121111 – Anti-Intervention campaigners speak out over sacking of Olga Havnen: STICS

* Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education:
Olga Havnen Presentation
* STICS: Anti-Intervention campaigners speak out over
sacking of Olga Havnen
* Dr Janet Hunt: Inconvenient truths of the intervention
* Bob Gosford: Anderson sacks Havnen:
a case of two strong hens in the NT henhouse is one too many?
* Background to Olga Havnen’s Report
* Background to ‘Stronger Futures’ new NT Intervention laws
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Natasha Robinson: Lesson in how to play fair [Wadeye, NT]
* Tobias Nganbe & Dominic McCormack:
Education in Wadeye and the Thamarrurr Region


– News

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education:
Olga Havnen Presentation
26 Oct 12: “Olga Havnen, formerly the Coordinator General
for Remote Services, visited Batchelor Institute on the 24th
October to present the findings of her final report to staff
and students. The report outlined the progress on the
implementation of the NTG’s Working Future Policy and
provided an excellent insight into remote service delivery
issues. One of the key messages of Olga’s presentation was
that there were some excellent programs running at the
grass roots level and driven by the local community. Olga
explained that the community driven approach is where the
focus and funding needs to be channelled to improve
outcomes for Indigenous Australians.”

– Photo

Outgoing Northern Territory Coordinator-General for
Remote Services Olga Havnen.
11 Oct 12: “Olga Havnen’s report highlighted a lack of
transparency about billions of dollars in Commonwealth and
Territory funds being spent in Aboriginal communities.”

– Related News

ABC Indigenous: Sacked bush spending watchdog goes public
11 Oct 12: “The Northern Territory’s former
coordinator-general for remote services will go ahead with
a series of public briefings about her annual report,
despite being sacked earlier this week. Olga Havnen is
volunteering her time to deliver the first public briefing
in Darwin today, with another session planned for Alice
Springs tomorrow. She is inviting the public to hear her
findings on how government money is being spent on services
in the bush. “I was well paid in that role, so if it means
spending some of my money to do these things, that’s fine,”
she said.”

ALP NT: Labor welcomes community meetings
11 Oct 12: “Shadow Minister for Indigenous Policy Lynne
Walker has welcomed Olga Havnen’s decision to go ahead with
community briefings on her work as the Northern Territory’s
Coordinator General for Remote Services. “The CLP’s
decision to sack Olga Havnen has not deterred her from
holding public meetings to discuss the findings of her
report on spending in remote communities at her own cost,”
Ms Walker said. “I am impressed with the decision and I
have also met with Ms Havnen and have been equally
impressed with the quality of her work. “Ms Havnen has
focused on what has been working, with insightful
recommendations for real improvements – moving on from the
‘blame game’ that that has often undermined real
improvements. … “”


– Media Release

STICS: Anti-Intervention campaigners speak out over sacking
of Olga Havnen
12 Oct 12: “Campaigners working to stop the NT Intervention
have spoken out against the sacking of NT Co-ordinator
General for Remote Indigenous Services Olga Havnen, ahead
of a community briefing on her new report in Alice Springs
Central Australian Aboriginal leader Rosalie Kunoth Monks
says the sacking has been a shocking mistake and that Ms
Havnen should be reinstated.
Stop the Intervention Collective (STICS) spokesperson
Paddy Gibson will attend the community briefing. He says
that the report delivered a damning indictment of the NT
Intervention and showed an urgent need for funds to be
redirected from bureaucracies to Aboriginal community
controlled organisations.
In particular, Mr Gibson says the report’s explosive
revelations about government approaches child welfare
must be urgently addressed.
“With Olga working in her position we saw a light at the
end of the tunnel. She was a voice, not only of eloquence,
but of truth”, said Rosalie Kunoth-Monks.”

– Related Video

Dailymotion: Sacked Remote Services Watchdog Speaks Out

11 Oct 12: “The recently sacked Northern Territory watchdog
of government spending on Indigenous programs is holding
public meetings to discuss a recent report.
Powered by NewsLook.com
Producer: Australian Broadcasting Corp.”

– Related Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:

9 Oct 12: “NT Coordinator-General for Remote Services has
been given little time to observe Governments response to
her criticism of its spending of Commonwealth money
specifically allocated for Aboriginal people with the new
Country Liberal government closing her office on Monday
without notice.”

– Related News

ABC: Coordinator-General for Remote Services to go
8 Oct 12: “The Northern Territory’s outgoing
Coordinator-General for Remote Services says the new
Country Liberals Government is making a mistake by
abolishing her position. Olga Havnen was appointed in
October last year and recently completed her first annual
report on service delivery in the bush. It identified
significant wastage and a lack of financial transparency in
Indigenous programs. The Minister for Indigenous
Advancement Alison Anderson says an audit will now be
conducted in response to Ms Havnen’s findings.”

National Indigenous Times:
Rosalie Kunoth-Monks says sacking of Territory Co-ordinator
a “shocking mistake”
“Campaigners working to stop the Northern Territory
Intervention have spoken out against the sacking of the
Territory’s Co-ordinator General for Remote Indigenous
Services Olga Havnen. Central Australian Aboriginal leader
Rosalie Kunoth-Monks said the sacking was a “shocking
mistake” and Ms Havnen should be reinstated.”

NT News: Olga feels Anderson’s wrath
8 Oct 12: “A SENIOR public servant has been sacked for
committing an unpardonable sin – stealing a Cabinet
Minister’s thunder. Olga Havnen was only told today that
her contract as Co-ordinator-General for Remote Services
was being terminated as a press release was sent out
announcing the move. She had a year left to serve. Ms
Havnen last week published a scathing report about services
in Aboriginal communities. Most of her criticism was aimed
at the Federal and former NT Labor governments.”

Australian: Olga Havnen lashes NT government after ditching
of Coordinator General for Remote Services
8 Oct 12: “THE Northern Territory government has abolished
the office of the Coordinator General for Remote Services,
prompting an extraordinary outburst from its outgoing head.
Olga Havnen issued an explosive press release late this
afternoon following the abolition of her office, claiming
successive Territory governments had used indigenous
funding to pay for luxury public infrastructure in Darwin
such as wave pools.”

Koori Mail: NT office abolished
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
9 Oct 12: “THE Northern Territory Government has abolished
the office of NT Coordinator-General for Remote Services,
held by Olga Havnen. The move comes soon after Ms Havnen
released a report calling for more financial accountability
of money spent by bureaucracy on NT programs.”

Australian: Indigenous funds ‘wasted on sport’
9 Oct 12: “THE outgoing Northern Territory Co-ordinator
General for Remote Services has attacked successive
governments for siphoning off indigenous funds to pay for
wave pools and sporting complexes, while blaming
bureaucrats for “factual errors” in her own work. The role
held by Olga Havnen was abolished yesterday and her
responsibilities devolved to departmental heads.”

Alice Springs News:
NT needs someone to ‘call things honestly’ says Havnen …
“Olga Havnen, whose position of Coordinator-General of
Remote Services was terminated by Minister for Indigenous
Advancement Alison Anderson last Monday, appeared to be
among friends when she spoke to her first and only report
in Alice Springs on Friday. Donna Ah Chee, Acting CEO of
Congress, introduced Ms Havnen (pictured at left),
referring to “the events of this week” and pointing out
that Ms Havnen was here “in her own personal time”.”


– Analysis / Opinion

Canberra Times: Inconvenient truths of the intervention
6 Nov 12: “The new Northern Territory government abolished
the office of its coordinator-general for remote services
early last month, though it barely made the news in
Canberra. The incumbent, Olga Havnen, had been in the job
for only a year and had just published her first report on
government spending, programs and service delivery in the
territory’s remote communities. It was a case of “if you
don’t like the message, shoot the messenger”. … Shooting
the messenger doesn’t mean the message isn’t worth hearing.”
By Dr Janet Hunt, a fellow with the
Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research,
Australian National University


– Analysis / Opinion

The Northern Myth – Bob Gosford in the NT:
Anderson sacks Havnen
– a case of two strong hens in the NT henhouse is one too many?
9 Oct 12: “The hottest tickets in Darwin and Alice Springs
later this week will be to the public community briefings by
Olga Havnen on her report – and more. If the CLP government
thought that they could silence Havnen by sacking her on
Monday and that this would stop her running public forums
on her work later in the week then they have underestimated
her resolve and commitment. … Yesterday morning Northern
Territory Indigenous Advancement Minister Alison Anderson
sacked Olga Havnen, the NT’s Coordinator General for Remote
Services and abolished the office in support of the job
that she had created three years ago.” By Bob Gosford


This section courtesy of STICS website:
[scroll down page] http://stoptheintervention.org/facts/press-releases/damning-nt-report-shows-income-management-must-go-1-10-12

Damning NT report shows income management must go
1 Oct 12: “The Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney
(STICS) has renewed calls for the national income
management system to be dismantled, following the release
of a damning report by the NT Co-ordinator General for
Remote Indigenous Services (NTCGRIS). The report, which
documents extreme waste on spending on bureaucracy, comes
as the $120 million national expansion of income management
is badly stalling, with few referrals and work bans on the
scheme in NSW.”

Background Info:

Office of the Northern Territory Coordinator-General
for Remote Services Report
June 2011 to August 2012

Click to access NTCGRS_fullreport_2012.pdf

NT Coordinator General for Remote Services

Department of Regional Development and Indigenous Advancement
Progress Reports

The New Lawyer: Report spotlights indigenous rights
8 Oct 12: “Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) has
urged governments to do more to respect the rights of
Aboriginal peoples in light of a new report on service
delivery to the Northern Territory. Stephen Keim (pictured),
president of ALHR, said the NT coordinator-general’s
findings in relation to the decision-making of Aboriginal
peoples and how this relates to the United Nations
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)
were “concerning”. … ”

Catherine Zengerer:
New report highlights cost of income management in the NT
3 Oct 12
For the audio clip: http://czengerer.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/paddy-gibson-03102012.mp3

Report finds serious flaws in delivery of government services
to NT Aboriginal communities
27 Sep 12: “The first report of the Northern Territory
Coordinator General for Remote Services entitled Office of
the Northern Territory Coordinator-General for Remote
Services Report, June 2011 to August 2012 has called for
greater accountability and transparency from government
departments – at both the territory and Federal levels
– delivering programs and services to Aboriginal communities
in the Northern Territory.”

Service Delivery in Government:
Office of the Northern Territory Coordinator-General for
Remote Services Report, June 2011 to August 2012
26 Sep 12: “The first report by Olga Havnen as Northern
Territory Co-ordinator General for Remote Service “focuses
on four major themes arising from the approach taken by
governments in relation to Aboriginal people since the NT
Emergency Response (NTER) commenced in 2007 and reflected
in the Stronger Futures arrangements proposed for the next
ten years. These are: … ”

Amnesty International:
Report confirms inequity in government services in
remote Indigenous communities
25 Sep 12: “Amnesty International is hopeful a new report,
which looks at Commonwealth programs to reduce Indigenous
disadvantage in the Northern Territory, will lead to
changes in the way services are delivered in remote
communities. The report, released by the Office of the
Northern Territory Coordinator-General for Remote Services,
concludes government programs fail to take into account
the needs of Aboriginal towns and communities and do
nothing to counteract what it calls ‘structural entrenched
racism’. … ”
For the report: http://www.amnesty.org.au/images/uploads/news/120926-NTRemoteServicesReport.pdf

See also:

Australian Government Coordination Arrangements for
Indigenous Programs
24 Oct 12: “Portfolio: Families, Housing, Community Services
and Indigenous Affairs
Department: Department of Families, Housing, Community
Services and Indigenous Affairs
The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness
of FaHCSIA‘s performance of its lead agency role in
coordinating whole-of-government commitments to closing the
gap in Indigenous disadvantage.”

PS News: Auditor finds gaps in closing the gaps
26 Oct 12: “The Department of Families, Housing, Community
Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) has been
insufficiently proactive in its role as lead agency for
Indigenous Affairs, according to the Auditor-General. In
his report Australian Government Coordination Arrangements
for Indigenous Programs, the Auditor-General, Ian McPhee
said this had led to missed opportunities for “closing the
gap” in Indigenous disadvantage. Mr McPhee said the
Department had built good working relations with other
agencies but had been “quite measured” in its leadership


Last updated: 9 November 2012



Last updated: 9 November 2012



– Analysis / Opinion

Australian: Lesson in how to play fair
11 Jun 12: “IT was more than eight years ago that the early
data from a landmark report that would shame the Northern
Territory government began to hit the desks of bureaucrats
in Darwin and Canberra. The report’s subject was Wadeye …
Demographer John Taylor, a professor at the Australian
National University’s Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy
and Research, had been given unprecedented access to
internal NT spending data. … Taylor’s study found the
remedial costs applied to Wadeye were negative, instead of
positive, “to the tune of $4 million, or $1944 per
Aboriginal resident” annually.”


– Report / Paper

Education in Wadeye and the Thamarrurr Region:
Challenges and Responsibilities across the Generations
By Tobias Nganbe and Dominic McCormack

Click to access education-wadeye.pdf

Sep 2009: “The overall issue of education – our challenge
and responsibility – is one that can only ultimately be
solved at the community level by the people who understand
the broader social context within which it is to be
delivered, and are therefore able to identify and request
the support required at the appropriate time. It is about
regaining self-confidence, autonomy and the capacity to
self-develop. As Tobias Nganbe recently said:-
As I see it, we are not in this together – we are now
separate: school, council, clinic, others. We are not
really operating as a community. This is back to Kardu
Numida days of being separate, not together. We must get
back to togetherness, we must get back to Thamarrurr”.89 ”
page 39

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