121111 – Canberra Book Launch ‘A Decision to Discriminate’ + 2012 David Hunter Memorial Lecture

4 Canberra events for your diary:

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Event: Tues 13 November 2012: ANU, Canberra, ACT
Book Launch: A Decision to Discriminate
Aboriginal Disempowerment in the Northern Territory
Launched by:
* John Falzon, CEO St Vincent de Paul
* Janet Hunt, Fellow at Centre for Aboriginal Economic
Policy Research and former President of ANTaR
“This new book is an important historical record
that focuses on the Senate Committee Inquiry
into the Stronger Futures legislation. It shows
how the Government decision-making process
chose to ignore the views and ideas expressed
by many Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory
communities in much the same way as has
happened since colonisation.”
A ‘concerned Australians’ publication
Flyer: http://www.respectandlisten.org/uploads/downloads/ca/ADTD-flyer-final.pdf
Order Form: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/media/ADTD_Order_Form.pdf
Event details: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/
Event details: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/ADTD_booklaunches.html#Canberra
Event details: http://www.respectandlisten.org/
Event details: http://www.respectandlisten.org/uploads/downloads/ca/ADTD-All-Launches-fin.pdf
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/actsnsw/event/30199/
‘concerned Australians’ Media Release: http://www.respectandlisten.org/uploads/downloads/ca/MR-ADTD-Launch-5-11-12.pdf
Book reviews:
Audio Interviews: http://www.thewire.org.au/storyDetail.aspx?ID=9818
‘concerned Australians’ Homepage: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/

Event: Tue 27 November 2012: Barton, Canberra, ACT
2012 David Hunter Memorial Lecture
What next for constitutional recognition?
Guest speaker: Les Malezer, Co-chair of
National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples
Organised by ANTaR ACT
ANTaR ACT website: http://antaract.wordpress.com
Flyer: http://antaract.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/99_210-dhml-flyer.jpg
Event details: http://antaract.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/79/

Event: 10 December 2012: various locations internationally
UN International Human Rights Day

Event: 28 March to 14 April 2013: Belconnen, Canberra, ACT
I Do Have a Belief:
Kevin Gilbert (1933-1993) Art Retrospective
Location: Belconnen Art Centre
“I Do Have a Belief is an exhibition and events
celebrating the life of Kevin Gilbert and his contribution
to the local community, advancing human and political
rights and Aboriginal sovereignty at a national and
international level.”
“The showcasing of his creative work includes
unseen oils, lino‑prints, published poetry,
political works, and photographic murals.”
Special events will be held on:
* 1 April at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and on
* 6 April at the Belconnen Arts Centre
Event details: http://www.canberra100.com.au/calendar/view/751/i-do-have-a-belief—kevin-gilbert-1933-1993-art-retrospec/
Event details: http://www.belconnenartscentre.com.au/

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