More media responses to James Anaya’s statement & press conference
Call to Aboriginal nations, from across the Territory, to unite
More media responses to proposed national Indigenous body
Intervention Walk-off


– Background

WGAR News:
UN Expert visits Australia to report on Aboriginal Human Rights (18 Aug 09)

WGAR News:
UN Expert James Anaya to examine NT Intervention (19 Aug 09)

WGAR News:
UN Rapporteur visits Aboriginal communities (23 Aug 09)

WGAR News:
Visit by UN Expert, James Anaya (26 Aug 09)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2009/08/26/wgar-news-intervention-walk-off-community-seeks-un-support-26-aug-09

WGAR News:
UN Expert calls NT Intervention “discriminatory” (29 Aug 09)

– Audio recording of James Anaya’s statement and
press conference of 27 Aug 09

WGAR: UN Special Rapporteur James Anaya Speaks at
National Library Australia 27/08/2009

– Text of James Anaya’s statement of 27 Aug 09


– Media Releases

PM Rudd urged to accept UN criticism of ‘racist’ NT Intervention
[download document] http://www.socialpolicyconnections.com.au/Portals/3/docs/Anaya%20media%20release%2030%20August%202009.doc
30 Aug 09: “Church leaders and other concerned Australians
today called on the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to
demonstrate his Government’s support for the United Nations
role in protecting human rights by accepting its criticism
of the Northern Territory Intervention as ‘racist’ and in
need of significant reform. The criticisms were made by
Prof. James Anaya, the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous
Human Rights, who left Australia today after an eleven day
tour which gave considerable focus to the Intervention in
the Northern Territory and resulted in his declaring it
racist. His time spent in the Northern Territory included
visits to the Aboriginal communities of Alice Springs,
Yuendumu, Darwin, Yirrkala, Ramangirr, Groote Eylandt and
Bagot providing the Rapporteur with opportunities to sit
with, and listen to the concerns of, local peoples and
their elders.”

UN Special Rapporteur vindicates Greens opposition to NTER
28 Aug 09: “The Australian Greens were not surprised by
comments from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on
Indigenous rights condemning the discriminatory and
paternalistic elements of the Northern Territory Emergency
Response (NTER), claiming they affirmed the Greens strong
opposition to the introduction of these measures. “I met
with Professor Anaya during his visit to Australia and was
impressed by the thoughtful way he engaged with issues
concerning the rights of indigenous Australians. I am not
the least bit surprised by his comments and findings,”
said Australian Greens indigenous spokesperson Senator
Rachel Siewert.”

ANTaR: Indigenous rights organisation welcomes UN report
on Northern Territory
28 Aug 09: “The report on the Northern Territory Emergency
Response (NTER) by UN Special Rapporteur Professor James
Anaya has been welcomed by ANTaR, … ANTaR supports
Professor Anaya’s moderate and measured approach and agrees
with Anaya’s criticism of the Australian Government’s NTER,
which “overtly discriminates against Aboriginal peoples,
infringing their right of self-determination and
stigmatizes already stigmatized communities”.”

– News

Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources: Australia Can Do
More To Improve Situation Of Indigenous Peoples – UN Expert
27 Aug 09: “Despite strides in improving the situation of
indigenous people in Australia, an independent United
Nations expert today called on the country to build on that
momentum to close the gap of “indigenous disadvantage.” …
The Rapporteur, who reports to the Geneva-based UN Human
Rights Council, serves in his role in an unpaid and
independent capacity.”

Fiji Daily Post Editorial: Respect is a two – way street
29 Aug 09: “Pacific peoples would take more note of
Australia’s moral leadership in the region if they could
see and sense more consistency in that great neighbour’s
dealing with its own indigenous people. A new report by the
UN Special Rapporteur on indigenous human rights, Professor
James Anaya, has castigated Australia’s treatment of its
Aboriginal people.”

NZ Herald: Treatment of Aborigines is abusive – UN
29 Aug 09: “The continuing federal intervention in the
Northern Territory’s Aboriginal communities has been
criticised by the United Nations’ special rapporteur on
indigenous human rights and freedoms. Professor James Anaya
said the intervention breached basic human rights and was
incompatible with international treaties ratified by

SMH: UN finds ray of hope in ‘racist’ Australia
29 Aug 09: “AN ELDERLY Yuendumu woman yesterday went about
her business, unaware she had moved a United Nations
official to condemn as ”overtly racist” Australia’s
treatment of indigenous people. The memory of Peggy Brown’s
extraordinary success in stamping out petrol sniffing in
her community on the edge of the Tanami Desert weighed
heavy on the mind of the UN’s special rapporteur … ”
Yuko Narushima

Jenny Macklin defends Northern Territory intervention
29 Aug 09: “PROTECTING the rights of Aboriginal children,
women and the elderly are the most important human rights,
Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin has declared,
brushing aside criticism of the Northern Territory
intervention by a UN special delegate on indigenous rights.”

Koori Mail: Amnesty: Govt must address criticism
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
28 Aug 09: “AMNESTY International has backed United Nations
calls for an immediate end to discriminatory practices
under the NT intervention. Amnesty’s Indigenous Rights
Campaigner Rodney Dillon says reinstating the Racial
Discrimination Act and ending intervention measures such as
blanket welfare quarantining must now be a top priority for
the Federal Government.”

chanthy96.com [Cambodia]: Gov’t intervention in Australian
aboriginal groups worrisome: UN rapporteur
“The United Nations special rapporteur on indigenous rights
said here Thursday the intervention into remote Aboriginal
communities in the Northern Territory in Australia is

National Post [Canada]:
UN condemns Australia’s policy on Aboriginals as discriminatory
28 Aug 09: “A United Nations envoy slammed Australia’s
military-led intervention in remote Aboriginal communities
and said racism was “entrenched” in the country, in a
damning assessment yesterday.”

National Indigenous Times:
NT intervention is not discriminatory: Macklin
28 Aug 09: “Protecting the most vulnerable members of the
Northern Territory’s Indigenous communities must be
balanced against other human rights, says Indigenous
Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin. In Melbourne to launch the
Essendon Football Club Reconciliation Action Plan, Ms
Macklin told reporters she will not be swayed by criticism
that the Northern Territory intervention is discriminatory.”

Bangkok Post [Thailand]:
Australia defends ‘discriminatory’ Aboriginal plan
28 Aug 09: “Australia on Friday defended its controversial
“intervention” in remote Aboriginal communities after a UN
representative said it discriminated against the
impoverished ethnic group.”

Gulf News: Government defends restrictions on Aborigines
28 Aug 09: “Australia’s government defended yesterday a
programme aimed at stamping out child sex abuse among
Aborigines after a United Nations expert said the radical
restrictions it imposed on minority communities amounted to
human rights violations.”

China Human Rights:
Australian state gov’t defends ‘racist’ intervention
28 Aug 09: “Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) government
on Friday rejected claims that it is failing people in
remote Aboriginal communities despite criticisms of the
intervention policy by a United Nations (UN) expert. The
UN’s special rapporteur on indigenous rights, James Anaya,
on Thursday described the controversial measures as
“overtly discriminatory”.”

ABC Radio Australia:
UN rights expert criticises ‘racist’ Australia
28 Aug 09: “Former ministers in a government that
introduced a controversial “intervention” into Aboriginal
settlements in Australia have rejected criticism by the
United Nations. A visiting UN human rights expert says the
measures are overtly racist. Measures include compulsory
income management and direct government control of
Aboriginal land and housing.”

ABC: Intervention report ‘should be binned’
28 Aug 09: “High-profile Aboriginal leader Warren Mundine
says yesterday’s finding by a United Nations representative
that the Northern Territory intervention was overtly racist
is bizarre and should be chucked in the bin.”

SMH: Macklin, Libs defend NT intervention
28 Aug 09: “United Nations special rapporteur James Anaya’s
criticism of the Northern Territory intervention showed he
was a nonsense-spouting armchair critic prepared to
pontificate on human rights while indigenous children lived
in squalor, past and present Liberal MPs say.”

News Times [India]: UN says racism entrenched in Australia
27 Aug 09: “THE United Nations special rapporteur on
indigenous rights has said there is “entrenched” racism in
[This news item also posted on four other websites from India]

Koori Mail: Bad rap for NT Intervention
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
27 Aug 09: “THE NT intervention is discriminatory,
disproportionate and breaches Australia’s international
obligations, according to UN Special Rapporteur on
Indigenous human rights James Anaya. After touring
Aboriginal communities, Mr Anaya said the Australian
Government should reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act in
the NT ‘right away’, and review all its legislation,
policies, and programmes affecting Indigenous Australians.”

– Opinion

Public Opinion: UN judgment on NT intervention
31 Aug 09: “James Anaya, the Special Rapporteur on the
situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of
indigenous people, visited Australia between 17 to 28
August. … Anaya’s judgement was forthright. He points his
finger on indigenous people having endured tremendous
suffering at the hands of historical forces and entrenched
racism and the way that these historical forces continue to
make their presence known today, … ”

Dinkum Democrats:
Abbott, Brough and Macklin know racism and squalor better
than UN Rapporteur James Anaya. Really!
31 Aug 09: “The diversionary rhetoric used by Brough and
Macklin implies that to criticise the Intervention is to
condone the sexual abuse of children and the squalid living
conditions of indigenous Australians. … Implicit in these
comments, too, is the notion that Professor Anaya knows
nothing, should say nothing unless he can say something
nice, and that the UN should keep its nose out of our
business …”

Woolly Days: Australian politicians and media show no
interest in learning UN lessons on Indigenous affairs
30 Aug 09: “Australian politicians and media have adopted a
typically hostile and defensive pose in response to the UN
High Commissioner for Human Rights’ considered statement on
Indigenous issues released on Thursday. The hostility was
uncalled for.” Derek Barry

slackbastard: Warren Mundine ~versus~ James Anaya
29 Aug 09: “Mundine has stated that Anaya’s reportage
should be regarded in the same manner as all reports
produced by United Nations Special Rapporteurs: “I think
this Rapporteur’s report should be dealt with the same as
every other Rapporteur’s report; just drop it in the bin
and actually get on with the job.” … given Mundine’s
commitments to the ALP, his reaction is entirely
predictable, … ”

Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman Blog:
Right to a future free of UN meddling
29 Aug 09: “AUSTRALIANS should be grateful to United
Nations special rapporteur on indigenous human rights James
Anaya for the totally unrealistic picture he has painted of
Australia’s Aborigines.” Piers Akerman

Associated Press:
Australia debates whether Aboriginal policy racist
28 Aug 09: “A U.N. expert’s harsh criticism of Australia’s
Aboriginal policy reopened a national debate Friday on a
decades-old issue: how best to help the country’s original
settlers and most disadvantaged minority.” Kristen Gelineau

– Radio

CAAMA Radio AM News
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
31 Aug 09: “Warren Mundine says findings by a UN
Representative that the NT intervention was overtly racist
should be chucked in the bin.”

CAAMA News am-28-08-09
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
[scroll down page] http://caama.com.au/category/radio/
28 Aug 09: “* Mal Brough criticises U.N.
* U.N. says aspects of Intervention are racist.”

ABC PM: UN’s claims that NT intervention is overtly racist
are widely condemned
28 Aug 09: “There’s been a barrage of criticism today for
yesterday’s finding by a UN representative that the
Northern Territory intervention was overtly racist. The
UN’s Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Human Rights gave a
damning assessment of the intervention, saying it
discriminated against Aboriginal people. But both the
Federal Government and Opposition have now rejected the
findings. … ”
[includes comments by Jenny Macklin, Tony Abbott,
Mal Brough, Rachael Siewert and Warren Mundine]

CAAMA Radio afternoon news
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
27 Aug 09: “* Federal Intervention claimed as racist by the
U.N. * A Kamilaro elder says the Government is covering up
the U.N. visit to Australia”

– Video

ABC Lateline: NT intervention discriminatory: UN Rapporteur
28 Aug 09: “It’s a diplomatic slap on the wrist and it’s
been met with a diplomatic brush-off. A United Nations
Rapporteur has found the Northern Territory Intervention is
discriminatory and breaches Australia’s international
obligations. But the Federal Government says it has other
[includes comments by James Anaya, Kim Hill, Jenny Macklin
and Delia Lawrie]


– Media Release

The First Australians call for an end to oppression
27 Aug 09: “Aboriginal people are standing up and calling
on all the leaders from all the Aboriginal nations, to
stand united against oppression and dictatorship. … This
is a very significant day…on this day, Richard Downs,
community elders and members from Ampilatwatja, and Rosalie
Kunoth-Monks met with Alison Anderson, Independent member
for Macdonnell. A resolution was made to call together the
Aboriginal nations, from across the Territory, to unite
under one banner to stand up against the absolute racist
oppression, forced assimilation and attempts to destroy
Aboriginal people being caused by the intervention


– Background

WGAR News:
Proposed national Indigenous body (29 Aug 09)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2009/08/29/wgar-news-un-expert-calls-nt-intervention-discriminatory-29-aug-09

– Media Release

Greens: National Indigenous Representative Body a step in
the right direction
28 Aug 09: “The Greens today welcomed the release of the
proposed model for a national Indigenous representative by
the Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma. … [Senator
Rachel Siewert said] “Certainly the idea of ensuring the
body is independent from Government is essential. …
However, a national consultative body, with no real
decision making authority or access to resources is a long
way from the principles of self-determination as advocated
by the United Nations declaration of Indigenous rights,” ”

– Radio

CAAMA Radio afternoon news
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
26 Aug 09: “A new Aboriginal representative body reportedly
may have flaws”

– News

ABC: Remove government shackles, former ATSIC leader says
29 Aug 09: “A former ATSIC leader says any national
indigenous organisation needs to be removed from government
control and funding. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma has proposed
a new Indigenous body would be set up as a company and
include a 128-member council. But Ray Robinson has warned
Indigenous people to carefully study the proposal before
supporting it.”

Australian: ‘Spare us a wailing wall’: Noel Pearson
29 Aug 09: “THE national Aboriginal representative body
proposed by Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma would not
tackle the real crises in Aboriginal affairs, and would be
little more than “a blackfellows’ wailing wall”.”

ABC: Independent Indigenous body ‘won’t suffer ATSIC fate’
28 Aug 09: “Brewarrina-based Aboriginal leader Sam Jeffries
says a new national Indigenous representative body will be
protected from the same fate as ATSIC if it is independent
of Government.”

ABC: Abbott pans planned Aboriginal body
28 Aug 09: “Opposition Indigenous affairs spokesman, Tony
Abbott, has panned the new proposal for an Indigenous
representative body as being a blend of “the worst
features” of previous Aboriginal organisations.”

– Opinion

Australian: Calma approach proves too timid
29 Aug 09: “Calma’s model for indigenous Australian
representation is a tragically wrong-headed outcome of what
was clearly a hopeful exercise involving many indigenous
people earnestly trying to find a way to a better future.”
Noel Pearson


– Background

Intervention walkoff’s Blog

WGAR News:
Intervention Walk-off community seeks UN support (26 Aug 09)

WGAR News:
Alyawarra people seek UN refugee status (29 Aug 09)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2009/08/29/wgar-news-un-expert-calls-nt-intervention-discriminatory-29-aug-09

– News

Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources:
Alyawarra People Ask United Nations For Refugee Status
“A GROUP of Australian Aborigines has asked the United
Nations for refugee status, claiming special emergency laws
to curb alcohol and sexual abuse in the remote outback have
turned them into outcasts at home. Richard Downs, a
spokesperson for the 4000-strong Alyawarra people in
central Australia, said the request was given to James
Anaya, the United Nations special rapporteur on indigenous
human rights, during a fact-finding tour to Australia.”

– Radio

CAAMA Radio morning news
(Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
26 Aug 09: “A N.T. Aboriginal community is claiming refugee

– Photos

Intervention walkoff’s Blog: Photos


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