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Age:24 Mar 09: Human rights group to attend UN racism forum
“AUSTRALIA’S top human rights body [Australian
Human Rights Commission] will attend a United Nations forum
on racism in Geneva next month, despite heavy pressure from
Jewish groups and the Opposition for an official boycott.
Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner Tom Calma will
lead an Australian delegation to the talks — known as the
Durban Review Conference. … UN Association of Australia
president John Langmore said it was important Australia join
the conference.”


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The original complaint to the UN CERD:

Human Rights Law Resource Centre:
Indigenous Rights: Request for Urgent Action on
NT Intervention from UN CERD (Jan 2009)
Jan 09: “The Centre is acting for a group of 20 Indigenous
Australians affected by the Northern Territory Intervention
– introduced by the Howard Government and continued by the
Rudd Government – who have submitted a Request for Urgent
Action to the United Nations saying that Australia is in
breach of its obligations under the International
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial

Letter in response to the complaint:

Letter to Government of Australia from UN CERD:
[scroll down the page]
13 Mar 09: “The Committee’s attention has been drawn to
reports according to which measures being implemented to
achieve the objectives contained in the Northern Territory
Emergency Response (NTER) have allegedly led to serious
discrimination against Aboriginal persons in certain
communities of the Northern Territory. The Committee notes
with concern that the Racial Discrimination Act was
suspended as a necessity to enact the measures contained in
the NTER.” Fatimata-Binta Victoire Dah, Chairperson of the
Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Media Releases about the letter:

Australia promises to end racial discrimination
18 Mar 09: “FAIRA welcomes the news at the international
level that the Committee for the Elimination of Racial
Discrimination have adjudged the Northern Territory
intervention laws to be a breach of international law.
[See Annex below] The Committee has called upon the
Government of Australia to report in four months time
[31 July 2009] on the progress it has made to reinstate the
Racial Discrimination Act and build a new relationship with
Aboriginal Australia. Apparently the Government has
promised to the Committee that the Racial Discrimination Act
will be reinstated in Australia in September 2009, thus
ensuring that there is no legal discrimination against the
Aboriginal people.” Les Malezer, Chairperson of the
Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action (FAIRA)

Greens: United Nations concern over NT Intervention
19 Mar 09: “The Australian Greens today welcomed reports
that the United Nations has written to the Australian
Government expressing concern over racist elements of the
Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER). “This is the
slap of realism that this Government desperately needs. The
international community are crying out against this
blatantly racist intervention, which is serving as a major
embarrassment for us on a global stage,” said Australian
Greens spokesperson on Aboriginal Issues Senator Rachel

Racism conference needs Australia

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ABC AM: 12 Mar 09:

“TONY EASTLEY: The Federal Government will soon
have to make up its mind on whether to attend a
controversial United Nations conference on racism next
month. Already the US, Israel, Canada and Italy have
announced they will boycott the forum in Geneva. … ”