120930 – “Report finds serious flaws in delivery of gov’t services to NT Aboriginal communities” SNAICC News

* SNAICC News:
Report finds serious flaws in delivery of government
services to NT Aboriginal communities
* Bob Gosford in the NT:
Olga Havnen to government: “Lift your game, big time”
* Brian Johnstone:
Black Power: The day the bush bit back [NT elections]
* Living Black:
Outstanding Contribution to the Stolen Generations
* Other articles


– News

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care:
SNAICC News: Report finds serious flaws in delivery of
government services to NT Aboriginal communities
27 Sep 12: “The first report of the Northern Territory
Coordinator General for Remote Services entitled Office of
the Northern Territory Coordinator-General for Remote
Services Report, June 2011 to August 2012 has called for
greater accountability and transparency from government
departments – at both the territory and Federal levels
– delivering programs and services to Aboriginal
communities in the Northern Territory. … In order to
improve accountability and transparency, Ms Havnen
[Coordinator General Olga Havnen] argues there is “an
urgent need” to examine the bureaucratic and
administrative costs associated with the provision of
programs and services to Aboriginal people in the NT.”

– The Report

Office of the Northern Territory Coordinator-General
for Remote Services Report, June 2011 to August 2012
26 Sep 12: “A copy of the Office of the Northern Territory
Coordinator-General for Remote Services Report , June 2011
to August 2012 (PDF 2.9mb) is available. The first report
by Olga Havnen as Northern Territory Co-ordinator General
for Remote Service “focuses on four major themes arising
from the approach taken by governments in relation to
Aboriginal people since the NT Emergency Response (NTER)
commenced in 2007 and reflected in the Stronger Futures
arrangements proposed for the next ten years. These are:
… ”

– Related News

National Indigenous Times:
Report confirms spending goes on bureaucrats
30 Sep 12: “A report by the Northern Territory’s
Co-Ordinator General for Remote Services, Olga Havnen which
said “billions spent on improving living conditions for
Indigenous Australians was wasted on bureaucrats” confirmed
what Indigenous Australians had been claiming for years,
the founder of the First Nations Party, Maurie Japarta Ryan
said. Mr Ryan said the report deserved an immediate
response from… ”


– Analysis / Opinion

The Northern Myth – Bob Gosford in the NT:
Olga Havnen to government: “Lift your game, big time”
25 Sep 12: “Almost a year ago I wrote here of the magnitude
of Olga Havnen’s job as the replacement for Bob Beadman in
the key role of Northern Territory Coordinator-General for
Remote Service Delivery:
The most challenging part of Havnen’s new job will be to
renew the shattered faith and trust in governments as
service providers of choice - at all levels - among the
NT’s Aboriginal communities. This is the elephant in the
room that few in the NT and Commonwealth public services 
- and depressingly even fewer in the respective parliaments 
- can see … ” By Bob Gosford, who lives in Darwin


– News

newsTracker: Black Power: The day the bush bit back
27 Sep 12: “NATIONAL: The Northern Territory election last
month is the most historic in our nation, for one simple
reason: it’s the first time Aboriginal people have ever
changed a government in Australia. Tracker writer BRIAN
JOHNSTONE analyses an electoral result that changes
everything. Saturday, August 25. 2012. It was the day the
Northern Territory’s political landscape was turned on its
head. It was the day Aboriginal voters in squalid
impoverished communities in the remote dustbowls of Central
Australia and the swamp lands of Arnhem Land handed
Government to a backwater Country Party.”
By Brian Johnstone,
a Walkley and Human Rights award winning journalist

– Related Analysis / Opinion

agendaTracker: Back Tracker: Braveheart and the Berrimah Line
27 Sep 12: “NATIONAL: Tracker columnist, Brian Johnstone,
spent 13 years working for Northern Territory Labor
politicians in Darwin and Canberra. It took him into many
of the Aboriginal communities who helped deliver power to
the Tory CLP Government in the recent NT election despite
a long history of raced-based campaigns. Johnstone directed
Labor’s media and advertising pitch during a number of
those campaigns. This is an insiders account of those years
which seeks to explain the shift in power and provide some
insight into the short electoral history of a Territory
few Australians know, or care, much about.”
By Brian Johnstone,
a Walkley and Human Rights award winning journalist
and a monthly columnist for Tracker

Country Liberals cynically tap anger at Intervention to
topple Labor in the NT
September 2012: “The Country Liberals (CLP) have swept to
power in the Northern Territory elections, … The CLP ran
a cynical, yet devastatingly effective campaign in bush
electorates. Their election platform here had two
components, both central demands of the campaign against
the NT Intervention. First, the break-up of the hated Super
Shire councils, which the Henderson Labor government
introduced in 2008. … Second, an end to the “Working
Futures” policy which has seen investment focussed on 20
“growth towns”, at the expense of the hundreds of smaller
communities and outstations on Aboriginal land.”
By Paddy Gibson

Crikey – The Northern Myth – Bob Gosford in the NT:
Was the 2012 Northern Territory election the dirtiest ever?
17 Sep 12: “There is now a very real question as to whether
the Northern Territory general election on 25 August 2012
– and in the bush mobile polling booths in the fortnight
prior – was the dirtiest election we’ve seen in the NT’s
short self-governing history. As I wrote about past
elections here the day before this years poll: Both sides
of politics have played that ugly game, but the Country
Liberals played it better than Labor.” By Bob Gosford


WGAR News: Aboriginal issues and the
Northern Territory (NT) Elections (5 Sep 12)


– Audio

Living Black:
Outstanding Contribution to the Stolen Generations
By Michelle Lovegrove
28 Sep 12: “The Deadlys honour community members who have
helped heal victims of the Stolen Generations. … One of
the most significant awards at the Deadlys ceremony was for
Outstanding Contribution to the Stolen Generations. All the
nominees do incredible community work in helping Stolen
Generations and their families, connect, reconnect, heal,
grow, move forward and find a feeling of security and
family that they may never have experienced before. The
award was presented by Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda.”


– Audio

3CR Community Radio 855 AM – Podcasts
[scroll down page] http://www.3cr.org.au/podcast
Different Like Us – 28 Sep 2012
[Listen to this program online] http://pod.3cr.org.au/pod/3CRCast-2012-09-27-10837.mp3
28 Sep 12: “Spoken Word artist, Abe joins me in the studio
to discuss Indigenous empowerment and and what his thoughts
are about building a bridges between migrant communities
and Indigenous Australians.”

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:

27 Sep 12: “A veteran Nyungar human rights campaigner has
spoken of the growing role that the National Congress of
Australia’s First Peoples has to play in sharing the views
and opinions of the global indigenous community with
Australian Aboriginal and Islander peoples.”

– News

National Indigenous Radio Service:
Michael Anderson wants a treaty
28 Sep 12: “Tent embassy co-founder and sovereignty
activist Michael Anderson has lashed out against the move
towards constitutional recognition and accuses the
Indigenous advisers involved as out of touch with the real
issues. Mr Anderson spoke at the “Dangerous Ideas” festival
in Sydney earlier this week, spreading his ideas on
sovereignty in the hope to start a debate on the issue. Mr
Anderson says instead of constitutional recognition,
Indigenous people should negotiate a treaty with the
Australian Government.”

National Indigenous Times: We demand a Treaty
30 Sep 12: “By National Indigenous Times reporter Geoff
Bagnall. A Treaty with Australia’s First Peoples remains
the only real option after the collapse of the Federal
Government’s campaign for a referendum on recognising
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the
Australian Constitution, Aboriginal community leaders have

National Indigenous Times:
Traditional owners want Royal Commission on uranium mining
30 Sep 12: “By National Indigenous Times West Australian
reporter Gerry Georgatos. Traditional Aboriginal Elders
have called for a Royal Commission into the uranium mining
industry and demanded organisations claiming to represent
Indigenous views stop misrepresenting Traditional Owners.
Chairperson of the Western Australian Nuclear Free
Alliance, Kado Muir said there had never been more concern
among… ”

National Indigenous Times:
South Australia’s “dead of night” attack on Native Title
30 Sep 12: “By National Indigenous Times reporter Geoff
Bagnall. South Australian Indigenous Association President
and Nunga Elder, Alison Thorne has condemned the South
Australian Government’s “dead of night” action passing
legislation that has taken away Native Title rights to
negotiate over oil and gas… ”

National Indigenous Times:
Health workers considering strike action over feared cuts
to Torres Strait services
30 Sep 12: “Far north Queensland health workers are
considering strike action over fears jobs will be cut in
the Torres Strait despite the Queensland Government’s
denial any frontline jobs will go. Simone Kolaric from the
Torres Strait-Northern Peninsula health service said
positions would be cut but frontline jobs were safe. “I am
determined to see no reduction in critical frontline
clinical services as a… ”

National Indigenous Times:
Protest forces backdown on prisoner funerals ban
30 Sep 12: “By National Indigeous Times West Australian
reporter Gerry Georgatos. A proposal by Western Australia’s
Department of Corrective Services (DCS) to deny Aboriginal
prisoners the ability to attend family funerals has been
met with outrage from Elders and community members and a
protest was held outside the DCS last week by affected
families and community… ”

National Indigenous Times:
“Dootch” Kennedy demands views of local Lands Councils be heard
30 Sep 12: “The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council
(NSWALC) Chief Executive Geoff Scott was a “rogue CEO” who
“is bullying local land councils”, the Chairman of the
Illawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council, Roy “Dootch”
Kennedy has claimed. Mr Kennedy lashed out over Mr Scott’s
plan to push for the New South Wales Aboriginal Land
Council to become actively involved in mining in the… ”

National Indigenous Times:
Geoff Scott unveils a plan to mine New South Wales
30 Sep 12: “The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council
(NSWALC) is hoping for progress soon on its mining
prospecting applications over two thirds of the State. The
Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Scott said his organisation
wants to be a real player in the State’s resources sector.”

National Indigenous Times: Dan Sultan slams “racist” Australia
30 Sep 12: “The ARIA winning singer Dan Sultan has accused
Australia of being a “fundamentally racist country” ahead
of a series of protest concerts. Descended from the
Gurindji people, Sultan claims successive administrations
have failed to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islanders people under Australian law. Sultan will headline
the inaugural Rock For Recognition shows in Melbourne,
Sydney, Perth and… ”

National Indigenous Times:
Urgent funding needed to save our languages, warns Wyles-Whelan
30 Sep 12: “The Chair of an Aboriginal language group in
north Queensland has warned urgent funding is needed before
80 per cent of Indigenous languages spoken in the far north
Queensland region are lost. The North Queensland Regional
Aboriginal Language Corporation (NQRALC) Chair, Troy
Wyles-Whelan issued the warning to the standing committee
for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs… ”

National Indigenous Times:
Congress welcomes recommendations as a way forward to
save Indigenous languages
30 Sep 12: “The recommendations from a Parliamentary
Committee inquiry reinforce the National Congress of
Australia’s First Peoples’ priority to address the crisis
in protecting and maintaining Aboriginal languages,
Co-Chair Jody Broun has said. Ms Broun congratulated the
committee on their report, “Our Land Our Languages” saying
almost every point in the Congress submission was… ”

– – –

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