians.” By Professor Diego De Leo, Director,
Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention,
Griffith University


– Speech

Rollback the Intervention:
Keynote address by Eddie Cubillo,
Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Northern Territory
Racism in the Justice System

Click to access racism-in-the-justice-system-aug-2012.pdf

Aug 2012: “Racism continues in the Northern Territory’s
Justice system. Recent statistics show continuing and
alarming incarceration rates of Aboriginal people. The
rates keep growing while the populist, ‘tough on crime’
policy and legislative response affects Aboriginal people
disproportionately – Adults, Male, Female and Youth.”

– Related News

Adelaide Now: Lack of reform around Aboriginal deaths in
custody is a national shame
2 Sep 12: “THE lack of response to the Royal Commission
into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody is a disgrace, says Ralph
Bonig. THIS month marks the 25th anniversary since the
announcement of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths
in Custody. The response to the commission’s findings is a
disgrace. The final report was delivered in April 1991 and
it made some 339 recommendations. Some have been
implemented but there is debate about the actual number as
the reporting process is inconsistent.”


– Media Release

ANTaR: We need to talk about racism
“ANTaR welcomes the launch today of the national
Anti-Racism Strategy, developed by the Race Discrimination
Commissioner in partnership with government and peak
representative organisations.
“We need to talk about racism. Denial ignores the reality
of harm and sends a message that racist attitudes and
behaviors are acceptable,” said Jacqueline Phillips, ANTaR
National Director.
Consultations showed that 90% of survey respondents said
that racism was an extremely important or very important
issue facing individuals and Australia as a whole.
“Racism should not be part of our national identity.
Admitting we have a problem is the first step in addressing
The Strategy includes a core focus on racism experienced
by Australia’s First Peoples. … ”

– Related News

National Indigenous Radio Service:
ANTaR points to lack of anti-racism strategy funding
10 Sep 12: “The head of one of Australia’s peak Indigenous
rights advocacy group has called for more funding for the
new National Anti-Racism Strategy. The Human Rights
Commission release the strategy last month, alongside the
‘Racism. It Stops With Me’ campaign to raise awareness of
the problem of racism. Jacqui Phillips of Australians for
Native Title and Reconciliation says a lack of resources
could see the strategy’s failure.”


– Speech

Congress: Sir Ron Wilson Lecture 2012: Dennis Eggington
30 Aug 12: “Congress director Denis Eggington delivered the
2012 Sir Ronald Wilson Lecture entitled, “The Shackles Of
Justice: The Impact of the British/Australian Legal System
on Aboriginal West Australians from Colonisation to the
Present.” The event was presented by the Law Society of
Western Australia. … Click here to read the full speech.”

– Statement

Green Left: Julian Assange to receive Aboriginal Passport
10 Sep 12: “The Indigenous Social Justice Association
(ISJA) and the Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition
released the statement below on September 9. * * *
It is with a sense of pride and complete social justice
that this Association has worked with the Sydney Support
Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition to have the privilege of
successfully arranging for Julian Assange to be able to be
issued with an Aboriginal Nations Passport that his father,
John Shipton, will accept on his behalf at the Welcome to
Aboriginal Land Passport Ceremony to be held at The
Settlement, 17 Edward Street, Darlington from 11am to 4pm
on Saturday 15 September, 2012.”

– News

National Indigenous Radio Service:
FNPP planning to go Federal
10 Sep 12: “The founder of the First Nation’s Political
Party (FNPP) says he’ll call a meeting in Federation Square
in Melbourne next month to gather support for the next
Federal election. Maurie Japarta Ryan says in four weeks,
he gathered eight candidates and ran for the Northern
Territory election with a budget of $900. Mr. Ryan says
having an Indigenous political party run at the NT election
was a historic event and he will not stop now.”

Hendo didn’t see outback backlash coming
newsTracker: http://tracker.org.au/2012/09/hendo-didnt-see-outback-backlash-coming/
Australian: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/breaking-news/labor-didnt-see-nt-election-loss-coming/story-fn3dxiwe-1226470836041
10 Sep 12: “FORMER Northern Territory leader Paul Henderson
says he didn’t foresee the rural backlash that heralded a
crushing election loss last month. In the first major
interview since the Labor election loss on August 25, Mr
Henderson told ABC Radio on Monday a “heady brew” that
included the federal government’s intervention in
Aboriginal communities, shire amalgamations and the rise of
the First Nations Party had played a part in the loss.”

Australian: Dismay at ignored income proposal
10 Sep 12: “NINE indigenous communities in the remote
Ngaanyatjarra Lands of Western Australia say they have been
pushing for income management for more than two years, but
on their own terms.”

National Indigenous Times:
Toomelah, Mungindi leaders call for change in use of
NSWALC funds
6 Sep 12: “By National Indigenous Times reporter Geoff
Bagnall. Leaders in the Toomelah and Mungindi communities
have called for the NSW Aboriginal Land Council to be
allowed to investment its hundred of millions of dollars of
funds back into Aboriginal communities on programs that
would enable the communities to become self-sufficient.”

National Indigenous Times:
Szoke tells Abbott think again about changing race law
6 Sep 12: “The Race Discrimination Commissioner Helen Szoke
has urged Federal Opposition leader, Tony Abbott to rethink
his proposal to repeal racial vilification laws. Mr Abbott
has said a future Coalition government would roll back laws
which prohibit statements that offend on racial or ethnic
grounds, as part of a “new debate about freedom of speech”.”

National Indigenous Times:
Yindjibarndi await court result to regain control
6 Sep 12: “By National Indigenous Times West Australian
reporter Gerry Georgatos. The Yindjibarndi people have
lodged a Federal Court action against Fortescue Mining
which if successful will force the miner to negotiate
with the Yindjibarndi Corporation on a proposed mining

National Indigenous Times:
Yeelirrie custodians continue their fight against uranium mining
6 Sep 12: “BY National Indigenous Times West Australian
reporter Gerry Georgatos. West Australia’s Yeelirrie
Traditional Custodians have vowed to fight Canadian based
multinational CAMECO from digging for uranium on Yeelirrie

Koori Mail: Aboriginal votes give CLP power
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php?page=Current+Edition
5 Sep 12: “THE Northern Territory once again has six
Aboriginal parliamentarians – at least four, and most
likely five of them, from the Country Liberals. The last
time the Aboriginal head count was so high in the 25-seat
Legislative Assembly, it was entirely down to Labor.
Aboriginal votes delivered government to the CLP on 25
August. And the man credited, in turn, with delivering
Aboriginal voters to the CLP says it was all part of a
savvy campaign that began quite some time ago with the
conservative party really listening to Aboriginal people.”

Congress: Government Addresses Congress Concerns in
Historic Education Reform
4 Sep 12: “The Congress Co-Chairs welcome moves by the
Government to ensure that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander students, no matter where they are in the school
system, will benefit from education reforms. “We raised our
concerns about the funding model in our submission to the
Gonski Review and to the Minister for School Education,
Early Childhood and Youth directly,” said Co-Chair, Jody
Broun. “We have been informed by the Minister’s office that
the Government is proposing to address this issue by
providing a loading on a sliding scale to all Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander students. … “”

The Wire: Government changes Gonski reforms after
criticism on Indigenous funding
4 Sep 12: “Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced a crusade
on education yesterday in hope to bring Australia into the
world’s top 5 in maths, science and reading. Under the
proposal teachers will undergo yearly performance reviews
and there will be tighter entry restrictions for those
wanting to study teaching at universities. The government
will also provide funding for the disadvantaged students,
with Minister Peter Garrett announcing that every
Indigenous student in every school will be eligible for
extra funding.
Featured in story:
* Greg Thompson – Lecturer in the School of Education at
Murdoch University
* Rod Little – Director at the National Congress of
Australia’s First Peoples”

Green Left: Could Twiggy’s ‘native title swindle’ come undone?
31 Aug 12: “Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation (YAC) may
soon have a win against the mining corporation they allege
has used dirty tactics and manipulation to force them into
a mining deal they don’t want.” By Peter Robson

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