Prescribed Area Peoples’ Alliance Statement
June 20 rallies against NT intervention
Regional and Remote Indigenous Communities


[Ed. note: Northern Territory Aboriginal communities
targeted by the Australian Federal government’s
Northern Territory Intervention have united as
PAPA, the Prescribed Area Peoples’ Alliance.]

Australian Aborigines publish a long catalogue of
complaints about their treatment
Stop the Intervention: Self-Determination not Assimilation
20 Jun 09: “We members of the Prescribed Area Peoples’
Alliance have made the following statement from our June
18-19 meeting in Darwin. Everybody else has their rights.
Aboriginal people aren’t recognised. They don’t want to
listen to us because they want our land. We are our own
leaders, passed down through our families. We don’t need
leaders in parliament to speak. We can use our own voice.
The government says they support the declaration of the
rights of indigenous peoples but they haven’t made it
legal. The government has to make it legal. All Aboriginal
people are being treated as second class citizens. …
Stop the Intervention: Self Determination not Assimilation
* No takeover of Aboriginal town camps
* Full funding, housing and services for all communities
* No blanket welfare quarantines
* Reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act
* Aboriginal control of Aboriginal affairs”


– Background

Stop the Intervention:
Actions marking two years since the announcement of the
NT Intervention: Saturday, June 20, 2009
[scroll down page] http://stoptheintervention.org/
“June 20, 2009 will mark two years since the Howard
government announced its Intervention into NT Indigenous
communities. The Intervention promised health, housing and
education – but it has delivered only racism, the
destruction of Aboriginal control and worsening social
problems. … A key aspect of the Northern Territory
Intervention has been the compulsory acquisition of
Aboriginal township land for five years. Housing assets
have been forcibly transferred from community councils to
the NT public housing agency.”

SBS World News: What is the Northern Territory Intervention
12 Jun 09: “The 21st of June marks the second anniversary
of the Federal Government’s intervention in the Northern
Territory. What is it exactly and why was it introduced by
the Howard government? … The measures of the response
which have attracted most criticism comprise the exemption
from the Racial Discrimination Act 1975, the compulsory
acquisition of an unspecified number of prescribed
communities and the partial abolition of the permit system.”

‘Intervention’ on ABC1
19 Jun 09: “A collaboration between Tangentyere Research
and filmmaker Vincent Lamberti, Intervention looks at the
impacts of the Federal Government’s Northern Territory
Emergency Response into Aboriginal Communities, otherwise
known as the ‘Intervention’, from the perspective of the
people who live under the legislation day in day out. It
was the Winner of the Documentary Australia Award 2008 for
Best Documentary raising awareness around an important
social issue.
Intervention will screen on ABC1 this Sunday June 21st
at 1.30pm …
It will be repeated on ABC2 this Monday June 22nd at 5.00pm
and again on ABC1 next Friday June 26th at 6.00pm”

Wikipedia: Northern Territory National Emergency Response
“The Northern Territory National Emergency Response (also
referred to as “the intervention”) is a package of changes
to welfare provision, law enforcement, land tenure and
other measures, introduced by the Australian federal
government under John Howard in 2007, nominally to address
claims of rampant child sexual abuse and neglect in
Northern Territory Aboriginal communities. … The package
was the Federal government’s response to the Territory
government’s publication of Little Children are Sacred, but
implemented almost none of the report’s recommendations.
… The current Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has and continues
to support the response, though he did make some
adjustments to its implementation.”

– Video

SBS World News:
Sydneysiders brave rain to protest NT intervention
20 Jun 09: “About 100 protesters have braved torrential
rain in Sydney’s CBD as part of a nationwide protest
against the intervention which enters its second year this
weekend. Maurie Japarta Ryan Gurindgi, from the community
of Kalkaringi, 950km southwest of Darwin, said he had
travelled to Sydney to denounce the intervention into his
and other remote towns. The policy, instituted by the
Howard government but continued by Prime Minister Kevin
Rudd, was racist, Mr Gurindgi said.”

– Speech

Stop the Intervention: A Way Forward – Jeff McMullen
Address to Stop the Intervention rally, Belmore Park, Sydney
20 Jun 09: “Australia’s governments are breaking
international laws in the way they are trying to control
Aboriginal lands and Aboriginal lives. While Australia’s
government has apologized to Aboriginal people, signed the
UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights and promised to ‘Close
the Gaps’, the treatment of Indigenous people remains
patronising, discriminatory, assimilationist and unlawful.”

– News

WA today: Intervention anniversary sparks protests
20 Jun 09: “As the federal government hailed the success of
the Northern Territory intervention on its second
anniversary, protesters rallied around the country to say
otherwise. … Dr David Cooper, a spokesman for Australians
for Native Title and Reconciliation, said there was very
little evidence to suggest the intervention was having
positive effects on Aboriginal communities.”

Telstra BigPond: Leaders plea for intervention ending
20 Jun 09: “Aboriginal leaders from across the Northern
Territory have issued a plea to the Rudd government ahead
of the second anniversary of the intervention into remote
Aboriginal communities to end the intervention now. …
Town camp resident Barbara Shaw says the intervention
measures have caused dispossession, confusion, fear and
disempowerment. She says they haven’t improved child
safety, nor reduced rates of sexual abuse.”

Green Left: Rallies demand justice for Mr Ward
20 Jun 09: “In the wake of the inquest into the shocking
death in custody of Aboriginal elder Mr Ward, more than
1000 people rallied in Perth in rainy weather on June 20.
Ward was roasted in a prison van on a four-hour journey on
a 42ºC day. … Other rallies took place across the country
to mark the second anniversary of the announcement of the
racist intervention into Northern Territory Aboriginal

Age: Rally to highlight Aboriginal deaths
20 Jun 09: “EIGHTEEN years after a royal commission report
into Aboriginal deaths in custody, a rally in Melbourne
will be told today that the deaths have continued and that
the issue needs to be put back under the spotlight. …
Today’s rally, at noon at the State Library, is being held
to mark the two-year anniversary of the Northern Territory

ABC: Intervention has stolen our rights: elder
19 Jun 09: “Aboriginal community leaders have gathered in
Darwin today to tell the Northern Territory and Federal
Governments to stop the intervention. … Traditional owner
Tibby Quall told the group the intervention is taking away
his community’s ability to make decisions. “We are our own
leaders, passed down through our families,” he said. “We
don’t need leaders in parliament to speak, we can use our
own voice. … ” ”

West Australian: NT intervention anniversary: ‘end it’
19 Jun 09: “Aboriginal leaders from across the Northern
Territory are pleading with the Rudd government ahead of
the second anniversary of the intervention into remote
Aboriginal communities to “end it, and do it now”.
Indigenous people from more than 20 remote communities and
major towns, including Alice Springs and Katherine, have
converged on Darwin for protests to be held on Saturday.”

National Indigenous Times:
Second anniversary of intervention to be marked by protests
19 Jun 09: “This Sunday will mark the second anniversary of
the announcement of the controversial NT intervention, and
protestors are readying themselves for a rally tomorrow to
call for its abolition. … Mr [Maurie] Ryan says that the
intervention had only targeted the “most downtrodden
people” and agreed that it was racist. “I am being accused,
like every Aboriginal male in the NT, of being a
paedophile, alcoholic and basher,” Mr Ryan says.”

ABC: 2 years on, intervention ‘causing confusion’
19 Jun 09: “An anti-intervention campaigner, Barbara Shaw,
says many Aboriginal people still do not understand the
full extent of the Northern Territory Emergency Response
and only associate it with welfare quarantining. …
[Barbara Shaw said] “They don’t know about the five year
lease take over. They don’t know the compulsorily land
acquisition the five year leases,” ”

Koori Mail: NT intervention ‘two years too long’
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
18 Jun 09: “Rallies are scheduled for Darwin, Sydney,
Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne tomorrow and on Saturday
to protest against the ongoing Northern Territory
intervention. More than 50 community leaders from across
the NT are expected to attend the Darwin protest tomorrow,
marking two years since the racially discriminatory
intervention began.”


Parliament of Australia: Senate:
Senate Select Committee on Regional and Remote Indigenous
Submissions received by the Committee as at 11 June 2009

[Note: Included are submissions from Indigenous
organisations in the Northern Territory and other states]

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